How to make doll outfit 7 tight pants

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 11.04.2010

Hello, today we are making tight pants
like you this one Another Queen is wearing
A piece a cloth. It better be thin and must have some elasticness
Fold a rectangle, measure 16cm for the length
Measure 2.5cm for the waist
Measure 3.5cm down and 3cm across for the crotch
Measure 2cm for the end
Join the first two dots together
Join the next two with a curve line
Cut it out
Cut a slide off on the side
Make another piece of the same size
Fold and sew a line pant legs
Same to the other piece
Put the two pieces togther and sew one side of the crotch
Cut two small gaps at the waist
Fold a sew a line
Sew the other side of the crotch
Start from one leg, sew it all the way together
Turn it inside out
Then we're done. Let's try it on
It should look like this
You can of couse adjust the length to your needs
Aki is sporting one made with fake leather
So that's it for now. Have fun sewing