Japanese GP - Stefano Domenicali, about race

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 20.10.2011

- Stefano, today you can rightly be happy
with the level of competitiveness shown by Ferrari and Fernando’s result.
- Well, I think first of all I think it’s only right and proper
to congratulate Sebastian Vettel.
His win in the championship is well deserved;
he was always quick in qualifying and in the races,
so first things first, well done Vettel.
Then, I have to say today I am pleased,because in terms of performance,
we saw we had a car that was very close to those cars that are normally
faster than ours, so I am pleased to see this result.
It means the people continue, despite the fact we are not developing the car,
to work on getting the most out of it.
Fernando drove an amazing race, always on the attack.
But I also have to say I am very sorry for Felipe.
Because he too was having a really good race,
then unfortunately, after yet another contact with Hamilton
he damaged the car a bit.
So in the second half of the race it was a bit more difficult
for him to manage his position.
- In your opinion, why do you think Ferrari went better today
than in other races where you had hoped to be strong?
- I think this year’s world championship has been a bit of an eye opener for everyone,
because the combination of the effect of the exhausts
and the behaviour of the tyres is an element that the engineers
are trying to understand race after race.
Clearly, it’s fair to say that this performance level here,
so close to the top guys, was not something we had been expecting,
given the characteristics we had been used to seeing so far.
I repeat, this means we will tackle the next four races
with the same determination,
because I believe it’s right that we set our sights at least
on one more win before the end of the year.
It’s a result we must absolutely try and bring home.
- The next and last four races will be something of a rehearsal
for the winter tests because you really need to make a step forward
for next year.
Will you try to introduce new parts already for the 2012 car?
- Definitely in terms of testing various set-ups and parts,
we will basically use the Fridays to test and to bring forward
as much as possible the development of the new car.
That is the line we will be taking
and I think it is also what our competitors will be doing.
- The position of the exhausts will be the main new element of
next year’s technical regulations.
It will require the rear end to be built around this new element.
Do you think Red Bull,
who did a very good job of exploiting the position
of the exhausts this year could have less of an advantage,
or do you think they will maintain this gap in terms of
a technical advantage that they have built up over the past months?
- Naturally, the hope is that our engineers will be capable
of closing down the gap.
Definitely the effect of the exhausts on the car performance
will be smaller compared to this year.
But even if it is less, we must maximise
what we get from it and on this front, back at home,
work is going on to find the best interpretation
of this modification which is,
let’s say the most significant rule change for next year.
- Fernando Alonso drove a great race today and that means in terms of motivation
and it will be important for him to see the team is working hard
around him to give him a car that is really competitive
for next year at the highest level.
- Absolutely yes, but there is no lack of motivation
and everyone wants to do well.
Clearly we don’t want to keep talking about next year’s car.
It’s more important to get on and build it well
and make it competitive, of that there is no doubt.