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who hadn't gone
we flew home from
this video of the
that i'm about to do is of there's a breakdown of
appall smokey robinson called of black america
it was
they're going to have poetry dram jamming
and other stuff another player
hopefully a small part of it
or at least parts of the justin
equivalent of abortion davies in this little record of the evening
from studies ms yourselves before he you gotta do some effectively transit
maltreatment picky
orthodox problem
registry piece of advice
that's the problem
is doomed said there
basically still but never got european black muslims called then
would it work
lobbying for black americans
with the black men in this country i think is the same with everything he was
weakened gentlemen
cecil specifically diplomatic hypocrisy
the robbery but maybe it's got to do for you
vessels that anyone close to what was the recall
returns linda what to do
not being
well enough that it should be didn't want to be that distributions wouldn't
we're not going to end
that'd be great grandpa counterfeit
beneficent god that we have got to love them
winter transected passenger g
those who talked about that
routine artificially
who simply a notification way too many of us in this country who demonstrate
complete with outspoken about working out with the republican primary
dinner or something
programs were black athlete prevented architect of the things that didn't you
to talk about a primary ballot in
so that's one thing you can get them
so we're going to go back now for a little bit
thing about the fact that he was black the mechanism at the banquet at the
bottom because i've got a bit of hack
that's just for or one-stop
that bs it everybody in america is that african-american
this dude is basically following that lies in the one drop room
if we are all over the same why would the bible be specifically speaking on
people that hate you that are against you
that that what the best for you
if it was
if it was supposed to be like this mother fucker smokey is same
we would not have people going up again says we would not have people putting us
at home sloppiness in jail
doing a lot of these different things
we would not have that
we would not have that shit family
it everybody was the same because these are pale people back in this uh... these
appel people that put us on the on the bottom of the total poet we accept what
they give us
himself so this is not
let's be clear this is not so
you know black people or all in
on top in this particular society is way out
these are all i have for the individual
that makes it about a pale skin people
you've said that that the black folks come out of o_j_ go
and help them make money for their particular pockets
that's the whole diflucan right you get
but listen to the best leadership
listen to this mother fucker
there's a better clarity that said that the air
the thing that whatever law that photo
amendments and what about the
katayama gavinhoc barbara engineers from abroad
everybody in your place after european everybody is upto exemplary his appetite
agencies i want to sell
you hear this deal
this todas
put yahoo has right back into the civil rights movement
in the sixties the civil rights movement shouldn't even have been have been like
are right you should have been going
at a higher different baghdad to a little bit different stage in a
different level
and endow we're trying to be there but civil rights movement
from in the fuckin sixties
this mother fucker right here in bringing it back you are pretty gato
and jay-z
at least able to put out the bush effectively okay
this insidious you family ab came
but what about that but i don't think that this sudden women unpacking the
clinton's mom entity
on mon
if you're a black anyway
why i got to be a white folks only white folks this strategy is so intense
why is not black folks out there trying to get sentenced
if we to say
was delightful to school with the world today
and why are we trying to look like damn why are we trying to change that looked
like that they were already to fuckin saying
wire we bleaching are scheme
at parties are here
to look like some of the fuck is that was take a look like us everywhere the
fuckin saying
this door is really really tried to keep you guys brainwashed that takes into bc
desert sounds good to be just a little bit of science camp between wiki still
when it looked care can be out there
took lucky we had to go along with the rest of the shit
could you steal yet
at yahoo co side in the shit that he said that was real logical that makes
sense to faction
we are universal people
but does that make everything else ise right
those are the reason district that he decided to call cited some of us the
cold side
by the reasons that i have us in the situation is worried
prior to his integration should
we were are ready call we would have been just fine we didn't have a high
height death rate three d p mike that hit we had our economics work
work left
we were doing things
justice fallout throughout britain wid we've got a little bit local police
yahoo dot com
uh... now something out of the and that would be a although i think that uh...
what does that mean but with a little bit on popping up in the south
he once again with this
but ek
out of the blood
and you know that you know window what did he said he would don't want to go
he should be proud to be there
and he never lived in africa
but what i say you proud to be directed neighboring appealing never lived it
if you were proud to be african you would say i'm proud of the african and
i've never lived in africa
you saying you proud to be black but you may never get beat up the patient with a
u dot proud to be aspartate that you're not proud to come from the original
that their attention city dweller i'm not talking about their freestyle d
he set a subject that he broke down betty rough draft it can't make sure
that it was correct
announced to speak to you guys
texted citiship family
listen to this shit
manhattan north africa
implausible department the and what if not
how do you have to go a lot of places in this world he has worked with him
popular hands down
but realms cooperative bank between goes and signs that black kids that age
and i don't have a new car color
bar literally dot
but back to it that would be a problem
something comes up
when we talk about what is it the butt result brainwashed that beckwith
although it and i think it could be a long now
we are different colors and he said it is the insulted
to speak or people based on color but at the same time
he's not telling you shit about what those people that are not are covered
have done to us in history
he's just sit here chevron personal fuckin beliefs without giving us the
information that is an old betty dolls of doesn't have a thought that
authenticity but around the world
he's a big that we have not seen
and he still only chevron the bullshit with us
pit bull shit opinions when he has seen factual things
hugo i got to recognize our people fuckin play you
sped jackson citiship family listen to that uh... that's initiate
ac clinton sixties
who started out to be called one of the prior activity or marshall person
and black was beautiful
but i guess that would be good enough
community comes in and stuff
it if you don't agree with him and deficit pulled
in a moment to complain about human contact with the back that we haven't
talked about
distt what did you get the formatted
you have said i got the same thing that brocco balladares
he tries to do stuff to where he could get you guys are correct
says you guys can't push nobody to interact with a yes and i got a lot of
test lead to something
he has to do things to where he can basically get you were involved in a
laughter or visual type aspect
this has to be a blast in taiba aspect
for you to get a beloved interactive for you to field more of the reasons weekly
onto that individual
this is
pointed out
forty-eight laws of power
i mean you can go back and read through that shit it
republican forty eight was a power from
from robert greene
okay just rita fuck it outlying of the names of the chapters or the titles of
of what what what he chapter is just the title of the fifty chuck
the title of the forty eight walls
not even the context album
but those titles will tell you what not
to where you will get a better overstated any reading inside the lines
of the contents of the titles
it really gonna show you
okay these mother fuckin stupid you all parties
date they'd like to you know we'd status i did you guys got attached you and that
site is the laughter side will decide they're going to be tragic where you'll
be able to embrace it based on you've dealt with that tracked the tragedy
this is a regular type of thing that they use to jiju look like a secret paid
attention family check it out o'connor back this incident happened and it will
create a little bit about what it might as well
and since october nineteen unproductive ended up now
there was a bit about the way to exit at the spot
let's know what the mother fucker just say ah... i'm about to be
bracket will have to look at the store
and since october nineteen unproductive ended up now
so wonderful but actors
ended up broke because of that type of dialect and uh...
and the language in the game but it's in the style of the slaying of the stereo
that were used on the anticipated michel
because people were not able to make big money off of that anymore and they were
supposedly good actors we smokey robinson just caught on
good actors
because they were called in on television
he just call it a good actors
is said that they've lost jobs
people didn't wanna see that type of shit like that
i mean
you have to pay attention to wes
the and pushed it's funny you guys places advising ears in those days
pay attention
smoky got job till
found ourselves frankly david jones mountain benefit
do half
beverly hillbillies
was highly protested by rifle
does not get a twist it with the everyday reality processed about working
he stated becomes chic
peak dania solicitor words you didn't see it
he spoke the truth
you didn't see it
he'd lied when he said that
it wasn't hiding protest at my white folks
you could look it up
find out how
beverly hillbillies protest ic it anybody search engine iago
all google
look it up
you'll find shade
don't just look at what article you'll find
different articles that you got to go through
look it up
he's a fuckin lawyer
weapons that are point landings
significantly confident activity you
the affection uses to u you could please
the and little hut
so i think that this independent on-demand uncomfortable
bought almost you'd like to be
property together just about all that we'd like to be
do you hear how it's a michigan family
what did you come from watch a film do you want a boat all that you'd like to
he's trying to confuse you with wires
by citizenship like that
he is mix of one thing what another
given any adapted into his bag and in his bag over there
you want to save it
the bat you've you want to say that
how could you to get to children or you want to be
everybody has a opportunity in the option to be created within themselves
not recognizing that origin of the is the downfall at the but states and the
reason why we continue to go to these problems
that are recycled recycled of recycled throughout the different centuries and
so he's telling you since you from a emotional standpoint
but he has mentioning the logic within it
and he is basically
not hypnotize a new book giving you
a self programming too
to say
i'll believe what he believes he had been follow that indoctrination that
he's trying to push on you
dish it was so to him
and he's setting it to you so he can make money steel
i mean dislike the actor
that some of the prescription for fuckin
there but a cosigner product
it's like a black
politician that's getting speeches written for them by the white folks
better in charts
they have to sell that particular product so they can get endorsement from
the white folks that are in charge
that it's interesting to see adult family
not to have an african americans and
with multiple places like you didn't know if that isn't popular fight it
problems that the public generated on implemented miami detroit chicago before
docking history that problem
we're not going to talk to your waist when i click union african-american you
keep it that may have been asked to take its place ac
now here's what we give justin heidi heidi contradictory shit
about the replayed it looked like
he just let me say that you go to africa you go find out that you have a place
'cause basically your black person
denom africa space
let me read replayed at four
cpa replayed and continually monopoly non-academic completed but that may have
been asked to take its place
do you think that problem
but because i think at least when i click union african-american you take it
that we're gonna have to take its place
you might have to be what somebody's or just it just to hear that clearly
you've got a african-american you just a black person is africa taking up space
so these basically
he basically went from say that you're not african
and and he loves to be called black
to say that
you're not even african-american
and he just loves to be called black
so he just completely
starts off telling you about the origin endgame
and then instead of embracing it did not use it because he likes where he is it
in the position that he is ian
in he doesn't want to lose it for anything family
he just fuckin told you that she
in so many fucking word
you have to pay attention you have to be that lines in in between the lines are
not outside of the lines
he just fuckin told you that
let's hear what he did
but i think it was reluctantly it earlier interpret that we will have to
take up the slack
if you go back to africa
yourselves your race you find out you're not a african-american
you just a black person in actively taking up space
so i just contradicts everything they need me aged prior to this
that was already in use clip enemies home family
this is the best
rioted student video please recognize that they are really really trying to
taking backwards because they recognize that you are in the process of aba baby
you are in the process of elevating
and for the record bold step is a faggot mulls that introduces do without
traditional cardinal beautiful bride but even these words like beautiful or cold
words when you talk about people
they're considered himself
you know i'm sick of the kitten shit like that
ed involves death
he's almost as initial russell simmons is affected
process in the messes with faggots in white women
uh... the like that
getting together family put all these joint to forget the pigeons who was
going on i'm not a hater
i'm not a hater
i'm just analyzing them and showing you because you need to recognize and so you
can come up on abortion
i'm not stepped up in that mother fuckin matrix
i'm not caught up in the bullshit like you
if i want us to watch portion for twenty thirty minutes on television i would
know how to
read between the lines and see with washington was not
indeed mother fuckers don't turn around and body
kited checks it is by the publicity but that isn't that big
add-on brand contemptible mcnair
when we come back into but
whom the completely out of some of them
that's the parking lot
that's the fuckin line
if you follow the indoctrination that he's telling you
that will give the reason
that will be a reason for all effort using in all the different um...
countries in africa
forgive the haiti
because you were probably as european allies
pale face indoctrination
that's why i think what haiti that will be the only reason that's why they will
want to give you a machete to the mother fuckin exported just before quarterback
or whatever or chapman bucket hidup
because they've recognize that you called site indicating abhijeet from
these european system
that's the only reason family
what he's talking about is bullshit
what he's talking about is bullshit
listed listen to the press with my not number to call me so i will confirm
and back to make it that way
who've been there have been talking about the issue
the completely out of some of them
you're not going to conduct our or conflict and back to make it that way
who've been there for them not to copy company
comment from com before printing
alchemist update website itself do you think
because they are getting thrown in jail
when they don't follow the system after they get here and i've been in that they
didn't kill m_i_t_ a in out of it should
listen to those of the loop but let me just mention because i wanted to send
back to make it work
curtains and everything darden caught up in it
so a lot of people dot to make it that way thank you to come here be able to
get about your heritage
and forget about where you will be educated from and all of those things
right there it helped you forget about slavery and what happened to kill people
he said a lot of people died to make it that way he's telling the truth right
now family
did he speaking about
about aboard eight people
he's speaking about a lot of people that wanted to be
on the high level of society as the great blacks that were part of the greek
fraternities and sororities
he's speaking all people that wanted to be
updates in trying to be indoctrinated into this system
and be considered teachers ed following the guidelines
of the greek in the romaine
he has tried to take you back into that they were apparently
please pray
attention listen to this shit
independent consultant burt not an unplanned opened up a few people know it
went to england groups
no i wasn't going to be caught napping napping and met remember
seats and the cell
so he mentioned that he needed to get out there to devote damien said because
that's the bag about it
satisfies you right back into the rock
ebook ties you back in the market the game because they push in the same
fucking shit
it's the same shit family
he just brought it to you catapulted four back
entertainment format
just like broccoli armadillo when you come to you when you come to you you
don't speak politics
the company you are you crazy group
he's saying that that happiness in your cup of this one
yeltsin man fuck dot should we go back but sees the politics
he speaks in numbers
stop playing the game plan to pay attention
stop being sucked into the bullshit
this incident some farm companies prasad
browser to india that that and that
who one bluntness stuff pop with probably are
brower the train
instead of focusing on
we work
yes beat around the whole week all
you've got
while you were sensitive bullshit accounts i did
ductus mother fucker
he needs to be day
three he's very very sick
maybe he shouldn't be doing it
but he needs a chance to be rehabilitated it did not
he needs to be sleek for aber
there's no question about that
anyone that cannot be rehabilitated from the bullshit white identification that
they want to know
may cousin brazen inherit
need to be site next
they'd need to stop breathing beverly never
in jesus name
and weber's name in our last name
in the mall size nine
it promised energies name and whoever thought name it is
lessons of his mother focus almost done
competent enough to get
you could live in fact a diaper black
what africa itial court
knocked out of here
how it got yelled port you just finished up everybody about africa
colors black yellow colour
because that is this your that he wants to bring you into
claiming that
forgetting about the original names in their original
ideology of the original document
is trying to manifest some new tapes evermore shit
it collected f_b_i_ corsage with
keeping u_s_ lay in the new world order
to report
bruce witness in progress
but i couldn't have happened
phenomenal thank you all welfare or home
here about v
cannot come here to policing info
bruce morton now about until about eleven atmo
availability of guns
elaborate black credit card debt
and i don't think that
disfigured acha
yeah better wake the fuck a disregard accel
wake up fast
wake up every student that that that that that that
acted he prepared not to be there for you because i wanted to be here
address and she's ready
hamdoon shit ready
i'm not playing
i'm not talking around the war
window for people in the east
with men it is cool shit badly uh... ready
i am ready
and i'm helping to get mother fuckers ready stops trainees mother fucking
now i'm not talking about nation building on this thing particularly
of talk about protecting them
the mother fuckin people in the process that a nation building
allegedly family
uni strategies
unique chance to be able to give some of these things corrected
to duke it mattered a shit india did use issued against him
alleged war
now for the gang family enough for the gangs
we are we gonna
it if we keep warm mixing with these mother fuckers
do we not only got
you're about to be on a side in in this will be to other ones that's left us not
fuckin wit them that's gonna be part of the old dot
so let's get that shit to do it
mother fuckin blacked out
mother fuckin power to the people that for the oppressed people
not just that i'm not even
trip enough it is not forty-eight
revolutionary boucher
admitted him with the pope is pushing buttons when it comes to see rb two
years a share
them always represent that
first and foremost
and that the nets
but at the same time
i'm not written for everybody dot rep that shit
because they freaked the mob
most of them
power to the people of forty oppressed people
everybody else
dite why you sleeping petite she'll i don't give up
is not about you mother fuckers doing
doing nothing
is about you mother fuckers
ticketed dot net
power to the people that forty oppressed people
thought the common
target is now for the issue
but i still don't subscribe to pale face people i still don't fuck with them one
oh man onenote mother fuckin i will have a conversation with one i would never
know any of them be part of the mother fuckin plan that upon
parted no strategy dot div br
that for our people
alleged boy
troubleshoot melanie to endure achievement face book
meeting very deeply garvey
face book
dedicating energy to recreate my energy
you figure out the spelling
is not going to be which would be
that's the face book page two
alex brody
how much a brother