Create QR-Code Business Cards for Free

Uploaded by TECITSoftware on 02.03.2010

This business card application allows you to create QR-Code business cards.
The business cards contain a 2D barcode. The complete contact information of the business card is encoded into the 2D barcode.
This 2D barcode can be decoded with most camera-equipped smartphones like the iPhone or Android based smartphones.
After decoding the 2D barcode your cell phone offers you the possibility to save the contact data in your address book,
to call the phone number, to visit the web page or to send an SMS.
And all this without typing any data!
Sounds interesting? Then just go to TEC-IT's web site at
At the top of the page select the link QR Code Business Cards.
The application opens in a new window.
You can select from a number of pre-defined business card templates.
To select your favorite business card design just scroll through the templates by clicking the red arrows.
As soon as you click on a template
the description
the available data fields
and the preview are updated.
The description in the blue bar contains the following information:
The dimension of the business card which is helpful when printing,
the type of the 2D code used in the card - in this case a QR Code
and finally the format used for creating the 2D code.
What does barcode format mean?
The barcodes used in the business cards comply with various standards.
One of these standards is called VCARD.
Then there are business cards with so-called URL barcodes. These barcodes simply encode a web-site address.
And finally the so-called MECARD format is supported.
MECARD and VCARD codes both contain the complete business card information!
The MECARD format usually results in more compact barcodes for better readability.
VCARD may also be an option. But it depends on which format is supported by your barcode reader software.
If you are not sure just create business cards in both formats.
Whenever possible choose a design with a large barcode symbol.
The larger the barcode the better the scanning results.
An alternative would be to enter as little information as possible.
This leads to barcodes with a lower data density - thus providing better readability with your phone.
Let's try now, I'll enter my contact data.
This data contains the web-address of the logo or background image on the business card.
Keep the default logo or paste the URL to your own logo or image into this field.
You can also delete the content of this field if you prefer a card without a background image or logo.
Please keep in mind that only URLS will work. Pictures on your hard drive can't be used.
After entering the complete data, click Preview.
In the preview you see a singe business card using all the fields entered on the left.
When you read the QR-Code with your smart phone all the information contained in the business card is available in an instant.
If you like it just click on Generate PDF.
A new window opens and the result is displayed immediately.
And now print this PDF on your printer.
And then you scan the business card with your smart phone!
This business card creator is completely free for private and non-commercial use.
If you are interested in creating your own layouts, download the demo version for TFORMer Designer.
It's free and you can design as many layouts as you want.
I hope this video has been of interest to you - Thanks for watching!