United Way of St. Clair County - Make Your Gift Count

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SEMCO Energy Gas Company and its employees have been supporters of United Way since it
began. The money is raised locally, used locally and supports our friends and neighbors. You
can be assured that the money raised through your pledges, is held to the highest accountability.
Here at SEMCO Energy, my co-workers and I support United Way through payroll deduction.
It’s the most efficient and effective way to support our friends, neighbors and others
in the community who need help.
Who knows when someone that we know personally may need a hand.
It feels good to give back to the community and help others.
All United Way contributions make a difference because they are properly allocated with the
highest level of accountability and community involvement.
It’s important for you to know that all funds raised here – from your pledges – are
used for the benefit of St. Clair County residents.
Let’s review the process for a moment and you’ll see why I’m Passionate about the
United Way.
When the annual United Way Campaign is complete then the Citizens review team goes into action.
They review the various proposals submitted by the UW agencies that provide programs and
services with your contribution. It is important to know United Way doesn’t fund Agencies
but, funds programs and services that the agencies deliver.
After many hours of investigation and review the citizens review committee makes the final
funding recommendations to the Board of Directors who in turn review the recommendations and
after much deliberation and discussion approve the funding. The funding is based upon the
current needs in our community and stays here to help our citizens.
Following these processes the United Way of St. Clair County annual meeting is held. At
this meeting the members of the Board of Directors are selected and elected. These Board members
are selected from all walks of life and expertise in our community so that the organization
can continue to provide the necessary services to the citizens of our community in an efficient
and accountable manner.
All through the year different segments of our community work with United Way to continuously
meet many needs.
AFL-CIO along with Mid-City Nutrition and other organizations help address the problem
of hunger by supplementing area food banks with food distribution.
At Goodwill Industries we help people to become productive citizens of our community. Every
person earns a paycheck and learns new skills. At Goodwill, we help people work.
My family and I are pleased and grateful that our sister Patti has been given the opportunity
to participate in the program here at Goodwill Industries.
It has given her the chance to expand her independence and socialize with the other
clients. She is proud of her job and accomplishments here.
All of this would not be possible without Goodwill and the generous support of The United
Way of Saint Clair County. I hope you’ll join us in supporting this
great cause.
When asked recently why I support the United Way three things came to mind.
Efficiency, Convenience and Commitment.
When I was working I gave through payroll deduction.
Now I can pledge through one-time check, specified payments over the course of the year – or
on my credit card.
My one-time yearly contribution supports more than 50 programs delivered by the various
United Way agencies.
They are accountable to the many volunteers in our community that determine the priorities
and current needs for United Way funding.
I have worked in various capacities with United Way of St. Clair County for over 45 years.
Once even as Campaign Chair. I will continue to do so – now and in the
future because I know that my gift does count – and make a difference.
My husband Bill was a sixth grade school teacher for many years, and then he worked in sales
for Sears. About two years ago, he started having problems with his throat.
After seeking medical help, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Later, as the disease
progressed, his voice box had to be removed, leaving him unable to speak. This is something
he loves to do.
We are hopeful he will receive an artificial voice box in the near future, so he can talk
The Visiting Nurses have been very helpful to us during Bill’s fight with cancer. They
have been both professional, courteous and helpful, allowing Bill to receive the necessary
care at home.
During Bill’s illness, we have received household assistance funds from Community
Action Agency. This is another program funded by United Way of St. Clair County.
Bill and I are very thankful to the Visiting Nurse Association and to United Way for their
help and support during a very difficult time.
I’ve been working with and supporting United Way for the past 12 years. It’s a great
way to donate once and provide funding for so many different programs and services provided
by various agencies.
Such as The Harbor, Catholic Social Services, Mid-City Nutrition Soup Kitchen, Safe Horizons
and United Way’s Medical Loan Closet.
In these difficult economic times when so many in our community are in need, I’ve
personally limited my charitable donations to local organizations only.
With United Way, I know that my donations stay local and help so many different people
in our community. Please join me in supporting United Way of St. Clair County.
We know that with the newest and latest technology things change, but many things stay the same.
Since the founding of United Way, citizens in communities across the country have come
together to assist those less fortunate or in need of human services. We still do.
As you can see by the cases we have presented here in St. Clair County, we continue to passionately
support the ongoing and changing needs in our community. Please join me by signing your
pledge card today. “Make your gift count Give the United Way.”