Audacity Tutorial How to Record Multi Track Music Recording & Edit - An Easy Tutorial Part 2

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hello there My name is Andrew Mercer and this is the second part of the tutorial on how
to do more to track recording in audacity
says you can see here we have audacity open and we have a three track model
of uh... needed to be docs
we have uh... i'll stay free really quick
to thirty before
a peace treaty the f_t_c_'s characteristic them and it's you sticky
new posts flights exch
and the with her
of the so what we're gonna do is uh... initially in a second help too
remove all the track in canteen at the beginning
and how to clean up the ins and make it sound as a professional
uh... before i get to that they want to show you one of the setting that you
need to know you need to set on your computer show in order to be able to
each track while you recording a new one
heartening to show it
if i go to other ascii preferences and again i'm on a mac here but if you go on
pod asi preferences
and he was recording
in the preferences you'll see overdone play other tracks while recording a new
you want to have that check
if you don't
you won't hear the previous strategy recorded
uh... you can also do some other ones to it hardware playback
or play through and that kind of uh... maybe you don't need that
at my opinion is and you can hear yourself uh... you're fine you don't
need a
but you do need this one isolationist checked in quick okay
now and again what that allow us to do is as your recording a new track you
hear the previous tracks
they need to go play off the other ones course
or is this talk now about how to remove the the cantons at the beginning
hurt if you're going to do
defined yet if i did for my cursor in the summer close to the beginning in
recording in my recording but i want to keep starts paper here
says push plane here had a chance
part so i have a breath right here which would be number for canton
k seventy three and four
so wondering that breath
basically from around right here
on word to the right i want to keep
so i'm going to i'd need to keep that uh... and at the end
ambitious and always at the end here so
i'd and i don't need and listen to that in the next year i need to be so let's
go courses that can dear and slide all the way over to
around right here
giver take twelve lines up with some of the other tracks so
iran rapier
now um... demean you get both tracks just simply one
so let's go that there you go
parts in our interview is capri here we have a little editing tool trim tool
and that will take a look at the stuff have side of my selection
click that c_n_n_ six of the stuff inside the selection
so now what i need to do is they need to as just the other
uh... tracks
so that's the same way
so if a in click them is a little helper and snap helper
uh... that city's it helps us you want to
uh... picket lines up the sealed little yellow line here you see that
helps us line up with the
edit you've already made
right through the end some of the same thing again will click of a principle
which is right here again
and then we do the same thing on the bottom the last track server that
we call it the
credit repair he sees a little bit the and we're not gonna keep
ammunition again big of snow did all that politics has stopped turned off
so what would you know i wasn't worried now this is
zero timed one second to secretary said we want to move this whole recording all
the way over to the left so it starts right at the beginning
so we have a couple steps you need to do to do that
first thing to do is going to look at it
and we're going to go select all so we go to
also lacked
you can also do
command a
or control a on the panel windows machine
and that will select everything but again i'll say that again is goes uh...
goto edit menu go down to select
and go select all repair
alright so that's that india and we need a time shift tool
which we've used in the last video you can see that he should watch it it's the
time shift tools are here
and we'll grab all of our recording and we slide all the way carefully to
zero-emission snapped the beginning may have gone over it there
so now it's all it over
now if we play it
now houses diesel like that i'll go back to my g-ma selection tool which is
straight here
uh... such intelligence
diesel effect sedona mckinney
edits i don't want
by the way steve at this point
uh... save save save so u you always may have what you need
okay um...
uh... and play mystery one implant
eighty-three d_p_s_ specified state elements sticky new w slots exch
today that's pretty good
and but it starts off with
instant sounded doesn't fade in and it doesn't fade out exist
cups opera broccoli and starts promptly so we want to do is not afraid to stand
and what a faded out at the end
the first thing we're going to do is we're going to select all again we're
gonna combine these tracks that are happy with the erin and we could use in
volume changes and things to imbalance changes are not going to bother with and
this video that's for another time
uh... but i'm gonna go select all again
again you can use command a were patrolling
and then i'm going to go to uh...
mix and render
under tracks and of a mixer render
and this is going to combine these tracks into one
they did go
and now for the play a little bit beginning of that
they ncd the estimates he so it's very is our entire song now
so you know what i want to do is i want the make it so that is not an abrupt
it has to start off instantly with the sound
i want the easy insult if you see at the beginning i'm comes in we mean using my
micro my uh... magnifying glass
op rate here as you see
um... i'm gonna take that first this sound
you go
but just before i start my for sound perspectives of the first round
uh... has like that
and about with facts
we still it's likely that i shouldn't jump ahead
uh... aware selected that then i'm a selection tools like this the selection
tools like that
and i'll just go to just before the sound starts
anike home msn a slight across
and the ego i have this is the only part of sound that will be affected it's what
i've got selected
the crimes
opic so now local feeding him
here you go
feed in
now that might not look like there's a lot of difference here but if you listen
to it on those who just gently he's a scene before the send starts here we go
now that is not a lot of difference
but it sounds like a nicer doesn't just start off with the
but than with noise
the he's the art of living here every query and supporting but it sounds much
more professional
now let's go to the end
and do the same thing at the and because at the end we do have some noise so some
of the sand
yeah i think
cuts off abruptly
will stop back to so let's go at smu
though that up with a magnifying glass
and that's cool don't take it that much repair maybe and this is kind of trial
and error
you need to you need to play with it
they get them to underscore the most at the end of the salmon sliding across as
much as i want to be affected
i'm gonna go to repair
and this is going to fade out
so go to effects angle fade soaked
but the fact fade out diego
all rights analysis into that that ending
uh... here we go play
head much nicer
it is jimmy fades away doesn't stop abruptly
so now if we listen to the recording it would sound very nice i'm not going to
listen to the recording you could uh... yourselves so that's basically it's a
little review
we have to at the beginning we change your preferences here to make sure that
we had in the world
play other tracks while recording new one and that will allow you to hear the
previously record tracks while you recording a new one
and we uh... weeks week uh... as found what we wanted to remove
in uh... the three tracks the beginning canton and if you're in the bit of extra
no list
we selected that
uh... we went up to our what feels like to instruct screening tool which is
right here
are trained to all
you can hold a missile vertical construe the name
uh... and then uh... we did that for track one two and three and then we
select at all
we went to
uh... mix in a render
on the tracks that we selected on that complying three tracks together in one
and immediately global fade out
and we we did that was we selected the and workshop i'll start with the and
we selected the and went to edit it
uh... affected and we intend to fade out
and for the beginning we did the same thing we did the opposite we went into
feeding and that is if
so good luck everybody
good luck with all this if you have any questions feel free to drop in the
contacts i'll try to get back to you
and said feel free watch other videos i've got up here on ninety two and
enjoyed the any comments or questions
make unknown okay put up