Они сражались за Родину фильм 2 / They Fought for Their Land

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Mikhail Sholokhov
Part Two
Oh, my Lord, keep me.
Oh, my Lord, don't let me die...
Oh, my Lord...
To have driven a person to such a state...
I'm not a communist, of course,
and not forbidden to be religious,
but nevertheless,
'tis not good,
I didn't look good at all.
In drastic moments people do silly things.
Death is not your dear aunt,
she's a formidable bitch
feared by communists and non-communists
and all other common people.
Just you wait.
Hey, he is drunken, that dog!
Now I'll get you down…
You, dirty whistler.
Let's go...
After failing to seize the Don crossing,
the depleted German troops stopped attacking and lay in wait.
In the evening, Russian units in defense
were ordered to cross the Don.
Our life is such a mess...
Kochetygov's job...
But he himself is dead.
His mother will know...
How she gonna live now?
When such kids like him
are being killed before my very eyes,
I feel like crying.
If I die, it's nothing:
I'm an old dog who saw life.
But when such kids are dying...
Stop lamenting.
Yes, the lad is dead,
but so are many others.
You can't lament for all of them.
Let's go,
we must catch up with the guys,
god forbid we'll fall behind.
I'm dying for a smoke.
Have patience.
Patience, patience.
Russian soldier is very patient,
but his patience isn't made of iron, eh.
I've seen so much hell today,
my patience is bursting at the seams.
Is Ivan Zvyagintsev dead, too?
How should I know?
- But you saw him fall down? - Yeah,
but I didn't feel his pulse, I don't know.
Maybe 'twas not him?
Maybe 'twas someone else?
You could have been mistaken.
No, 'twas him.
'twas Zvyagintsev, I'm sure.
A shell exploded, and he collapsed,
I don't know, though, if it was lethal.
Where have you come from?
I wish I could have
some more vodka...
No, you can't,
you can't, my dear.
Thank God you came to.
It was a real hell, all this bombing.
I'll try to take you to the medical unit.
Tell me,
where I was wounded?
You were wounded...
Did I lose my feet
- or what? - You didn't lose your feet.
But they're a bit riddled.
Don't talk, it makes you weak.
I'll take you to doctors, they'll bandage you and everything.
I guess, you'll be then sent to a hospital in the rear.
They'll put you into order. War loves order.
So, I'm all wounded?
Order, ha...
And you call this order?
Hold on, my dear,
please, hold on!
We'll move on now,
we've almost reached our destination,
do you hear me?
Oh, why do they recruit such jumbos!
Tell me, why?
I can hardly haul you.
You must be weighing 6 pounds!
Ninety three...
- Ninety three what? - Kilograms.
My weight before the war,
but not anymore...
Look, daughter...
Leave me here...
I'll manage myself...
I'll manage...
I'll take some rest
and will go on...
My hands are not damaged,
so I'll keep crawling...
Don't talk nonsense.
Why all men always talk nonsense?
What can you do? What?
I'm just a bit tired.
I'll catch my breath, and we'll go on moving.
Don't worry, I saved even bigger guys than you.
I've managed even worse cases.
I look small, but I'm real strong!
Hey, hold your horses.
- This place is mined. - I can see no warning signs.
There is a men's cordon, and there are stakes, see?
- Move to the right! - He is wounded?
Yeah. Our lieutenant.
Poor guy, to be jolted, on such a road.
Did you hear that, Lopakhin?
A minefield surrounded by some little stakes!
'Welcome to our testing ground'.
You can bump into a telegraph pole
but a short stake won't stop you.
When we cross the Don, we'll be safe.
That's a pretty kettle of fish - we ran away from Germans
and nearly stepped on our own mines!
Such things happen every now and then.
You think you are safe and there is no danger
but then - bang - and you're dead.
There was such an accident in our village...
Will you shut up?
Accidents, my foot.
With such momentum, you're good to be used as a ram.
No, it's because the path is awful.
Hit the ground!
Oh, shucks.
Hey, Lopakhin,
where is the sergeant taking us?
To the Don.
No, I mean,
- to the bridge? - No, to the water.
How are we gonna cross the river then?
We'll sail on our snivels.
Stop being so irritable.
You are so irritable, all the time,
will you stop being irritable?
We all come through hell.
I'm irritable because you talk nonsense.
What wrong did I say?
You know very well Germans are bombing the bridge.
- I know that. - Then why asking
whether we gonna use the bridge?
I'm sick and tired of your stupid questions,
give me a break.
And don't you step on my heels.
Hang lamps on your heels,
you, baby girl.
Now you'll get a sock in your ‘lamps'.
- Keep the distance. - I'm keeping the distance.
I said, stop stepping on my heels.
- Stop rubbing yourself against me. - I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Are you afraid to get lost or what?
See? You're being irritable again.
I'm not afraid of getting lost.
But to cross the river without using the bridge,
well, it makes me nervous.
You can swim, you know,
but I can't.
Will you ever shut up?
I can't shut up,
because soon we'll reach the Don and I'll die then.
Before I die, I need to give vent to my feeling.
There is even such a rule, for those dying.
Stop whining, Sasha. It'll be all right.
Are you deaf or what?
I said, I can't swim!
How I gonna cross the river?
With all this gear, even good swimmers may drown.
And I'm carrying two pounds of cartridges!
I know, I know I'll drown.
Why should I carry all this crap?
And suffer during my last minutes?
I'll throw all of this away.
I gonna drown naked, it's more pleasant like this.
Relax, you won't drown. Shit doesn't drown.
Great. You're right.
Means you won't drown, but I will.
Damn, you're such a headache!
We'll reach the Don, and I'll give you my safety razor.
I'm not such a twerp as you are.
Shave yourself as you please
and remember the heroically drowned Alexander Kopytovsky.
The raft! Now give me your razor!
Nah, now I'll need it myself! I'm alive, alive!
I saw the raft, and it's like to be born anew!
Not a reproach you'll hear from me,
Your portrait I return to thee.
Don't keep my letter and forget my name,
Because I love you all the same...
We didn't make it.
The lieutenant has died.
It was a real deluge last night,
but the earth is still dry.
Our lieutenant's last trench...
Let's have a smoke?
I'll go and report to the sergeant,
and you
stay here and have a smoke.
Soldiers... Sons...
Look at this heavy mist around us.
It's hanging over all our country,
this black grief...
It can't be dulled neither in sleep,
nor in the daytime, this black grief...
We should remember
about this at all times:
right now, when we bury our comrade,
our regiment's last officer,
and thereafter, too,
when someone will be playing
an accordion, during moments of rest.
We should remember
how we retreated, sons,
but we fought to the last.
Only a handful of us is left,
but we won't be ashamed
to look people in the eye,
though, with a heavy heart it will be.
I'm the oldest of you,
it's my fourth war...
But I do believe:
our regiment will be replenished with new people,
and soon we'll retrace our steps,
moving to the West.
And our stride will be heavy,
so heavy,
as to make the earth shudder.
And, maybe,
comrade Lieutenant,
you will hear our footfalls...
They're bombing our cars full of ammunition.
What a pity.
So, it will be remarshalling?
Yeah, time to say farewell,
what do you think?
- Farewell to whom? - To each other.
What are you talking about?
I can't believe you're saying this.
We can't break our rifle in two. We'll stay together.
Without me you'll die from boredom.
You need to tease someone all the time.
Depends on people you fall across. But I'm patient.
I badly need some rest.
I'm not like Lopakhin, I'm not made of iron.
I have these bugs, you know.
Maybe caused by sadness.
I thought you're Russian, by you're some piece of shit
of unknown nationality.
- Why? - You are from Kursk region?
Yes. Lebedyan village.
Tell us about your secret disease.
It's not funny at all.
My ailment is called 'trench disease'.
What do you mean, Nekrasov?
Something like this, eh?
It's not what you think, you stupid ones.
It's not corporeal disease, it's brain disease.
Brain disease?
Impossible for you to have brain disease, Nekrasov.
There is no ground, see?
No ground for such disease.
Come, tell us about your disease.
Yes, Pasha, tell us.
Well, you know...
Do you remember remarshalling campaign in spring?
We made a stop in Semenovka village.
The house was packed with 150 men,
everyone sleeping in most impossible positions.
And - man - it was so stuffy.
I woke up, I needed to take a leak,
but somehow I thought I was in a dugout
and that I needed to walk up the steps.
So, I climbed on the step of the stove-bed
where an old woman was sleeping,
she was maybe 100 years old,
all wrinkled like an old mushroom.
Stop it. Go on, Nekrasov,
go on.
We're full of understanding, except one fool here.
So, you can imagine what that old hag thought.
Here I am, standing before her, and that crumblie,
that old mangy witch,
got real scared and started begging
and lamenting:
"oh, you, sinner, what's on your mind?"
And she kicked me in the face with her felt boot.
And I said: "Old lady,
"forgive me for crissake, and be quiet.
"And stop kicking, because, God forbid,
"your old footsies will fall out of their joints.
"I'm sorry to have disturbed you", I said,
"I'm not gonna touch you, pest upon you".
- And so I climbed down. - From the crumblie?
From the step, you fool.
And I thought: Oh, my God, what's wrong with me?
God forbid someone heard that dialogue.
They'll drive me mad by their jokes.
But, thank God, everyone was fast asleep,
and I came to no disgrace.
But since then
every night I imagine
I'm sleeping in a dugout
or something like this.
So, this 'trench disease'...
...is it contagious?
God forbid, after talking to you
I'll start climbing onto crumblies?
You idiot.
Not even pestilence will take you,
let alone spiritual disease like I have.
You guys are young
and can fight without interruption,
'cause you're healthy, but I'm not.
I'm too old for this.
I miss my family.
I have four children.
And, you know,
it has been 12 months,
and I'm forgetting their faces.
Worst of all, I can't even remember
Masha, my eldest daughter,
she is fifteen.
A very smart girl,
the best in school.
As for my wife...
I'm lost for words here...
I already forgot
the smell of her armpits...
It's real moving, the kids and everything,
real moving...
I talked to commander of the 34th regiment.
He said we should go to Talovsky village,
where there is the hq of our division.
I took the liberty, asking him
what will happen to us now.
He said: "don't worry, old man.
"Since you kept the sacred banner,
"your regiment will not be disbanded,
"but replenished with soldiers and officers.
"We'll send you
"to a most important sector of the front".
A most important sector!
Do you guys know what it means?
At least, my lungs were not damaged.
And my legs? How serious is the wound?
Will I be able to walk?.. Or I'll end an invalid?
You may tear my pants open,
but don't you touch my boots.
They didn't come easily to me, and I've had them only for one month.
It's nice boots.
With leather soles...
And the bootlegs, too, made of genuine leather,
not some cheap tarpaulin.
So, don't you dare touch my boots.
- Don't you teach me. - But it's my boots!
Right. Forget about them.
I can't take them off.
try to do this,
pull carefully,
I can tolerate.
You bald son of a bitch!
You, dirty devil!
What do you think you are doing?
I've finished already,
don't swear, you're bleeding.
Let me turn you...
Go away,
you parasite,
you, shabby camel,
you, plague in glasses.
Mangy, stinky moron,
people's enemy, that's what you are.
Have you finished, epic Ilya Morumets?
Shame on you,
you are an elderly man...
I bet, your only livestock
before the war
was a toad,
and it lived under your porch,
and it was starving, starving.
Go hence,
you stupid quack,
you two-legged plague.
Bear with me, bro.
I hope you won't cut off anything needful.
One can't trust you doctors.
You were tolerant
for so long, soldier,
now be tolerant a little more.
And don't fear,
we'll keep you in one piece,
we don't need what is not ours.
My God...
Why are you staring at me, comrade woman?
Haven't you seen naked men?
I'm nothing special, you know,
It's not an All-Union agricultural exhibition for you,
and I'm not some stud-bull brought here for demonstration.
I'm not interested in your private parts, I'm a doctor.
Please lie still and stop talking.
What an undisciplined warrior you are.
Doctor, sorry,
I can't see your rank because of the lab coat,
but can you give me some alcohol?
Hold on, hold on, soldier,
it's for your own good.
Then what about
some soporific?
Don't begrudge medicine to people!
does it hurt so badly?
Can't you bear with it?
I warned you that you'll have to bear with it.
What's the matter?
You have such a nasty character?
Comrade doctor,
you are picking in my body
as if it were your own pocket.
And it leaves one
with nothing else to do
than moan and howl like a dog.
- Does it hurt so much? - No,
it doesn't hurt at all,
it's tickling.
I have been ticklish since I was a child,
that's why it's so unbearable.
I positively refuse to stay here!
To hell with all this! I can't take it any longer.
Take me away from here,
take me back to the front,
away from here. Where is my boots?
Put them under my head,
for me to be on the safe side.
Everyone is stealing boots here!
But you have to deserve such boots,
to wear them where death is,
and to snip and tear is what any fool can do!
Oh, my God!
It hurts so much!
Lopakhin, Lopakhin,
it hurts so much!
We'll encamp here for the night.
No, we better not.
We better rest a bit, and get to the hq before the sunset.
Do you hear me, sergeant?
We haven't had a crumb for one long day.
And they have a nice kitchen at the hq.
Cut this talk!
I can't present you to the colonel the way you are,
is everything clear?
We'll spend the night here.
By the sunset you should look impeccable:
mend your uniforms,
repair your boots
and everything,
and polish your weapons until they're shining.
You should mend your pants, Sasha.
You look like a martyr in heaven.
Martyrs is what we are,
or even worse.
As an ex soldier, Chairman,
you should understand our situation.
Don't be such a limited person.
But I can't help you.
We aren't asking for much.
I can't help you, sergeant.
It seems, all is useless.
Lopakhin, do something.
You just write a writ.
Maybe we'll find some provision.
I'm telling you: the barn is empty.
Stop pawing my leg.
I'm no lassie for you. Also my leg is insensitive -
it's an artificial leg.
Let's go.
Three kilograms at the most.
The lads are starving,
we're in a desperate situation.
Cheer up, Poprischenko!
Rely on me. I'll handle this.
What's on your mind? Something illegal?
Everything will be legal, I promise.
I'll be the only party affected.
I'll have to loosen my moral principles.
I'm a hopeless sinner,
but I'm ready to sacrifice myself.
- What do you mean? - You'll see.
Chairman, can I ask you for one minute?
Look, you're a good pal, as I can see,
and I'll be honest with you.
We are badly in need of grub,
- right? - Right.
And you can't help us with provision.
- Then help us in smth else. - What do you mean?
Any well-off women living in your village?
Sure. It's a big village.
So, bring us to such woman's house.
I hope she doesn't look like a crocodile,
I hope she looks like a woman.
You need someone not older than 70?
70 is way too old. I'd prefer someone younger.
I see.
- Permission to proceed? - Permission granted.
Only I'm afraid you'll let us down, Lopakhin.
- Why? - Well, you know,
you have to be a superman,
for a woman to feed 27 soldiers.
It demands a great effort.
I'll take the sweat.
Your portrait I return to thee...
The other boot is even in a worse state.
Let me attach a strap-belt to your shorts,
and your pants we'll burn down, eh.
Guys, the hostess is coming.
Holy cow.
My God. This is the end.
It's useless.
I'll go to the Chairman now and dust him up
for playing such a trick on us.
- Take it easy. - Look at her, Lopakhin,
she's like a walking statue!
A woman is always a woman,
and she's even lovely.
Her looks gives me the shivers.
She is the spitting image of that woman's statue
I saw in Moscow at the agricultural exhibition.
- So what? - You're too small for her.
You're a grown-up person,
and you don't know what every woman knows?
What do you mean?
A small flea is the most passionate!
Did you read ancient history, sergeant?
No I didn't. I'm just a carpenter,
you know. Why asking?
There was such a commander, Alexander of Macedonia.
So, he, as also later the Roman commander
Julius Caesar, had a motto:
I came, I saw, I won.
I stick to the same slogan,
and I'm not afraid of this statue.
Permission to proceed, sergeant?
Permission granted,
for we are in a hopeless situation, you know.
But, I fear, you won't die a natural death…
I'll be all right.
Your cows have did a real job of it…
Natalya Stepanovna...
Good observation post, mister general.
Shut up.
The man is sacrificing himself for our sake.
Petr Fedotovich, hand me the buckets.
Natalya Stepanovna, I'll go to the sheepcote...
Hey, fellas, feeling hungry?
She swallowed the bait.
He's a real hero.
So what he's so small.
As the say, small flea - much stink.
He is like that ancient military commander.
Did you read ancient history, Nekrasov?
Honestly? No.
Too bad, Nekrasov, too bad.
There was such a commander in olden times,
Damn, I forgot his name.
- Alexander... - Suvorov?
No, not Suvorov!
Alexander of Macedonia was his name.
So, he treated his enemy in the following way:
I came, I saw, I fun.
And that s.o.b. would have so much fun,
his enemy couldn't come to his senses.
What was his nationality?
You mean, Alexander's?
He had his own special nationality.
- How? - Yes, his own nationality.
We should be quiet.
If we can't sleep from hunger, we should pretend.
I can't pretend. My stomach is growling
too loudly.
How is it possible, not to feed a warrior?
I bet, they are all ex kulaks here.
Lopakhin, are you asleep?
- Don't you fall asleep. - Don't worry.
200 grams of vodka would be good for you right now,
but where can we get it, in this goddamned village?
I'll do without vodka.
- You are going already? - No time to lose time.
Good luck, Lopakhin.
Alexander of Macedonia, small flea, darn you!
I'll go to the Chairman now,
we won't leave without breakfast.
Take it easy here. I'll be back soon.
He's not a flea, he's Alexander of Macedonia!
The king of all nations and women!
We were left hungry because of that damned 'king'.
Good morning, Natalya Stepanovna.
Good morning.
Please, forgive me, Petr Fedotych.
What a bad bruise.
I'm afraid, your friends heard all that noise.
Forget it. A bruise becomes a man.
Though, you could have been more careful.
But let's forget about it.
Just a boyfriending incident.
You says, boyfriending?
You think maybe
soldiers' wives have no shame?
Speak lower.
So, I had to prove with my fists what kind of woman I am.
- My aide. - This one?
Sorry for asking,
but what kind of person your husband is?
Is he tall?
No, he is of approximately your size,
only a bit bigger in the bone.
I bet, you were harsh on him?
we lived peacefully.
He is a hard-working quiet man.
He's in the hospital now.
Maybe they'll let him go home?
I'm sure they will.
On what occasion you prepared
this gorgeous spread?
- It's not logical. - Why not logical?
At night, your sergeant, that red-haired old man,
came to the chairman
and told him everything,
how courageously you guys fought.
At dawn, the chairman
came to my house and said:
"We were wrong, Natalya,
"we were wrong thinking
"that they are runaways.
"They are real heroes..."
- Oh, come on… - Look...
We shall give away everything to you,
only don't let Germans come here.
And how long are you going to retreat?
It's time to balk!
Forgive me my harsh word,
but you guys are such a disgrace!
Means, I tried the wrong key to your heart?
Yes, the wrong key.
Well, well,
nevermind that…
I'd call this, Your portrait I return to thee...
I'm so unhappy…
A brand new division...
Check it out.
All spruced up, with not a scratch...
Everyone as bright as a button,
as if they came to a parade.
They are freshers.
One day of hell like we saw,
and their glamour would be gone.
Nikolai Streltsov!
My dear friend,
where have you come from?
I was shouting to you...
I'm so glad...
You can't even imagine
how glad I am.
Come, let's sit down.
I'm difficult
to talk to.
After that bomb exploded...
...I can't hear anything.
But you are deaf, Kolya...
Why did you run away from the hospital?
- Why did you run away? - I didn't run away.
- I walked away. - Hell, why?
Kolya, you fool.
You need medical treatment!
What do you mean?
I stopped bleeding in the ear.
So there was no need
to stay in the hospital anymore.
Our regiment was in a difficult situation.
Only a few of us are left,
that's why
I couldn't stay in the hospital,
I couldn't but come back.
So, I came back,
to fight
shoulder to shoulder with my comrades.
So what I'm deaf,
right, Peter?
Right, right.
Oh, my Jesus.
You poor thing.
I'm glad
to be here again with you!
To Stalingrad!
Uncover the banner!
Our Motherland will never forget about your exploits
and your sufferings!
Thank you very much!
Thank you!
The victory will be ours!
We shall bring the banner of our great army the liberator
to Berlin!
Do you hear this?
May our love towards our country
live in our hearts
as long as we live.
May our hatred to enemy
always shine on the tips of our bayonets...
Mikhail Sholokhov
Translated by Svetlana Chulkova