Device helps blind guests better enjoy Disney World and Disneyland

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Hey, I’m Mindy from Orlando Attractions Magazine
Here at the Hollywood Studios
In the Walt Disney World Resort
to discover a new kind of technology
called the Audio Description Device
for guests with disabilities
let’s go learn more about it
I’m here with Greg
and he is the technology coordinator of this here device
now Greg can you tell us more about this device
and what it is called?
Yes I can
This is Disney’s hand held device
This is a device that we use to provide services
for our guests with disabilities here at the parks
and the service that we are experiencing today
is our new audio description service
The audio description service is for someone with a visual disability
[ alert chime from device] [ description narrator ]
Pixar Place near restrooms
What we found is our guest don’t necessarily like to be bombarded
with a lot of information all at once
So we wanted to give them the control to choose what they want to listen to
When they want to listen to it
So if a guest is walking around
it may give them a location update that says
you’re in Pixar Place near Toy Story Mania
and then the guest has the option to drill down
in some audio based menus
to listen to the information in Pixar Place
[ alert chime from device]
[ description narrator ]
Pixar Place audio menu
Choose one of seven
One, detailed description
[ select one ]
A wide Avenue leads visitors through Pixar Place
a small campus of brick buildings decorated with giant classic toys
colorful toy monkey’s with linked arms form chains overhead
below, a huge blue barrel labeled, barrel of monkey’s
has an open lid
life size toy soldiers place letter tiles
on a room sized scrabble board suspended from a rooftop
the tiles spell out
Meet the Toys, and
You’ve Got a Friend In Me
On one side of the Avenue
Alphabet blocks and Scrabble tiles spell out the main attractions name over a doorway
Toy Story Midway Mania
I’m here with Larry
Larry, you’re kind of like an honorary cast member
What is your involvement with Disney?
Well I’m really happy to be considered an honorary cast member
I work for a company called WGBH in Boston
and we develop technologies that help kids and adults with disabilities
really enjoy TV, films, and movies
and we helped develop the hand held captioning and description technology
and movie captioning for Disney’s theme parks
Now this technology that Disney has developed
is it being used in any other place?
Yes, actually Disney’s technology is being used in museums around the country
the Hall of Fame at the Patriots in Boston
and the Coca Cola museum
The Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium is using it
and our captioning technology is being used in movie theaters
all over the United States and Canada
How many years have you been working with Disney?
We’ve been working with Disney for more than fifteen years
Since the first time they installed their very first captioning system
In the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom
[ Narrator ] We travel into the town’s gloomy dungeon
Three prisoners on the right grip their cell bars
Behind them, a window gives a view of the burning town
In the next cell
three more prisoners try to lure a scruffy dog holding a ring of keys in its mouth
One prisoner offers a bone and another holds a rope
The dog sits just out of reach
Now when you give this device to the guests
If they are blind or they can’t see well
do they feel the buttons so they know what to choose?
We actually did quite a bit of user studies to develop the device
The buttons that we came up with are tactile
So that somebody who is blind could actually feel them and know
that this is a triangle and this is a diamond
so that as they are using the device
they can’t see it, but they can feel the buttons
and they can use the buttons that way
they know like, the two triangle right here are the volume up and down
and there is a square button, a diamond button
so it is easy for them to use
[ Music ]
I’m here with Jeanie and she is visually impaired
and we just rode the ride Toy Story Mania
now Jeanie can you tell me how this audio device has changed your life at Walt Disney World?
I sure can
When I was a little girl
and I came to Walt Disney World
My Mom used to go on the attractions with me
and one of my favorite attractions was Peter Pan
and my Mom is originally from London
so she would describe Big Ben and the houses of Parliament
and how we flew over it
so by using this new accessibility device
for the visually impaired and for the blind
it brought everything to life for me
and it was like having my Mom right there with me describing everything
that is such a great experience
it is. It brought tears to my eyes
and it really opens up a new world to all of the guests
that come to Walt Disney World
to partake in all the attractions
and walking through the parks
and having someone describe the gardens and architecture
That must be a great feeling
It’s wonderful
I think as long as Disney is inventing new ways for people to enjoy their visit to Disney
we are going to have more work to do
to try to invent new ways to make sure that everyone can use the technology
and enjoy the theme park
This has been a great inspirational experience
because of Disney’s technology for folks like Jeanie
has made a big difference
and that is why I have decided to make this video
closed captioned
I’m Mindy from Orlando Attractions Magazine
See you real soon!
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[ music fades ]