TOP 3 VICTORY DANCES - Cameron's Countdown [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 10.08.2012

What's up, guys. It's me, Cameron, with DS2DIO 360 telling you what I love about
The Victory Dance ! Yes !
Since the dawn of time athletes, mascots, and even video game
characters have used the victory dance to show how awesome they are and really
stick it to the losers. ppfff. At the London 2012 Olympics, the ladies US Soccer Team showed
that if its good enough for the mercenaries on SOCOM 4, well it's good enough for them.
After their victory against the North Koreans the ladies started Kim Jong Illin' within
the stadium. Which kind of got me thinking that even if dance isn't an Olympic sport,
unless you count rhythmic gymnastics, which -by the way- I'm pretty good at,
but no big deal.
Thank You !
Maybe victory dances should be an Olympic sport. So after scouring the Youtube
I've found three victory dances worthy of a gold medal.
And the number three victory dance worthy of a gold medal, not being somebody's baby-daddy.
HOST: Andrew, you are not the father.
CAMERON: This is so tragic. That child is going to be born and not inherit any of that dude's
sweet dance moves. The take-away here, guys, is to really work the crowd.
I can't stress that enough. Work the crowd.
CROWD: Boooooo !
So the number two victory dance worthy of a gold medal
would definitely be this dude.
ANNOUNCER: The infamous chicken dance.
CAMERON: Now the key here is to really be in control of your body while appearing to be out of control.
Just be out of control. No one can tell. Seriously.
Number one. Best reason EVER for having a victory dance, my personal favorite video.
Now this little clip from ASTRO MONSTER, which by the way is a super-underrated movie.
After kicking the butt of this giant, three-headed, crazy, monster-thingy; Godzilla is getting his grove on.
And I gotta say, awesome hang-time for this giant radiating dinosaur.
OK, I'm not even going to attempt that dance.
Now that you've seen the best victory dances of all time, you have to show me your victory dance.
Don't leave me hanging here, guys.
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Check back soon for another monster video. Roar.