HTC One X Unboxing With Dr Dre UR Beats Audio Pack

Uploaded by HeelsAndTech on 15.04.2012

Hi guys,
This is the HTC One X in white. This particular model has the beats audio UR (Ur) headphones
included with it
I'm really excited about this phone, I've been keeping tabs on it since it was launched
at Mobile World Congress this year.
So here I've got the Beats Audio, but lets just have a quick look at the phone package.
This phone is part of HTC's flagship One series. The One X is first of it's kind to have a
quad core processor and be running ice cream sandwich out of the box.
So briefly the specs for the phone are that it has a 1.5 Ghz quad core processor.
It's running Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich with HTC Sense 4.0 overlay.
It's got a total onboard storage of 32 GB with 1 GB Ram.
Anyway I'll come back to this, lets look at the beats headphones.
So this is beats by Dr Dre. HTC recently bought the majority share in
this company.
It's a nice looking box. HTC actually started including these beats
audio with it's sensation XE. The Rezound also had it.
Now we have the One X and most likely their future phones will have it too.
I am not yet sure about the technology behind this.
Is it actually a hardware chip or just a software equaliser?
I do know its reputed to produce a deeper bass.
So perhaps it's suited to hip hop more than Jazz or classical.
These are in-ear head phones. The UR (Ur) beats ones.
So here we have ear buds in lots of sizes. That's nice, because I always have trouble
getting the right fit. There's also a clip.
Ir's a good length. It's also got a remote, control talk with
four play back controls and an inbuilt microphone, a storage pouch to keep the headphones in,
instruction manual, sticker, product manual and a warranty card.
That's everything in the box.
Back to the phone.
There's a paper sleeve. The box feels like dense foam, it's really
rounded, no sharp corners. I've heard that it's completely biodegradable
Oooooh it's a beauty and it's a white one…….and it saaaaaays…." I'm the one you been waiting
for". Oh, Yes indeed.
It's got the beats audio logo on the back. It feels really light.
It's a unibody polycarbonate shell.
It's not slippery smooth like some other phones. I can get a good grip on this.
But that slight roughness might mean it could turn out to be a dirt magnet.
Let's see what else is in the box.
We've got a short manual, a warranty card, safety guide.
There's the charging plug for the USB cable, a pair of standard ear phones with microphone
and control button. And last you have the charging and data sync
USB cable.
Back to the phone again. That's a really beautiful screen.
It's a second generation super LCD.
At first glance, the phone looks curved because of the way the chassis is built.
But actually the screen is flat. It's a really unique design.
There's a volume rocker button on the right, microUSB slot on the left.
On the top, there's a 3.5 mm headphone jack , a secondary microphone pinhole and the power
That's the microSIM slot, you can pop it open using the supplied sim eject tool and pull
out the microSIM tray.
The top earpiece grille is actually drilled into the chassis.
It also has a microphone pinhole at the bottom. There are three capacitive controls. These
are are a back button, home button and a multi task button.
Looking at the display, it's gorgeous even when it's switched off.
It's a HD, Gorilla glass display with 312 pixels per inch, so it is sharp and vibrant.
I'm going to set this up and I'll be posting a first look video pretty soon, looking at
the specs, camera, battery and performance. So remember to stay tuned for that and subscribe.