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Hello. We're at the end of another week.
Hope it's been a good one for you. Hope you've been watching.
Maybe you've just tuned in
to see one of these three go through to the semifinals.
The green team is Peakhurst Public School.
Aiden, Daniel is the team captain, and Sarah
bringing it home for green.
Ashbury Public School is red.
We have Neave today, Bronte is the team captain, and Vasi.
And finally, Warragamba Public School,
represented by Bella, Tyler is the team captain, and Matthew.
The acting on this program is just getting...
..better all the time.
Including me!
I'm always acting and performing, like a seal, on this program.
Um...welcome everybody.
On the show today - what have we got for you?
If I read this card, I'll find out.
We discover some amazing exotic fruit.
That looks...yummy.
Sal is launching an appeal to bring back some abandoned Olympic sports.
And Dave, who just gets out more and more these days,
profiles a notorious conqueror from history.
Hello, Dave. That looks very nice, where he was.
Um... OK.
Aiden, Daniel, Sarah. I'd better get to it.
I've got some questions to ask.
This one included.
What country is the golden snub-nosed monkey native to -
A, Sweden or B, China?
Sweden. China.
How many 'E's in the word 'believer'?
Three. Three is correct.
You're a believer. "I'm a believer. I wouldn't leave her if I tried.
"Couldn't leave her...! Whatever!
In Greek mythology, what kind of creature is the monster Medusa -
A, a sphinx or B, a Gorgon?
B. Correct.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral LXVII?
68. (BLEEP!)
We heard 68 first even though you started inside the buzzer.
In which country was musician Sia born -
A, Australia or B, New Zealand?
B. A, Australia, was Sia born in.
120 points, Peakhurst.
Neave, Bronte, Vasi.
Ashbury. Round 1, red. Good luck.
What country is the giant kangaroo rat native to -
A, New Zealand or B, the United States?
A. B, the US.
How many 'E's in the word 'reassure'?
Two. Two is correct, Bronte.
In Greek mythology, looking directly at the Medusa
was said to turn a person into what -
A, water or B, stone?
B. That is correct.
Frozen, like that!
Question 4.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral LXXVI?
(SOFTLY) Um, 76.
76. 76 is correct.
In which country was singer and DJ Calvin Harris born -
A, Switzerland or B, the United Kingdom?
The United Kingdom.
That is correct and Scotland specifically.
Good start, Ashbury. 140 points.
Roll the Random Spotlight music.
And the darkened studio, and the surprised look on...
..Vasi's face.
Oh! Yes, Vasi.
It's all yours. Special topic, six times tables.
Question - what is 6 x 8?
48. 48 is correct.
160. Good start, red.
Warragamba, they had a win yesterday.
Bella, Tyler, Matthew hoping to keep it going today.
What country is the crested black macaque native to -
A, Indonesia or B, Brazil?
Brazil? A, Indonesia.
How many 'E's in the word 'example'?
Two. Two? Good example.
In Greek mythology, Medusa was the mother of which creature -
A, Pegasus or B, the Minotaur?
Pegasus. Pegasus is correct.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral XLVIII?
48. Correct it is. Good teamwork here.
In which city was singer Jessica Mauboy born -
A, Darwin or B, Dubbo?
Darwin. Darwin is correct.
Good work.
140 points for Warragamba after Round 1 is done for purple.
Lead's with Ashbury at this stage.
Cartoon Dave - he's getting around these days.
This one -
I was born in the 12th century and given the name Temujin.
I'm known equally for my great successes and my great cruelty.
The exact location of my burial place is unknown.
Many have tried to find it.
An enormous 14m-high statue of me riding a horse
can be found in Mongolia.
Have you any clues? I think you might have.
A pretty famous... infamous individual.
Answer after this.
With a little help from Dave. My mate Cartoon Dave.
I was a warrior and conqueror
and my empire stretched across most of Asia and Russia.
I was a Mongolian emperor with initials G.K.
Who am I?
My name is...Greg Kirkland.
No, it's not! It's Genghis Khan.
Of course. The one and only. To be feared by many.
And revered by others as well. Quite a character from history.
Not Greg Kirkland but Genghis Kahn.
Ashbury - Neave, Bronte, Vasi. Enough of my waffle.
Round 2.
If you approach a new experience with trepidation, do you feel -
A, relaxed and happy or B, fearful and anxious?
A. B. Fearful, anxious.
It's not a bad thing to have a little bit of trepidation.
What is 7.8 - 5.4?
2.4. 2.4 - correct.
In computing, what's the term for the process
of finding and removing an error in a program -
A, debugging or B, diffusing?
A. A, debugging, is correct.
Spell 'comb', as in,
"Rapunzel ran the comb through her long, golden hair."
Which I don't have!
Comb. That is correct, Bronte.
What's the average of these three numbers - 50, 60 and 10?
(BLEEP!) Buzzer beats us.
That would be 40 - the average of 50, 60 and 10.
Good round, though. Ashbury, 190 points.
Random now comes the way of Warragamba.
That's the purple school. It's their last one of the week.
Captain Tyler, it is your special topic.
'Heroes of Olympus, Book 1' by Rick Riordan.
Question - at the beginning of the book,
Jason, Leo and Piper
are students at a boarding school with the initials W.S.
Wildness camp?
It is the Wilderness School, specifically we wanted there.
Warragamba, 140.
Going well, though, into Round 2.
Questions for purple.
If you are immersed in a book, are you -
A, thoroughly bored by it or B, completely absorbed by it?
B. You are completely absorbed by it.
It's a great thing, to be immersed in a book.
What is 5.4 - 4.3?
1.1. Correct it is.
What is the computing term 'pixel' short for -
A, picture element or B, photo electrode?
A. That is correct.
Question 4.
Spell 'folk', as in "My grandma used to tell me great folk stories."
No, could we do that again please? You can.
That is your answer? Folk.
That is correct.
Well done, Tyler. Good pick up there.
Question 5.
What is the average of these three numbers - 20, 30 and 10?
20. 20, well done.
Good finish to the round.
Warragamba, 190 points. Sharing the lead with Ashbury.
Back to Peakhurst. Aiden, Daniel, Sarah.
Question 1.
If your shirt is predominantly blue
is it A, mainly blue
or B, mainly some other colour with a tiny amount of blue?
A. Predominantly blue?
A, correct.
What is 6.7 - 2.4?
4.3. Correct.
In computer terms, which of the following is a type of keyboard -
A, Borat or B, Dvorak?
B. Dvorak is correct.
Not Borat!
Spell 'knee', as in,
"The cricketer put on kneepads before he went on to the field"?
'K-nee' is correct.
What is the average of these three numbers - 30, 20, 40?
30. 30 is correct, Daniel. Good work.
Peakhurst 170, still with their Random to come.
Very close. Beat the Buzzer.
Good luck. Starts now.
What is 65 - 31?
34. Correct, Vasi.
True or false?
Ashley Tisdale stars in the 2008 movie 'Picture This'.
No. True, it is, Bella.
Are elephant birds extinct?
Yes, they are. Once found in Madagascar.
True or false?
Most of Jupiter's visible clouds are made of ammonia.
True. True it is.
What is 48 + 33?
81. Correct.
True or false?
In Greek mythology, Poseidon was Zeus's father.
False - that is correct. They were brothers.
Not going to get to that question.
So, let's check scores.
170, Warragamba. 180, Peakhurst.
Lead, Ashbury, 220.
Halfway stage of today.
Remembering, one of them through to the semis.
Back with Round 3 in just a tick.
ANNOUNCER: This series, our contestants will take home
the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2012 Ultimate Reference Suite on DVD-ROM.
Whether it's for homework or just for fun,
students can explore subjects
like science, sport, history and geography.
Now we interrupt this program for some breaking news.
I'm outraged.
Can you believe that the current 26 Olympic sports
don't include the symbolic struggle of tug of war
or even the swimming obstacle race?
We haven't seen tug of war on the list
since its exclusion after the Antwerp Olympics in 1920,
when Great Britain took the title.
And what about the swimming obstacle race
with competitors climbing over poles,
then clambering over and diving under boats?
It only ever featured in the 1900 Paris Olympics
with Australian Fredrick Lane winning gold
and it hasn't been included since!
And then there's the plunge for distance
which is another must to include in the next Olympics.
Competitors start with a standing dive,
the competitor who remains underwater the longest
without breaking the surface or taking a stroke wins.
Don't try this at home.
This event was only seen in St Louis during the 1904 games.
I can't imagine why it didn't take off.
I haven't even mentioned chariot racing, duelling pistols
water motorsports, club swinging or croquet yet.
All once loved and now forgotten Olympic favourites.
If the current Olympic Committee won't bring these sports back,
then I will.
I'll create a new Olympics
with only those discontinued and forgotten sports included
and that'll show 'em!
Thank you, Sal. You've got to love that passion!
I thought she was protesting about living in a yellow box all the time.
Here's the question.
According to Sally, Great Britain won the tug of war
at the Antwerp Olympics in what year?
1900s. 1920, it was, Matthew.
This one for Ashbury and Peakhurst.
According to Sally, the swimming obstacle race
only ever featured in the 1900 Olympics held in what city?
Paris. Paris is correct, Bronte. Well done.
Warragamba, we start Round 3 with you.
Alphabetically, which word comes first - 'hedge', 'hound' or 'honey'?
Hedge. Correct.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal - A, a Patagonian opossum or B, a sugar glider?
Opossum? It is a sugar glider.
In the book 'Stoneheart' by Charlie Fletcher,
how old is George -
A, 12 or B, 9?
12. 12 is correct, Tyler.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
Question 5.
A, Delta Blues or B, Bravo Reds?
Bravo Reds. It was Delta Blues. It was.
200 points for Warragamba.
We come back to Peakhurst. Round 3, green.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'lanky', 'length' or 'ladder'?
Ladder. Correct, just in time.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal - A, a red fox or B, a bush dog?
A. It is a red fox.
what statue helps George to escape the Dragons -
A. Correct, for 'quaint cottage'.
Out in the country.
Which horse won the 2002 Melbourne Cup -
A, Media Puzzle or B, TV Riddle?
A. It was Media Puzzle.
A very emotional victory for Damien Oliver on that horse.
Peakhurst, 220 points.
Bring on the last Random Spotlight of the week for green.
It is Aiden's, whose special topic is French history.
Louis XVI specifically.
Question, Aiden.
With initials M.A., name Louis XVI's wife?
Marie Antoinette. That would be Marie Antoinette.
Correct. 240 points.
They're in the lead. Maybe not for long.
Ashbury, Round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
Motive. 'Middle', it is.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal - A, an arctic wolf or B, a Texas Plains coyote?
B. That is an arctic wolf.
In the book 'Stoneheart' by Charlie Fletcher,
the Gunner explains to George that the gargoyle statues
are also called what - A, taints or B, spits?
A. Correct, taints.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
E. Correct, for 'never better'.
I was only saying that to everyone around here.
Things have never been better.
Which horse won the 2001 Melbourne Cup - A, Heavenly or B, Ethereal?
A... B.
B is correct.
Ethereal, ridden by Scott Seamer.
260, Ashbury have the lead back.
Unscramble, everybody.
Beginning with O, name these citrus fruits.
Peakhurst. Orange.
They were the ones that buzzed in. They get it.
Orange is correct.
Fact or Fiction choices are for green.
They're on 250.
Beyonce, Notable Numbers or Strange Country Borders.
Captain Daniel?
Notable Numbers. Notable Numbers.
Of course we've got that one. (LAUGHS)
Five questions.
Strange Country Borders wasn't people who come from the country
and stay with you, by the way.
It was borders between countries.
Fact or Fiction. Number 1, Notable Numbers.
Pi represents the ratio
of a circle's circumference to its diameter.
Fact? Fact it is, Daniel.
Absolute zero is another name for zero degrees Celsius.
Fact or fiction?
The Roman numeral for 3,888
Fact or fiction?
Fact or Fiction 4.
The golden ratio
is the average length of a day at the Earth's equator.
Fact or fiction?
Fact? Fiction.
It's a ratio that's said to create shapes that are pleasing to the eye.
How are we going with this lot?
Fact or Fiction 5.
A number written as 1 followed by 100 zeros is called a googol.
Fiction. Fact, that is, Tyler.
With our Notable Numbers,
the notable numbers have slipped somewhat, I think.
We have Peakhurst in the lead at 260 points
going into our final round for the week
and a semifinal spot up for grabs after this.
ANNOUNCER: Toshiba will reward
the winning school of this series of It's Academic
with a complete package of audiovisual and computing equipment.
The package includes two 55" 3-D LCD TVs
plus two 3-D Blu-ray players.
There are also 20 netbooks with harman/kardon speakers,
two of the latest all-in-one computers
with full HD screens and wireless keyboards
as well as two Camileo camcorders.
This prize is brought to you thanks to Toshiba.
And this series' grand finalists will be able to share memories
with family and friends with their Toshiba camcorder,
the Camileo S30 HD.
It's pocket-sized, records high-definition videos
as well as motion detection, time-lapse and slow motion.
And it takes digital stills. Thanks to Toshiba.
One school is already into the semifinals for this series.
We are looking for a second at the end of this little segment.
In the meantime,
if only we could taste the fruits we're about to see.
G'day, I'm Alan from the Botanical Ark in North Queensland.
I'm a plant explorer and I travel the world looking for new foods.
I'm very interested in food security
and the biodiversity of the foods that we eat.
Today, I'm going to tell you about three fruits.
The first one is the miracle fruit from Nigeria in Africa.
And this fruit has incredible properties.
Once you eat it,
The second fruit I'd like to talk about
is the tampoi from Borneo.
It has clusters of fruit which hang down its trunk.
And lastly I'd like to talk about the keppel apple,
And once you eat this interesting fruit,
all your bodily odours and excretions smell nice and sweet.
What a fascinating job Alan has! That is very cool.
Five questions everyone. Who was listening?
Question 2. What continent does Alan say the miracle fruit comes from?
Africa is correct, Tyler. Well done.
Tampoi are spotty and shaped like bananas.
False. False.
Name the Indonesian island Alan says the keppel apple comes from.
Sumatra. Sumatra, Bronte.
Well done.
What an extraordinary fruit that is.
At any stage in the clip - last question -
are we shown all three fruits together?
No. Yes. We are, Daniel.
There they are, right there. All those three.
The lead sits currently with Ashbury.
They are 270 points. Peakhurst not far behind.
Final round for the week of Beat the Buzzer questions.
Good luck everyone, as the clock starts now.
97. Vasi, well done.
Amberjack - fish, insect or bird?
Fish. Fish is correct, Matthew.
Beginning with B,
a computer unit made up of eight bits is called a what?
(BUZZ!) It's called a byte.
Are there any active volcanoes in Hawaii?
Yes. Yes, there are.
What is 59 - 45?
14. 14, correct.
Are any amphibian species native to Antarctica?
False... Yes.
No, there are NO amphibian species whatsoever.
Uh, end of the week. Let's check the scores for today.
First up, Warragamba.
Bella, Tyler, Matthew have come in third at 200 points.
Well done, kids.
Peakhurst - Aiden, Daniel, Sarah.
Second today, 260 points to the green team from Peakhurst.
Winners, Ashbury - Neave, Bronte, Vasi.
Well done, 280 points. Red bring it on home!
But across the week, what does all of this mean?
Warragamba have finished third for the week, 1,130 points.
Ashbury finished second, 1,280 points.
Our winners, Peakhurst - 1,410.
That's a mighty fine score. They're into the semis.
Well played, kids!
Well played everyone at home as well.
We hope you can join us next week. Bye-bye.
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