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Hi everyone! Welcome to PIS' first-person perspective video.
Today, I'm going to show 2 rounds of POTM-play.
Umm... But firstly, I would like to apologise to everyone.
This is because I haven't updated in a long time. This is because I've been experimenting with the sound-recording software recently.
Finally, I've found out how to use it.
Err... A little introduction.
Here at Sentinel, I'm with two of my friends, forming a three-man pubstomp team.
One of them is "Cai Bi". [He is a well-known video-maker in China who makes Top 10 DotA video, similar to WoDotA Top 10.]
The other is a pub player in tier-one room. He is called "Jing Ling Dan Dan". [A well-known pub player amongst the Chinese, with almost the fame of competitive players.]
I believe a lot of other players know him.
Because he is such a good player, he know how to and he has excellent micro
Frequently, his replays get posted online.
He has picked Lycanthrope. It is a hero he's quite fluent with.
There are 4 heroes that he is quite familiar with.
One is Lycanthrope, one is Storm Spirit, one is Shadow Fiend and one is Templar Assassin.
These 4 heroes are ones that... he plays quite well.
Recently, he has also picked up on another hero. Which hero is it?
His playstyle is non-mainstream type,
Soloing the hard lane.
He also plays roaming-style, pumping Battle Hunger.
He seems to like playing non-mainstream style.
Personally, I like playing in such manner [non-mainstream] as well. When I play pub games, I'm slack. As long as I'm happy and feel good, I will play it as such.
I won't get too serious.
These few rounds were played at a cyber-cafe, and I forgot to bring my own mouse there.
I brought my mousepad, but not my mouse. Now I'm using the mouse belonging to the cybercafe together with my mousepad.
Someone has pinged.
Double-damage Lion.
Hexed [It was a stun though], arrow.
I got the last-hit, and thus the first blood.
As I was saying, I'm using my own mousepad together with the mouse from this cybercafe. So I'm a little not used to it.
I'm soloing against a Storm Spirit.
His attack damage is higher than mine and his attack animation is better than mine.
He is advantageous over me in terms of last-hitting. However, my attack range is further than his.
Hence, I can take advantage of my range and sneak a few attacks while he's last-hitting.
This arrow...
Was a little off...
I got attacked thrice by the Storm while I was trying to last-hit that creep...
The Storm seems a little angry.
Storm has no more regen items.
Hardship for him.
Let's see the rune for the 2nd minute.
Since I have regen rune, I dare to go 1-on-1 with the Storm. This is to keep his HP down. Afterall, he has no regen items and I have the regen rune.
Let's find a chance to take some of his HP away.
He pulled me.
His Remnant did not hit me.
Okay, I'm going to use my regen rune now.
I leaped here.
He has no mana, and has used up all his spells. He knew he was going to die, hence he stayed there to attack me.
What happened just now was...
I killed a creep and hit Level 5. Pumped Level 2 Starfall, Leaped over and killed the Storm.
The 4th minute rune is at bottom.