' Porsche Boxster S ( 987 ) ' Test Drive & Review - TheGetawayer

Uploaded by TheGetawayer on 07.07.2011

311 horsepower, a manual gearbox and I'm in the german Odenwald area, which is full of beautiful countryroads. I guess this sounds like fun !
So I guess the main question with this Porsche Boxster has to be, if it is able to stand up against the mighty Porsche 911..
The legend, the sportscar that has been build for over 45 years, that has endless race victories and...
If this Boxster is a real Porsche, standing up to this big name
And to tell you the truth, straight away
This Porsche Boxster is not only the best roadster that i've ever driven...
For me there is really no discussion about the fact that this really feels like a Porsche
This car really feels like a sportscar should feel, you know...
Everything is very direct and
You get such a great confidence inside corners with this car
It's really mind-blowingly fast for me and...
Actually it can really stand up to a Porsche 911 for me
Sitting inside here, everything is very similar
Same steering-wheel, same set-nav..
The same design for the gauges, only the 911 has five gauges , the Boxster has three, but
The rev-meter is focused in the middle, just like in a 911
And all these things add up to make this car really a driving-sensation
You know, driving a Porsche with a manual gearbox
its's really a totally different feeling, than driving one of those PDK-Porsches
Simply because...
It gives me greater confidence, driving such a car fast
You can use the heel-and-toe downshifting
You can rev-match the engine
And for fast driving, this is really totally in a different league for me than...
one of those super fast PDK-gearboxes, that just have this synthetic feeling about them
I reckon a good driver is able to shift almost as fast as the PDK
When I rented this car, I had a reservation for a 911 with a manual gearbox, but...
The rental car company couldn't give a 911 with a manual gearbox...The only car with a manual gearbox that they had for this specific day, was this Boxster S... and ...
You know, I picked my nose a little bit...I thought...
Aahhh...A Cayman would be fine. A Cayman is something...I don't know why...
Gives me a different feeling, gives me the feeling of driving a proper Porsche...
But a Boxster S ? A Porsche Boxster for me ?
The funny thing is, talking about this, behind me there's a girl...And she drives a Porsche Boxster S, too..
Don't know if you can see this, and...
That's exactly what I thought about this car !
I thought about this Boxster that it is a girls car !
And comparing it to a BMW Z4, which feels much softer than a 911, I thought this must be the same, you know
This must be a quite comfortable car to drive and...
I didn't expect it to be even half way as sporty as a 911
I'm surprised to say this, but
I really don't see any down-sides for this Porsche Boxster
Infact comparing it to another roadster like the BMW Z4 that I just recently tested...
I have to say this feels much much sportier
just because the suspension is stiffer
Just...Very similar to a 911, to be honest
It gives you a lot of confidence and a feeling of safety
when you are driving at ridiculous speeds on narrow country-roads and..
The Steering...And the geabox...
That's just build for this kind of driving
So in the end, do I like this car ?
Is it able to stand up against my personal favourite car, the Porsche 911 ?
Really if I'm honest I don't want to pretend that I have to think a lot about this
I will tell you straight away, that this is a truely great car and..
It's totally different from what I expected it to be
It's much more fun to drive than I expected it to be
And...maybe...On a certain track...
This car would even be faster than a standard 911, I guess
I guess she looks prettier inside her Boxster than me
I'll take the camera off right now...Forget about the footage...
Here, have a look !