Islamic Moral Reality

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Islamic cleric in a Sharia court laughs: he hit you once, only once? So it means it's
not a very serious matter…
Hi guys,
This is what reality can sound like for women in Islam subject to Sharia, the Islamic law.
Men can have 4 times as many wives as women can have husbands and men can have as much
sex as they want with female slaves (4:3) The daughter inherits half of what the son
inherits, regardless of circumstances (4:11) Female witnesses are worth half of male witnesses
(2:282) A male accusing his wife of adultery requires
4 witnesses - or he swears 4 times himself (24:4, 24:6)
And beating a woman "only once" is not a big deal. I wonder: how many times becomes a big
deal, something worth addressing?
We get the very clear indication that women are tilth, sex objects and incubators, there
to produce more Muslims. This is not my invention or interpretation, but that of Muslims such
as Yasser Arafat.
Humans in the real world have developed laws to make the coexistence of different personalities
just and governed by clear and precise rules. This has taken some 6000 years. While our
judicial system is far from perfect, it is a system designed to treat people equally.
In the 21st century we find that our laws are being abused by unscrupulous people and
corporations on the one and religious zealots on the other hand, striving for personal advantages.
Religious zealots want to base their rules on an invisible, unproven entity. An invisible,
unproven entity which is said to have authored a book which nowhere says: Muslims need to
pray 5 times a day or: women must cover their entire bodies except for hands and face. Humans
did. These humans, well, men to be exact, claim that they know exactly what their invisible,
unproven god would have wanted and have created laws around what they claim their invisible,
unproven entity would want. Why should there be a legal system within a legal system?
According to my observations a Muslim feels that if anyone doesn't agree with the rituals
and actions based on these interpretations they can be persecuted, deceived, misled,
slandered and even killed, depending on what is to be achieved.
Anything not found in the Koran or the sayings of Muhammad can be rejected and an alternate
reality can be built up. A woman in Australia who was led to believe that her behavior was
in line with what Islam dictates, was wearing full body veil while driving a car in Australia.
She resented being stopped for a routine check by a policeman and resorted to false accusations,
lying and subsequent special pleading when her blatant and outright lies and false accusations
were uncovered.
"First, to this extraordinary story, involving a burqa-clad Muslim mother of 7 and a dispute
with a police officer."
"Carnita Matthews -
guilty as charged"
"And a magistrate said she became verbally hysterical when she got a ticket for incorrectly
displaying her P-plates."
"She even went to the media with her false accusations."
"Fortunately, it's all there on the patrol car video - or put more accurately -
not there."
"Magistrate Robert Rabbidge said the evidence it was her "was overwhelming". He is the hero
of Talkback, for calling her crime malicious and ruthless - and a cheap and easy shot.
He sent her to jail for 6 months. She
was out this afternoon on bail and ready to appeal."
"Islamic leaders said today that it is permissible for women to reveal their face to a policeman
when requested."
NowLearnAboutIslam has this video on his channel and allowed me to use it. I want to show what
happens when arrogant, obnoxious and really stupid people try and take advantage of a
system for their own personal gain. This Muslim woman demands the right to wear clothing not
part of the culture she has decided to live in. This Muslim woman, after committing perjury,
wants to be treated differently than other humans. Based on what? Why should she be treated
differently from other criminals?
Does this Muslim woman have any moral standards? Did she care that her statement could have
destroyed the life of an innocent man and his family?
Did she feel justified to wrongly accuse another human being of something totally, completely
and utterly untrue? Is that a display of Islamic moral standards?
This Muslim woman received a ticket for a minor traffic violation. And this gives her
the notion and justification to destroy another person's life?
And afterwards pleading for mercy because she has 7 children? Shouldn't she behave responsibly
knowing she has 7 children at home? Is that why in an Islamic country such as Saudi she
would not be allowed to drive at all? Would she call a policeman in Saudi racist as well?
Would Sharia treat her differently for lying? Well, at least under the latest edition of
Sharia in Egypt she would know that her Muslim husband would be legally allowed to have sex
with her after she is dead - but not longer than 6 hours. That is what Sharia concerns
itself with.
In this real-world case technology and science has brought out the truth - but what if there
had not been a camera? She would have cold-bloodedly let an innocent man take the blame for her
false accusations and her lying fabrications.
And afterwards, when the judge hands her the jail sentence she still has the audacity or
the stubbornness to appeal this sentence. She managed to wriggle out of this, using
the public law of Australia using her own standards and a display of Muslim morality,
hiding behind Muslim traditions and Muslim culture. She does not seem to care that her
egotistical, self-centered, selfish attitude has single-handedly managed to bring Australia
one step closer to banning the Burqa altogether.
I find this incredibly despicable and strongly resent all these claims of moral standards
among religiously brainwashed people, when there are Muslims such as in this example
on this planet.
I've had my own share of unpleasant surprises with the lies and deceptions of Muslims when
I went to buy some ice-cream and the driver of the car in front of me saw a girl walking
along a side-street, stopped and quickly reversed - straight into me. He was so mesmerized by
a girl and probably wanted to show off in front of his buddies that he neglected to
check behind him and never even heard my hooting. Personally, I have never heard of any girl
hearing whistles and hooting getting into the car with the guys for a sex session, but
these juvenile Muslims seemed to think this was the best course of action.
He accused me of running into him and both his buddies agreed. They confirmed they were
Muslims and when I told them they w ere not supposed to lie according to the Koran they
were remarkably unimpressed. When the cops came they repeated their story and I would
have taken the rap - but this was my wife's car, which I had fitted with a camera sensor.
The Muslims did not hear my conversation with the cops, where I told them I could bring
visual and data based evidence and they repeated over and over that it was me who had run into
The next day I went around and brought a stick with the video and the GPS and G-force records
and never heard anything about this ever again. The insurance paid for repairs and all costs,
so it was done. But what if I did not have this technical gadget? Would the morality
of the Muslims who cheated, deceived, and lied have led them to eventually confess and
act responsibly or would they have let me take the rap - and the costs?
You decide. Thanks for your time