Romantic Fools

Uploaded by ColumbusState on 10.11.2011

Jason Perkins: Romantic Fools is Theatre Columbus State’s autumn production. It’s a window
on male-female relationships – love, lust, and romance.
Nancy Kephart, Director:  You know, everything is supposed to be happy, and sometimes people
have trouble in their relationships. And that’s what this is all about.
Written by Rich Orloff, the comedy explores romance issues through 12 different scenes
from a date with a caveman to the frustration of having a perfect mate.
Megan Lehr, Actor: It’s a lot of lines and a lot of memorization.
Influences include Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, the Marx Brothers and classic
vaudeville comedy.  Drew Collins, Actor: I’ve never been on
stage in the capacity of theater. I’m a musician and I’ve done standup comedy, but
I’ve always wanted to do theater. Romantic Fools includes mature themes. It
can be seen in Nestor Auditorium at eight nightly from Wednesday through Saturday, November
16th through 19th.  There’s an additional 3 p.m. Thursday matinee. Admission is free.