Vancouver Fashion Week 2012 Makeup Tutorial

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hello everyone, FAYE SMITH
I am an makeup and hair artist based in vancouver
its currently feb 2012
and fashion week is coming up in March
so pretty soon
if any of you is attending a fashion event
but , you know, youre a workaholic like me
and dont have a lot of time to get ready
then, today im going to show a a very cool fashion week look
that is gonna amaze everyone
so ive done my normal skin regime
in the morning, like the lotion and all that
But I just want to add a few little extra
thing that are gonna help my makeup better
the first step is gonna be using
this mac strobe cream that I absolutely love
the strobe cream has this 2-tone shine to it
that gives really really healthy glow to the skin
underneath the makeup
I really wanna have that kind of glowy dwy look to this makeup today
step 2 of my skin preparation is a primer
a primer is applied before your foundation, before any kind of makeup
what does is do is, it kinda fills all of the pores.
making your skin even, almost paper like base
so the skin goes on very smoother, and much more flawlessly
and it also will help it last all day
Today im going to use arbonne's illusion makeup primer
so I wanna have a good coverage, so that
all of my blemishes are covered, all of the redness is covered
dark circles, you know, all of that
but I wanna keep it as natural as possible
so Im gonna start of my foundation application with concealer
i love to use youngblood mineral concealer
as Im sure you know, youve been watching my tutorials
and I always use it
looks like this
and im just gonna apply it
first of all under my eyes
i like it kinda smear it on, and then
and then just dub blend
just whatever, covers
i always like to beldn it on the eyelid as well
just to nuturalize the color
around the nose
and on any blemishes, and also id like to take it a little bit on the chin too
so the next step is to apply the foundation
which is gonna give the coverage that im wanting to achieve
im gonna use youngblood minerals loose foundation
my color is netural
i like this one because it can achieve a nice and natural look
or you can build up to a very heavy coverage if you want to do that
im gonna go for something in between today
i also found that the minerals has a little bit of the glow
not so much you looking shinny, but
that you are looking healthly
im gonna use a kaboki brush
just to tap the foundation in the kaboki brush
and then apply, just to slap it all on initially, and buff it all at the end
so now that ive finished my foundation
i wanna kind of give the highlights
and shading to my face thats necessary
im gonna do some contouring under my cheek bones
and underneath my jaw line just kinda slim the face out, give it a little bit shape
and im also gonna do highlight
just up here, which is again gonna give that healthy
glowing skin
and give it a little bit of fashion twist
so for the hightlight today im gonna use a product from Gosh
Ill just show you what it looks like
these little shimmer balls
to follow that I will use the same brush
which is kinda look like the contour brush
and im gonna use a mate bronzer
Ill just show you what it looks like
the one that Im choosing is from face italia
I believe you can only get that online
just that one right there
Im just gonna take a little bit of the color, squeeze the brush and apply it under my cheekbones
so the next step is to apply blush
towards the end of the video you will going to see Im gonna be doing
a wind eyeliner, and a bright orange lip
for the blush, I think I want a little bit of color
Im gonna do like a peachy pink
Im just gonna apply to the apples of the cheeks
and blend out
just do it little by a little, so that you dont end up with too much color
so next i want to fill in my eyebrows
they do tend to get washed out
im gonna use an angled brush
if you can see that one
and im going to use a couple of different shades of
firs of all, use dark brown to give initial shape
and dont use the dark brown too much
so the next step is eyeshadow
for this look, its gonna be a lot of drama on the lips
eyeshadow is gonna be plain and simple
im gonna use No.40 cream eyeshadow from Channel
Im just gonna pretty much slap it on
and blend it with my finger
you wanna blend it all over the eyelid, and a little on the cheek, even a little bit on the brow bones
so now I have my glowing skin, and cheek, and eyes
Im ready to do a wind eyeliner on the top
im just gonna do it on the top but its gonna be fairly dramatic
im gonna make it a little on the earlier than the end of my eye to create cat eye shape
and the eyeliner that Im using is from a beauty supplier here in burnaby
its called "modern basic", I dont believe the public and shop that but
if you need anything, or you wanna try this eyeliner then, call me
and I think every woman in the world struggle for liquid eyeliner
so here is a nice easy trick
to kind of neaten things up
I use a black eye shadow and an angled brush that Ive used earlier on my eyebrows.
My favorite eyeshadow is either from vasanti cosmetics or young blood cosmetics
very very black, and goes on very easily
im just gonna go on top of the liquid eyeliner to intensify a little bit
and i can control the wing a little bit more
give it a little graduate and fades out in the end
every special event needs flase lashes
especially a fashion based on like a fashion show
which this look is for
so I am going to apply some false lashes
that are longer on the edges
than they are in the center
again to go with that winged eyeliner
and give that cat eye shape
the one that I will be using is this, hopefully you can see it on the camera
and Im gonna use DUO eyelash glue
if you have allergies dont use this one, use latex one
but this is the one that most artist in the industry will use
and it works fantastically
Im just gonna grab some twizers
my lovely pink twizers
and pick up first eye lash, whichever side you prefer, doesnt really matter
peel it off the case
and apply glue to the rim of the lashes
with a Qtip
let it dry a little bit
and use your twizers to hold on
to the lashes
the reason you want to make it dry a little is because you wanna make it a little tacky
if you just put it on, it will slip and slide, its an nightmare so
let it dry, and apply
it should stick right away
so thats one side, probably you cant see before I put the mascara on, but lets do the other side
wave it around a little bit
so now you just let the glue dry a little before putting on the mascara
cuz ive made the mistake once, and it does pulled the mlashes off
so wait a couple of minutes and well just gonna apply mascara next
so it has been a few moments now and im ready to put mascara
and a great mascara that is going to last all day is carbon black from loreal
this one is waterproof, bought by accident, I personally hate waterproof mascara
because I can not get it off at the end of the day
nevertheless, this is what in my makeup bag right now
this is what Ill be using
so im using the mascara to blend my lashes
with the flase lashes and darker and lift the lashes
making the whole look more dramatic
Im definitely a mascara fan but
I like to use mascara thats a little thiner so
i dont end up with clumbs.
so my eyes look perfect and its gonna leave some room for the lip that Im about to apply
one thing I wanna do is just take out the pink thats on the inside of my eye
although mine is not too pink, a lot of people have them very very pink
rims on their eyes or even have a brown spot sometimes
so I just want to cover them up , and make my eyes bigger and brighter
Im using a white eye pencil to that
this is something that will tear off in the day so you will need to bring your eye pencil with you
to top up
just like that
alright, so now is the time for the fun part, my orange lips
so you can do anything that is very bright, I want thinking a bright pink could be very fun
if you dare to do it in purple, purple could be really fun
but today im gonna do orange
my orange was bought from Naz
but i melted into this makeup palet
but it is from naz
so I will need to use my lip brush
to do this
just apply it as precisely as you can
I personally like to draw a little bit on the top of my lip to make it a little cupid look
if you struggling to make lip crisp, you can use a orange lip pencil
I just happened to have one, but if you need to buy one this one is from Annabelle
and to finished this look I want to add a tun of gloss
I just want these lips to be like huge, colorful, and shining glossy and, you know just the focus of my face
So Im gonna use Mac's lip glass
the lip glass is very thick and glasscy so you dont want to kiss anyone with this one on
because it will make a huge mess
its very thick but its gonna give a glassy cover effect
so here we have my fashion week makeup look
make sure the color doesnt get on your teech
you will when you smile all day
you dont want to have your lip stick on your teeth
so this is my wind eyeliner
very simple but I think its very eye catching
and really glossy and bright color lip
say you can do purple, you could do pink
you could do anything, really
depends on how dare your are and what you wearing, so
test this out, try it out on whatever fashion event you are going to and
let me how it goes
please subscribe, thank you !!!!!!