OBPA Board Meeting September 5, 2012, Part 1

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Good Afternoon, I'd like to open up our
Bridge and Port Authority Meeting, it's
Wednesday, September 5. It's 4:15 P.M.
I'd like to call the Meeting to order.
Wade, do we have any letters of communication?
There are a couple communications I'd like to bring to your attention in the packets. First up is
the USS Fort Worth, that was in the
Port. There's a notation
from Asera (?) Associates, is the second one.
This is the independent fee estimate on runway 927, which,
was justified as being reasonable. And,
there is the editorial from the Watertown Daily Times, regarding
the yogurt market in New York State.
in your packets, you've listed you've got
...board minutes from meetings on February 15, March 7, and,
August 2.
Anyone like to accept those?
I make a motion to accept those minutes. Second.
Second. Do we have any questions or comments about those minutes?
No? All those in favor of accepting the minutes, signify by saying aye?
Do we have any comments, or any presentation by citizens, regarding
items today? We do not. At this time, I'd like to,
we have Fisher Associates here, and, we'd like to go into
...private, confidential
information, and we'd like to go into Executive Session at this point in time. Do we have
a motion to do that? I make a motion to go into Executive Session for negotiations.
Second? Second by Steve Barlow. Any questions or comments?
No? Okay, so at this time, we'll now go into Executive Session.
Do we wait for the camera to go off?

All set? Yes.
Let the record show that we're coming back from Executive Session,
from a presentation. There was no
action involved. And, now back to regular reports.
Wade, we'll go to you first. Certainly, I'll jump right into the Staff Reports.
A couple of key items, that have happened during the last month.
We completed the discussion with MTO Kingston,
that's the Canadian equivalent of New York State DOT.
And, this was in regards to the bridge signage package,
on Route 401, and 416. There are significant improvements
to the signage, coming on the way, and in the neighborhood
of 2 to 300,000 dollars cost. And, that's done
at zero cost for the Utilities. They were able to work it into their package.
I apologize, I have all these...
signs, and how they appear, and everything else done up. It should've been here, I forgot
to make photocopies today, so I will get those out to you on a separate copy.
Let me ask a question, because...
going to the airport...
where are airport signs of Canada,
come over here to the United States, and tell you where the airport is at?
If I go to Canada, they're kind of cute, (but I don't have a picture) with airplanes.
And if they airplane's facing this way, you turn that way.
They tell you where the airport is. I mean, so,
is there any thought of...because of promoting the airport also?
With that type of sign? For Ogdensburg, to pick it up here?
Not on the Canadian side. I'm just saying, on this side?
Ditto. Do we have them here? Yeah, I don't know.
I don't see anything coming up either way. We'll have to check.
They have the one on 6, 812. 2 signs out there.
A picture of an airport, boarding at (unintelligible). I didn't notice that.
It's right there on Cemetery. Isn't there one on 68? Well, look there should be at least one on
the corner of 812 and 37 down there. Yes.
It's on the...(cross talk - unintelligible) But coming off here, coming of our...
(cross talk - unintelligible) I've got a question.
Is this stuff we thought about? (cross talk - unintelligible) Yes, we received it
at the Facilities Committee. It still wasn't Board approved. No, there was no resolution on it.
It isn't for Board approval, or anything. It's just, that's why we talked about it at the
Facilities Committee. I was supposed to have those packets done up, and they were supposed to be in the Board Meeting.
You want to buy this one? (chuckles) No. that's the volume one. I'll get the
colored ones out. Okay. I'll give you this one pretty cheap! (laughter)
Other things happened during
the period, we had a very good FTZ discussion with a potential client
looking to utilize the zone. The next step down the...
down the pike on this particular item, and we'll see where that goes.
Health insurance proposals; August was really health insurance
proposal month, for the Labor Management Committee. We met and we talked about
in Executive Session, relative to the health insurance proposals,
and corresponding agreement. But the new plan year started
September 1, and is now in effect.
A couple things regarding the digital sign;
Also met with local Employee Assistance Program, the EAP provider,
IT, I-98,
we're still awaiting the FHWA to make a decision on the
...New York State DOT's application,
of which our bridge censure is a part.
At the Port, one of the items on the agenda this evening,
you'll see we have another agreement
or an addendum agreement, with the
...company to
handle waste stream returns, and,
cradles, and that type of thing associated with the projects.
That is, we'll get another ship this year, as well.
Marketing Committee held it's inaugural meeting, we have several items on the agenda
tonight for consideration, and follow up that needs to be done.
Part of that: Port Access Road...
is...required a lot of time, during the period.
The TSA, I don't want to
raise undo alarms, but, we're waiting for the
Law Enforcement Officer LEO agreement from
TSA. That offsets the cost,
for Law Enforcement at the airport. That expires September 30,
we have multiple calls into TSA, and have been following up for about
the best part of 2 weeks now, trying to get a status update on that. Because, obviously
that's a concern for us, and also a concern for the city.
Several things with outside counsel during the month...
a lot of meetings just over the past month. And,
a lot of Board discussions, with some individual members.
I'd be happy to answer questions that anybody has.
I have a question on I-98 group, that can continue to promote
the need for future highways, and infrastructure of
Northern New York. I'd like to have you talk to the Board about this,
the new structure, that I-98 is taking, and,
going to take. And, here in the near future, which is the meeting
...Thursday night, at 6 o'clock.
And, I'd like to have you talk a little bit about that. Certainly, I'd be happy to.
I-98 is changing its format a little bit.
They will be their own entity, which is...
they need to file a 1C3, a clause that's on the form.
It will be its own separate stand-alone entity, with its own
Board of Directors, and its own staff associated with it.
There have been multiple discussions
this next meeting is coming up. I have been asked to
participate in this. As you know, I am an
I-98 supporter. I, however, am not an I-98 zealot.
My interest in I-98 ends at the bridge.
So, that's something that I feel we need to have a
discussion...in Executive Session, later on
this evening, regarding my role, if any, in the
I-98 going forward. Because there's a lot of things on our collective plates here,
and, something that we need to have a discussion about. Well, I think it's a
good idea, to discuss it...openly
here. I just want to make sure the folks around this table who
wasn't here with us, was one of the original
started this. Dan Dubry is the original man that...
and person that started up the I-98.
And, I-98 started when they were going to spend 13 million dollars,
in Morristown, to Ogdensburg,
to put in 3; develop 300 new driveways.
And, we thought at that time, maybe we could restructure that money, and come down
through Morristown, to the center of
Morristown, down to Ogdensburg, and then extend it on down to Massena,
to get into the plants. And, that was the beginning of a long
situation that's here today, we're faced with I-98.
But...I will be at that meeting.
On Thursday night. Because if some of us
it's the strategy that they're talking about. It seems that the
President of the United States has designated
$980,000. Almost a million dollars.
To do whatever we've got to do with this particular
survey, or whatever we've got to do. But for the Boards interest,
when Dan was here, we captured about 12 million dollars.
For the studies of the I-98,
we had a guy by the name of Wilbur Smith.
And, he did all of this thing,
and he came back that, the 4 lane highway was a positive thing, for
economic development, throughout the North Country. It would help Massena,
Ogdensburg, Malone, and all of those folks. All of us would benefit.
And, somehow, it got
shifted through politicians, and,
they've got 6 million dollars of Federal money laying around.
Well, when we finally got; Wade was at the meeting,
and, he was a supporter, because I kept pointing at the issue,
there has to be a pin number tied to
that 6 million dollars. Well, DOT has always
had that money. They've got a pin number for it.
And, next thing we knew, they finally opened the gates.
We never got the 6 million dollars. But, now
we're going to start a new...this new group thing.
And, I just don't want to get lost here, in the shuffle.
This Bridge and Port Authority was the original start of all this
I-98. They named it I-98; we named it
...everybody named it. And, where we got lost
here, for the Boards information, I just want to talk a little bit about it.
It's through Jim Halpin. Jim Halpin was our
secretary. And, when...our
good friend, the Executive Director passed away...
we couldn't find any minutes. We couldn't find anything, and Tisha looked,
at any account Mr. Halpin had.
We went to him, and...
through all the years that we - ten years. (unintelligible)...still do.
We don't know what happened; where they went.
6 million dollars got lost. We got nothing out of that,
we had Wilbur Smith paid for. And, that was through
the other part of it. But, here we are faced with another
doing, that I don't know what they're doing over there at the IDA. I understand
these folks; the IDA are involved with something,
of hiring a consult.
That's going to work directly for the
IDA. And...
I don't know who paid all these people. There's been public discussion on that, and nothing
has been decided, to my knowledge, at this point. So, we'll have to wait
and see, but, I don't want to lose the focus, that,
we were part of this team, and I want to make sure we stay...
very functionable within this I-98 thing.
If there's money available now, and it seems to me that,
there's people getting excited now, and want to get involved. Because there's money
involved in it, is what it's down to. Where it ends up I don't know.
But the President of the United States has designated that
for I-98. But, where it goes, I don't know. I don't know if the County's said anything
on that. I don't know if you have any news on it over there, what's going on?
No. I understand that there's been some
discussion with IDA, and they've already got everything all set up, and
this is how it's going to be run, and Jason Clark is going to be
from what I understand, stepping down from the Massena thing? Who does he work for?
He is and independent consulting firm, he's no longer affiliated with
the B.D.C. So, he's all done with that? So he's...I don't know where
this is going, guys. He was in track of the truck the other day in the (unintelligible)
Don, you were in the parade. Down in Massena, he was pulling one sign...
I see there was an I-98 sign, was that him? That was him driving the truck.
So, I'm concerned about, monies that we
have given. And, monies that we may give in the future.
How it's going to be used. And, I don't know how you can be Chairman of something,
and, then be a consultant, and be a broker,
and want to be paid. I don't know how
it works. I know...I'm a little ahead of everything
here, but I want to let you know that I will bring this up to date; more on it.
And, I said to Wade the other day, they're going to have to have a new Chairman.
You can't self-serve yourself, and get
State money, or Federal money. And, when I say State Money, well,
we've got money in there. The date Board's got money in there. And,
did we pay our money last year? We're still holding it, pending agreement
with this new organization.
So, anyway, thank you, I just wanted to them about it, and I just wanted to let you know
where we're on it. I don't know what's going on there. Where's this meeting?
It's going to be in Canton, at the Courthouse, isn't it? Yes, it's
over at the Legislator's Chambers. Oh, is it going to be in the Chamber?
So, I'm going to go over there, and just sit back and listen, I mean, you know, I'm part of the committee, but,
since I've retired as a Teamster Official,
I didn't take any executive position on any of this committee stuff.
So, Brian called me, and took my
position and told me to be there. Because there is going to be discussion coming up. Of course,
he's probably going to talk you about something in Executive Session on...some of the
plays that are going on. So, I just wanted to let you know in open session, that,
I want to be actively involved, as Bridge and Port Authority. It's very important -
that I-98, because we tie into it.
And, there has to be money for us to have this spur. Our modes of transportation clearly
necessitate some sort of role with the I-98 group.
And, that's something that we need to discuss. Okay, thank you, that's all I have, we don't have anymore.
Thank you Mr. Chairman. You're welcome, thank you for your input.
Anything else, Wade?
No. Any other questions for Wade?
Deputy Executive, Chief Financial Officer?
Yes. I've got some finances set to go, I'll hand those out in just a minute.
Through August.
I've been preparing information, requested
from the Office of State Comptroller that was due, on Friday,
it was sent Friday. A considerable amount of information,
a box-full, actually, of...detailed
expenditures. And, for the last 2 years,
included all the
travel expenses that were paid, either through
vouchers, or through credit cards.
Any other spending through credit cards, each and every one listed
separately. You know, like if we used a credit card to purchase...
a part, or something that we
needed to get here quickly. All those credit type of transactions
were detailed, and sent to the Office of the State Comptroller.
I would call it, invest audit. Yeah, I was going to say, it sounds like it does
sound like invest audit. Now, this is basically routine
stuff. What they do, is they're asking for pretty much routine items,
they ask of all Authorities invest audits. And, we're good, we haven't had one
that, we're supposed to have one every 5 years. It's been 6 years since our
last audit. So, I don't see anything out of the ordinary here with the Board.
They just...they just moved into...
things. Everybody needed accounting for.
They just moved in there. I also answered some questions
from the division of budget, concerning...
our 2012-2013 budget. And, most of those questions were around capital spending.
question was, why is it up more than 2%...
above the year before, and that 2% is how our
contribution towards the capital...
I sent a lot of detailed information to the division of budget, showing
that, you can't, it's very difficult to prepare...
all our contributions to the capital budget, one year to the next.
Because, there's some things that we expect to get,
that we have to contribute 5%, of things that we...
it's some funding that we get for other projects, that
we don't contribute anything. And, others that we contribute 10%,
and some things that we do on our own, depending upon our needs.
For instance, the improvements down at the Port,
for flat storage. Without those,
we couldn't have gotten the project. So, you know, that was
120,000 that was in the budget, budgeted for that.
And, so, those are the kinds of things that I sent those explanations...
they asked for. They asked me to remove enough to get it down
to where it was 2% over. And, I told them that that was a Board decision,
so, they asked me to put in one line of a minus, to get
it to 2%. So, even if the Governor
asked, I guess. That's it. It's a good thing; form over substance,
still controls. If it looks good on paper, it's okay. So, if you
see anything in the division of budget that has a negative line on it,
that's why that negative line is there, it gets it to the 2%.
But, I want to be clear; they're reaching out, and adjusting our capital budget
with, basically fund figures, so they can show what they want it to show. Absolutely.
That's correct. And, 5 months of
this budget here, has now expired. Yes. And, we're still playing
with this. Yes. Correct.
Never think in the real world it would happen. No. No.
Only in government, Don, can you make it in that world.
The statement that I made, because the...
when I explained about the flat storage,
I told them that our budget for
part time...longshoremen, they've gone from 30,000 in the budget
to right around a million, in spending, and the guy, I think
the noise I heard was him falling out of his chair! (chuckles)
I told him that, we
also had revenue, that far exceeded that,
that we hadn't budgeted for also. And, I said, we are
not in the (unintelligible) business. And, I don't know that he appreciated that
very much, but that's the way it is.
So, as Wade said, I don't know
how much longer you'll be here, but...(laughter)
Anyway. We might get audited every year?
Yeah. (chuckles) On the compliance, the first quarter
end of the year report was on time. We filed the second quarter, it's due on the
15th of October. And, our goal plan, is due Friday.
Now, they asked for the goal plan, I sent the resolution, and I sent
our policy. That, without the goal plan, I received
back some information, about how to formulate the goal plan,
in the format that they wish it to be in. So, that's due Friday,
I'll get it done tonight. It seems like there's an awful lot of
time spent, doing those kind of bureaucratic
duties. Just a reality check, If I may,
our goal is 20%, when we do these bridge inspections, and what is our actual
that should be spent? The actual for the first quarter
was 9%. And, that was
mostly due to the...a round point portion
of the Port Access Road.
Thank you.
I've been provided analysis for business expansions in
the Industrial Park.
You know, they have also analysis for the returns; what to charge,
in those cases.
We're using the biometric
web-based time clock. I have ordered another clock, so that there will be
more efficient use of the clocks, and then everybody,
going to the same clock.
And, I've participated in Port Access Road updates. So,
I'll distribute this. Oh, there is 2 reports that I promised, that are not available,
the Airport Activity Report is not. I got ahold of
the guy at Cape Air. And, he said
he has been out of the office on vacation, and he'll get it for me tomorrow.
That's at daylight. And, the Bridge Traffic Report
...with the...
Labor Day weekend, and so on...that was
just completed. And, for the part that I need to put it into
the report that I give you, and that was just given to me.
And, it appeared it's up around 10% again, in August,
over August of a year ago. Again, I do not have that report,
in the same format.
We were going to ask you to add, in the quarterly, whatever they ask for...
like, say you're up 10%. Yes. Now,
if I went back 4 years, 5 years,
do we have good numbers, so that we know we have a thousand versus
2200...(interrupts): I don't know how far back they go, but we've got
back quite a few years. Yeah, and sometimes we [could] have a report like that, to see what
the transgression has been...where the slide...?
Okay. I'll see what I can do. I don't want to burden you with something like that, but,
if it's easy to [do]. Okay. Would you like that?
Well, it would be probably be very meaningful to us,
that, over last year's good, but what is it over the
4, or 5 year, or 3 year, or whatever. You're saying, kind of a graph that I
did in the budget. Yeah. I could do that, then.
It won't be a big deal to do. Okay, so this is
the...results at the end of August.
As you can see, our revenue, as
expected, because of the wind project, is up considerably.
The wind project itself is,
if you look at the Port operating income, of the...
our income is up a million dollars. The wind project
is more than a million dollars. So, it would indicate
that the rest of the...Port operating income that we were
expecting, that 425,000 did not materialize,
for some of it, that is for good reason in many cases.
I think we had delayed, or discouraged that our salt shipments,
because you can't have salt in the winter on the same
dock. I don't think so. (chuckles) So, hopefully they will come in, and,
we'll get caught up there. But, by looking at that,
the million dollars is not the revenue from the...
from the wind project it's much more than that.
The...in general, overall, we're...
in good shape on revenue, other than that. I think that is
actually a weakness, even though it's a million dollar bill, because of that.
Fred, on that point, I know these are the actual financials, and
this tells a story. And, there's another story
I think that needs to be told here, as well. Can you...
peel out the effect of the wind turbines, and see what this looks like,
as budget. Because the budget...I mean there's an (unintelligible) out here, because,
the budget didn't assume the wind turbine project.
So, I realize it'd not be a good time to be an actual financial,
but it would be a good reference point for us. I could pull out everything
that I do for the wind project, and,
I would think that would be good information for you to do, I can share that
with you by email. I think that'd be good.
Thank you. Salaries and Wages, they say, that that's where we're up
900.000. That's Longshoremen.
For the most part. And the benefits are not up
that same type of percentage, because the Longshoremen
benefits are paid in cash, and considered wages.
For the most part. Now, what do you do, Fred, and the end of the
year, you write them all a 1099, for the benefits
they received? And then cash? No, because they're paid in cash
as part of their W2. Or will be. Yeah.
Will that have, like a box 14
descriptive...letter for that amount benefits,
or don't they do that?
I don't think so, because of the fact that gets paid...
(interrupts) Disconnect. It's considered wages. It's considered wages. Okay.
Bridge inspection, I think that has happened now, hasn't it, Steve?
So then you put it on the insurance policy? It took one of the themes as you were talking.
Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, it has. So, that will,
next month be in the actual column, whatever the expense was?
And in the budget column, on budgeting, divide that...
whatever the...150,000 divided by 12. So, that that's showing up
there regular, each month.
Any questions about anything, that is...
How about the general office expenses? What's going on down there?
I don't know the answer, but I will get the answer.
It's extremely low. Yeah. We've been so busy, we haven't had time
to order anything. Seems like something's going to catch up with us here, not too far down the road. Yeah.
Sure. That's a good question,
again, I kind of...since this really so early in the month,
I just kind of put it together, and I haven't really had a chance to analyze myself.
I wanted you to be able to see it, so,
my answers are incomplete.
But, I think you can see that the things that are up are mostly related to the wind project.
And, most everything else is in balance.
(unintelligible) Insurance, because we didn't
file the insurance specifically for the wind project.
Yes. Now, I was thinking of your report,
and your housing and storage income. Does it have anything to do with...
the turbine project at all? Very little, but a little bit.
Just a little bit? Just a little bit, yeah.
The increase is mostly from more leftover salt,
than we budgeted to have that thing. There's been a little bit of...
storage income, but not a lot.
Can we get a date when they're going to get all of that (unintelligible) going to be out of there?
Is that coming up yet? October 10th. What's that?
Roughly; I got an update today, roughly around October 10th.
October 10th everything will be gone? Well, yeah, it depends on what the - weather-wise,
and things up there, but based on what we're seeing right now, that's what they said.
Then you've got a another ship coming in? I heard that? Yes. Yeah, to return
the crane. Red Brands, and the...
housing, train housing. DOT.
Now, when this project's done,
will you give us a print out of everything? Yes.
(cross talk - unintelligible) I'll give you a print analysis of the wind turbine project.
And, you did say that the bridge tolls are up 10%?
They bridge traffic is up 10%, but not the tolls.
Yeah, I was just looking at that 3000 on there. Okay. Yeah. A thousand under.
And, again, I didn't get a chance to analyze that, but that's,
year to date, I think we're up, traffic is up 7, or 8% again,
I think that I had budgeted that same kind of a number.
And, it could be the mix of cars and trucks. Cars are up, more than
trucks. And, we do continue to sell a lot of commuter cards. Which
gives a discount, and affects the dollars per trip.
Anything else?
Now, I'll get you something here, that kind of shows, where we would be
without the turbine project.
I think, one of the...if I may...
I thought Doug was asking for a complete breakdown of...
the whole scenario of the windmill project.
From start to finish. You know, later on, it doesn't have to be next month, but,
we would like to know, how it all broke down; the whole thing.
Yes. Absolutely. Bottom line, I mean I'm looking at this report;
909,000...dollars and wages here. So, if you go over to the line
of 1,442,000. Subtract that,
is that - I don't know that? It's about
1.3. But there's more costs than just wages.
Yes. There's also the extra insurance,
there's the extra maintenance. Because of that maintenance line, that's up
187,000. There's welding supplies,
a lot of supplies from...
the wind turbine project. Well, the idea is...
how did we do, really, overall?
That's the issue, you know? Absolutely. Because, when we "go back to the drawing board",
while I understand we may, "go back to the drawing board",
If the right President gets elected, we might see some more work.
If the other guy gets in, he's not going to build any windmills.
So, we'll go from there. Going to buy more oil.
Well, you will get a complete analysis.
Thank you. Thanks.
I think that's what you're asking, wasn't it Doug? Yeah. A complete. Yes.
To see our wages, expenses. Right. The overtime. Yes. The whole...
the whole sort of it. We quoted everything, and...that's that kind of (unintelligible).
I've got one question, Fred, and, this of last year, because,
...you cut up that engine
down there. Yeah, I did. Where did we
sell it, and what did we do there? I think that will be part of Steve's report.
Right, Steve? About the work? Yeah.
I could answer you now, if you'd like. No, I didn't realize it, I just wondered if
they, did you give it away, or what you did? You know?
Well, I haven't seen any cash, but we're open, it will be coming. It will probably be here Friday. It's in the making.
I thought I saw it running, but that was...that was 14. (laughter). I didn't know!
I didn't know if Tommy had been in, if Tommy had been in and made his visit? (laughter)
She told me, to get out my truck. (laughter).
(laughter). I heard train arrive this morning, when I was reading the paper in the back room, and I thought it was
going to blow up! (laughter) That's a reliable...
(cross talk - laughter - unintelligible)
That's the good one? He did tell me, I had completely caught up in John...and didn't start the
project. Amazing, that was. Check the meeting list. Okay,
John, we'll get to you correctly this time.
I'll be brief, and just go over some of the highlights here, we continue to add some
inquiries, regarding transformer shipments to Massena,
probably 2014, 2015.
So we can provide pricing for that.
I'm encouraged by some discussions over large Canadian
grain companies. There's already a customer that's looking to...
bring some product in this fall, by vessel. And,
it should be very good for us. Hopefully, we'll have something
before the next meeting. Also, working with one of our existing
salt customers, and bringing in new product, that's still being discussed,
but they seem interested, they seem happy with our price.
Just waiting until I can "pull the trigger" on that. I met with a
feed producer out of Jefferson County, that's looking to store some
product at the Port. Initially, they were looking at
just temporary storage, what they made in Jefferson County. Now they're looking at
maybe bringing inbound material, for their process.
That will take some time to work out. If it indeed does happen.
As Wade mentioned, in the meeting in regarding the FTZ,
it could be by a local firm.
Had a good meeting in the Marketing Committee Meeting, and there are 3 proposals on the
Board agenda tonight. I met with
a St. Lawrence County manufacturer, and had a good meeting with them...
regarding available space, and how we could help them out.
In terms of marketing, and getting some
estimates from the Ottawa Citizen; Montreal Gazette, and
the Ottawa Business Journal, for the next Marketing Committee Meeting,
to run banner ads in those publications, to get some general
marketing going.
I spoke to 3, or 4 different clients, that they are looking at space...
probably could decide by the end of the year, or
regarding next year. I've met with
3, or 4 existing Park tenants, to talk about expansion opportunities, as well.
We've been working on a vision-mission strategy
for the Marketing Committee, and I actually have that mostly done, at this point in time.
I've been working with DCG Corplan, to implement the marketing initiatives,
lots of those, if those are approved by the Board tonight. And, we've got a couple
events coming up in October, there, that we are working on, as well,
in conjunction with the County, and our friends
in the Thousand Islands, moving forward.
Fred, do you remember...
your work with the City, how you had a proposal for...
having head hunter supplying jobs, and stuff like that?
Was that something that's...
of value to back to revisit something like that?
I don't think it went anywhere, I think there was the one
person, that was working for the Authority, and ran the Railroad.
And, brought in some leads...and then, nothing was...nothing ever
materialized, as far as...there was a reluctance on paying
somebody, to do that.
Do you remember that, Don? Well, what happened was, I think the figure was
25,000 in commission fees. And, it got so much more money,
for 10 positions that they got. Yeah. You know, for
jobs, or whatever. And, it had to be a 1, or, 2, or, 3 year contract.
I don't remember the logistical things that were involved in it, but, there was no action...
I'm not saying we'd do that again, but I mean, is it something that...
may have some value? I don't know in this point in time.
Because, if we're looking at the marketing aspect, we were...maybe, you know,
You were possibly important on that, I know you worked on that.
I had a talk with a consultant up in Ottawa...
that I've known for quite a long time, and I talked with him about
potentially setting up meetings with companies up there. And, possibly
having a contract with them, but I haven't gotten with them any closer.
Well, I'm just thinking of the Industrial Park, if you had somebody, or some guy
will say, all of the sudden I've got some...some company wants to
come in, and they're going to hire 50 people, and he knows about the Facility,
he's going to get a little; he's going to get some money for...being an agent,
and bringing those jobs in. I think the number is like 3 years, you have to maintain
it for 3 years. And, he gets...25, or $50,000
for a number of jobs, and it was a scale about how many jobs came in. Right, Fred, something like that?
It's still there. Yeah. I mean, that's just something you don't
pay anybody, unless you get any results.
John, I noticed in your report that,
we still don't market the Toronto area, we don't do anything in Toronto?
The County does Trade Shows in Toronto...
I've tried to recommend marketing that far, and...
had a couple meetings, but we just seem to be too far away for Toronto.
Anybody have questions for John?
It's a big market, it's unfortunate that we aren't looking...(interrupts): Well, I was thinking about the 2 Ports
up in that area, Oshawa, and the other Port up in that area, and I was just
wondering if there was...you know, should we somehow, you know...
make sure they know we're on the map, or something, I don't know.
Well I meet with...whenever we go to meetings, we meet from Oshawa, and Hamilton. Okay. Yeah.
They know us, and we know them.