Huevocartoon - No más Huevo de Acero 1

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The Egg of Steel
Egg Wonder Batter
Wondegg girl
The Super Eggs
Today's Episode:
"No more Egg of Steel"
Part One.
Holy boiled eggs, Batter!
We have a problem!
And what's that, Egg Wonder?
The building is burning!
That's why we're here, you animal.
Good thinking, Batter.
Quick, Egg Wonder, the wires,
we're going up... the top.
It's Spider the Egg!
Look, don't worry...
...I'll save the egg girl...
No, don't even think about it, we arrived first...
...and it's our turn to save her!
I'm sorry, Batter,
but by the time you get there,
the egg girl will be ready for breakfast...
No, no, no, I mean it!
C'mon man, give us a chance!
There's the press and everything.
We need the publicity now!
Look, look, I'm sorry man,
but I also need the "spononsors"...
Don't fight!
Oh, damn it, it's the Egg of Steel!
I'll save the egg girl...
...and put out the fire, with just one blow!
Check this out!
Oh, no, that was too much of me!
Well, the thing is that...
...the Egg of Steel, thinks he's "too much",
he's always a problem in the Hall of Eggstice,
because he doesn't wanna do anything!
His turn to do the dishes, he doesn't do it.
And he always says:
-Look, I'm the Egg of Steel-.
Well yes!
But in that case,
I'm the Batter Egg...
...and I do clean the bathrooms when it's my turn!
No, the thing is that since he was a little egg they told him he was the best, you see?
And since he has super cool powers, it's logical,
he feels "the best".
I'm his archeggenemy and I can only tell you one thing about the Egg of Steel...
"He's always hard"... defeat, I mean...
Nah, nah, look...
...what's going on here... that he doesn't control his strength.
The other day, he said he was gonna fix a leak in the Hall...
...and with the first #@$%& hammer blow, he pulled down the #@$%& ceiling!
Holy hard eggs!
That egg is really hard!
Well, yes, but that wasn't the question.
Do you believe the Super Eggs could live without the Egg of Steel?
Holy hard eggs!
That egg is really hard!
Envy, uh?
Sheer envy.
No, the truth is this group of Supereggs...
...are a bunch of good for nothing...
...and they couldn't do anything without me.
That's the truth.
I'm sorry.
It sounds a little,
I don't know, egocentric, but it's the truth, uh?
What can you do about it, right?