Night and Fog (2009) Eng Sub Part 1

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At around 7 this evening, in Tin Shui Wai,
a suspected family murder-suicide was uncovered.
3 were found dead and 1 seriously injured in a family on social security...
Don't let her bite her tongue!
The alleged victim is 30-year-old Ms Wong
who had been seeking help from the police. District councillor
social workers...
...and a battered women's shelter.
Something's happened!
Police estimate that the murder happened at around 4 p.m.
The victim and her six-year-old daughters
were certified dead at the scene,
The man. Found seriously injured, was taken to hospital,
In the 24 hours before it happened.
We did not receive any request for help from the deceased.
- Liar! - Did the victim make a report at the police station?
- Shameless! - Bastard! Liar!
We have no record of that.
Even I knew Ling went to the police, No record?
Officer. Please come in.
We'd like you to come to the station... assist a murder investigation,
Mrs. Au, the camcorder behind me...
...will record our conversation,
Mrs. Au...
Officer. I hardly knew them,
What was your relationship with them?
Just neighbours,
We didn't always say hi when we saw each other.
We are not suspecting you,
We'd just like you to give us information,
Where did you first meet Wong Hiu Ling?
In Hong Kong,
Come on, Hong Kong's a huge place,
Where in Hong Kong? Your home?
No, she had never been to my home.
Oh, maybe she had...
I can't remember.
What about Lee Sum?
Who's Lee Sum?
Wong's husband, the head of the household,
I knew him even less well,
He seemed nice though,
Always had a smile on his face...
always greeted people and stuff,
He seemed nice.
Am I disturbing you?
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
The silly girl broke the bike and I'm fixing it,
- Hot day. Isn't it? - What a wonderful dad!
When did you become friends with Wong?
Once by the river...
I told you we hardly knew each other.
I know. Go on,
That day, we were dancing by the river...
Okay, Let's have a break,
I live right next to you, Do you recognize me?
Yes, I do, I do,
- How are you? - How should I address you?
My husband's name is Lee. And you?
Call me Mrs, Au.
Mrs. Au,
I've seen your husband and your daughters.
Did you just move in?
Yes, less than two months ago,
I saw you having a great time.
Yes, You should join us!
It's only $50 a month. We dance everyday.
Let me ask my husband.
Do you have to? It's just $50.
Let me pay the first two months for you.
You don't have to...
Oh, let me talk to our leader.
And ask her to let you try first,
Wait here... wait.
You really don't have to do that. Mrs. Au,
Wah. A friend of mine has been watching us.
She seems keen on joining. Can you let her try?
Sure, Tell her to come over,
I'll do that.
Morning. Miss Fan. Morning. Miss Chan.
Bye, mom.
Good morning,
Morning. Miss Fan. Morning. Miss Chan.
Be good,
Mr... Mr...
Are you family of Lee Mei Yee and Lee Mei Heung?
You're their granddad?
Sorry, Your daughters haven't paid the birthday party fee,
Did their mom forget?
No, Is their mother paying?
The kids say their dad's paying,
I must have forgotten,
The whole class is going to the party,
It's not nice to be the only ones left behind.
No, they should go,
Glad you understand.
Mr. Lee, it's $50.
I'll give my wife the money and she'll pay you after school,
So she'll pay after school today?
I'll give her the money and she'll pay you.
After school today?
Thanks. Mr. Lee,
What would you like?
Hey sexy. Got anything special for me?
Just pick whatever you like.
- Quick. - Come on. Hurry up...
Miss, got milk?
In a minute. Kiddo,
Kiddo, I'll give you milk in a minute. Ha! Ha!
Are the girls in school?
I bumped into a long-winded witch.
That office clerk?
I feel like splurging,
Fried pork chop with black pepper sauce.
Noodles with pork.
I said fried pork chop with black pepper sauce,
It's too expensive,
I like things fried,
Noodles with pork.
You'll kill them, silly, They're tomorrow's dinner.
Aren't you steaming the fish?
Didn't you say you like things fried?
As if you give a hoot about what I like, Crap.
There's just no pleasing you,
Hand me the soy sauce,
Dumb hillbilly!
Can't even cook fish right,
Mei Yee. Get the rice.
Sit down, Let's eat,
Here you go,
Have some veggies,
Why don't you settle their party fee tomorrow?
We take turns being chased for money.
Don't know about you. But I feel ashamed.
I do too. But show me the dough!
Well, you should find yourself a proper job.
What do you mean by 'proper job'?
Like you? Black bra under white blouse.
Jiggling and wiggling your meat,
Watch what you say in front of the kids,
I didn't know the dryer's not working,
You didn't? The dryer's been broke for ages.
I mean I didn't know you can see through the blouse.
You spend hours preening everyday before work,
If it's still wet, should I go without a bra?
There! You do know!
Dumb broad. Parading her bra,
Why don't you earn some cash for a change?
Friends think I landed a goldmine,
having married you.
Don't I give you an allowance every month?
Why do you have to steep so low and work?
How much social security do you get?
How much do you want? The jackpot?
Just quit your job and stay put.
If you got busted. I'll lose my allowance!
I don't want to rely on social security all my life.
I'm not a cripple. I can earn my own living,
Hear, hear! She wants to dump me. Admit it!
Don't eat your mom's crap!
Let's blow all our money on the last supper.
Then we'll die together,
Come, let's eat.
Good girl, Eat up.
Blowing up for not having steamed fish!
Good girl, Eat up.
Where would you be without me?
What are you doing? Let me sleep,
I need to work tomorrow,
What are you doing?
Think I can't support you?
Where would you be without me?
You're hurting me... please stop,
Say after me. 'I'd be nowhere without you '.
I'd be nowhere without you.
I'd be nowhere without you.
I'd be nowhere without you.
Hey, are you all right?
I'm fine,
Do you live around here?
It's late. Why aren't you home?
I feel like sitting here... the weather's nice.
You're from the mainland, aren't you?
You too?
Yeah... Yeah.
I really like it here in Tin Shui Wai.
Lots of space. Lots of clean air, eh?
Notice the smell of earth from Wetland Park?
And the fragrance of grass...
See? A bit further on, there's the mainland,
Is it okay?
It's all over my face,
Don't move,
Aren't you a professional?
You're getting my face wet.
Better now?
Stay still,
Move it,
Dude, here's the takeaway,
Move it, The client's getting impatient,
What's the rush? OD'ed on Viagra and Cialis?
Room 2. Move it,
Get your ass in there! What you looking at?
Come on,
This is Yuen Long,
One's from Tuen Mun East, the other's from the West.
I slammed the pedal all the way to bring them here,
And you're telling me to move it?
- You sure love to yap, - Stuff your trap!
Threesome! What bliss!
Big deal. I've done three,
Three? Triple decker?
You must be dead meat after that. When was that?
When you were little,
Really? Stop shitting me. Dad,
If I ain't got balls. I wouldn't have a son like you,
Hey, I like that.
Back then when there were jobs. Money was no problem,
Did you do those chicks up north?
In Hong Kong too,
Ask your mom.
In the good old days, the jewelry I bought her!
All pure gold,
When you were little, all the clothes and toys...
All right... all right...
Three? I've done four even!
Gramps. So soon! Haven't even put on your rubber!
We made you splash yourself. Huh?
Bitches! No professional ethics...
Two queens? You can't even handle one,
At your age. Know your limits.
Old man.
It's not much, but take it,
It's like fishing. When you're in luck, you're in luck,
Come on, I'm bored to death fishing everyday.
That's why I came, I haven't come for money.
Just take it as a token of my respect.
Wow, pretty well-off, aren't we?
I wish!
Guys like me? Well-off?
Take it back then.
No, I insist. But don't tell mom,
I stole her gold necklace and sold it, Promise you won't tell,
Time to report home,
Or the wife'd scream,
I dare her! I'll kill her.
I'm out of here.
Let's go.
Get the hell out!
Get out! Get out!
Get lost!
- No I won't! - Get the hell out!
You mainland broads are leeches.
All take and no give, Fucking things up.
Don't even dream of getting smart with me,
Get out! Don't you die on my doorstep...
Still crying?
I swear to god I'll chop you to pieces!
Mom, don't cry...
Come back... hurry inside.
What happened?
Don't cry, tell me slowly what happened,
I spilt rice and he threw us out.
She doesn't even have shoes on, Poor girl.
I'll get you some shoes.
Put them on. There we go. Good girl,
Good girl, Put them on
Don't worry, I'll take you to the district councillor.
I shouldn't wash my dirty laundry in public,
He will lose face,
Mrs. Au, please take me,
Let's go.
Let's have a look. Is it dirty?
What about you? It looks clean.
Take your time. Good girl.
Ling, let me ask you...
Mr. Hung, call from the parents' association,
They will meet you at school in half an hour,
Ling, let me ask you,
Why did your husband kick you out?
Because of spilt rice! Sent her flying through the door!
Truth is he doesn't want me to work,
But he doesn't want to find a job himself.
Why not?
He's on social security. He needn't work.
Then why doesn't he let you work?
doesn't trust me.
He's afraid of being a cuckold.
Not exactly,
He's worried people will find out I'm working and cut his allowance,
That's it,
The social security system is indeed faulty,
Excuse me. Mr. Hung,
There's an urgent call, Could you...
Can't you take the call for me?
Excuse me.
No, I should be apologizing.
But as I see it...
It's not whether he lets you work or not.
Look at you. This can be serious.
Ah Wo.
Call the Social Welfare Department.
Leave my name, Call the hotline.
Mr. Hung, it's a call from the principal,
Put it through,
Hello. Mr. Chan...
You're not interrupting... I'll be there 15 minutes early,
All right, See you, Bye.
Ling, first things first.
Do you have money on you?
I will apply for $500 urgency allowance for you,
I'll also check you into the women's shelter.
Councillor Hung. I don't need anyone to shelter me,
I just want a good job
or apply for social security myself.
But you've only been in Hong Kong a few months,
So what should we do. Mr. Hung?
It's urgent,
Unless you apply as a special case.
What's a special case?
Derangement, incest...
but they don't apply in your case.
Ling, don't worry,
Once you're in the shelter, there're social workers.
All your problems will be solved.
Rest here for a while.
The hotline is a recording,
I left your name in the voicemail,
When they call back. You can check into the shelter.
And everything will be settled,
How long will she need to wait?
It's almost 11, They should call back in an hour.
At the latest. After lunch. All right?
That late?
I'm sorry.
Please look at the camera and introduce yourself.
My name is Chan Lei. Everyone calls me Lily,
I am Wong Hiu Ling's buddy,
How did you know her?
When she came to the shelter, I was the first to see her.
When she arrived...
it was almost 11 p, m.
She told me she'd been waiting for almost 12 hours.
Another woman spat out by her husband,
I. D?
I don't have it on me. But...
I have a letter,
Please, I'd like to see the social worker.
Mr. Hung told me to see the social worker.
You think social workers work 24 hours?
Wait for office hours,
Follow me to your room,
Remember the house rules.
First. Our location is strictly confidential.
You can't bring outsiders here,
You can't even arrange to meet people nearby.
Meet them at least 5 miles away.
How far is 5 miles? About 5 MTR stations.
We don't want your husbands to find this place.
Second. The gate will be locked at 10 pm,
Lights out at midnight, Everyone must be in bed.
Hui Man Ho!
Are you okay?
Don't cry!
Don't talk to her, She's a nut case.
The three of you will sleep here,
What now?
No eating in the room!
I'm pregnant. I need quiet!
I don't share my room with nobody!
I don't understand, Blab to the social worker tomorrow,
Back to your bunk.
Flip. No eating in the room!
I don't understand no Cantonese,
I'll report you tomorrow,
Eating in the room is forbidden,
Cook your meals and eat in the living room.
Fucking shelter! Fucking Hong Kong man!
Fucking Hong Kong woman!
Flip. Move over!
Move over! It's full house, get it?
Don't touch my stuff!
Move them out of the way then!
Really. You asked for it,
Playing the bully,
Thank you.
Just ignore her,
Damn Flip, putting on airs!
Don't be afraid. OK?
The Flip speaks Cantonese. She's just pretending,
Give mommy a hand.
Are you Sichuanese?
Yes, and you are...
I knew that right away,
I am from Sichuan too,
As they say, it's good to meet an old friend on foreign soil!
Old friend on foreign soil!
More like fellow sufferers in a foreign land.
King is having a fit again, The towel!
Don't let her bite her tongue.
Open her mouth... open her mouth
King. Bite this!
Come help us!
Flip. Give us a hand!
Pull her... her hands apart,
I can't tell you where I am, It's a secret,
I already told you I can't tell. Really you...
Go ahead. Kill! Kill my whole family!
Officer. I tell you, her husband is not normal,
Have you met him?
Then why do you say he's not normal?
From his calls.
No one's husband
calls as much as he did.
He was making 100 to 200 calls to Ling a day,
Would a normal person do that?
Hey, your phone keeps ringing all night,
- How can others sleep? - Stop calling.
- Go home if you miss him, - Don't get me into trouble.
Go home!
Hey Flip, no one sleeps well on her first night here,
Were you any better?
Didn't you bawl your eyes out?
What's your name?
My husband name is Lee.
I asked for your name.
Why the hell did you tell me your husband's?
My name is Ling.
I'm Lily.
Since you can't sleep, let's go chat in the living room.
All right,
Want to go too?
Let aunty carry you.
Have you eaten?
Aunty will fix you a cup noodle. Okay?
Don't be scared. I'm an epileptic, not a lunatic,
That woman blabbers,
Have you been here long?
Hell no! No one wants to stay here for too long.
What a pretty little girl, What's your name?
I am Lee Mei Yee, I have a younger sister,
We're twins.
I am 28 minutes older.
What a smart kid!
- This is your prize, - Thanks.
King. Do you have cup noodles?
They haven't eaten yet.
I have lots of goodies.
Let me give you some cup noodles.
Sorry for all the trouble,
It's nothing,
They'll be ready in no time.
Hungry. Baby?
Ling, you've been in Hong Kong long?
A few months,
And. You're here only after a few months?
It's temporary... temporary.
Yes, temporary. A transit stop,
We're waiting for transit,
The problem is everywhere I've been feels like a transit stop.
I've never lived anywhere I could settle in,
Noodles. Everyone.
Nice and piping hot. You can eat as we chat.
Don't be upset,
Maybe... Hong Kong will be your last stop.
The first character.
Across. Down, across...
Across. Across, across...
None still?
Son. How do you write 'Ling'?
Never mind.
Wow, daybreak,
People here have trouble sleeping,
So we have these overnight chats.
Yes, especially when someone new arrives.
We throw a welcoming party and have long chats.
You tired, Ling?
I'd never been this happy and carefree in Hong Kong.
Free? In a shelter?
With a 10 to 6 curfew?
Free indeed!
Ling, ask Lily to tell your fortune,
Yes, Lily does that for all new comers.
She's really good,
Will you... tell my fortune?
What will happen to me and my husband?
I can't tell what you'll have for breakfast,
but for sure I know what will happen to you and your husband,
Lily says I will grow old with my husband,
Though there may be ups and downs now.
Our relationship will be stable by next spring.
I really can't tell you where I am.
It's a secret.
You're my husband, All the more reason I can't tell.
How can I help you?
My wife ran away,
What does a man my age want?
To sit down to dinner and watch TV with the family.
That's all.
There's nothing wrong. Why should I beat her?
I understand...
I might as well tell you. Councillor Chan.
I divorced my ex-wife...
just to marry her,
In other words...
I'm not a sleazebag who keeps mistresses in China,
Me and my wife, it's the real thing, man.
Why is the Master of the house working this early?
Making a living!
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Chiu, and I'm the in charge of your case.
Mr. Chiu.
The purpose of asking you both to come today
is to hear your views under the premise
that a family should be intact,
Who would like to speak first?
Why aren't you talking?
Mrs. Lee, I've heard about your situation
from the welfare staff in the shelter
Maybe I should ask Mr. Lee first,
Did you ever purchase a knife?
Mr. Chiu. Can I talk to you privately?
Okay, Mrs, Lee. I know what you're thinking.
But. The reason for asking you both to come
is to give you a chance to communicate.
It wasn't a big deal. She spilt rice,
That's how couples are.
'Fight now, make up later',
Right on! Mr. Lee nailed it, 'Fight now, make up later',
They fight now, so they make up later. Right?
Mrs. Lee, whatever you're keeping to yourself.
Do make a clean breast of it now.
I want to apply for social security and live independently,
But you haven't been in Hong Kong 7 years.
You can't apply,
And as I said just now.
I'm hoping to help keep your family intact.
It's not that I don't want that,
But you asked him yourself about the knife.
When a man gets angry, he can't think straight,
You didn't just talk about it, You bought it.
Calm down... Calm down.
We're here to solve problems. Right?
Mrs. Lee, please don't misunderstand,
Why would we allow Mr. Lee to chop you up?
With you chopped up, your family wouldn't be intact, Right?
I think Mr. Lee was just trying to let off steam.
Since you get angry easily when you're jobless.
Why don't you go find yourself a job?
But how?
Mr. Chiu. You are a social worker. You should know.
The Hong Kong economy is lousy. There aren't jobs,
You're given $8,000 every month,
and you only give me $2,000.
If I pay tuition, I don't have enough for the party...
Go on, Tell the world!
As if you haven't made me lose face enough.
Going to work in a transparent blouse.
I make my own living. It's better than living on social security.
Yeah, yeah. Make dough and dump me!
Last time. It was Mr. Hung's $500 that saved me,
You got something going on with him too?
Hold it... you both misunderstood.
The $500 was deducted...
...from Mr. Lee's allowance,
From my allowance? That's stealing from beggars!
You mainland skank! You curse of my life!
Fucking hell! You tricked me with your whole family!
Mr. Lee, we're here to solve problems, right?
Yes... they're all crooks, The whole tribe!
Your sister's a hooker in Shenzhen for all we know!
You scumbag! Eating where you shit!
He molested our daughters. I'm applying as a special case,
Mr. Hung said it's allowed,
Does daddy love you?
How does daddy love you?
But mommy loves us more.
Why does mommy love you more?
Daddy has a bad temper.
Daddy has a bad temper?
Does he ever force you to do anything?
He says my sister is a barbecued patty.
He said that's why I should love her,
Yes, you really do love her,
What about you? Do you like daddy?
My sister's right.
My sister's right.
Look at you. Can't laugh. Can't cry,
How can you survive on your own?
You're no better than a barbecued patty.
The world is harsh. My Barbie Pat!
Ha, Barbie Pat!
You're laughing at her?
When I'm done bumping off your mom,
you'll have to take care of her,
Go teach her,
Ouch. That hurts, Are you nuts?
Your sister's smart. How come you're so dumb?
Does anyone bully you in school?
Tell me. What's she like in school?
The teacher asked me if she's stupid.
What kind of teacher is that?
She said your sister never answers my questions, Is she stupid?
I said she's not.
When you don't know how to answer a question, say...
'Whatever my sister says', Understand?
I answer questions for her all day long.
Say it,
If you keep quiet. They'll think you're stupid,
Let's make it simple. 'My sister's right'.
My sister's right.
You teach her.
My sister's right.
My sister...
My sister's right.
Sister... right
That's right. Very good.
See. Your sister loves you,
Mrs. Lee, I've asked your daughters again and again.
It seems that nothing happened.
Regarding molestation...
I have reason to suspect him.
He's a beast when it comes to women.
As long as it's handy. He'd shit where he eats.
You keep saying that.
Have you asked your daughters?
What did they say?
They said yes... of course,
Mrs. Lee, I know you want to apply for social security,
I know you love your daughters.
But if you have nothing else to add,
I'll have to ask Mr. Lee to come in,
He really...
Dearest. Please forgive me.
I will never treat you like that again.
Mr. Lee, please calm down.
You left home, Even took our daughters with you.
Leaving me alone...
Oh, the misery.
I'm too miserable to eat.
I'm too miserable to wash.
I cry for no reason while fishing,
My tears fall into the river. Drop by drop...
Mr. Lee, please get up, Don't be emotional,
Being sorry won't solve problems.
Mr. Chiu. You have to help me!
You are a social worker. Please beg my wife...
- Please beg my wife for me! - Sure. No problem...
Mr. Lee, calm down. Have a seat first...
Actually I have a suggestion.
Just calm down and have a seat, okay?
Sure... no problem...
Calm down... sit,
Mrs. Lee, applying for social security is impossible for now.
As social workers. Our advice is that...
you should live apart for the time being,
Mrs. Lee, don't you have sisters in Shenzhen?
Why don't you go live with them for a while?
Your daughters can go with you,
As for Mr. Lee, he will stay in Hong Kong,
The two of you can cool off a bit. Agreed?
Well then. That's settled for now,
What a scum! Beating a woman?
He's not a man!
But my brother-in-law was nice,
just like you. Before they got married,
How can you compare me to him?
Ask him to come out and let me talk to him.
No way. He's vicious.
What's there to be scared of?
Don't get involved in my sister's affairs,
But we're family.
This guy puts Hong Kong men to shame.
Sure, We're family.
Why don't you help Ling baby-sit her daughters so she can relax?
No problem, I'll baby-hit them tomorrow,
It's 'baby-sit' not 'baby-hit',
Sis. Tsui is wonderful to our younger sister.
Your brother-in-law... my husband treated me well too,
Tsui says he wants to marry her,
Really? He doesn't have a wife in Hong Kong?
He says he doesn't.
But he won't apply for her to go to Hong Kong,
He says they're happiest in Shenzhen.
Just as well, We're happiest in Shenzhen too.
When did your dad divorce your mom?
After his trip to Sichuan.
Did he ever hit your mom?
No, he's afraid of her,
He afraid?
Yup. My mom is vicious.
I feel sorry for my dad,
You feel sorry for him?
As far as my parents' marriage was concerned.
But thinking back, it's weird how determined he was that time.
He'd just got paid for a renovation job.
But he didn't give her a cent.
My mom got mad and threatened divorce.
It wasn't the first time,
My dad quickly said yes, and arranged to meet a lawyer,
Chili chicken. Need I mention,
That's the power of love for you.
Old man.
It's you?
What's up? Why is it so dark?
The light went dead, Can't be bothered.
You're hardly ever in this part of town,
Just made a delivery so I'm checking you out.
The new ones are over there.
There are hookers in Tin Shui Wai?
Of course. All 19 districts of Hong Kong.
It's quiet here, Where's your hen?
She went back to Shenzhen,
What's up with your mouth? It's bloody,
Cut myself eating,
You won't like this but.
If you can't take the heat, stay away.
Sichuan chow is hot. Man,
The world is changing. Wives bully husbands,
sons lecture fathers.
Sichuan chicks are too hot to tame.
Better round her up and bring her home,
Hey, no need,
You're my padre. I have to watch your back,
Ain't I your light?
What would you like?
Combo 2,
One combo 2,
And you?
Combo 2? Combo3?
4? 5?
You don't like any of it?
Come on, don't keep the miss waiting,
Don't you go to McDonald's a lot in Hong Kong?
My dad doesn't like western food.
So we don't get to go.
If you're good. You can come here every day.
I'm good,
I know you are, You can come here everyday,
Oops. Your hands are filthy,
Let's get them cleaned.
Here, comes with a French fry...
Come on, Eat it.
Haven't seen your wife and daughters lately.
It won't be long...
It's expensive to raise two kids, isn't it?
Do I have a choice?
Even if I had to starve or borrow.
I'd buy them the best grub.
What's the use of plumping them up?
Plump them up... to slaughter them.
Stop kidding. Man,
You think it's what I want? I don't want to die,
But if it had to be, no one will be spared,
I'll cook up big shit and rock the town!
Stop babbling about death.
So what would you like?
When we Sichuan girls get together and chat...
We all say you're the luckiest,
Really. You don't need to work. How nice!
It's very tough here in Shenzhen,
But I think you are too thin.
And you're pale?
It's probably the heat...
Hiu Ying...
Over here.
I've been here ages. Sorry for the trouble.
- I'd better get going. - No. Mui. Please stay for dinner.
I'm sending Ying to the market,
No... I really must get going.
No... Mui, please stay for dinner,
I'm off to the market,
Come, have some tea,
Got ya!
So this is your little den,
You can't go up there.
Why not? I'm looking for your big sister.
Go to hell.
I'm warning you. There's someone there.
Do you want the world to know...'re a wife beater?
What someone? A man?
I go clubbing with my sisters every night,
You bitch! Pimping for my wife?
You're a bad influence,
I own all of you!
Why do you think I wedded your sister?
Who's that man? Spill!
There's no man!
It's only Mui from our province,
Well? Go on! Make a scene! Let's all lose face,
Go on!
Fine! I'll go!
I'll tell her friend all about your little scams,
Get lost!