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Hello, everyone.
If you've just dropped in from outer space,
this is a program called It's Academic
and these are the three schools playing this week.
Green is Peakhurst Public School.
Please welcome today Rhianna,
Toby is the team captain, and Shagun.
Red is Ashbury Public School.
We have Caleb,
Jordan is the team captain, and Millie.
And purple is Warragamba Public School.
Emily, Jayden is the team captain, and Bronte.
Welcome, children.
And welcome, aliens, to the program for the very first time.
That would be cool - knowing that we had aliens watching us.
I might learn something as well.
Peakhurst had a pretty amazing start to the week yesterday -
350 points was a fine score to kick things off.
On the program today, we get busy with beekeeping.
They are amazing creatures, those little bees.
Popping his head out there.
We'll talk to him later in the program
in an exclusive interview with that bee.
Sal researches some amazing forests to photograph.
She's a very good photographer too.
From our Inbox, we're heading to the Northern Territory today
and Gillen Primary School.
Love going around the country.
Rhianna, Toby, Shagun. Let's go. Round 1.
You've got big shoes to step into
after your teammates put in a great performance yesterday.
Question 1.
What's the official marine emblem of South Australia -
A, the leafy sea dragon or B, the great white shark?
(WHISPERS) I think it's the great white shark.
It's a bit smaller. It's the leafy sea dragon.
How many 'A's in the word 'ballerina'?
Two is correct, Toby.
Tzatziki is a traditional dish from the cuisine of which country -
A, Scotland or B, Greece?
(WHISPERS) I think it's Greece. Greece.
Greece is correct.
Cucumber, yoghurt dip or sauce - delicious.
What is 40 divided by 5?
(WHISPERS) 8. 8.
That would be 8. Is correct.
And finally, the line, "Law school's for people
"who are boring and ugly and serious"
is from which movie -
A, 'Legally Blonde' or B, 'Fame'?
(WHISPERS) I think 'Legally Blonde'. 'Legally Blonde'.
That is correct. 140 points.
Missed the first one, got the next four.
Good start, Peakhurst.
Caleb, Jordan, Millie. Ashbury. Red. Let's go. Round 1. Question 1.
What's the official marine emblem of New South Wales -
It's B, the eastern blue groper.
Used to have a lot of fun with them around Clovelly and Gordon's Bay.
Lots of them.
How many 'E's in the word 'repellent'?
(WHISPERS) Three? (WHISPERS) Yeah. Go.
Three. Three is correct.
(WHISPERS) New Zealand.
(WHISPERS) New Zealand. New Zealand.
It's Germany. Fermented, shredded cabbage.
I'm sure they eat some of it in New Zealand,
but they eat a lot more in Germany.
What is 36 divided by 3?
That would be 12, Jordan.
From the 2001 movie, 'Legally Blonde',
A, Harvard or B, Oxford?
(WHISPERS) Harvard. A.
Harvard is correct.
Ashbury - 130 points.
Round 1 not quite done yet for red.
Random Spotlight for them now coming the way of...
..captain Jordan.
Special topic - three-digit addition.
Don't often have this. Question.
What is 542 + 321?
Got a better brain than I have, Jordan.
Well done.
150 points, Ashbury.
On we go to Warragamba now.
Welcome Emily, Jayden and Bronte into the frame.
What is the official marine emblem of Victoria -
A, the weedy sea dragon or B, the manta ray?
Got to get that answer in, kids.
The weedy sea dragon, it is.
Just have a go.
How many 'A's in the word 'allowance'?
Two. Two is correct.
Well done, Jayden. That's having a go.
Baklava is a traditional dish from the cuisine of which region -
A, Northern Europe or B, the Middle East?
(WHISPERS) A, I think. A.
It's B, the Middle East. Baklava - a sweet dessert.
What is 99 divided by 11?
(WHISPERS) 9. 9.
9 is correct. And Question 5.
From the 2001 movie 'Legally Blonde',
what does Elle discover about Warner when she arrives at Harvard -
A, he is moving to Australia
or B, he is engaged to another student?
A. B.
He is engaged to another student, it is, Jayden.
Checking scores.
120 for Warragamba, 140 for Peakhurst
and Ashbury have the lead
with their Random Spotlight up their sleeve - 150.
As promised, our Inbox this week,
we are heading to the beautiful Northern Territory.
Today's email comes from Gillen Primary School,
which is located in Alice Springs in the Territory.
The school was built in 1970.
The site was originally a runway for Connellan Airways,
which operated a mail service
and the Royal Flying Doctor Service there.
Running through the centre of town, the Todd River -
a typical desert river -
only flows for short periods of time after heavy rains.
Good part of the world.
The question from Gillen Primary School today is...
Great to be in the Territory.
Hope you're watching up there. Answer right after this.
From our Inbox today, we are in the Northern Territory -
the beautiful Northern Territory.
Gillen Primary School.
Their question...
The answer is C. It is Stuart.
John McDouall Stuart
ran an expedition through Central Australia back in 1861-1862.
Would have been tough coming from Europe heading through that country.
Thank you very much to the kids and teachers and everyone at Gillen.
Ashbury - 150 into Round 2.
Caleb, Jordan, Millie.
If you deviate from an agreed plan -
do you A, stick to it or B, stray from it?
(WHISPERS) Stray from it. (WHISPERS) B.
B. You do. You stray from it.
It's not always a good thing. Sometimes it's OK.
What is 5.2 + 2.9?
8.1. Correct.
What computing term describes
a presentational lecture delivered over the internet -
A, an interlecture or B, a webinar?
(WHISPERS) Interlecture. (WHISPERS) Interlecture.
B, a webinar.
Spell 'weave', as in,
"He used the wicker to weave a basket."
'Weave' is correct, Jordan. Well done.
A packet of nuts weighs 50g.
When combined, how many packets would make up exactly 3kg?
Ooh, well done, Jordan. Good work. Not an easy one.
Ashbury, 190 points after Round 2 questions.
Now we come to Warragamba
for their Random Spotlight for today.
It is Bronte in the spotlight.
Special topic -
'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'
by JK Rowling - the book.
In the book and beginning with 'C',
what is the name of the large ginger cat
Hermione purchases from a store in Diagon Alley?
Crookshanks. Crookshanks is correct.
Well done, Bronte.
Warragamba, 140 into Round 2. Purple.
If you retain your sense of humour during a bad day -
do you A, lose it or B, keep it?
You do. You keep it.
Very important when all around you is turning pear-shaped -
to keep your sense of humour.
What is 2.7 + 6.4?
What computer term
describes an online blog containing video entries -
A, a vlog or B, a blidea?
It is a vlog, Jayden.
All these terms we have to get used to these days.
It's hard for us old people, Jayden.
Spell 'bridle', as in,
"The trainer led the horse by the bridle."
Bridal. Bridal.
That would be the 'bridal' party that they were leading the horse to.
B-R-I-D-L-E, it is, for 'bridle'.
A bag of mushrooms weighs 25g.
When combined, how many bags would make up exactly 2kg?
80 it would be. 80.
160 points, Warragamba, after Round 2.
Back to Peakhurst. Rhianna, Toby, Shagun.
If you bind two things -
do you A, tie them together or B, separate them?
You do. You tie them together, Toby.
What is 3.4 + 2.8?
(WHISPERS) 6.2. 6.2.
Correct. Nice whispering from Shagun.
What computer term refers to
an internet conversation pertaining to a particular topic -
A, a thread or B, a tumbleweed?
It is a thread.
Although sometimes, you feel like you're a bit of a tumbleweed
knocking around on that internet.
Spell 'boulder', as in,
"A large granite boulder sat at the base of the cliff."
Boulder. That is correct.
Hello to everyone watching in Boulder, near Kalgoorlie, today.
A bag of sultanas weighs 20g.
When combined, how many bags would make up exactly 1kg?
50. 50 is correct, Toby.
Good round, Peakhurst. 190.
They share the lead with Ashbury,
as we have a Beat the Buzzer round right now.
Clock starts ticking here.
What is 46 + 36?
76. 82.
True or false?
Jason Derulo has never written any of his own songs.
False. False is correct.
Quinoa - grain, mammal or mollusc?
It's a grain native to South America.
Are the eggs of a wedge-tailed eagle typically black?
(BLEEP!) No-one?
White with splotches, they are.
25. Correct.
True or false?
Nitrogen oxide is a gas released in some cars' exhaust emissions.
True. True it is.
It was between me and Jordan right there
and at the end of all that,
the red school have the lead - 200 points.
Halfway stage of today.
Sally awaits in her yellow box after this.
ANNOUNCER: This series, our contestants will take home
the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2012 Ultimate Reference Suite on DVD-ROM.
Whether it's for homework or just for fun,
students can explore subjects like science, sport,
history and geography, thanks to Encyclopaedia Britannica.
And thanks to Literacy Planet,
our contestants will be motivated to work on their literacy skills
with a 12-month home subscription
to a digital online English literacy resource
that is aligned with the Australian English curriculum.
Now, I happen to know that Sal is a very good photographer,
but she's interested in taking her craft a little bit further
and wants to learn about forests.
How's it going, Sal?
I was really enjoying it,
but all my pictures were starting to look the same,
so I've created a list of unusual forests
I'd love to photograph.
First, the Crooked Forest in western Poland.
Around 400 pine trees are planted there,
all growing with a 90 degree bend at the base,
then curving back up in a C shape.
Apparently, the trees were planted in 1930
and were grown like this on purpose, but no-one knows why.
Maybe I could use a fish-eye lens to accentuate those bends.
Next, I could head over to Oman
where there's an unusual forest in a desert region.
As you'd expect, the trees there don't receive much rain,
so they extract moisture from low-lying fog
that only comes by seasonally.
Imagine if I could get a shot with the sun setting over the trees
and through the mist.
Lastly, I might visit
the Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad in Russia.
The pine trees there grow with unusual twists and spiral shapes,
like they're dancing, but again, no-one knows why.
I guess in the meantime,
I'll keep practising in the forests and bushland closer to home.
That's not such a bad thing too, Sal.
Lots of bird life and pretty flowers, according to Sally.
Here's the question.
The Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad
is found in what country beginning with 'R'?
Russia, Jordan, is correct. Well done.
210 points for the red school. We go to Warragamba.
160 for Round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'ignorant', 'ignite' or 'ignore'?
'Ignite'. Well done, Jayden.
Which of the two flags is the national flag of Uruguay -
A or B?
A. B.
The other? Algeria.
In total, around how many different living species
of kangaroos and wallabies are there -
A, four or B, 45?
That is correct. 45.
Didn't realise that. That's a lot.
This word, which is a synonym for 'rely',
begins and ends with what letter, on your screens?
'D'. 'Depend'.
At the 2011 Rugby World Cup, how many tries did Australia score
in their September game against Italy -
A, four or B, eight?
Correct. Four it was in that victory.
Warragamba - 190 points. Staying in the hunt.
Peakhurst - Rhianna, Toby, Shagun. Green. Round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'goodnight', 'goodness' or 'goose'?
(WHISPERS) Goose. Goose.
Goodness me.
Which of the two flags displayed is the national flag of Uganda -
A or B?
(WHISPERS)I think A. A.
A is correct. The other? Burundi.
How many known species of vampire bats are there -
A, three or B, 300?
A, three. All native to Latin America.
This word, which is the name of a piece of internet hardware,
begins and ends with what letter?
For 'modem', is correct, Toby.
At the 2011 Rugby World Cup, how many tries did Australia score
in their September game against Ireland -
was it A, two or B, none?
A. B, none.
We got rolled that day.
Peakhurst - 210 points. They share the lead with Ashbury.
They can go into the lead now
with their Random Spotlight question for...
Her special topic - labradors, the dog breed.
Love the labs.
The labrador breed was first developed
in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in what country?
Canada is correct. Well done, Shagun.
Up to 230 points.
We go to Caleb, Jordan and Millie. Ashbury. Round 3.
Getting interesting.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'journey', 'journal' or 'jovial'?
Journal. 'Journal' it is.
Which of the two flags is the national flag of Tanzania -
A or B?
B. B is correct.
The other? Ukraine.
Tanzania, where we find the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.
How many species of living sea dragon
are there in the world today - A, two or B, 12?
Both found in Australia -
the weedy sea dragon and the leafy sea dragon.
This word, which describes someone employed to patrol a park or forest,
begins and ends with what letter?
Correct, for 'ranger'.
We have Ranger Turkey, who works with us here.
We are very lucky.
Anything - any problems - he looks after us.
At the 2011 Rugby World Cup, how many tries did Australia score
in their September game against the USA -
A, five or B, 11?
(WHISPERS) 11. 11.
11 is correct, in a big victory.
Ashbury back into the lead - 260 points.
Beginning with 'I', name this type of lizard.
(BUZZ!) Ashbury?
JORDAN: Iguana. Iguana. Well done, Jordan.
Fact or Fiction choices are for red.
'Magical Mystery Tour', Aristotle
or Native or Introduced Animals of Australia.
Captain Jordan says Native or Introduced Animals of Australia.
Let's go, everybody. Five questions. Fact or Fiction 1.
Fact. That IS a fact, Toby.
Fact or fiction?
Saltwater crocodiles were first introduced to Australia in 1893?
Fact. Fiction.
They are native to Australia.
Fact or fiction?
Rabbits arrived in Australia with the First Fleet.
Fiction. Fact.
Fact or fiction?
Fiction. Fact.
Fact or fiction?
Beavers introduced in the 1950s
have caused lots of damage to Australia's river systems.
Beavers have never been introduced to Australia.
Ashbury have the lead - 250 points.
We come back with our final round right after this.
Don't go away, now.
I happen to be a bit of a fan of bees,
Hi. I'm Greg. I'm a beekeeper.
Today, we're going to talk about bees.
The purpose of beekeeping is mainly to collect honey,
but as a side income, people pollinate crops.
It's really nature working. It's survival of the fittest.
It's the key thing that comes out of it.
The equipment you need to be a beekeeper is a smoker,
a hive tool
and if you're a commercial beekeeper, a big truck.
a hood and gloves to protect you from the stings from the bees.
The reason the overalls are white is it doesn't antagonise the bees.
Dark colours make them quite cranky.
And you don't want cranky bees. Thank you, Greg. Very good.
Two questions. Question 1.
Do the bees have antennae?
True. Yes, they do.
Question 2.
According to Greg, the main purpose of beekeeping is to collect WHAT?
Honey. Honey.
Of course it is, Jayden.
Good finish coming up.
The lead is shared by Ashbury and Peakhurst.
Both on 250.
Warragamba not far behind.
Final round - Beat the Buzzer - starts now.
What's 26 - 11?
16. 15.
True or false?
The western black rhino
was officially declared extinct in the wild in 2011.
True or false?
False. True.
Barry Fife and Tina Sparkle are characters
in the 1992 Australian movie 'Strictly WHAT'?
(BLEEP!) 'Strictly Ballroom'.
Rearrange the letters of the word 'plug'
to get another word for 'swallow'.
Gulp. Well done, Toby.
What is 68 + 23?
91. 91. Correct.
Which adult leopard seal is typically larger -
the male or female?
Female. Correct.
Beginning with 'E', the centre of a hurricane is known as the WHAT?
Eye. Eye is correct.
Just outside, Jayden, sadly.
Checking scores for today. It's very close.
Warragamba - Emily, Jayden, Bronte - have come third.
Well done, kids.
Second - ooh, and only just - Caleb, Jordan and Millie.
250 points.
Pipped at the post by Peakhurst.
Rhianna, Toby, Shagun - winners today.
Score - 260 points to go with the victory yesterday.
Good start to the week for green.
See you same time tomorrow. Bye for now.
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