How Areva Uses Tableau

Uploaded by tableausoftware on 13.09.2012

Areva Rassemble Tout avec Tableau
In one month, we had a tool that was running perfectly. Absolutely unimaginable. Better
than what we originally thought. It was exactly what we wanted to display. Up to that moment,
we used Excel dashboards. With Tableau, we said we have the image, so let’s go for it!
Comprendre la vue d'ensemble Until we got this tool, what we presented
in Excel was minor. We could see some trends, but not the entire scope.
In Tableau, with a couple of clicks we could put everything on one chart. Sales, marketing,
production, purchases, and finances.
We could see the whole organization. The direction we were taking, Our global vision. We could
display it all! We could present everything. We could display
it all!
Comment mieux travailler en équipe We have a plant that produces 100 windmills
a year. We needed to know when a 2nd and 3rd plant would be needed.
We asked ourselves when should we build? Where will we build? How many jobs will we create?
We are all linked, although we work in different departments. We could align everything and
see how we had to work together to realize this project.
We could all square up. We gathered all our departments around one table and saw our direction,
our goal. We saw what we had to do to deliver turbines and windmills in time, in hours,
and to accomplish the project all together. Today, we fully rely on data that we share.
We are now completely transparent.