Power of Fraud Analytics - Stu Bradley Explains

Uploaded by SASsoftware on 01.08.2011

All of us – from the public to the private sector - are seeing an increase in the frequency
and sophistication of fraud, waste and abuse. Fraudulent activities cost us hundreds of
billions of dollars every year. And it can come in many different forms, from the use
of counterfeit credit cards, to organized rings inducing auto accidents, to medical
equipment suppliers billing Medicaid for goods that are never delivered. And the list goes
on and on!
To fight fraud effectively, we must constantly improve how we monitor and flag suspicious
behavior at an enterprise level. This means breaking down the operational and organizational
silos to leverage data across multiple products, systems, and functions.
SAS can help you prevent fraud by giving you a single version of the truth, and a consolidated
view of your fraud risk. The SAS Enterprise Financial Crimes Framework combines data integration,
detection, alert management, and case management in a holistic, end-to-end approach to fighting
Banking, health care, insurance, and government organizations all use SAS to detect and prevent
fraud. SAS can cut down on losses through better detection and prioritization, reducing
false positives, and improving investigator efficiency. With the SAS Hybrid Approach to
fraud analytics – combining rules, advanced models, text mining, and social network analysis
– you have the upper hand in detecting fraud in any form, at any time.
SAS has the only financial crimes offering that provides a true, enterprise-wide view
of fraud; SAS is the only solution with the breadth of capability to monitor transactions
in real-time AND detect organized criminal rings; and SAS is the only company with the
depth of expertise to deploy a solution that fits your fraud objectives.
In short, only SAS gives you The Power to Know.