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Ladies & Gentlemen! Fasten your seat belt.
Hold your breath!
Now in front of this wonderful crowd
The melodious voice which has enthralled the heart of millions.
The voice you've been waiting to hear.
With that majestic voice comes..
A great artist of our country.
The greatest singer of our country.
Subir Kumar!
1, 2, 3, 4.
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion I did not find'
'Someone help me find one'
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion..''
'Peace I don't find outside, not in the house'
'Peace I don't find outside..''
'Peace I don't find outside, not in the house'
'My mind wanders everywhere'
'I searched for her everywhere'
''I wandered in all the streets..''
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion.''
'Everyday I make my heart understand'
'Everyday I make my..''
'Everyday I make my heart understand'
'I'm not able to believe that she will not come'
'I eagerly wait for her'
'Only to get disappointed'
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion.'
'Since a long time my heart wanders with a desire'
'Since a long time my heart wanders with a desire'
'My instrument plays the music of love'
'No beloved welcomes me'
'I sang several songs'
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion.'
'A desired companion.'
Yes of course, I know who's on the line.
Will I've to use your name to convince you?
A bright star in the sky, Chitra.
What were you doing? -
Nothing, I was just sitting.
Don't you've the courtesy to stand up when in front of a lady?
I am not in front of a lady, I'm just hearing her voice.
So tell me, how did the singing go today?
The singing, it went very well.
I t was a sad song. I t was a song about separation.
Separation, that's the real tune of life itself.
Oh! So you like such songs.
Can I enquire as to who's behind this separation?
I've kept that name in a safe deposit vault.
So, what else did you do today?
I helped a four year old dog and a sixty year old man.
I saved them from being hit by the car.
What else?
Then.. I attended the silver jubilee function of a movie.
What next?
Then I lambasted a photographer.
Lambasted! Why?
The swine, flashed his camera right in front of my eyes.
Language.. Mind your language Subir.
Okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry.
Go to sleep now, but meet me tomorrow definitely.
- Listen - Yes.
One last thing. I'm crazy about your music.
I s that so? Only about my music?
You make my life worth living.
So long.
Okay, good night.
This is submitted to the income-tax authorities. Sign it.
What were you talking about for so long with Chitra?
We were discussing how to start the third world war!
Yes! Do I have to tell you everything?
No! You don't need to tell me anything.
You may do whatever suits you. U nderstood! Whatever suits you.
Why do you envy her so much?
After all she is a good friend of mine.
A friend! - Yes.
What friendship can a man and woman share? I t's just like..
Like a dagger and a melon, or an eagle and a pigeon, right?
Yes. But the point here is that she's the eagle..
..& you the pigeon.
- Shut up. - No.
I've only one desire, ..
.. that you become the greatest singer of I ndia.
But for that you've to be dedicated ..
.. hardworking and disciplined.
I see you getting slowly infatuated by Chitra.
And she's not at all fit for you.
What do you mean? - Look here..
You know that you can't marry her.
Why advance the relationship any further?
I don't think it's right.
And you said that an ideal wife for you..
.. would be someone like your mother and aunt.
Someone who could take care of you, serve you.
Mark my words, this rich and independent female..
.. will make you dance like a puppet.
You are laughing when you should be crying.
Laugh as much as you want to.
A day will come when you'll have to cry.
Give that to me!
Good night.
Chandu. - Good night.
Good night dad! - Good night son.
Buck up, buddy. Buck up.
Listen, can I speak to Subir Kumar?
Wrong number.
Hello, whom do you want?
- You. - Who's that you?
You, Subir Kumar.
Look here, I ain't Subir Kumar. My name is Vishnu.
What rubbish! Your voice is one amongst millions.
I t cannot belong to any Shiv, Mahesh or Vishnu.
What troubles you so late in the night?
Trouble, I'll tell you that if you meet me.
Did you not recognise me?
- No. - We met at the Haridas convention.
My name is Radha.
Wow! A very classical name indeed. But what do you want?
Me.. I want to meet you.
But why?
I am in love with you, my darling.
Since I've heard you..
Go to hell!
Hey. - Who's that?
What happened? - Nothing.. Were you sleeping?
Do you expect me to be fishing in bed at midnight?
You're finding it difficult to sleep, right?
Yes. - I t happens.
Once you become famous, it happens.
Go, try and get some sleep.
Good night.
When will our new bungalow get ready?
I n another two or three months.
We are quiet fine here. What'll we do in such a big bungalow?
Do one thing. Sell it off as soon as it is ready.
Why? What's the problem?
You look lonely, unhappy and depressed again today.
This will definitely happen. - Why?
You know God, up in heaven. He has a weird sense of humour.
He balances everything proportionately.
He asked his secretary once, ..
.. what was given to a particular fellow?
The secretary told him ..
.. that he has been given 6 to 7 lakh rupees.
The Lord said, ''Give him an ulcer, gastric''..
..''and a boil in his stomach so that he can't eat''.
Then he asked what another fellow was given?
The secretary replied that ..
.. he had been given some land and a cloth mill.
The Lord said ''Give him a crooked manager''
''And also make him start gambling''
Then he asked what was given to you.
Me? A bit of fame, a little bit of money.
How much money? - Around two or three lakh rupees.
What about the 1 lakh black money? - Maybe that too.
Then do one thing make him restless for now, then we'll see.
That's a nice joke. - You liked it, right?
So now, get up and please go to sleep.
The same thing again. I told you I can't sleep.
Where have you hid the bottle of sleeping tablets?
Give it to me.
Oh! You attended 4 or 5 parties. Had a few drinks there.
And now you want sleeping pills so that you may sleep forever.
And the cops arrest me. Very good!
Look here, do one thing.
Find a nice and good- looking girl and get married.
Yes. Thus when you can't sleep..
.. Wake her up at midnight ..
.. and play rummy with her for 1 rupee per point.
'A desired companion I did not find'
'A desired companion.'
'A desired companion.'
Hello, Can I speak to Subir?
Yes, What can I do for you?
How long have you been here? - For quiet some time now?
And I saw with my own eyes how I was being dishonoured.
What do you mean?
You were listening to my song and dozing.
Not at all sir.
I was taking your heavenly music right into my soul.
When a woman is sitting with her eyes shut..
.. Don't make the mistake of th inking that she's sleeping.
I s that so? - Yes.
She is most active and inactive. Did you understand?
What brings you here at this time? - I was just passing by..
.. so I dropped in to say Hello. I've a song recording.
After half an hour. - Half an hour!
Where's Dad nowadays?
He's a busy man.
A conference in Geneva today, Bonn tomorrow, the day after..
Get some whisky.
Listen, get it with cold water, we don't need soda.
Chitra, I told you there's a recording.
So what! Your voice will become more into xicating.
That's fine. But you know that chap, my Dad!
Who's that, Chandru? - Yes.
I f he finds out that I came to sing after having a drink ..
.. then I've had it.
Yes, Chandru here.
No, this month there's no date.
Yes tomorrow is free, but I've a bad throat sir.
That's why I have cancelled the date.
Yes, if it's canceled again I'll let you know.
Okay, bye.
Did you see that? There are many problems.
We have come with great hope. - But what can I do?
But you have to do something. I t's for some charity.
I understand that sir.
Good morning. - Good morning.
How're you? Did you get Dharmendra's date.
That I have. But if I don't get Subir's date, I'll be ruined.
Look I've got everything. - Wait, I'd like to speak to you.
Please wait, I'll be back soon. Vishnu! Get some tea for them.
Okay sir.
Does he sing too? - No.
But he just said that he had a bad throat.
I t means that Subir Kumar has a bad throat.
Secretaries say such things.
I n popular lingo that's a stooge.
Come Mr. Rao. Take a seat.
Take a seat.
I t's just that, it's not proper ..
.. to open your bag in front of everybody.
Can't say if somebody is from the income-tax department.
Do you know that the income-tax department has..
.. put 6 inspectors for the film section?
I s it? - Yes.
This is your cheque for Rs.2000. And this is the hot-cash.
Thank you.
Chandruji, I hope my dates are fix ed.
Yes, you've made the payment..
.. so they won't be canceled. Absolutely irrevocable.
Okay, Thank you. - Okay.
Come. I will drop you.
Thank you.
Are you signing photographs?
Sign all of them. There's quiet a lot of fan-mail.
Here's the six thousand which Mr.Rao has given. Count it.
Look, I'll break your teeth.
Why? Does it not hurt?
Don't I feel hurt when you ask me to count the cash?
No, I did not mean that.
I t's money after all. So you should count it.
I won't do it. All this accounting is your problem.
Listen.. Keep this money for yourself.
Myself! Why? - Stupid question. For expenses.
You've said it once, don't say it ever again.
I work here because of my affection for you.
Do you mind that?
At times I feel like beating you up ..
.. and making you stand in a corner.
There are some people here from Bangalore, ..
..I've to get rid of them.
Yes, go ahead.
I've checked the dates, there's no chance.
Look, we are ready to pay as much as you ask for.
That's the limit!
I s he an actor who signs any film because of money?
He is the famous singer. I ndia's famous singer.
But please give him this letter.
Whose letter is that? - I t's meant for him.
Whatever he says after reading this is acceptable to us.
Take it. - Okay.
These people from Bangalore have got a letter from someone.
Whose letter is it? - I don't know.
Read it.
'My dear son, Beeru'
Who has written it?
'Wishing for your well- being with every breath, ..
.. Yours Aunt Durga' - Aunt Durga.
Your Aunt! - Yes.
She may be my Aunt, but she means more to me then a mother.
After the death of my parents, when I was just one, ..
.. she raised me.
She has sent a reference. - I s it? Then you have to go.
But, how's that possible? The schedule is so tight.
To hell with the schedule. I'll cancel everything.
But what about the dates fix ed for the month?
Damn the dates! I'll get the brickbats.
No problem I'll handle it. Come and meet them.
Greetings. - Greetings, please have a seat.
Why did you not tell me before that Aunty has sent you?
That was the one ace we held.
- But I have one condition. - What's that?
I'll surely go to meet my Aunt.
Definitely, I'll have a car ready.
But I've to be back in Bombay the next day at 10.
Yes, you may leave as soon as the function is over.
Driver, you go and have food.
Where's Aunt Durga? - U pstairs.
- What's going on here?! - Oh my God!
Oh Beeru it's you!
Wait.. Let me have a good look at you.
You've had a good look and your eyes are filled with tears too.
You aren't yet old enough to understand ..
.. the joy of shedding tears.
I thought, perhaps I wouldn't get to see you till I die.
What are you talking about? You've yet to see my marriage.
That is I'll have to live for another hundred years.
I'm very hungry. Tell me, what are you going to cook for dinner.
Cook! Stuffed brinjals..
Cucumber Rolls ..
.. and thick bread made of gram flour.
You still remember my likes and dislikes.
I'm not like you.
Come on freshen up and rest awhile.
I t's quiet peaceful here.
The city is very suffocating.
I'd rather go for a stroll.
And my food should be ready by the time I return.
Aunty who was this? - This is Biru.
See! How he is demanding for food as if I am his mother.
You have come? This is coming fast!?
Listen, in that temple, Shiv temple - Yes.
There, I heard chanting on Shiv.
Listening to that I felt as if I am not in this world.
I felt as if I am in another world of joy.
I've never felt it before.
You must have heard brother Sadanand's and his daughter.
Brother Sadanand!?
Yes. I nitially he was a schoolmaster in a city.
For last four years he is settled here.
Have seen very few amiable human like him.
I don't know him very well..
But people say that he is a maestro in classical music.
He has brought his daughter just like him in music.
Come, I will introduce you to him.
Tomorrow! I am returning tomorrow aunty.
Tomorrow itself! - Yes.
I f you have to return so early.. What was the necessity to come?
What to do aunty? So much of work is there in the city to do.
You have come after 8 years, just for one day!
Aunty! - Your aunty is dead for you.
But where are you going?
To the kitchen. The food would've become cold.
Aunty! I t is getting very late.
I t's okay. Who knows whether I'll be able to see you again?
Why are you disheartening me?
What about my feelings? At least sometimes remember me.
I don't have anybody ex cept you in this world.
Hey aunty! I will come again and stay for longer days.
You will surely come!? - Yes, I will.
Promise me. - Promise.
Okay aunty! I am making a move lest I will miss the flight.
See dear! There is temple on the way. Make a visit to it.
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'Just see the way the naive beloved got entangled!'
'Just see the way the naive beloved got entangled!'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'Why did I go alone..
..to fetch the water?'
'All my friends now laugh..
..and taunt at me.'
'Saying, just see the results of not listening to us, O maiden.'
'Saying, just see the results of not listening to us, O maiden.'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'At the bank of the river.
What ex cuse will I make now?'
'Now the wrist is bare.'
'How will I go back, quietly?'
'Meeting the beloved proved costly to me.'
'Meeting the beloved proved costly to me.'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
'At the river bank..'
'..I lost my bangles!'
Oh! You are so melodious.
Listen! You are Uma, right. Mr. Sadanand's daughter?
How did you know!?
Yesterday evening I heard you and your father chanting.
I t was very good.
When I enquired aunty, she told me about you.
Your aunty stays here?
She stays in that house near that huge tree.
That's big mother's house.
Big mother!? You address Durga aunty as big mother?
Yes. You are Mr. Subir, isn't it?
Yes. - Big mother keeps talking about you and night.
Whenever radio plays your song..
..she sits in front of it like a statue.
I've also listened to your song with her. You're melodious.
But not all songs.
Some of songs are full of shouting and screaming.
Tell me, which song of mine, have you heard?
'Didn't meet the one!'
I n which category it falls? Good or screaming and shouting?
Good! I hope you didn't mind?
No. You are right. Even I don't like some of my songs.
Then why do you sing those?
What to do? Public prefers those type.
Then I n front of public demand, you are helpless.
You sing for the pleasure of the people.
Then for whose pleasure do I sing!?
For one's pleasure..
Father says when you sing for self, then it becomes music.
Oh My God! - What happened?
You made miss the flight involving me in music and talking.
Did I sing for you or did I come to talk to you?
Still. I f I miss the flight, you'll be responsible for it.
Come madam! Freshen yourselves and have your food.
I'm not hungry.
I know, because has left, you don't want to eat.
Don't bother me! Alright.
Okay! Even I won't eat. - Biru!
Yes aunty! As I was going, felt that you must be crying.
I did the right thing. I sn't it?
Will stay for some days. - No. Only for today.
Wait. I will cook some food, as I am feeling hungry suddenly.
Then we will go to meet Brother Sadanand. - Okay aunty.
You haven't yet started eating? See flies are sitting on it.
I am eating my dear; I'm eating..
This is wisdom preaching verses..
..Each time you read, you get different meaning.
Okay you read.
Hey! You read.
What are you doing!? - Read.
What is this brother? Returning to childhood day by day.
Welcome! I n the old age you become a child and..
..the daughter another. Please Sit.
This is my son, Subir. I've already told you about him.
This is my made brother, Sadanand!
Who will not know you? Bless you. When did you come?
I spite of my request, he was returning today.
Then when he was sitting in the flight he thought..
..aunty must be crying. So took the baggage and got down.
He did the right thing.
I f there's humanitarian feelings in man..
..let me the truth, where you really crying?
Only crying!? When I returned, she was lying on the bed..
..with out eating, with a sad face.
I s it because of him? Actually I t had a headache.
When you saw him, the headache vanished!
Biru! This is Uma.
Yesterday evening you heard her melody in the temple.
I s it? You sing. You don't look as a singer.
Even you look as you have postponed your..
..return plan because of your feelings for aunty.
Leave it! Why do you bring aunty name in al the topic?
Aunty, didn't you mention something about afternoon tea..
Yes, Sure. Why not?
Listen child, Brother Sadanand is the king of classical music.
Obey me, stay here for few days and learn from him.
What will I teach him sister? He is already a singer.
He moves in the path of peace and divinity.
Music is in present in every part of nature.
Words to the heart, heart to the soul, soul to the appearance..
Everything in nature is related to each other.
One thing I can't understand. - What?
Words to the heart, heart to the soul, soul to the appearance..
I can't understand this.
What you can't understand in it!?
Wait! Can you hear something?
A bird chirping.
Don't I appear as it is coming from these flowers?
Hello! Mr. Rao?
I am sorry that you've to cancel your recording.
I have got a telegram from Subir..
..that suddenly he has fallen sick.
Yes! No, he will be back in 4 / 5 days.
You keep it for coming Monday.
He will back, Mr. Rao, he will be back. You don't worry?
Listen! That day I noticed that when you were singing..
..you poured water in that ditch and prostrate, why!?
Lord Shiva is there.
You know this. I n marriage, God makes his presence.
No need for priest. With the witness of God you can get married.
I t is very powerful. Self arisen Pindies.
Shivji's real presence.
You believe in all these?
Father says belief is everything not arguments.
I f you believe, it is God, else stone.
Take this.
I'll be leaving tomorrow. Won't you feel sad?
Tomorrow! You will be departing tomorrow itself!?
Yes. - Why?
What do you mean by why? Don't I've to work?
Uma, you haven't answered my question.
Won't you feel sad after I leave?
Big mother will feel very sad.
I am not talking about big mother but about you.
Won't you feel sad tell me?
Tell me.
Why should you feel sad if I go?
Don't know. I'll feel lonely.
Even me.
I n city you will be busy with your work.
Then why should you feel lonely?
You don't know, Uma. I n spite of busy schedule in city..
I suddenly feel lonely.
Why? - Uma is not there.
Biru! - Yes, aunty.
Drink tea?
Thank you, aunty.
See, you are alone in the city. I am worried for you.
Get married now.
Marriage! Me? To a girl?
Then what?
My heart says you will be very happy.
Aunty, has anyone been happy after marriage?
Say, how happy was uncle?
See, you saying are familiar with your uncle.
Listen Biru, I've found a bride for you.
Hey! You have found one? Who is that lucky girl?
Give me some time to make up my mind.
You stupid! Does marriage needs to be thought about?
I need a reply before you go and that too positive.
Okay - What!?
I said okay.
What Mr. Kapadia, you are more bothered about the bar?
This is an artists house not a smuggler's.
Moreover, I didn't like the furniture in the bedroom. - Why?
You've made the bed for my size.
Does he have to sleep or me?
I t should be at let 3 feet longer.
Else his legs won't fit in. ok?
The other furniture should also be first class. - Ok.
Nothing's ok. You go upstairs and take the measurement.
I want to surpriseSubir. Hurry up.
Sorry friend. - Hey!
You are a little late.
Hey, when did you come? How did you come?
Just now. I n a taxi.
Rascal, you didn't even inform me.
Hey pal, even I wanted to surprise you.
You donkey!
Please come in. Come in.
Let me introduce you.
This is my master, my friend Mr. Chandru Kriplani.
Greetings! - Talks a lot of crap.
And this is. tell me who this is?
Mrs. Sinha, the one whom we met in the Muzaffarpur function.
You've become quite short and slim than earlier.
Hey! She can slim down but can she get shorter?
No. Then?
Then see properly. Who is she?
Oh yes! Ms. Advani. You came first in the Shimla beauty contest.
You were the chief guest there, isn't it?
See, how I recognized her. So, how come you are here?
Have you got married? When did you come to Mumbai?
Where is your husband?
His husband is here.
What!? - Yes.
I s anyone there? Give me a glass of cold water.
Hey, Chandru, don't feel bad. The day I got engaged..
..the marriage was fix ed for the next day itself.
There was no other auspicious day for the next 2 months.
This marriage is not acceptable.
Sister, you've to marry again.
With whom?
With you, pal. What do you think?
I s marriage a game? Not informed the friends?
No one knows about it. Sister, you've to marry again.
I'll arrange for it. I nvite all the friends. Have a lot of fun.
Have a grand party that..
What a great fortune? Mr. Pratesh Surai has come.
Welcome, Mr. Rai. I never thought in my dream also..
That you will come.
You think in your dream!? But see in my dream.
Listen! Do I look so crude that I won't come..
..even after receiving you invitation.
No, Mr. Rai. I t's not like that.
You are a maestro in classical music and I'm an ordinary singer.
I t's fine. But even your music is between seven pigs..
No. I meant seven notes.
Come along. Uma!
This is my wife and this is Mr. Pratheshvar Rai,..
.. a maestro in classical music.
God bless you along life my dear!
Now the trend of prostrate is gone.
But you know by prostrating what you have done to me?
You have bond me with your affection.
But Subir, You have a big statement today.
What sir? - Differentiation of classical music, pop music..
..but I believe in music of any version.
Come on! Let there be music today.
Sir, what are you saying? I n such a gathering..
Don't worry. Nobody will have objection.
Subir, this is the order of MR. Rai. You have to sing.
Okay, agreed. But there is a request. - What?
Today, Uma will also sing with me.
Do you sing dear? - Mr. Rai, she is melodious.
Then start. Please. - No.
Okay, if you don't sing then..
..I'll leave here without eating anything.
Chandru! Old man has put me into trouble.
You have sing.
Ladies and gentlemen!
How can Mr. Subir Kumar's wedding reception..
..go without his music?
Today, his wife Uma will also sing with him.
Why did you ask me also to sing? - Why? What happened?
I n front of everyone..
So what? I f you feel shy, look at me and sing.
Then I will show like this.
What does it mean?
I t means, I gave you a kiss.
'This killing Bindiya on your forehead!'
'This killing Bindiya on your forehead!'
'Sweetheart, this Bindiya will take away your sleep!'
'This killing Bindiya on your forehead!'
'On your forehead it appears like a star and the moon.'
'As if an ember shimmers within the darkness of heart.'
'Sweetheart.. this Bindiya.'
'Sweetheart.. this Bindiya will take away your sleep.'
'This killing earring of yours!'
'This killing earring of yours!'
'I t won't let you be in peace.. my earring.'
'You are my jewel.. I sway being decked up by you only.'
'I t's your gaze which wanders, I don't say anything.'
'You are my jewel.. '
'Then what is this that it is saying.. your bangle!'
'My killing bangle. it says you're my everything, in life.'
'Your bangle!'
'Sweetheart.. your house is my everything..
..in life and in death.'
What a melodious voice?
Long live, dear. I pray to God that both of you live long.
Dear, have you learnt classical music? - Yes.
That's why you sing so well!
Chitra! - I t's all right, Subir.
Whatever you did was correct.
The post, which she has occupied, I wasn't worth it.
Chitra! I .. - I am telling the right thing.
To tell the truth, I felt hurt after hearing the news of your..
..marriage I felt as if there was nothing left between us.
I feel very lonely but after hearing your wife's voice..
..I am not at all sad.
She is the one worthy to become your wife..
You don't know me, I am Chitra..
..I am your husband's friend
Forgive us, we've to attend a meeting, so we'll move now. - No.
I obeyed your words now you've to obey mine.
You cannot leave this place without having some sweets.
Okay, bring some sweets. - Okay, come.
Mr.Rai, did you really like Uma's song?
Yes, I liked it very much.
She must have learnt it from some good teacher.
Yes, from her father.
From today I've decided that we both will sing together.
Subir! - Ex cuse me .
I t would be good if Subir don't do this big mistake.
What mistake?
This, singing together. - But why?
You didn't understand. Uma is more melodious than Subir.
Moreover, history has taught that man is jealous of woman.
And can husband accept a wife more famous than him?
Don't worry about that, sir. They are already married.
Within an year the time will go in bringing up the children.
This will be worse.
I n school, I would have been 11 / 12 years old.
One Ramesh came and gave me a cigarette to smoke.
I said, no, I don't want to smoke.
He started laughing and called me a fool.
I didn't get agitated when he called me a fool..
..his laugh agitated me. I told him to give me the cigarette.
I pulled a long smoke then I started coughing very badly.
I coughed till my face became red!
By then the mathematics teacher arrived. We stood up.
He was shock.
My face was red! Stood quietly. He started sniffing.
He saw me, called out, Subir come here and open your mouth.
Smelled and was caught.
This is the matter. Get the cane from the next room.
See the situation. I am asked to get the cane for caning me.
He went and cameback with a cane.
After he caned me harshly in my palm.
Stop it! - Why?
I don't want to hear anymore. - Why?
To hell with that master.
I t hurt you badly?
Hey! He caned mein this palm also.
Lipstick marks in your shirt. - So what?
What will people think when they see it?
What will they thin?
So late in the night?
Radha here! Remember, I met you in Haridas Congregation.
Yes, I recollect. Tell me.
You have really got married?
Where is your wife?
Now, she has gone to her parents' house.
Why did you get married, Mr. Subir?
Was it fine to breakso many hearts?
What to do, even I repenting about it.
Telling the truth.
I am just wondering how to get out of the knot?
How to get a divorce?
Who was that?
Mine. My name is Uma. I am Mr. Subir's wife.
Hey! What happened?
Nothing. Let me sleep.
Hey! What is the matter?
Nothing. Told you, let me sleep. Soon it is going to be morning.
Hey! You were all right till now. What happened suddenly?
You get telephone calls from girls in the middle of the night.
And chat with them.
That is before. Now it won't happen.
Promise. I t won't happen now. - Promise on me.
Sure. But one condition. - What?
Every day not too many but 100 / 200..
Hey! Do one thing, 50%.
Uma, listen.
Hey! Get up.
Get up!
Let go of me. Please.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
'This night of our union'
'This night of our union'
'Will blossom a new bud.'
'Will blossom a new bud.'
'That's why your eyes are inviting.'
''Just see..''
'That's why your eyes are inviting.'
Sing, such a melodious composition.
How did you like the lyrics?
I f the starting is nice, then the lyrics are obviously nice.
I s that so! Tell me what is the meaning of these?
What the lyrics are? - What are the lyrics?
Don't know?
I n art, the matter is expressed..
..is not so great like what is not.
This is the song of our future. How fruit comes from the flower?
Still didn't understand? Okay, I'll make you understand.
You are my wife and I am your husband.
We love each other.
The third person because of our love..
Hey! !
No. - But why!? Nobody will see.
Mangala, here it is.
Take this.
Oh, God.
Oh God! - Mangala, put our hands down. - But why!?
I told you to put your hands down.
'Someone plunders my heart in the guise of a dear one.'
'Someone plunders my heart in the guise of a dear one.'
'Who is he.. does something like happens in love?'
'This is a big deceit.'
'Someone plunders my heart in the guise of a dear one.'
'He is somewhere here only, the thief of my heart.'
'I f I get to see him, I'll twist his arm.'
'He is somewhere here only, the thief of my heart.'
'I f I get to see him, I'll twist his arm.'
'Let him go, just like you're dear, he is dear too.'
'A reason to my life.'
'See, these feelings of yours make me crave.'
'Someone plunders my heart..'
'Someone plunders my heart in the guise of a dear one.'
'Dear one.'
'Dear one.'
Brother Vishnu! - Yes sister!
Remember what's the menu for today? -Yes sister.
Brinjal curry, gram flour bread..
Thick one..
And.. - And what is your name?
You forgot. - Yes.
Fried cucumber chops.
Hey! Get up.
Get up!
Get up!
Yes tell me.
Mr. Rao has come.
Mr. Rao! Make him comfortable. I'll be there.
Vishnu! Mr. Rao has come. Get some hot strong coffee.
No need Mr. Chandru, meeting you is enough.
Welcome, Mr. Rao! - Greetings!
Be comfortable. What a pleasant surprise!
When are you starting a new movie?
Everything is settled. That's why I have come to you.
I am always there for you.
Yes, tell me. When shall I give my dates.
This time I havenot come for you..
..but for your wife.
You mean Mrs. Uma! -Yes.
Mr. Chandru, its so because the story is based on woman.
I ts a girl's story.
I've fix ed a renowned director who has agreed for it ..
..on the condition that Mrs. Uma will be singing the songs.
Now everything is in your hands.
No, Mr. Rao. Nothing is in our hands. I t all depends on her.
She will never sing alone.
I t will be a problem then. You make her understand.
Look here, Mr. Rao. U nderstanding is related to mind.
What do you mean? -I t means that..
..its all related to the heart.
She has taken a vow that, she will never sing alone.
No! No! Don't worry, Mr. Rao. Uma will sing.
No, I will not sing. Never.
Uma! Please listen to me.
Tell me, why you won't sing?
I won't sing alone. - But why ?
You only said that we'd sing together and live together.
But sometime you talk like granny and not like Uma.
That means I can never, sing a solo songs.
You sing, I won't.
Again, the same thing.
I s there any difference between you and me?
Aren't we one after the marriage?
See, if you sing, it means I am singing and..
..if I sing, it means you are singing.
'Now all my happiness is with you only.'
'Now all my happiness is with you only.'
Dying for you is what life is all about.
'Now all my happiness is with you only.'
U nderstood? I t should be like this only.
What are you doing, here?
For Bhabhi's award, the place, understood, right?
'Since the time this heart went crazy for you.'
'Since the time this heart went crazy for you.'
'Then whatever may the world say to me.'
'People may say whatever they may wish to.'
'Now all my happiness is with you only.'
'I n your love, I've become defamed till far.'
'I n your love, I've become defamed till far.'
'With you, my dear, even I've become famous.'
'Just see, where my own absence takes me.'
'Now all my happiness is with you only.'
How are you?
Autograph please. - Pen.
Take this.
Your name? - Asha. - Asha!
Hey! Uma madam has come.
Wake up.
See brother Chandru is waiting for you.
Get up!
Get up!
Has Chandru come? -Yes.
Send the tea there itself.
Chandru, did you ward off the trouble?
Which one, the income tax es?
I've filed the returns. But I'm not getting 2-3 certificates.
Why? - Because I have entered las t years amount this year.
How will that help? This is a white lie!
This is a black market. Only white lies will work here.
Congratulations, sister.
Fortunately, 4 of your songs are in the ''Binaca'' charts.
After hearing such good news, at least give a binaca smile.
Chandru brother, from today, never again shall I sing.
What does it mean?
Means I won't sing from today.
And what'll happen to the contracts we've signed?
Whatever happens, I've decide - Talking like women.
And what about those who've prepared for the recording?
No problem will overcome you.
I would be the one getting thrashed.
Won't it look bad?
Sister thinks that getting thrashed feels pleasant.
Even I think so.
Ok, then I won't sing, once the current commitments are over.
What's the matter hubby dear? Have you fought with her?
No! - Swear on me.
Take this. - No, you will swear falsely on my name.
Don't swear on me, swear on the 7 notes.
I mean the 3.5 notes.
Did you eat grass in the morning?
Why should I fight with her?
This means that sister isn't feeling well.
Such a soft spoken and tender girl, we're fools man..
..we dumped so many responsibilities on her..
..as soon as she came.
Recordings are taking place, rehearsals are taking place..
..upon this the Award ceremonies and the functions.
No way. I will stop all this.
At least for 2 months, all stopped.
Yes, hello. Who?
Yes, Hiranandani? What's the matter?
Enjoying yourself? Subir kumar? He's sitting here.
He's fine. Says hello to you. Sister? Hello to her also?
Ok, sir. Hello, hello.
Have to do a program? - No, no. refuse it, pal.
I won't do any programs now.
I t's not for you, pal. I t's for sister.
Yes, Hirananadani. I'll try to arrange it.
No, no. it won't do.
We want the exact amount.
I t's straight from Rs.2000 - 5000.
I won't reduce a single pie. This is the final deal.
What? You're ready to pay Rs.5000?
You're ready to pay Rs. 5000?
Okay. Are you sure?
This is miraculous, pal.
This Hiranandani turned out to be a diamond.
I quoted Rs.5000, to refuse him. But he accepted it.
Meaning, he's ready to pay Rs.1000 more than your price.
What's wrong? The money will be in the same house.
Oh God, I think the people in our country..
..do nothing other than writing letters.
Either they keep blabbering. Talking, talking, talking.
Or else will keep writing letters.
What are you blabbering?
I f this goes on, I'll be jabbering.
Sister has really bored me.
Who will answer such letters? My father?
Moreover, there's the dates problem..
..the rehearsal arrangements, the recordings.
You do one thing. Appoint another secretary for yourself.
Yes, pal. Staying among stars, I' ve become a star secretary.
Someone else will take care of my work. You manage Uma's work.
Look here, I'm your friend not your wife.
I mean after all even friends are human.
No. I ..
See, Biru, I will decide what I'll do..
..and what I'll not. Not you.
I'm going. I've to go with sister for the rehearsal..
..even you've a recording in the afternoon.
Come by yourself. Don't forget. I'll join you later.
Hello! Chandru isn't here. I'm Subir. Tell me.
That's fine, but nowadays, I've increased my rates.
Rs.6000. I f it's too much, then let it be so.
What can Chandru do about this, Mr. Rao.
I'm the one who'll sing. Not Chandru.
As you wish.
'Sweetheart, this Bindiya will take away your sleep.'
'This killing earring of yours!'
Master, how is the tune.
Mr. Chandru, listen to it.
No need to listen. I t should be a hit.
I've done my best.
I know that you'll popularize the songs through letters.
But it should be a hit from my point of view also. -I t is a hit.
Mr. Chandru, just a minute.
He is asking for Rs. 6000.
When did you call? - Sometime back. - Really ?
Listen, how come you're here today?
I was just walking, not knowing where to go.
Suddenly when I opened my eyes, I found myself here.
Oh! So wandering around, you rea ched here. Come. Maria!
Hello, is sir there? - No, he went out a long time back.
Stop it, Chitra. Please stop it. I t's the same voice again.
I'm tired of listening to it. Life has become a bore now.
What happened, Subir?
Have you heard Uma, singing?
Yes, I heard. She is one in a million..
She sings well, isn't it?
Very well. How's she?
Quite fine.
No, Chandru brother. I don't know. Where could he have gone?
Look here, Subir. I'm your friend.
I don't expect anything other than friendship from you.
Tell me please. - Nothing, Chitra. Nothing.
I just know one thing. Earlier, I was alone. Now I am all alone.
Everyone of us are alone, Subir.
Yes, Chitra. We're all alone. All alone.
This loneliness, this isolation, we create it ourselves.
Small bickering, egoistic attitude.
Now I've begun liking this loneliness.
Like it?
When you are lonely, this world seems a better place.
Chitra, don't you sometimes feel that life is strange?
Please don't drink anymore.
Whatever it maybe, I know you.
But Subir, whatever has happened, try and bear it.
Bear it?
You're talking like the Chandramukhi of Devdas.
Who, damn it, drinks for bearing..
..I drink so that I don't remain in my senses.
Salutations, sir. - What happened? - Nothing.
Chitra madam has said that..
..Subir sir's car shall be sent tomorrow.
Subir. Eh, Subir!
Vishnu, go from here.
Why didn't you come for the recording yesterday?
I wasn't well.
You weren't well. That's why you got drunk.
That too at Chitra's place.
Trying to break the stars from the sky.
Which fool shall be willing to pay you Rs.6000, all of a sudden?
Whether I charge Rs.6000 or 10000, its my business understand.
Do I owe an answer?
You don't need to justify yourself.
I know what is perturbing you. You've read in the books..
..that men are higher placed than woman. That's it.
You aren't able to tolerate sister's progress.
Chandru! You're crossing the limits.
What limits!? Don't I know?
Sister is getting Rs.5000 so you want more than her.
Stop your nonsense. Don't forget that this is my house.
Your house!?
I had forgotten, that this is your house.
Thank you for reminding, Subir.
Where are you going, brother? - Nowhere.
Listen. What happened?
Hello! - Who is it? Subir? How are you?
I'm fine.
I'm giving you good news.
Your wife Uma has been chosen to be honored..
..in our music festival. Give this news to Uma.
Hello! Subir! - Yes?
This program of ours will be broadcast in all I ndia radio.
I'm troubling you a little but please send..
..a small life sketch of Uma by tomorrow.
Yes, sure.
Thank you.
Listen. What happened to Chandru brother?
What happened?
I don't know. I t seems someone..
You didn't tell him anything. Did you?
Then what happened?
Please tell me. I'm sure that you know.
I told you I don't know.
Am I supposed to know everything..
..that happens to everybody in this house?
Without the sweetheart..
Without the sweetheart.. the flute doesn't sing.
Without the sweetheart..
Without the sweetheart.. the flute doesn't sing.
The way the sweetheart got annoyed..
..as if the music got annoyed from my life.
The way the sweetheart got annoyed..
..as if t he music got annoyed from my life.
When I sing..
if feels as if all the songs of my heart aren't true.
The way he got angry at me!
Without the sweetheart..
Without the sweetheart.. the flute doesn't sing.
Without the sweetheart.. the flute doesn't sing.
Without you my heart is lonely.
Without you..
..my heart is lonely.
All the desires and longings have extinguished.
The days are lonely so are the nights.
Without the sweetheart..
Without the sweetheart.. the flute doesn't sing.
Without the sweetheart.. the flute doesn't sing.
Vishnu brother, where's sir?
Sir, hasn't comeback yet, sister.
I will come soon.
Madam, someone has come to meet you.
Who is it?
I don't know. Haven't seen her before. - Ok. Come.
Ex cuse me, you!? Greetings!
I've come to take him.
How did you come to know that Subir is here?
I know.
Why did you take the trouble to come here?
You could have called me up.
I would have sent him.
Nowadays, he stays a little sad, that's why I came to take him.
Nowadays, even I'm noticing that Subir stays a little sad.
Why? Do you know why?
Forgive me, but I don't want to discuss about it.
I've understood. Sit down.
Shall I ask you something? Do you feel that I've misled Subir..
No, no, Chitra. The one who loves, he never..
Why've you come here?
Why've you come here?
I've come to take you.
Why? Am I a kid? Can't I come by myself?
Subir! I t's too late. Go home.
Shall I serve the food? - No. I'm not feeling hungry.
Why? - Do I have to reply to all your ''whys''?
Reply? Have I ever asked you for a reply?
Give me an answer for that.
What's the reason behind coming to Chitra's house to take me?
You won't understand.
I won't understand?
Ok, then make me understand.
Will you understand if I try to?
Look here, Uma. Stop answering in riddles. Talk clearly.
Nowadays you feel a lot lonely.
That's why I have decided to stop singing.
What's the relation between my loneliness and your singing?
I don't want you to be troubled because of me.
Because of you?
You think that I'm jealous of your name and wealth?
I don't know. You know better.
Ok, sacrifice eh?
I want to stay with you.
No need. I don't want anyone to live with me. U nderstand?
You don't need me? Then I have no right to live here.
I don't know. You know it. You!
Uma! When did you come?
My blessings are with you, dear.
Where's Biru? - He didn't come. - Didn't come?
You came alone? What happened?
Tell me? What happened?
Don't cry, dear. What happened?
No. Uma did the wrong thing.
Husband and wife have this sort of bickering.
Whatever it is. She shouldn't have come without informing him.
What sort of behavior is this? - Please don't be angry.
Ok, she made a mistake. But Biru is also not a kid.
He shouldn't have told anything to Uma under such conditions.
Such conditions!? What conditions!?
You're going to be a grandpa very soon.
Yes. Bhiru doesn't know it too.
I'll write a letter. He'll come running.
Don't tell anything.
Now go and sleep.
Mother, I made a mistake. I'll return tomorrow.
No. the first child should be bo rn in your mother's house.
You do one thing.
Write a letter to Biru and tell him everything.
And don't worry about anything.
You should always remain happy when in such a condition.
Chandru brother, greetings.
I'm not your sister in law anymore. Just your sister.
I wrote him 2 letters. But he didn't reply.
I came without telling him.
Maybe that's why he's angry with me.
How's he? Has he started singing or not?
I was the one to remove music from his life.
Now I've just one dream, to make him sing.
Big mother isn't letting me go under any circumstance.
You must've understood the reason.
Didn't understand? You're going to become an uncle soon.
Tell him too. I'm feeling shy to write it to him.
Don't forget. His responsibility is yours.
I t's your little sister's request.
Your little sister, Uma.
Hey Vishnu - Yes, sir. - Attened the call.
Hello. - Vishnu! - Chandru, brother.
Why did you keep the phone down?
I t seems everyone has become careless since I left.
C'mon. Make a hot cup of tea for me.
I'll be back in a moment, Chandru brother.
Please move your hand.
You are looking at me as if you don't know me.
How are you?
I'll tell all that later. But first, treat me to some sweets.
I've brought some really good news. - What?
I'm going to become a chacha. No sorry, mama ( maternal uncle ).
U ncle!? - Yes. Now whether uncle or aunty, that'll be known..
..only when the child is born. I mean whether nephew or niece.
Who's the mother?
C'mon, pal. Uma sister. - Really!?
How did you come to know?
She wrote a letter to me and made me her brother.
How nice it would be when there's a kid..
..roaming around in our home.
A little kid plays marbles at our doorstep.
A little kid plays marbles at our doorstep.
C'mon. now let's go.
Where? - To the village!
No, Chandru. I won't go.
What do you mean?
She left the house. She has to come back on her own.
Moreover, she didn't write the letter to me.
The one to whom she has written should go.
You also, man!
Sorry, I was about to abuse you like in earlier times.
You donkey, which girl would write to her husband that..
..she is no more a girl and that she is going to be a mother?
Don't act stupid. Come on get ready.
No, Chandru. I won't go.
You may go if you want.
Hey, who are you, child?
I'm my mother's son.
Mother's son!? What's your father's name?
Subir Kumar.
And your mother? - Uma Devi.
Don't touch me.
Why, dear? - You hurt my mother. She died a sad death.
No. no. Uma!
What are you doing in the sun?
Get ready. We have to go to the hospital.
Mother, I've prepared a sweet for you. You eat it.
I n the meantime, I'll go and get ready.
Don't run in such a state. How many times have I told you?
Brother, where are you going so early in the morning?
Welcome, sister. I was going to the market.
Then give us the hospital card before leaving.
Hospital, so early? Any problem?
No, brother. I t's the first pregnancy.
We should be a little careful. Go and get the card.
Uma. Hurry up!
Uma - Chandru brother!
This is what is called a sister's love.
You came to know that I'm hungry.
Give it. Wow! Go bring another plate.
Give this and then go.
You're Durga aunty, isn't it?
Yes. - Greetings!
God bless you. - Recognize me.
You're Biru's Chandru.
Great aunty. Another greeting. - God bless you.
Brother, this is Biru's friend Chandru.
U ncle!? Greetings. - God bless you.
Son, how's Subir? - He's fine.
Sister, where's Uma? Shall bring something?
Now don't worry.
Go and attend to your job. I'll handle everything.
Ok, just coming, dear. - Yes.
He's going to the market. To get some sweets for me. isn't it?
He's a saint. Comes to know of everything.
Aunty, what about my staying and eating arrangements?
I can stay anywhere but the food can't be compromised.
I've this bad habit.
I need to eat sweets after eating spicy foods.
Then again spicy foods after sweets and then again some spice.
Ok. Ok. Everything will be done.
But tell me, why didn't Subir come?
He? He got ready on listening to the news.
I asked him, what would happen to the recording?
He said to hell with the recording.
I told him that they will sue you..
..there'll be losses worth lakhs.
I requested him a lot, begged him and then only he agreed.
So I came instead.
Uma, you get ready and come to my place.
We'll go to the hospital from there.
I'll send Parvati, she'll bring Chandru's luggage home.
Brother, he refused to come isn't it?
No, meaning.. - I've understood everything.
When you talked more than needed to console everyone.
I t's not like that, Uma. You know how adamant he is.
I know everything. He'll never forgive me.
Uma, let the child come. Everything will be alright.
Everyone says the same thing.
Let the child come and all the wealth of the world will come!
What happened, doctor? - Uma?
No, Uma is fine.
But Sadanand, sir I'm sorry I couldn't save the child.
This is my 3rd and last letter to you.
I can't bear to see Uma in this condition.
She has turned into a stone.
I've written to you repeatedly asking you to take her home.
Forget coming here. You didn't even reply to any of the letters.
You didn't reply to any of Durga aunt's letters!?
What reply could I've given?
There's just one reply. Go and meet Uma now itself.
No, Chandru. With what face shall I go?
I won't be able to go there.
You won't be able to go!? After listening to all this?
Are you a human or what?
No, he's no more a human. Can a human behave like this?
Aunty! - Your aunt's dead for you.
Aunty, come in. freshen up first. - No, Chandru.
I won't even drink water in this house.
I've just come to say that, I used to feel proud about him..
..but now I feel ashamed of him.
Can a man stoop to such lows? Tell him to go and see her.
That sweet little girl, what has happened to her!
I t would've been better for Uma to have died.
Chandru, I've come to pray in the temple.
I've come to request him to give..
..solace to Uma or to call her to Himself.
The taxi is waiting outside. Will you see me off, dear?
Of course aunt. Come.
What do you think about so much, dear?
I don't like it. C'mon.
Feels very sad.
Come with me. C'mon. Come and sit there.
Come. Come.
Come, this way. Come, sit here.
Do you remember, once I had told you in Jaunpuri raga about..
..Dhiranayaka and Adhirnayaka?
Please recite it.
Father, No.
Hey Subir! You've come, dear.
I was thinking about you. Bless you. Everything will be fine.
Everything will be alright, now that you've come.
Come sit. I'll call her.
Uma! Subir has come. Subir.
Go and talk to him. I'll go get some sweets.
Go. Hurry up!
How are you?
''Friends, listen to me..''
Are you fine? - Yes.
How are you?
Uma, take this suitcase inside.
Did you see for yourself, what has happened to her?
I've shown her to all the doctors here.
Now take her to the city and show her to some good doctor.
You've married her with fire as a witness.
I t's your responsibility. I don't want to say anything more.
Angry with me?
I've hurt you a lot, isn't it?
Forgive me, Uma.
Forgive me.
This is my story, doctor Mhatre.
That's it. After this Uma has turned into a stone.
The problem is that these patients..
..don't take care of their health.
They may or may not take their medicines.
Doctor, will electric shocks..
No, no. She isn't mad.
She is just a victim of a shock.
We've to somehow make her laugh or cry.
I've tried a lot, doctor.
Don't lose heart. Keep trying.
We don't know when and for what she may laugh or cry.
The problem is that she doesn't want to listen to anything.
Whenever we try to say anything. She just gets up and leaves.
She'll do such things. You said just now, that she sleeps..
..downstairs, doesn't want to come upstairs.
Forget talking, she doesn't even tolerate music.
The reason is clear. She wants to forget her past.
She wants to move away from it.
I t's our duty to keep trying.
We've to remake her life from the point from where it split.
That's the only way to give her a new life.
What're you doing, Uma?
Uma, tell me. what did I get from your suitcase?
What did you get?
These small, cute little socks!
Who's is it?
Munna's. She made it for him.
But our fate, that God didn't give him a chance to wear it.
Yes. Else he would've been 4 months old now.
And he would've started walking in a few more months.
Uma's lap would've been filled. And also the house's happiness.
Ok, Uma. What should we do with it?
Throw them away.
Take this, Uma. Take it.
What a sweet and spicy thing. Like a movie.
Comedy in romance, romance in comedy.
Even foreigners come over here to eat this.
I can't bear it anymore, Chandru.
I just can't bear it.
Don't lose heart, pal.
Think about this, she hadn't left home all these days.
At least she came here today.
I t's all useless,Chandru. Useless.
Uma has turned into a stone. All because of me.
I f you really feel so, that you've spoilt her life.
Then it's your duty to restore it.
Rai sir, we've come to you so that you can show us a way.
Subir, both you and Uma have the same characteristic.
That is nothing but music.
Music brought you together. Music is your nuptial cord.
That's why the solution to your problem is music.
You've to sing, Subir.
No, Rai sir. Music is my enemy.
Singing is the reason for all this.
No. I t's not because of singing. But because of not singing.
I know that, your decision to stop singing was..
..a great blow to Uma daughter.
Yes, Subir. Uma had written the s ame thing to me in her letter.
Your not singing was killing her.
She won't forgive herself unless you sing.
Subir, if you want Uma to recover..
..then you've to bring music back into your life.
You've to sing. When, where and how, leave it to me.
Come, dear. Sit. Sit.
Sit Uma. Sit Chandu
Thank you.
Here Uma, see.
Dear brothers and sisters, the silver jubilee celebrations of..
..'Surjhankar', begins now.
First I thank you all for your cooperation.
Firstly, we are starting our program with a artiste who..
..for a long time, had disappeared into loneliness.
His name is Subir kumar.
Respected Mr. Brajeshwar Rai and friends.
The respect and honor that you've given me..
..I don't know whether I deserve it.
The song which I am going to sing today..
..isn't just a song but a dream..
..which me and my wife had seen together.
U nfortunately, that dream was shattered.
This night of our union..
This night of our union..
..will blossom a new flower.
That is why your eyes are twinkling.. just see.
''Just see..''
This night of our union..
Sit down.. be quiet.
I made a mistake..
..that I asked Subir to sing this song on his own.
Actually this is a song is not only of Subir Kumar..
..but a dream of him and his wife.
We are glad that she is present here.
I request her to sing along as well.
Come Uma. - Didn't you write that Subir will have to sing again?
Don't you want to witness that auspicious day?
Yes daughter, you will have to sing.
I'm like your father. I t is my order.
Get up.
This night of our union..
This night of our union..
..will blossom a new flower.
That is why your eyes are twinkling.. just see.
''Just see..''
This night of our union..
A small child will blossom in our house..
..and the bare arms will get adorned by his presence.
A small child will blossom in our house..
A small child will blossom in our house..
Just like the moon plays in the clouds..
..he will play in your lap.
The moonlight will sing.
The moonlight will sing.
That's why your eyes are twinkling, just see.
This night of our union..
Holding you in many hands..
..I will meet the into xicating night.
Holding you in many hands..
..I will meet the into xicating night.
By raising the unheard of heartbeat..
..I will fill your heart, my sweetheart.
With a new trait.. it will make me crave.
With a new trait.. it will make me crave.
That is why your eyes are twinkling.. just see.
This night of our union..
With a new trait.. it will make me crave.
With a new trait.. it will make me crave.
That is why your eyes are twinkling.. just see.
This night of our union..