Casino (8/10) Movie CLIP - The Feds Run Out of Gas (1995) HD

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I see you, motherfuckers.
(Ace) 'Nicky Was not only bringing heat on himself but on me too.
'The FBI Watched every move he made but he didn't care. He just didn't care.'
(Nicky) 'lf you're gonna Watch me, I'm gonna Watch 'em right back.
'I spent a feW bucks. Top dollar. Who gives a shit?
'I got the latest anti-buggin' equipment from the same places that sell to the CIA.
'I had special police frequency radios, FBI de-scramblers, cameras that see in the dark.
'And because of that, the miserable sons of bitches never caught me doin' anything.'
(Ace) 'I got my job on the line and this guy's havin' the time of his life.
'He has every cop in the state Watchin' him and he's out playin' golf.
'And at the Worst possible time for me.
'I had my license hearing coming up and I didn't Want to leave anything to chance.
'lf I can't Work in Vegas, Where am I gonna go? '
You've been very open With us. I mean, your books and papers.
The Commission Will appreciate that.
- All I ask is a fair hearing. - This kind of honesty Will guarantee that.
- Good. - All right, We'll move on to...
I Wanted to hear the summary about Kansas City...
What the fuck is this?
Where's this guy gonna land? The fairway?
They're fuckin' agents, Frankie. Look at this.
(Ace) 'The Feds Were Watching Nicky play golf for so long, they ran out of gas.
'Just What I needed, right in front of the Control Board.'
$100, Whoever hits the plane.