How to Use Baby Steps to Lose Weight

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>> Did you know that about one-half of all adults
in the US are considered over-weight or obese?
[Background music] If this is something you're concern about,
it's time to do something about it, don't be a statistic.
This year make a commitment to take charge of your health
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>> Hi, I'm Nurse Barb with your Daily Dose.
I'm at El Camino Hospital, where today we're going
to tackle how to lose weight.
I'll show you some simple steps you can take
to avoid big problems like diabetes, heart disease,
and other serious conditions.
First, let's start with one of my favorite topics, good food.
I'm here at the demonstration kitchen at El Camino Hospital
with one of my favorite chefs, Chefs Jacques.
[Background music] Thank you so much.
You're going to teach me how
to make this delicious chicken recipe, right?
>> That's correct.
>> When I look at all of these great ingredients,
it looks like something you might find on the pizza,
so even kids are going to enjoy this.
>> You can actually put all of these
on a pizza that will be great.
We use a lot of fresh herbs here.
We try to use a lot fresh vegetables and fruits
and incorporate them to out meals,
especially for the patients.
Since a lot of sodium and pepper is not used,
we have to compliment that or substitute it with fresh herbs.
>> Also, this dinner could be ready in about 10 minutes.
>> About 10 minutes.
The biggest part is having all your ingredients chopped
and diced and ready to go.
I truly would recommend meeting with a dietitian for any type
of diet before going on a diet because they have the education
and they can tell you exactly where you need to be
and where you have to go to make yourself better.
>> Wow, that's look great.
Wow, thanks Chef.
>> You're welcome.
>> All right, where's the fork.
Is healthy eating enough to keep your waist line down?
The answer may surprise you.
Zero calories does not mean zero risk.
People who eat diet foods actually are shown
to have exactly the same amount of diseases,
same metabolic syndrome, same diabetes.
When the person eats or drinks diet drinks.
What their brains thinks,
I got the sweetness, where is my calorie?
So the person actually eats more.
Metabolic Syndrome is the condition that precedes diabetes
and it's a combination
of diseases including high blood pressure, high triglycerides,
it's a type of a cholesterol, low--
good cholesterol otherwise known as HDL, abdominal obesity
which is what apple shape of the obesity and pre-diabetes.
If you take the population in Unites States at the beginning
of the 20th Century, we probably had less than one percent
of population that had metabolic syndrome.
Today, we have 25 percent.
Now why this happening?
Again, it's because of our eating habits, it's the amount
of sugar that we're eating.
Imagine at the beginning of the century, an average American had
about five pounds of sugar.
Today, we have an average American consuming 170 pounds
of sugar per year.
Does the idea of loosing 30 or even 20 pounds overwhelm you?
You're not alone.
Guess what, the amount that you actually need
to loose maybe less than you think.
>> It's very well proven now and there is a lot
of data we have suggesting only thinking
about 10 percent of the weight lost.
So a person should take baby steps towards their weight lost.
So 10 percent of the weight lost is proven
to give medical benefits to the patient's disease conditions.
For example, the diabetes would improve tremendously,
hypertension gets better,
and many of these patients I see day in, day out in my office,
that they can really reduce their medications
and get better reducing their risk factor
for the heart disease
>> So start the New Year right by taking this small step.
[Background music] Learn if you have metabolic syndrome,
eat a nutritious healthy diet, exercise
and actively manage your weight,
it will be the best New Year's present you can give
to yourself and your family.
To help you get started, join El Camino Hospital's Health Perks
Program and you will get a set of nutritionally, balanced,
and delicious recipes.
The membership it free, just use Nurse Barb
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And remember, always get the information you need
to make the best decision for your health
and the health of your family.
I'm Nurse Barb and this is your Daily Does.
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