TL;DR - Public Displays of Affection in Korea

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Adropletofsun from New York Asks,
In an episode of 2NE1 TV, Park Bom was in London
and she saw a couple holding hands and kissing in public,
and she was shocked, so are public displays of affection (PDA)
uncommon or looked down upon in Korea?
Oh this is an easy one, YES. It is uncommon.
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NAHH I'm just joking. HAHAHA..
Seriously though, we don't see a lot of couples holding hands here,
or kissing in public whatsoever, and for us we are a really
affectionate couple so we can't really display that much either
because it would be a bit awkward in Korea.
Especially when I do my interpretive love dances when I'm like,
We have to save those for the living room now
when we used to do it on the streets of Toronto. Although it made people
uncomfortable in Canada too…yeah…I don't know why…
Yeah, I'm really surprised because it seems like there are so many couples in Korea
you go to a coffee shop and guys and girls are always
looking at each other across the table longingly,
but you don't really see people running up and kissing each other on the cheek
or jumping on each other's backs and hugging in public.
You will see some hand holding, but it's not as common as I'd expect.
PDA are not very common here, but PDA between friends is very common.
So I think we need to clarify what we mean by Korean friends being comfy with each other.
It seems that if you are of the same sex in Korea, it's okay to hold hands,
to put your arms around each other, that kind of stuff.
Yeah I remember when I was teaching in middle school,
I would see male students sitting in each other's laps,
and if this was in North America people would get a totally different idea,
but here it's like, "Nah, we're just friends. We can sit in each other's laps.
There is no harm in that." Yeah, you can see that happening a lot
on those Idol TV shows when you can see the background stuff
a lot of the male groups are really close with each other,
ruffling each other's hair and stuff and it's just normal in Korea.
Yeah it seems to be the opposite in North America,
if you're comfortable with a friend and you're showing affection,
then it seems that you're dating even if you're of the same sex.
So for all you drama watchers out there, now you understand
when someone is hugging in public, everyone around will be like
"HUHHH!!!!" and it's like slow motion music paying because of a freakin' hug.
And it's not just for younger people, as well.
If you see older guys drinking out on the street,
when they walk home together, they'll honestly, like link hands together
like this when they're walking. And that's just unheard of in North America.
They're just friends. They're totally just friends in Korea,
but they're drinking, they're all like affectionate with each other
but it just wouldn't happen unless you're dating in Canada.
Doesn't it seem like holding hands is first base in North America?
That's what I thought. It was a big deal for me when someone held my hand.
I was like, [Disco Happy Music] "OH MY GAWWWWD!" [Music ends]
Now we don't want you to get the wrong impression.
This is not to say that Korean couples are like super conservative
across the table starring at each other like, "OH MY".
But you know, if you go to Hongdae, Gangnam, Apujang,
these are youthful areas with clubs, and dancing, and drinking,
you will see more couples being affectionate, but it's definitely NO WHERE
close to level we're used to seeing in North America. That's right.
Yeah, it's starting to put a toll on our kissing in public as well.
I KNOW!!! We love to kiss in public. I mean, we're not going to make out in each other's laps…
[suspicious music ] Or will we…[suspicious music ends]
[sexy music] da da da da da da da [sexy music ends]
So whenever I'm about to leave, we're about to split ways
and we usually kiss goodbye, but now it's like,
well if everyone is looking, what can we really do,
so we've resorted to being like,
[gasping, camera sounds, more gasping, secret kissing]
So moral of the story, Park Bom, yes you should go to Enlgand
and make out in public with all the guys you want.
I'm here to support you.
You go on with yer bad self Park Bom.
"It's okay baby, please don't cry. Make out with, all the guyyys!"
What the!!?? That's now how it goes at all!
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