Introducing Chrome's new Settings interface

Uploaded by googlechrome on 13.02.2011


Hi there.
I'd like to give a quick demo of Chrome's cool
new Settings interface.
This new approach to browser settings will make tweaking
Chrome super easy, so that Chrome is configured just the
way you like it on your computer.
To get to Chrome Settings on Windows, click on the Wrench
menu, and select Options.
If you're on a Mac, choose Preferences.
The first thing you notice is that Chrome Settings menu is
now a tab in the browser instead of a
separate dialogue box.
With the new Settings menu in Chrome, I can quickly and
easily use the Search box to find the settings that I'm
looking for.
Let's say that I'd like to import all my bookmarks from
another browser.
All I have to do is click in the Search box, type Import,
and voila, I found the exact setting that I need.
Chrome's new Settings interface is also particularly
handy if you're helping friends or family with a
little tech support.
Chrome's omnibox automatically updates with a direct link to
the settings that you're looking for.
This means that I can easily help friends and family
customize Chrome by simply sending them
these direct links.
For example, my dad recently asked me to help him manage
his passwords in Chrome.
But since dad lives 8,000 miles away in a different
country, I won't be able to help him in person.
So first, to find the Password Manager, I type Password in
the Search box to see all instances of
where "password" appears.
Once I've found the Password Manager, I can then copy its
direct link and send it to my dad.

All my dad has to do is copy and paste this
link into his omnibox.
The link will automatically open the Password Manager in
Chrome Settings.