Interview with DOTA2 Champs [Road from airport] - Part 2

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- Vanya, you have just won a million. Can you tell us about your emotions, how do you feel?
- Itís OK.
- How did you celebrate your victory?
- Some partied but not me. I was having a rest,
I was tired a lot. I accumulated all the stress
the team had. I tried to be sincere and confident
so the team would feel my power, believed me,
followed my example and did not fear anything.
But as for me, I felt very bad; I thought
I would have a heart attack myself.
- Did you feel great responsibility for
this tournament and for such a prize money?
- Yeah, I did. As Iíve said, I accumulated
all the stress: I told my teammates not
to worry about anything and that Iíll make
all decisions myself.
- Are you happy with the decisions that
you and the team management were
making during the tournament?
- We were little bit unlucky in the first
match versus EHOME. There I made few
blatantly bad decisions and it was hard
for me to play the next match. Really hard.
The first match was lost because of me.
I said we had toto push and we kept on pushing
and that was my mistake.
- What can you say about your teammatesí
performance? As far as I know,
XBOCT played almost perfect.
- Not XBOCT. He had a ìplan Bî role, he was
joining the game at 30th minute with invisibility
on his POTM and things like that. Dendi played really well:
he was dominating mid almost 100% of the time. Who elseÖ
Everyone played well but I would especially point out Dendiís game.
I guess I shouldnít say anything about my own gameÖ
- Happy XBOCT.
- YeahÖ Actually Iím not that happy right now.
But I was, last night!
0 What plans do you have right now?
Go on practicing DotA again?
- No, Iím going to have one month without DotA.
Because if you stay close with this guy and
play with him once again, you will ever forget
that there are still any normal people in this
world. You see him when you wake up, you see him when you go to bedÖ
- Arenít you afraid that this
vacation will affect your skill level?
- Of course it will. But itís not
like Iíll stay away from DotA at allÖ Iíll
play some for fun, some matches on ICCup.Yeah, Dendi?
- Yeah, with Pudge. Practice it!
- I tried.
- If they had given me Pudge,
we would have won *repeats twice*. Believe me.
- I think so too.
- Everyone knows it.
- Rampage is when someone makes five killsÖ
But during the match with a team like EHOME that
is simplyolololÖ But Vanya without a moment hesitation did that
last hit. Vanya, whatís going on? ìGuys, my hands are shaking,
I donít know anything! You canít even realize whatís going on!î.
It was somewhat easyÖ They arenít that good in this dota version.
Well, I didnít face them inDotA 1 but Iíve heard a
lot of stories that EHOME simply raped other teams badlyÖ
- But the devil turned out to be not so deadly, right?
Yea, we were simply killing them everywhere.
Even in the first game we did good exchangesÖ
- Lost, what would you say about the game?
What was the most remembering for you?
- This moment is the most remembering!
- Something that was like a breakpoint or somethingÖ
Didnít you have that?
- There isnít anything I could point out.
- Didnít you have that when you used ultimate on a creep?
I just saw it was moving,
I thought it was affected by a Force StaffÖ
But then I saw that creep stunned and got it all.
- Yet, what overall impressions do you have?
- My impressions? The tournament was great.
- Great tournament?
- Yes.
- What do you think about the level
of preparation of your team and other
teams?Comparing the level of practice only.
Vanya told that half of the teams were not well prepared.
- Yeah, especially EHOME with their 16 hours per day practiceÖ
- What do you think? Were you impressed by any team?
- EHOME. There were able to adapt when the final games started,
improving their overall game quality.
- What would you say about your teammates play?
Were you happy with the decisions ArtStylewas making?
- Yes, all of them were good.Absolutely.
I donít have any feelings I am not happy about.
What can you say about skill level of your teammates?
Itís excellent. Especially because it was the first serious LAN event for some of them.
I think this LAN was major for all playersÖ
No, ArtStyle, Dendi and me had experience of
playing world internationaltournament of such level.
- In China?
- Yes, in China and France, they attended both.
- So you think you had a temper?
- Yeah.
- I was prepared for everything.
- Lost wasnít prepared for anything!
- Lost used the ugliest heroes. Lost is pure CM.
- Letís talk to Vanya again. Have you bought a ticket?
- My ticket to Kharkov is here.
- When are you leaving?
- Today.
- Weíll still have some time to party.
- Yeah.
I can see youíve already started. Letís continue,
anyway. What was the most remembering moment for you in the game?
Do you mean the gameflow itself?
Yea.Something that happened to your team or to other teams.
When we played vs Scythe, 2nd match in the semifinal.
We were split-pushed hard and lost two sides and then simply decided to
rush middle. Some of my teammates like Dendi were crying ìno,
letís push sideî but we won. We pushed and won.
What plans do you have after such a tough tournament?
Iím planning to rest.
For how long and where?
Two weeks in Yalta.
Iíve got a question everyone is curious about: where will
you spend your prize-money?
Iíll spend it for my apartment. It was presented to me
but it needs renovation, so Iíll spend like $20 000 into it.
Is it in Khakov?
So Iíll put $20 000 into renovation and I want to buy a car.
Donít know what exactlyÖ Given our roads a jeep would be
ok but I want its maintenance to cost not so muchÖ
Maybe Prada 2.8 would fit.
The life changed drastically over these few days,
Iím sure your mindset might also change, your objectives
and stuff like that. Have you heard that DotA 2 tournaments
would be regular? Do you think more teams will be motivated
now to compete?
I think there will be still 16 teams, they will be
motived of courseÖ Frankly speaking, when we won $250 000,
I did not feel that. When we won $7000 on ESWC where we
placed 2nd,it was something amazing. Now, no one was really
thinking that we won $50 000 for each of us. Everyone just
continued to play, we didnít have any positive moment about
that actually. We felt it only after winning that
million ñ it was something, of course.
It was seen on awarding ceremony that you didnít have
that bright emotions everyone would expect. Why so?
Yeah, on ESWC when we were in the final alreadyÖ
Hey, Vanya, tell them what emotions you had after the
finalÖ You were shaking for like 15 minutes or so.
Yup, as Iíve told I had accumulated all the stress and
it was quite hard. My team believed me and they did not
overreact. What about me, I felt very bad, I had panic,
everything was squeezed inside meÖ I canít even describe that.
Alright, see you later!