Interview with Na`Vi Edward @ Techlabs UA 2012 (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Oct 1, 2012

Hello everybody.
e-Sports festival Techlabs has just ended.
Na`Vi has the 2nd place.
and now we’ll interview Ioann Edward Sukharev
and ask what he thinks about the tournament.
In general the tournament is interesting
but I didn’t like the organization
as the internet and servers were failing all the time.
It was uncomfortable to play with the Poles
We also had a lot of problems with Virtus.Pro and Play2Play.
It was sad to lose the final
but it was our fault in some key situations
we couldn’t show what we were made of and play as a team.
So we lost the situation after exchange
and it led to the defeat with 16 to 13 score in bo1 final.
As far as I know you planned to go to on LAN bootcamp
for about a week, but you were there only 4 days.
As I was told, you shortened it because
there were no opponents for training.
You were practicing for 2 hours per day online
and the same would be on the bootcamp.
How can you comment on that?
Are there many teams to play CS 1.6 nowadays?
Yes, we really wanted to gather for 1 week
before the tournament,
or at least for 5 days to have a practice together,
to be with each other on the bootcamp,
but decided to change our plans
and came there only 2 days before the tournament
as we could find only few praccs
for every day and we had to play with mixes and whoever.
We could play CS for 5-6 maps every day
but it wouldn’t had been the necessary level of practice
and we wouldn’t have got any decent one
by playing with those teams
we had opportunity to practice with.
That’s why we decided to shorten our bootcamp.
Overall, do you think you’ll play CS:GO?
Well, I think we’ll play in Oporto
I think it will be the last tournament for CS 1.6
or in Bucharest, we haven’t decided whether we go there or not.
Later we’ll try this game, start training
and I hope we’ll succeed.
As far as I understood you still have some power, desire
and motivation to start learning the new game.
Is it enough for you?
You know, we have to be more motivated
to play the old game then start learning the new one.
I think it will be more interesting and funny
as you’ll improvise and try something new
during the process of learning,
while in CS 1.6 we’re at the same place for many years.
That’s why it will be the new game for me.
I don’t take it as a bad game which I don’t like.
It’s just different game which shouldn’t be compared to CS
as there are different principles and I don’t know
what will be the determinant in this game,
so we’ll see it while playing.
But you haven’t played it 5 vs 5 yet?
No, we haven’t played it at all.
Everything we did was just creating the map
and looking at the game, played some DM with bots, etc.
Talking about the professional scene,
lots of teams started playing this game
and have been practicing for a long period of time
and NiP already won their first tournament.
Don’t you afraid to fell behind in gaining some counters?
It will definitely happen
and we’ll see how much important it is.
There’s also such a tendency when CS players
take players from CS:Source to form united team.
Source players share their experience.
As CS:GO is made on Source engine
and they share their Source experience to CS 1.6 players
which makes learning process much faster
I think that really helps to play CS:GO,
for such teams like NiP and lots of other ones.
I even don’t know what to tell about our team
as we haven’t tried this game yet
and I don’t know whether we manage or not.
We’re experienced in team playing,
know the tactics, so we have to train,
to be disciplined and the rest depends on the game.
Talking about the success secret of the organization,
do you think you can succeed if you both,
the team and the organization decide to go on playing the new game?
Yes, I think we are likely to succeed,
but let's not make plans too early, we’ll see it later.