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can art
losing a pound and a but never
feeling hungry it's called
predates chichi dot
dekha holo
called eight c g
on a diet
jerry low in calories stop it sounds too good
to be true
but you can meet some people including doctors
who tried it
in state has changed
their lives
all these people here say they have lost and maze ing amount of weight on it
about eight hundred pounds in total when i first heard about it always intrigued
but i had a lot of questions
doesn't really work is it safe
is there a miracle
believes that hike
it's the hottest diet sweeping the country
and if you believe all the hype
it's the long-awaited miracle cure for weight loss
forty pounds it just forty days
an astonishing one pound per day
that's what the ads promised with eighteen g dot its controversial and
thousands of people swear by it
casey g dine actually dates back to the nineteen fifties when doctor eighty w
cities claimed a human chorionic gonadotropin
honorable produced repentance c two e shortly is gets busier nutrients the
ourselves promotes weight loss
according to serious
by simultaneously suppressing it aphrodite while helping the body burns
users say that helps them with the most radical part of the diet which then
leads you to just five hundred calories per day
why the sole dramatic way up allow thousand counterclockwise that's the old
enough to lose weight
what we're seeing today without you see it's becoming an epidemic and the sooner
we can get people to their goals where they are healthy
the better off they are explained what i thought perhaps hoping you would
about becomes a day
you're actually not living off of justice to where the concept is and why
it works so well as your living off of this for their consuming
plus the additional body fat needed for the energy you're not concerned
so we are the one that i can see is saying that the reason
it is used in fact it is because
you can get by without a calories because you're burning fat stores
approach most of us had tens of thousands of calories just i mean it's a
lot which percent the sent me to talk to me about your spirit in the country on
it is a difficult and
the first citizen it is a little bit hungry and then uh... itemid greenspan's
back and said it is telling us thank a lot of water
and i deftly had a lot more energy allot better became off quickly enough kept it
off how much isn't which we did you lose fifteen pounds if they prosper iran for
how many weeks
as benefits really series okay
and your question
possible if you like
speculated shelf
unmarried onnum from new jersey ends this diet
is amazing outside every national no diet five months online i lost one pound
attack doctor and not and
in about a six-week period i'd dropped about
thirty counts just shy of thirty ten thirty pounds
hi that are there any other support
nothing will get this extreme nature of my could you could be without some
setbacks any complications of the dog here
of all of this
were i was i was having severe headaches for
i think it coincided with
that i was carrying and my headaches went away
when i'm taking the c g
they're gone what what bt try inching back the first place as opposed to all
that that your diet options out there
cell and it was great because i had gotten to the point
where i felt that i know a lot of the ladies probably understand this started
feeling my biggest genes that i've ever had gets so its high where i have
refused to buy an extra size and seems like an extra pair
going up it's like i said i'm not going to do that on the part of the media and
people see me and i want to look at it and i think that i could be faster
here's a picture of me to before you were the programmatic stand
and what should be lost
i've lost fifty pounds
and i kept it off
drops is that correct these drops like this because of the jobs that i use them
nice whereby then they taste like nothing so i don't think i'll make you
think something
uh... and and he just taken three times a day so and i was classified either
story so i followed up with gary her friend
bar practicum cells for the only packaged and drops and gary julius today
he also lost weight on this plan there what the show they could
i personally lost thirty five pounds in forty days
he's crazy yes men seem to lose a little faster than women i'm sorry buzzerindia
it seems to be the case