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JAMIE LYNN: She's showing off.
She's usually pretty reclusive.
And she's a little self-conscious about her
recent weight gain.
You don't try to talk too much about it, but she's got some
pretty cute little saddlebags hanging off the
side, little fur bag.
She always tries to be so cute and dainty.
But just her big belly kind of gets in the way.
You can't talk too loud about it, because once she gets her
feelings hurt, then she's really bummed.
CHRIS ROACH: In snowboarding, I think if you don't know who
Jamie Lynn is, if you think it's Britney Spears' younger
sister, that's good.
I mean, they don't need to know who Jamie Lynn is, and
that's fine.
That's why, you know, skateboarding or snowboarding
has its own culture and its own following.
And I'd rather those people not know who Jamie Lynn is.
And I think he probably feels the same way.
Fuck 'em.

NOAH SALASNEK: Jamie's a pretty
laid back guy, actually.
You know, he's really artistic, he's into his art.
Nothing bad I could say about him, for sure.
And he's just super talented at everything he does.
CIRCE WALLACE: He's really artistic and really loving and
super, just an awesome person.
Really just a wonderful human being.
Had a lot a light.
CHRIS ROACH: Jamie was one of Ranky's riding buddies up at
Mount Baker.
And Rank was telling me, dude, you've got to ride with my
friend Jamie.
He's coming up.
He's sick, dog.
Right away--
he's a free rider-- we went riding with him.
I'm like, this kid's going to be unbelievable.
He's sick style, sick everything.
And sure enough, Jamie Lynn ripped for many years.
And still does to this day.
FEMALE SPEAKER: And now, a freestyle
moment with Jamie Lynn.
MIKE RANQUET: I met Jamie in probably 1985 at a ramp in
Auburn, Washington.
And he was just this little rocker kid.
Looked like the, you know, The Road
Warrior, the little, [GRUNTING]
little kid that can't talk, with the long hair?
He reminded me of him.
And it was just like jean jacket, cut-off sleeves, Iron
Maiden shirt.
And it was a surprise he even skated.
And there was a vert ramp there.
And Jamie just went up to the edge and started like--
He'd stand there in the back and just try to jump in and
just, bam, eat shit.
And he just got right back up.
And he finally made one.
And I just remember thinking, man, that kid's gnarly.
JAMIE LYNN: You know, it started with skateboarding
when I was about 9, 10 years old, mostly vert ramps.
Started working for a skateboard shop in Federal Way
called PGA Ski and Sport.
One Friday, instead of getting paid, they had this Burton 140
Backhill sitting in the corner shop.
And I asked them if instead of getting paid, I could borrow
this board for the weekend.
So got right up to the mountain, went up, tried it,
crashed horribly coming down a couple of good times, and then
finally figured out how to make it down from top to
bottom without crashing.
And came to the point where there was kind of a
split in the run.
And this guy snowboarded up to me and
stopped, and it was Ranquet.
He said, what's up.
And then he turned and went and hit this backside hip and
just did this sick method.
And I looked at that was like, man, one of these days, I want
to do that.
If I get anything out of snowboarding, if I could do
that, I'd be happy.
And the rest is history.
I fell in love with it.
MIKE RANQUET: And so I'd see him here and there.
I thought he was a kid.
He was mellow mannered.
We both burned.
And then one day I was at Pac West, which is now like Ski
Acres East.
I don't even know the name of it now, Snoqualmie whatever.
And it was a rainy night.
And I came into the lodge, and I see Jamie and Colter and
Dillon and Posselius, all his crew from Auburn.
And I didn't even know they snowboarded.
It was like, oh, no way.
And it was like, oh cool, some younger skater guys are
JAMIE LYNN: There was a core group of rider, Craig Kelly,
Dan Donnelley, Carter Turk, Jeff Fulton.
And all those guys from early on had started laying down a
foundation up at Mt.
Baker, made us really want to, growing up a little bit
farther south, want to go up there and see what it was all
about, see how crazy the mountains were, see
how the snow was.
And from the first time I rode there, I just fell in love
with the place.
It was like a natural snowboard park.
And I think that whole combination of just really
influential people coming out of there with Craig and Dan
Donnelly, that really made me want to try to be, not really
be a part of it, but just be involved in what was
happening up there.
MIKE RANQUET: And then about a year later, I saw that same
crew of guys of Baker in the spring.
I think we partied that night, we'd camp out up in the
parking lot and just drink beer, or whatever you
do when you're 17.
And the next day just seeing Jamie do a
method air, I lost it.
I was like, that's the meanest method air I've ever fuckin'
seen, skateboarding, Hosoi, everyone.
I was like, damn.
And I remember telling Roach and Noah, dude, this kid's
really good.
He is the next shit.
And when he did finally ride with us, he just rode like
shit that one day.
He just couldn't land anything.
And they were actually flipping shit.
Yeah, you can trust Ranquet on talent.
You know, because he really just wasn't on it.
You know what I mean?
When he came up to Baker that spring, that's when they
noticed Jamie Lynn.

It was hard not to notice.
JAMIE LYNN: But I'm sure, when I was a kid riding up at
Baker, I was written off just as some little rocker kid from
Auburn that was just jumping off of anything and not really
landing anything.
Then once I started landing stuff, then people started to
take notice.
CIRCE WALLACE: I mean, he definitely made a lot of
people go, oh whoa, I'd better start thinking about what's
next, because I'm never going to be that good.
It's the harsh reality.
NOAH SALASNEK: I wouldn't say I was threatened by him, but
he was definitely a threat to the scene.
Yeah, he was definitely gnarly when we met him, and just got
better, I think, too.
STEVE GRAHAM: When I knew that snowboarding had really made
it and it was going to go somewhere was
when I first saw--
I was riding up at Mount Baker with Ranquet, and I'd seen
this kid just launch out of the gully where they do the
bank slalom just to flat, and just sickest method I'd seen.
I'm like, holy shit, who's that?
And Ranquet's, oh, it's my boy, Jamie Lynn.
Like, that kid's the shit.
That's it.
Check please.
I'm out of here.
Let's go.
No, it was really inspirational, amazing.
He still amazes me.
Anything he does is good.
From his artwork to anything else.
It's awesome.