CGRundertow MADCOASTER for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 01.04.2012

You know those mine cart levels from Donkey Kong Country? Of course, you do. Everyone
knows those mine cart levels, because those mine cart levels are where the f*ck it’s
at. And when that game came out, if I would’ve told you that in eighteen years, we’d have
a mobile game based entirely on those levels...
You would’ve said, “That can’t be. My phone can only play Snake.”
I would’ve showed you this to prove it to you, but then, the space-time continuum, Grey’s
Sports Almanac, Lea Thompson with a boob job. You’re just going to have to wait and see
for yourself, and while you’re at it, stock in Apple.
And not just because of Madcoaster.
You might read the name, hear the premise and expect something like Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Generally, when roller coasters are the focus of a video game, they tend to be things you
create. Not the case in Madcoaster. Again, this is like Donkey Kong’s mine cart levels,
but with a bunch of new ideas and expanded into a full game.
And what a freaking game this is. So you’re riding a roller coaster, and you have to collect
things and smash other things. Coins are littered all over the rails, a constant temptation
that dares you into jumping, switching tracks and generally putting your coaster in precarious
And all just to get a higher score.
That’s really
the draw of Madcoaster. It’s all about chasing your high score, and the game does a fantastic
job of persuading you to keep going for it. You always feel like your best run is going
to be your next, so you just keep playing. You’re jumping over gaps, hitting loops,
smashing into animals and yes, that’s an objective.
If there’s a criticism to levy against Madcoaster, it’s that some diversity in the levels beyond
just new backgrounds would’ve been nice. But other than that, this is a slick mobile
game that plays great, is very addictive...and takes Mine Cart Carnage to a whole ‘nother
level. It’s Madcoaster for the iPhone.