"Madden '08": Building a Team Roster : "Madden '08": Re-signing Players & Salary Cap

Uploaded by expertvillage on 16.09.2008

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The next couple of videos we're going to do, we're going to address free agency and one
thing I really wanted to talk about first was the salary cap. For those of you who are
casual Football fans, you may not have a lot of experience with the salary cap. But what
that is basically is, every team has a limit on how much money that can spend on their
team's rooster. I'm not entirely sure what it is. I know it just got upped again this
year but it's in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So all, what I'm going to do to
kind of explain this, is just pick my first player up for re-signing and that's Jared
Allen, and I'm just going to click re-sign and you'll notice it's kind of dark on the
screen right now, but just above where I'm scrolling, just above where it says contract
offers, there is a total salary and cap room and total salary right there says 76.43 million
dollars. That is how much I have locked up for the team that I have signed right now.
I can release players to get more, or to make that salary go down, but the cap room just
underneath that 76.43. Cap room is 45.65 million dollars, so I have 45.65 million dollars that
I can spend on all the players that I bring in. So that includes, my re-signings, my free
agents that I pick up and also my draft picks. So, and that's, for instance let's say this
guys salary right here, he wants 28 1/2 mill over four years. So that's spread out and
it's spread out, how you see on the right hand side of the screen. The year 2007 he's
going to have a salary of 3.4 and by 2010, he's going to have a 7.46 million dollar salary.
So, just know to really want to be careful and aware of how much money you have to spend
when you're going out to get new players and re-signing your players because you can't
go over that cap. If you spend up a bunch of your cap room on just a couple of players,
then you're not going to be able to sign as many players as maybe you might need. So just
be aware of how much cap room there is and for instance, after I sign this guy, my cap
room is going to go down roughly about 4 million dollars. It's going to be around 40 million
dollars, if I re-sign this guy. So just be aware of how much cap space you have.