Saali ne Kela Ghotala

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Sakhu ! Sakhu ! - Coming !
Yes, madam!
Go wake up your master.
It is already eight in the morning. .
. .and he is still fast asleep.
Hey, you ! Wait! - What?
Beware if you step inside the bedroom.
Now, look at this! How can I wake him. .
. .without entering the bedroom?
Why? Can't you knock on the door and call out to him?
Yes, madam. - Go!
Sir! Sir, please get up.
Sir! It is 8 o'clock. please get up.
Sir! Sir, please wake up.
Wake up, those who are asleep.
Wake up! '
Listen to my saga !
Come on, get up, you sleeping fellow.
Come on, get up! - Move aside.
He will not wake up like this.
Come on, wake up!
I am asking you to wake up. Surprising !
Wake up! Why are you singing the devotional song?
Why are you ringing the bell? I am already awake.
That is the reason I am ringing the bell.
Come on, get up quickly. Dress up quickly.
Have you decided to take leave from office today?
No! How can I take leave? As it is. .
Oh, my God ! It is 8 o'clock!
Move aside, move aside! As it is, I am already late.
This happens everyday.
Radha ! Radha ! I have forgotten my towel.
I have come!
He is having his bath ! I smile to myself.
What? - Nothing !
Take this! - Come inside!
What are you doing?
You always do this.
Why do you say this?
You always need some reason.
Leave my hand. - Great! Why should I leave your hand?
I have selected you from twenty-five girls.
Just because your star-sign is Taurus.
And that is why I married you. - But. .
I know a Taurean girl is very romantic.
Ask me.
Ask me. Why are you doing this? Sakhu will see.
Why are you doing this? Sakhu will see.
Let her see, why should I care for her?
I am catching my wife's hand.
But I am busy in veneration.
Are you a piscean to venerate God?
Sakhu ! Sakhu !
You called me and I. .
Oh ! I saw you like this!
You called me?
Who, I? What rubbish !
Go and do your work.
You and I, my beloved.
All the seven births. .
Sakhu ! Sakhu ! Where is my tie?
Sakhu ! - Sir, I will give you.
I have come, come!
Come here, I am your love.
Take this.
Lovely! You brought it! Thank you.
Sakhu ! Sakhu, where is my handkerchief?.
Sir, I will give it to you.
Who has smeared me with this green colour?
My happiness has killed me today.
Oh, my God ! It killed me.
Take this! - Oh ! You brought this as well. Lovely.
Oh, my! Sakhu ! Sakhu, where are my socks? Sakhu !
Sir, I will give you.
Beware. You beware!
There is no other opportunity. .
I said your wife is still alive.
Finished !
Finished !
Does anyone have a doubt?
Then why do you tell Sakhu to do all this?
Now, will I tell my dear wife to do all these mere jobs?
Oh ! So, are you supposed to tell your. .
. .favourite servant to do them?
You are great! You make a mountain out of a mole hill.
Yes, you want me to go to the mountains.
'Beware! If you keep having doubts on him. . '
'. .then he will come to know that I am not a Taurean. '
Oh, God ! The phone is ringing.
I will see to that. You get ready. Okay?
Good morning, ma'am.
Who are you? - I am Dolly.
Dolly? Who is Dolly?
Sir's new secretary.
And when did you come?
It has been a month now.
May I speak to sir, please?
Wait, I will call him.
Listen ! - What is it?
Your new secretary is on the line.
Okay, it is Dolly's call ! I am coming.
Yes, Dolly's call.
I am fine, what about you?'
I am fine, what about you?
How long am I shouting. .
Good morning, sir!
Good morning, Dolly!
Sir, Danny Carter is arriving tomorrow morning. .
. . by the 7 o'clock flight.
Dolly, you are great! Today, you are telling me. .
. .about tomorrow morning's appointments?
Sir, what is this? Didn't you tell me. .
. .to tell you everything twenty-four hours beforehand?
Good, Dolly! Very good !
Okay, will you tell me about today's appointments?
Not now, some other time.
Dolly! You are great. I am asking you about today's appointments. .
. .and you say that you will tell me some other time?
No, no, sir, not like that.
'Not Now Some Other Time' is the name of our client.
Is there a name like this?
Sir, the party is Japanese.
And Japanese people always have such names.
'Not Now Some Other Time' are coming from Hiroshima. .
. .especially to meet you.
Sir, the meeting is fixed at sharp 1 1 o'clock.
Okay. Okay. I will reach there. I will be there.
I will be there in half an hour, okay? Bye!
Lovely. Sakhu, the omelette is very tasty.
Thank you, sir.
I made it. - Lovely! Radha, the omelette is very tasty.
Enough of your sweet talk.
First, tell me, when did you appoint this new secretary?
Are you asking about Dolly? It must be a month now.
And what happened to that previous one?
Who? Mary? She ran away!
And the joke is that she eloped with my peon.
Horrible! What kind of ladies are these?
And what I say. . why do you need young girls. .
. .as your secretary?
Can you not appoint a male?
Sakhu ! Sakhu. . water. .
Sir, please quench your thirst.
'Beware, you are a Taurean ! '
Have this, have water.
'Even though she gets angry, she talks sweetly. '
'Definitely she must be a Taurean. '
And what I say. . terminate Dolly from tomorrow. - Why?
I don't find her intentions good.
But I cannot do that. - Why?
Not now some other time. - Why not now?
'Not Now Some Other Time' is the name of a Japanese man.
He is coming all the way from Hiroshima just to meet me.
The meeting is fixed for 1 1 o'clock. .
Oh, my God ! I am late, I have to leave immediately.
Dolly must be waiting. - What?
For the meeting. Okay. . - But. . I am going ! - Listen to me.
Bye-bye! Sakhu, bye-bye! Good day! - Sir, bye-bye!
Good day!
Oh !
Good morning, sir!
Softly! Softly! In the morning too, you screamed in the same way. .
. .on the phone due to which my ear is paining.
Why do you shout? Sir. . - Yes!
In the morning I wished you on the phone.
But now, personally, I wish you good morning in the office.
Oh, my God ! What logic she has! Great!
Okay, now, we will talk about work. Okay?
Did you visit pinky's school? - Yes.
Did you visit pinky's school? - Yes. I paid pinky's fees and also the money for her excursion.
I paid pinky's fees and also the money for her excursion.
Good ! Good !
Now remember one thing.
When you call up at home never mention pinky's name. .
. . in front of my wife. Understood?
How will I mention her? - Yes!
Sir, how will I mention her?
After all whose secretary am I?
Yes! Yes!
Now we will talk about work. - Yes!
Are all the preparations done for the meeting? - Yes, sir.
Have the board of directors arrived?
Sir, the quorum is full. - Good. Good !
Has the party arrived? - 'Not Now Some Other Time'.
That is it! Has that party arrived?
Sir, that is what I am telling you.
They had called and they said. . not now some other time.
What do these Japanese people think of themselves?
They just directly cancel the appointment.
If that party calls up again then you directly tell them. .
Not Now Some Other Time? - Good ! Good ! Very good !
Yes, sir! - Good.
Excuse me! - This is fake.
Listen !
Hello! Come here!
Oh ! Even though I wear glasses I cannot see.
Whom do you want?
Raja Gondhalekar!
Have you taken an appointment?
No, that is what I want to take. - Who are you?
My name is D. N . Gadbade. I am an insurance agent.
What work do you have?
Madam, now what other work can an insurance agent have?
Look here, if you wish to meet him in connection. .
. .with some policy, then he has no time. He is very busy.
Madam, just listen to me, I have some very good plans.
Madam. . - Hey. .
Can I sit? Can I sit?
If you listen to this policy. .
. .you will tell me immediately to take out this policy.
Is that so? - Yes.
Then tell me. Let me see what all do you have in your case.
Madam, this is not a case but a bag.
Madam, just tell me this, are you married?
How is this connected with marriage?
Why not? Suppose if you die tomorrow. . - What?
Tomorrow means. . suppose if you die the day after.
Day after means. . suppose. . I mean you will die someday.
Then your husband will get all that money, isn't it?
Okay. - Yes! -That means I will have. .
. .to get married for the sake of your policy?
Not, it is not like that. But what is the harm?
To get married? - No, to take out a policy.
Yes! But let me know the plan for that.
Madam, I have some very good and cheap plans.
You must pay me only a thousand rupees and. .
. .after the phone rings. .
You will get the money only after the phone rings?
The phone rings and I get disturbed.
Oh ! Sorry! - It is okay.
Hello. Just a minute. Hold on.
'Yes, Dolly, tell me. '
Sir, some Sakhu is on the line.
I will be ready in the evening.
I will tidy the house in the evening.
I wait for my beloved.
My beloved will come.
Where is she? - Upstairs.
Since morning, she has locked herself in the room.
She has not eaten, she does not talk, she has not done anything.
She has suffered a great shock.
Surprising ! Why does she behave like a Virgo. .
. .when she is a Taurean?
What do you mean by that?
You won't understand. Catch this.
Okay! Even this much will do.
Tell me, who is this Sundari?
Sundari? Who is this Sundari?
Tell me, who is this Sundari?
Her name is written on every page in your diary.
And for whom you spent so much money.
That one is Sundari.
My dear, you are a Taurean, isn't it?
Then why do you doubt me like a Virgo?
Just see, see the diary.
What is this? Sundari, one thousand five hundred.
Sundari, two thousand five hundred.
Sundari, three thousand.
Just see, how you have spent money on her.
Veerkar! Veer. . Veer. . Veerkar! - Now who is this Veerkar?
I will tell you ! I will tell you, my dear.
Wait. Veerkar, please come out.
Krishnaji Bhaskar Veerkar. This is his dictionary. See this.
Yes, what did you say? Sundari.
Quickly tell me the spelling.
Sundry. - Yes! Now the most important thing.
That is not Sundari but it is sundry.
Look at this, sundry. SUN DRY.
Look here, what is the meaning?
Minor expenses.
I thought. . - I thought. . What did you think?
You always keep doubting me.
Then why did you write like this?
Couldn't you write this in plain simple Marathi as minor expenses?
Go. Don't talk to me.
You can only do this. Are you crazy?
Who is Sundari?
You are my Sundari ( Beauty ), you are my Menaka.
I am your Krishna and you are my Radha.
Do not ever utter the name of that Krishna. - Why?
I want my husband to be like Ram.
Who was only devoted to his wife.
Who was only devoted to his wife. Yes, isn't it? Then even I want my wife to be like Sita.
Yes, isn't it? Then even I want my wife to be like Sita.
The one who used to always obey her husband.
What do you mean by that?
I mean the one who would obey her husband.
The one who would behave like her husband likes.
And the most important is. .
. .the one who would never doubt her husband.
Leave me! - Okay.
Hey, you ! Do not forget about the policy.
Hello, professor Visarbhole. ( Forgetful person ).
Who are you?
What? You forgot me?
No, no, it is okay. You can very well forget me.
But do not forget about the policy that I told you about.
My name is DN . Gadbade. Insurance agent.
We met here yesterday.
I told you about the policy.
You should pay one thousand every month.
And then after you die you will get Rs. 25 lakh.
Do you remember?
Yes! I just remembered. - Yes.
You are D. N . Gadbade. - Yes.
You are D. N . Gadbade. - Yes. We spoke about the policy yesterday. - Yes, here.
We spoke about the policy yesterday. - Yes, here.
Which policy? - Insurance policy!
Yes, insurance policy. - Yes.
But do you know what happened? - What happened?
Since yesterday, I could not find my home.
The entire night I spent sitting here.
If I tell you your address then will you take my policy?
Definitely. Definitely.
Then close your eyes.
Take this.
professor S. K. Visarbhole. - Yes.
Opposite the mental asylum. - Yes.
Wagle Estate! - Yes!
Great! Good, I found my residential address. - Then?
Great! But this is my visiting card. How did you have it?
I took it out from here. - Okay.
Now my policy. - Close your eyes.
Hey you ! My policy! Hey!
Oh, God ! As usual I forgot my towel.
Radha ! Get my towel.
There are many colours of my charm.
Which colour would you like to see?
Come in. Come in. Why not? Come in.
Come in, just come in.
Come in.
What was going on?
Oh, my God ! I am dead !
You just come out now. I will show you what I can do.
I thought it was you.
Don't lie! - I swear on your mother.
Beware, if you swear on my mother.
Horrible. You do such deeds with your servant.
Are you not ashamed of yourself?.
Hello. - Good morning, ma'am.
So, your morning has dawned? - Of course.
That is why I am wishing you good morning.
I think all night you must have been restless, isn't it?
Oh, my God ! How did you come to know? - Shut up.
Shameless. Talk to the point.
Ma'am, can I speak to sir?
He is in the bathroom. - Oh, no!
Oh, yes! - Ma'am, give him the phone.
The work is very important.
Listen ! Your dear secretary is on the line.
Okay. It is Dolly's. . so it is Dolly's call. - Take this.
Hello. - Good morning, sir.
Yes. Dolly, tell me. Tell me quickly.
I have to reach the airport in fifteen minutes.
Sir, I called you for the same reason.
There is no need for you to go to the airport now.
What do you mean? -Sir, I mean. .
. . by mistake I saw the December program. .
. . instead of November program.
Danny Carter is arriving next month.
Dolly, what nonsense is this? What is this?
Sorry, sir. You were troubled a lot because of me, isn't it?
It is okay. Okay. Okay. No problem. Okay?
Now tell me.
Sir, I have come to pinky's school.
Sir, she wants to talk to you.
One minute.
Yes, give her, give her the phone quickly.
One minute.
pinky, talk to papa.
Good morning, papa. - Oh, my dear. How are you?
papa, tomorrow morning I am going for a picnic. - 'Oh ! '
We will not be able to meet at least for a week.
Look here, today as soon I return from office. .
. .I will directly come to meet you. Okay?
Then we will enjoy. We will have fun.
We will eat ice-cream. Then we will go out for dinner, okay.
Okay. But this is definite, papa?
God promise. Now give me a sweet little kiss.
Radha ! Radha ! Listen. .
Hey! Slowly! Why are you venting your anger out on the crockery?
Then on whom should I vent out my anger?
Tell me. On whom should I vent out my anger?
I do not know how I lost my mind and I married you.
If you can do this right under my nose. .
. .then what must you be doing in office?
I am ruined. I am totally ruined.
Look here. . look here. .
please do not cry. Do Taurean women every cry like this?
Look here. . look here. . look here. .
please do not cry. I. . I. . I feel like laughing.
please do not cry, I feel like laughing.
Laugh. Laugh. Laugh at my misfortune.
Sir, madam is crying and why are you laughing?
Sakhu !
Tell her to keep quiet or else send her out.
I. . I feel like laughing.
I am going. Otherwise the world will say. .
. .that I killed my husband.
I am relieved. Otherwise I don't know what would have. .
. . happened to me today.
But where did she go?
She ran away.
Radha !
Radha ! Radha !
Oh, beloved, why are you angry?
Oh, darling, why are you sitting away from me?
Oh, beloved, why are you angry?
Oh, darling, why are you sitting away from me?
Forget whatever happened.
Why do you doubt me like this?
Wait. Wait. please, wait, my dear.
Do not do this sweet talk with me.
Why do you talk in riddles like this?
Why do you make such lame excuses?
Not now we will see it tomorrow.
Do not. . do not complain like this.
Your lips are so sweet then why do you talk so rudely?
Your feet are so delicate but you stamp around.
You are a man then why are you so helpless?
Like Saturn you cast an auspicious sight on my life.
Shall I promise you something today with love?
I made a mistake, can you forgive me?
Shall I promise you something today with love?
I made a mistake, can you forgive me?
Why do you make such lame excuses?
Not now we will see it tomorrow.
Wait. Wait. please, wait, my dear.
Good morning, sir.
Dolly, what is wrong with you?
Why do you look so sad? Any problem?
Again he was ninety, sir.
please, I beg of you. Whatever you wish to tell me. .
. .tell me without crying.
Sir, Sachin was again out at ninety-one.
Quiet. Do not cry.
Sir, why shouldn't I cry?
Do you know. This is Sachin's seventh century. .
. .which was not completed.
I wish. . I wish. . like committing suicide, sir.
Sir, what happened?
I am crying and you are laughing?
Don't talk to me.
No, no, Dolly, my problem is something different.
The thing is if someone cries in front of me. .
. .I cannot control my laughter.
Madam ,what are you telling me?
I never knew anything about this.
Sakhu, what shall I tell you?
Day before yesterday I went to watch the film. .
. . 'Maherchi Sadi' with him. - Yes.
The moment Alka Kubal would start crying in the film. .
. . he would start laughing loudly.
All the people in the theatre would turn around and look at us.
I was so embarrassed.
And then what happened?
Then what? We had to leave the film half way. .
. .and return home.
My goodness. When someone weeps, you laugh?
Fantastic, sir.
If I would not have seen it with my own eyes. .
. .I would have never believed it.
Dolly. . Dolly, please. . don't laugh.
Dolly, please do not laugh.
Why shouldn't I laugh?
Now are you going to tell me that. .
. . if someone laughs you feel like crying?
Dolly, don't laugh.
Sir, what happened? Any problem?
Dolly, when someone laughs too much in front of me. .
. .then I cry like this.
Madam, this is a very serious ailment.
You must immediately do something about this.
Otherwise, definitely you will lose your husband.
There is only one powerful medicine for this.
Which one? - Sattvabai ! ( A ritual performed in childhood).
Sattvabai? That means this ritual was not performed. .
. .when sir was small?
Not that Sattvabai. - Then?
My mother, Sattvabai.
My mother-in-law is very dangerous. - Is that so?
We still do not know the whereabouts of my father-in-law. .
. .who ran away being fed up of her.
Sir, are you telling me the truth?
I swear, Dolly. I swear on you.
That is why I am so scared of my wife.
If she calls her mother that means my mother-in-law. .
. . here to stay with us then I am dead for sure.
Really, sir, you are so. . so unhappy.
Dolly, Dolly don't cry, my problem. .
No. Sir, I will not cry.
If you wish that I should not be more unhappy then. .
. . please do not give me a call in my house.
My wife always has doubts on me.
Ma'am, is really great. How suspicious can she be?
This is nothing. That Monalisa. .
What about her? - The whole world calls her beautiful.
So even I said. . Wow, Monalisa is really so beautiful.
That's it. This lady was angry with me for eight days.
Then I said. . Who that Monalisa?
She looks so dirty and ugly. - Yes.
Only then she felt happy.
Great! Horrible, sir. Horrible. - Oh, my God.
What do you mean by horrible? Absolutely. .
Horrible. - What?
Hello. Tell me.
Sir, the night is dangerous. Be alert.
I am alert. Tell me the name of that person. - Sattvabai !
Your mother-in-law. She can come here any time.
Because madam had told her many complaints about you.
So now you cannot save yourself.
I am dead !
Madam has gone to receive her.
So be careful. Be alert. Beware!
Oh, my God ! - What happened?
Speak of the devil and the devil appears.
What do you mean? Sattvabai ! - What?
Today, my heart is intoxicated.
My heart. . - Oh, my God !
You came back immediately.
Has Radha returned? - No!
That means my mother-in-law's bus is delayed.
Come on quickly finish everything.
Come. - But sir. . sir. . where are you taking me upstairs?
Seems you are taking me to the bedroom.
Sir, leave me. Leave me.
Come on, finish it quickly.
Oh ! Go away.
Feel shy later.
In the house if there is knife, sword, spear. .
All these things are not needed.
They are not needed but if she find all this then. .
. .you don't know how much I will be hurt.
Look here. . okay, leave that aside.
Cricket bat, hockey stick. . gather all those deadly weapons.
If that old lady lays her hand on any one of this. .
. .then she will not rest till she kills me.
Oh, my God ! - Come on, start quickly.
What are you doing? Yes. Very good.
Come on now.
Yes, come on. - Yes.
Come on.
We finished everything once and for all.
Now we do not have to worry about anything.
Everything is in its place.
Now let my mother-in-law come.
Sir, I will go into the kitchen and clean the vessels.
I do not want madam to have any doubts.
Yes. I too will return to my office. Okay?
Okay! Okay! - Come on.
Oh ! Oh, my God. This book is here?
If that old lady finds this book then she will trouble me. .
. .for the next hundred years.
Sakhu ! Sakhu, come here.
Yes. Come here. Look here.
Go and hide this book quickly in the loft. - Yes.
Come on, quickly.
And look here. . where did she go? - Now what?
You go quickly. Go quickly. Yes.
Sir, what are you doing? - Go quickly.
Sir, my hand does not reach up to there.
Then stand on something.
What should I take? - Take this.
Come on, quickly. Hide it quickly.
Yes. Still higher. put it inside.
No one should be able to see the book.
Yes, put it inside. - Still more?
Stand on your toes. Yes.
Mother, how was yourjourney?
These ST buses means a lot of trouble.
Oh, my! Brother-in-law, you are very naughty.
Forgive me. - He is here.
Enough. - Doctor!
Yes! - Now what should I tell you?
I went to his house to take out his policy.
I asked him whom should. .
. .I give the insurance money to after your death.
So he said that give it to my sister-in-law. ( Wife's sister).
Sister-in-law. . sister-in-law. . I thought she must be. .
. .someone who is very beautiful.
But when I saw it was a dog. .
When I came to know that she is the sister-in-law. .
. .I looked at her and laughed. - Yes.
Because I laughed she was angry.
And because she was angry she bit me.
Doctor, she bit me.
You are laughing at my sister-in-law? - No. No.
Now reap the fruits of your deeds.
Doctor, what are you looking at?
Give him fourteen injections at a stretch.
Mummy, shall I apply some salt?
Not like that.
The peel was so small.
After slipping from that how much can he be hurt?
I am really worried about him.
I am really worried about him. - Shut up.
But does he worry about you?
Didn't you see how he had lifted Sakhu with both his hands?
Just see what is going on here. - You Sattvi ( wretched lady ).
What did you say? What work do you have?
Not you. I said that to Sakhu.
But why did you call out to me?
But why did you call out to me? My name is Sattvabai.
My name is Sattvabai.
This wretched lady has cast a spell on my husband.
She will be ruined.
Do not tell me anything about these men.
They can stoop very low.
You are talking nonsense.
My brother-in-law's choice is not so bad.
Keep quiet. Why do you favour him so much?
Mummy, my brother-in-law is so handsome. . so handsome. .
. .that any young girl will fall in love with him at a glance.
I am jealous of him.
Wonder why God did not make me a complete woman.
Would God lose anything if he would have done so?
God would not lose anything. - Then?
But what if brother-in-law would have fallen in love with you?
Oh, my God ! I feel so shy! Go away.
Get lost. Wonder which was that inauspicious moment. .
. .when he was born.
Which phone is ringing now? This is silent.
Okay, my personal phone is ringing.
Definitely it must be Dolly.
Hi, Dolly. Good evening, Dolly.
I am not Dolly, I am your death.
Oh, my God. Who are you?
Your mother-in-law! - Mother-in-law. .
Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. - Yes. What happened?
What happened? What happened?
pick up the phone.
My mother-in-law. - Yes. You talk to her. - I?
Hello. Hello, I am doctor Thapade speaking.
Doctor Thapade, what is my son-in-law doing. .
. . in your hospital?
He is admitted here. He is hurt severely.
He slipped on the peel and fell.
He can talk, isn't it?
Or has he lost his speech as well?
He did not fall on his mouth but he fell on this.
I. . I. . mean. . speak to him.
He says no. I mean. . he is telling me, no.
I. . I mean he wants to talk himself.
I. . I mean. . speak to him. Speak to him.
What is this?
Son-in-law, you are as courageous as a lion. .
. .then why are you afraid like this?
Son-in-law, what is this?
That peel was so small and you are so big.
You just slipped and you directly got admitted. .
. . in the hospital?
Come home quickly. We all are worrying about you.
I know you will talk sweetly to me. .
. .and then teach me a lesson.
No, no. Why do you say that?
You are my most loved son-in-law.
Why will I shout at you?
Now are you coming home or shall I come there?
No. Why do you want to come here?
I am coming home. I am coming home.
Disconnect the line.
I am dead ! Doctor, am I discharged?
What do you mean? - I am going.
How can you go? You have booked this bed for a month.
You sleep here, but I am going.
Hey you ! Gondhalekar!
Gondhalekar went away without paying me any money.
Look here Radha. Lesson number one.
We should never show on our face that. .
. .we are suspicious about our husband.
You must wait for the right moment.
And once you get the opportunity you must catch him red handed.
Wrong. You must never catch your husband red handed.
Two things can happen due to this.
Either he becomes alert, he either apologises. .
. .or he becomes shameless.
That means. . as it is now my wife knows about this.
Till date I used to do this secretly.
But now I am free to do everything openly.
But then what should we do?
You do not have any brains. - But. .
Lesson number three. - Yes!
Tit for tat! - How is that?
Lesson number four.
Not today but tomorrow.
Are you going to learn everything in one day?
Come on, make rice porridge for me.
I am famished after talking so much.
Rickshaw! Oh, my God.
Rickshaw. Rickshaw.
Rickshaw. . rickshaw, wait. . wait.
Oh, God ! Twenty-five rickshaw's passed by.
But not one did stop.
Do they think I am a thief?.
Now which phone is ringing?
Not this one. Oh, this one. Dolly.
Yes, tell me. - Good evening, sir.
Where are you? - I am on the road.
What are you doing on the road?
I am hopping, what else?
Oh, wow, hopping?
What did you think I am playing marbles?
But sir, at this age, why are you hopping?
You should play cricket or football.
Dolly, you are right. Today afternoon I played basketball.
I am reaping the fruits of the same.
Yes? So nice. But I like only football.
No problem, Dolly. When I go home now. .
. .I will be like a football.
On one side will be my wife and on the other side. .
. . my dangerous mother-in-law.
Both of them are going to trouble me endlessly.
Is that so? But why so? Did you make any mistakes?
Dolly, just see, though I have not done anything. .
. .I am getting penalised. What else?
Sir, I am worried about you.
Thank you, Dolly. Thank you.
There is no one besides you in this world who cares for me.
Yes. Sir, you do one thing. - 'What?'
Sir, wear a helmet while going home today.
You will stay safe that way.
Dolly, you are great. I will do just that now.
I will wear a helmet and go home.
At least that way I will stay safe. - Okay.
Sir, take care. God bless you, sir.
Sir, good night. - Good night.
Oh, my God. It is already night? Have I walked so much?
In the evening, stop whistling near my window.
Stop whistling.
It is me! It is me! - Oh, my God.
Sir, you?
What happened? What happened?
What happened? Let me see what happened?
Tell me. Why did you scream?
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
Why did you scream?
Yes. I fell in the morning from the stool. .
I felt scared about it now. That is why I screamed.
You fell in the morning and you are frightened now? - Yes.
She is so smart! - Yes.
And she says yes too. - No.
I missed my film.
Come on. - Yes, come on. - Come quickly.
I was so scared.
Come on. - Sister, come on. We will watch the film.
Where did he disappear?
Sakhu. Sakhu. - Go away. Don't talk to me.
Because of you I had to take the brunt.
please open the back door, I want to come in.
You are naughty. Why do you want to come in. .
. .from the back door like a thief?.
And why are you wearing this helmet?
Now are you going to keep talking like this. .
. .or are you going to open the door?
Sakhu, please.
Come out. I am telling you to come out.
Where are all of them?
They all are waiting for you in the hall.
Let them sit there.
They will never know that I have come.
Oh, my God ! Who is this man?
Who are you?
Catch him. Catch him. Beat him. Beat him.
Don't leave him. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him.
Stop. Stop. please don't beat him. - Beat him. Beat him.
Leave him.
Do not beat him, he is my sir.
What? What?
Mummy, really. He is my husband.
Oh ! Brother-in-law, it is you?
It is not wrong if I say that thieves never make a noise.
Son-in-law, why did you want to enter the house like a thief?.
And what were you wearing on your head?
Just because I was wearing this my head was saved.
Otherwise I would have been dead by now.
Oh, my! Are you seriously hurt?
It is okay. - No, you need not worry.
My Chhagnya will give you a good massage.
Mother, instead I will give sir a good massage.
You shameless woman, go and apply oil on your back. Go.
Go and prepare dinner.
She wants to apply oil.
Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law. Are you hurt a lot?
No, no, I am okay. - Come on. I will give you a good massage.
No, I am fine. - please come. please come.
Go. Go. Nicely heat the oil and give him a massage.
Go. Go.
How did I teach him a lesson.
This is how you teach a lesson?
You had told me that you should talk sweetly. .
. .and teach a lesson.
Keep quiet.
Brother-in-law has come. Brother-in-law has come.
Come, son-in-law.
Sakhu, bring sir's plate.
Take this.
Wow! pilaf!
Mother-in-law, you are great.
Brother-in-law, this is nothing.
Open your plate and see.
Mummy, had made a special menu for you.
I am special. No.
I am my mother-in-law's favourite son-in-law.
Because the mother-in-law was once a daughter-in-law.
Lentil and rice? - Rice and lentil.
That is it. Rice and lentil?
Yes, rice and lentil.
Are you all not ashamed?
All of you are eating pilaf in front of me.
And you are serving me rice and lentil?
You are also shameless. In spite of having a beautiful wife. .
. .at home you are having an affair with that Dolly.
This is utter lies! - It is the truth.
It is a lie! - It is the truth.
It is a lie. - Wait.
Fight later. This is getting cold, first eat this. Then fight.
Mother-in-law, what is this?
So little rice? What should I call this?
This is called as dieting. - But why?
Because you are doing as you wish nowadays. You are putting on weight.
And so that you do not put on too much of weight. .
. .you have to eat this.
From early morning tomorrow I am going to make you run.
No! - Oh, yes.
poor brother-in-law.
Lovely. Just see how my wife is sleeping.
Oh, beautiful woman, please do not get angry on me.
please have mercy on me.
Woman. . woman. . you are my woman.
You are my beloved.
I love you. Great!
I love you.
I love you !
I love you. .
Shut up! You? - You?
What are you doing here?
I am asking her, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here on top?
You are asking me my questions?
What are you doing here? - I am sleeping here.
Beautiful woman. . why are you sleeping here?
You are great. If not near me then where will my mother sleep?
Then where should I sleep? - Outside.
Why? - Because she wants to sleep beside me that is why.
What is this going on?
Yes. What is this? I will tell you that.
The thing is this is called as temptation therapy.
What do you mean? - I mean. .
. .that sometime back we ate pilaf.
At that time you had the urge to eat it, isn't it?
Yes, but how is it connected here?
There is! There is a deep connection. - What?
The same way a wife.
If your wife is constantly in front of you.
The same wife. You should always keep embracing her.
Always keep loving her.
Then you get bored of your own wife. - No.
What do you mean by no?
In such circumstances. . in such circumstances. .
. . if you keep her a little away.
A few hours, a few days, a few months. . years together.
If you keep her away like this. .
. .then the attraction towards her increases all the more.
What I mean is even if she is in front of me but I cannot. .
. .take her in my arms.
I cannot embrace her.
This is known as temptation therapy. Understood?
I have not understood at all.
You did not understand? Take this.
You did not understand? Take this. Tell him to go out. - Go out!
Tell him to go out. - Go out!
But. . - Go out! - But. .
Oh, beautiful woman, please do not get angry on me.
Get lost! - I am telling you to go, isn't it?
He sings any song anywhere.
Crazy man !
Very good ! This flamboyant man should be taught. .
. .a lesson just like this.
But mummy, he was in such a good mood. - Keep quiet.
He was singing a song. - Quiet.
He thought it was me sleeping and he embraced you. Quiet.
You do not have any brains.
Your head is only good for growing hair.
These husbands are opportunists.
What do you mean?
I mean only in the dark of the night they find their wife beautiful.
You just talk rubbish.
Off the light. We will sleep now.
A Rambha, a beautiful statue.
A statue became a beautiful maiden.
A beautiful danseuse came tinkling her anklets.
The scorpion. . scorpion. . how did it sting me like this?
Tell me where should I go now?
How do I cure myself?.
Tell me where should I go now?
How do I cure myself?.
We will weave together all the seven colours of love.
You are my beloved, we will dream of togetherness.
There is no one around.
Why should we bother about the people.
We will sit here under this tree.
A Rambha, a beautiful statue.
A statue became a beautiful maiden.
A beautiful danseuse came tinkling her anklets.
My beloved, come in to my arms in this solitude.
I feel coy in your arms.
How will I express my feelings?
Is this a lie or the truth?
Is this a dream or a reality?
I have come secretly.
A Rambha, a beautiful statue.
A statue became a beautiful maiden.
A beautiful danseuse came tinkling her anklets.
The scorpion. . scorpion. . how did it sting me like this?
Tell me where should I go now?
How do I cure myself?.
Tell me where should I go now?
How do I cure myself?.
Wait. What is this? Go there.
Not in your place. - Then?
Run there. - No.
You. . are you going to run or not?
Where are you going there? - Toilet.
Not now. In the evening.
Now you will have to run from there.
Run. Why are you sitting? Now will you go or no?
What is it? - Give me also.
Not at all.
Not now. After everything is done.
Now these five rounds are completed.
I completed seven rounds.
Not seven but only five were completed.
You should not sit, get up. Stand up. Stand up!
Come on, start. One. Two. One.
Okay. Now I am going. - Come on, we will go home.
Where are you going? - Home.
I am going. - Go quickly.
Even if I go my bodyguards are here.
They have a close watch on you.
They are really very thin. - Then what?
If you do not do this properly then. .
Tea. . - No.
Food. . - Why?
Breakfast. . - Oh, no. I do not want.
Keep quiet. You won't get any of this. - Why?
Remember I will take you to Andaman and. .
. . beat you mercilessly.
Stand up! Come on ! Run !
Go from here, go from there and come from there.
Were you a watchman in your last birth?
Now are you going or not?
He fell down. He fell down.
Looks like he is dead.
Come on, we will go and see. - Come on. Come on.
Hello. - Hell, aunt. Is papa there?
Wrong number.
Hello. - This is Raja Gondhalekar's number, isn't it?
Yes. But whom do you want?
I want my papa. I want to speak to him.
Who is your papa? - Raja Gondhalekar.
He is my papa. - What?
Who is speaking?
My name is pinky, his daughter.
Yesterday, he was going to meet me.
He was going to take me for a movie.
He had promised me. But he did not come.
I waited for him.
Today, I am going for a picnic. I won't be back for a week.
I will miss him a lot.
Aunt, will you please tell him this?
What? Yes!
We have reached? Come on. Come on.
Sir! - Yes!
Are you all right now? - Yes.
Where is the money?
Take this. - Sir, why is this for?
How many rounds did I take? - Ten.
Very good. Now go. - Yes.
Come on. - Come on.
Eat this. Eat this.
Wow! This looks like omelet.
Yes. Yes. please, please. Have a seat. - Thanks.
Sit down. Sit down.
Sakhu ! - Yes!
Get some hot soup for sir.
This poor man must be hungry afterjogging.
Have the toast. - Have this.
Great, Sakhu, lovely. Hot soup.
Sakhu, you are really. . Oh, my!
What is this? What soup is this?
This tastes bitter as bitter gourd.
Now look at this. The bitter gourd soup. .
. .will definitely taste bitter and not sweet.
What? That means this is bitter gourd soup?
No, no! The bitter gourd soup for this reason because. .
. . it contains a lot of vitamins, proteins, minerals. .
. .and most of all you will not suffer from acidity.
This is the best medicine for diabetes.
But I am not suffering from diabetes.
You can suffer. How come you say that you may not suffer?
Are you trying to research on it?
No. no! - Mummy, show him.
Look at this. Look. . look at this.
This book which you had hidden.
There are twelve ways in which. .
. .you can live for a hundred years.
This is one of them.
This book. . Sakhu, you too Brutus!
I. . I do not want this soup.
Why? Does it taste bitter?
Outside things taste sweet I think.
Now which is this new channel?
What are you blabbering about?
Now, this is too much.
This is not too much. - Then?
Whatever lowly deeds you do, they will be known.
What deeds? Who has done them?
You just keep talking. .
Why will we blabber?
Your dear daughter had called up.
What is her name? - pinky.
What? pinky's call ! Oh, my God !
That means all this is true.
Mother, did you see? - No, this is all lies.
Do not utter a single word. That is what I was thinking about.
It has been five years that we are married. .
. .and we still do not have any children.
There is some problem in him.
That means if he is having an affair with someone else. .
. . how can you bear a child?
Which affair? What obstacle?
That is what I am asking you.
Who gave birth to this girl?
Radha, look here, I am telling you the truth.
She is not my daughter.
Either you show us her mother or prove that she is dead.
When I am not aware of her father. .
. . how can I show you her mother?
Then why does she call you as her father?
Do we say. . my papa. . - Quiet.
Look here Radha, I am telling you the truth.
I really don't know who her mother is.
Then has she come from nowhere?
Look here, do not abuse her like this, she is a very poor girl.
poor? How can she be poor?
When she has such a wealthy farther. .
. . how can she be poor?
I should be pitied. Mummy. .
Look here son-in-law. My name is Sattvabai.
I am giving you two days time.
Tell me who that girl is otherwise be prepared. .
. .for further consequences.
Look here, listen to me, mother-in-law.
Look here. . Oh.
Look here, Radha. . what can he do?
Looks like I will have to do a DNA test.
If the pandavas would have a mother-in-law like this. .
. .then they too would have to do a DNA test like this.
Is she a mother-in-law or a witch?
Good morning, sir.
What is the menu in your tiffin today?
Bitter gourd vegetable. Do you want to eat it?
Horrible! Bitter gourd vegetable?
I do not like it at all.
Then what do you think, I like it?
What can I do? This Sattvabai has come to trouble me.
Sir, are you talking about your mother-in-law?
Mother-in-law? She is not my mother-in-law.
She is my biggest enemy.
Sir, can I suggest something?
Now what are you going to suggest?
Sir, you make your policy.
I mean to say insurance policy.
Sir, the thing is your life is in danger.
You can never say what your mother-in-law can do.
It is important that you take out a policy, sir.
Have you taken an insurance agency?
Not insurance but Dinu's agency.
Dinya Gadbade, sir.
Now who is this Dinya Gadbade?
May I come in, sir?
Hey! Who are you?
I was quietly listening from outside.
As soon as I heard my name I came in. - Come on, go out. Go out.
But sir, he is the same insurance agent.
Dinya Gadbade.
Sir, he is a very intelligent man.
He has some lovely plans.
Dolly, now what is this new thing?
Throw him out. Just go.
Sir. . please give him five minutes. please sir.
I will change your complete life.
Just give me five minutes.
Okay, fine. Come in, come on, come inside.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Yes. Tell me.
Hey you ! I have only five minutes.
Talk quickly and then leave.
Sir, it is necessary for a person like you. .
. .who is troubled by his mother-in-law. .
. .to take out an insurance policy.
Sir, before you are killed for dowry. .
. .you must make your policy.
I have some beautiful. . - What?
Sir, I have plans.
First plan. Blanket policy. - What do you mean?
That means right from your accident till the end. . - What?
I mean till the cemetery this policy protects you.
And how is that? - How is that?
Give me Rs. 2000. - What?
No, pay me Rs. 2000 in the policy.
That means suppose if your mother-in-law. .
. .somehow breaks your leg.
Then you will get five lakh from the insurance policy.
And with that. . - What are you saying?
And along with that you will also get two crutches.
Can you sing well? - That. .
No, with the crutches you will have to sing.
The passers-by just look at me. .
Hey you ! - The second policy.
Sorry, sorry. - No problem.
The second policy.
If your mother-in-law breaks your leg from the knee. .
Oh, my God ! - Don't worry.
The Jaipur leg will be fitted to your leg. .
. .as well as you will get Rs. 10 lakh.
And then you will sing. .
Dance merrily, dance merrily. .
The third policy.
Of your mother-in-law breaks both your feet.
Oh, my God ! - No, you mustjust suppose.
Then you will get twenty lakh rupees
And along with that you will get a three wheel cycle. .
. . used by the disabled.
Sir, just think, sir. You have acquired that cycle.
And along with that cycle you have entered the Olympics.
And you are running in the race.
And you are running, running and there. . Hey.
You have won the race. - Yes! I have won the race!
Clap! Gold medal ! Gold medal !
Great! Enough ! Enough ! How much will you do for me?
Sir, I am not doing anything. The insurance agency is doing this.
Our agency, And sir, look here, this is nothing.
Tomorrow if your mother-in-law decides to kill you.
Why are you killing me? I do not want to die now.
No, no. You may not want to die.
But suppose if your mother decides to kill you. .
. .then what can you do? - What can I do?
So, your wife will get your Rs. 50 lakh.
Then is there any bonus on that?
Yes, there is. There is bonus.
All the things that you need for your funeral will be given free of charge.
And we will serve the thirteenth day food to all.
Okay, what sweet dish would you like to keep?
I would liker to keep. . what are you saying?
This is very nice. Very nice.
I will die and my wife will get all the benefit.
Yes, right. Only she will cry on your death.
Keep quiet! Have you forgotten lesson number four?
You have not told me and you say I have forgotten.
Didn't I tell you?
Then I will tell you now.
You must be stronger than your enemy.
That means what am I supposed to do?
What does that mean?
You see what I do. Wait.
Yes! Great! 200. . 00. . 00.
Hello! - Hello!
Son-in-law! - Yes!
I am giving you two days time.
That you gave me some time ago.
Yes. But I never told you the consequences.
In two days bring pinky's mother in front of me.
Now from where am I supposed to bring her?
That is your lookout.
And henceforth you must not have any contact. .
. .with pinky's mother.
And also, you must transfer your bungalow, your car. .
. .your property, your ornaments and everything else. .
. . in my daughter's name.
And henceforth you must stop all your extramarital affairs.
Is this a threat?
Threat? I think in Marathi this is known as a threat.
Look here mother-in-law. If this is a threat. .
. .then I am not scared of your threat.
And what will you do if I do not listen to you?
What will I do? I will go away from here.
By all means go.
I will not go alone. I will also take my daughter along with me.
Oh, my God !
I will send you a divorce notice.
I will humiliate you.
I am dead.
I will hold a press conference. - 'What?'
I will do a sting operation from the media. - No!
Mr. Gondhalekar! Mr. Gondhalekar!
Mr. Gondhalekar! - Dinya !
Sir, you forgot Gadbade.
Mr. Gadbade! - Yes!
Dinya Gadbadya. . - Yes!
I want to take out a policy just now.
What are you saying? Tell me the name.
Sattvabai Bhankudale. - Sattvabai Bhan. .
So this Bhankudale is your name?
Not mine but it is my mother-in-law's name. - Yes!
I want to take out a policy in my mother-in-law's name.
And I will be the nominee.
Great! That means as soon as your mother-in-law dies. .
. .you will get the fifty lakhs.
Suppose if I give you those fifty lakhs?
Sir, why are you joking? - I am serious.
But how is this possible?
Gadbade! - Sir, you forgot Dinya.
Dinya, Gadbadya ! This is possible. possible.
Only my mother-in-law should die.
But sir, does your mother-in-law have TB? - No!
Cancer? - No.
Heart attack? - No.
Then how will your mother-in-law die?
If she does not die then we should kill her.
But how will you kill her?
By murdering her. - What? Murder?
But who will commit the murder?
Obviously. . you ! - Okay! What?
Mr. Dinya Gadbade, close your mouth. Close your mouth.
Try and close your mouth.
Yes, try hard ! - Yes!
Yes, try hard ! - Yes!
Come. Come. - The doctor has arrived.
Dinya Gadbade, did you see who has come?
Mr. Gondhalekar has come.
If you close your mouth then he will take a huge policy from you.
What do you say, Gondhalekar? - Yes.
Fifty lakhs! Mother-in-law!
Dinya ! Dinya Gadbade! Close your mouth. .
. .otherwise Gabbar will come.
Mr. Thapade!
Call me doctor Thapade! - That is the same thing.
Why are you frightening him like we frighten small children?
Who is the doctor here? You or me?
Definitely you. - Then? Let me do my work.
Dinya Gadbade, if you do not close your mouth. .
. .then I will slash yourjaw like this and then I will stitch it up.
Do you understand?
He is not frightened of you at all.
Let me see how he is not scared.
Dinya Gadbade, close your mouth otherwise. .
. .I will light this lighter and put it in your mouth.
Shall I burn you? Shall I burn you?
No, no. Dinya. . Dinya, please close your mouth.
Otherwise he will burn you.
Shall I burn you?
See, he does not listen to you.
Let me see hoe he does not get scared of me.
His father too will listen to me.
What does he mean by not listening to me?
Take this. - Thank you.
He is not scared of me? Nurse. Nurse.
Yes, sir. - Immediately go and get some cow-dung.
No! Sir, why do you want cow dung?
Don't ask me questions. Just do as I say. Hurry up.
Yes, sir! - Hurry up.
Dinya Gadbade! Dinya Gadbade, this is my prestige issue.
My honour is at stake.
Remember, if you do not close your mouth. .
. .then I will make you suffer like a prisoner.
Thapade! - Hey, you ! Call me doctor Thapade!
Why are you threatening me? - Who have I threatened?
Not to me but to him. - You keep quiet.
Nurse! Do you take so much time to bring cow dung?
Doctor, is that a thing to be kept in the fridge?
The cow will do it and then she will bring it and then. .
Take this. - Sorry! She brought it! She brought it! - Take this.
She brought it! - It is very fresh.
Fresh cow-dung. Dinya Gadbade, this is fresh cow-dung.
Till I count three if you do not close your mouth then I will. .
. . put this cow dung in your mouth. .
One. . two. . and three. .
Four. . five. . six. .
I am tired. . I am tired. . I am tired of him.
Nurse! Take this away.
Dolly, come here. - Sir!
Quickly go to office and get my tiffin.
Okay. Sir, will you have lunch in the hospital?
I will have my lunch wherever I want. Why are you worried?
Just go and get my tiffin.
Look here, doctor Thapade! - Call me doctor Thapade!
That is what I said.
Sorry! - Sorry? It this the way to say sorry?
You cannot make a boy close his mouth.
If people come to know this then those people. .
. .will laugh at you. Go away!
He is doing this to me.
Sorry! Sorry!
please save me.
Don't tell me. - Wait. .
Laugh ! Laugh ! Laugh at my failure! Laugh !
Doctor, I am not laughing at your failure.
I am laughing because you are crying.
Sir, sir, sir. Here is the tiffin.
Good, Dolly, good. You opened it and brought it?
Yes, sir. - Great!
Dinya Gadbadya, now see what I do.
You troubled this doctor?
Now see.
Gadbadya, what is this?
This is bitter gourd vegetable.
Do you think I am joking? Okay.
If you do not close your mouth now. .
. .I will put all this vegetable in your mouth.
Shall I put it? Do you still think I am joking?
No problem. No problem. Doctor, just taste it and see.
Dolly, you taste this.
Now let me taste this.
Wow! The bitter gourd vegetable is very tasty.
Now close your mouth otherwise I will put. .
. .the entire vegetable in your mouth.
No! Sir, please no. Sir, I beg of you.
Now I will put this.
I do not want this bitter gourd vegetable.
No! No! I don't want this. Doctor!
I am successful !
Nurse! Nurse! Get cow-dung.
Hey, Gondhalekar, my fee!
No, no, sir. please forgive me. I beg of you. - Dinya.
I have never even killed an insect in my life.
Where am I asking you to kill an insect?
You just have to kill my mother-in-law. That's it.
No, sir, I will not be able to do it.
Sir, I beg of you.
You cannot kill a mere mother-in-law? - No!
What is the use of you living?
Why are you saying this?
Am I a murderer to kill someone?
I am just an agent. An insurance agent.
You are going to get Rs. 50 lakh.
You are refusing such a huge amount of money?
Are you not ashamed?
I am feeling ashamed that is why I am refusing to do it.
Dinya ! - No!
Dinya ! - No!
Dinya, are you married?
Who will give his daughter to a poor man like me.
You poor man, do you have a house? - No, sir.
This bespectacled guy lives like a paying guest.
You bespectacled guy, do you have a car?
No, sir, I do not have anything.
I travel by bus, sir.
You fool, if you are getting Rs. 50 lakh. .
. .then why don't you do thisjob?
Just think. Just think. You have acquired fifty lakhs.
You got married with that money.
You purchased a very big bungalow. - Sir. .
You purchased a very big car.
And that same car we took to the Olympics.
We took part in the race.
The race starts.
You are third last, then second last. The race is going on.
The race is going on. It is going on.
And you have won !
The gold medal goes to you !
Sir, give. Give it to me just now.
Do I have them just now? First, let my mother-in-law die.
Then I will pay you the money.
Not the money. - Then?
Give me the gun. I will immediately go and. .
. .shoot that old lady.
Hey you ! Cowards shoot. - Then?
We should kill with a knife. Come.
No! This is very dangerous.
Sir, I will not be able to do it with a knife.
You don't have to go close to her and kill her. - Then?
You have to throw the knife from far.
Sir, since childhood my aim is very bad.
If I miss the aim, she will kill me with the same knife.
Then I will lose my gold medal.
Dinya ! - No!
Dinya ! - No! Dinya ! - No!
Dinya, did you see the film pushpak? - No, sir.
Didn't you see that film? - No!
Do one thing. In that fifty lakhs produce a Marathi pushpak.
See that movie only then you will know how the murder is committed.
Sir, how is it committed?
It is very easy. The knife is made out of ice. .
. .and then the murder is committed.
What will happen by that?
There are two benefits. - Two?
Suppose the target is hit. - Yes.
My mother-in-law dies. - Yes.
Then till the police arrive the knife will melt. - Yes.
The knife is made out of ice, so it will melt.
And then second.
Suppose if you miss the target. - Yes.
Then the knife will fall down. - Yes.
It will break into pieces. - Yes.
That means till the police arrive the proof is destroyed.
Sir, you are really great!
That means the ice knife, if it hits the target well and good. .
. .otherwise it will melt.
No! Here you have to hit the target. - Okay, okay.
Remember! - Yes!
Everyday early in the morning at 6 o'clock.
My mother-in-law takes me forjogging in Nana Nani park.
I just keep running. Keep running. Keep running.
And she keeps eating bananas. - What?
Okay! Okay! While running I will call out to you.
Gondya is coming ! - What?
Gondya is coming ! - Yes.
As soon as you hear that voice from behind a tree. .
No, hiding behind a tree. No, from under the tree.
Forget it. You do not take tension of the tree. - No! No!
Keep that tree aside and directly throw that knife. .
. .at my mother-in-law. - There I hit!
Finish ! - I hit it.
Done. - Done. Done.
Done. Done. - Mr. Gondhalekar, tomorrow your mother-in-law will die.
Correct! Here is her photograph.
Oh ! - What happened?
If she looks so ferocious in the photograph.
Then how will she look personally?
You feel scared looking at the photo?
I see her alive everyday.
Then tell me what must be my condition?
Sir, I can very well understand.
Done! - Don't worry. Done.
Done. Done. Done - Yes, done.
Take this, Rs. 10 1.
Rs. 100 ! - Yes, Rs. 100.
I will give you Re. 1 later.
Think this is an advance. - Yes.
My mother-in-law must die.
I have taken the contract of killing your mother-in-law.
I have given you the contract of killing my mother-in-law.
Mother-in-law must die!
Run ! - She has started !
Wait! Wait! Go ahead ! Run fast!
Come here! Now go to sleep. Now sit.
Gondya is coming !
Gondya is coming !
Gondya is coming !
Gondya is coming !
Oh !
Hey, you ! Shut up! Oh, my dear child !
please do not cry.
The doctor will come now. The doctor will come now.
Keep quiet.
Yes. The doctor has arrived.
Oh, my God ! Dinya Gadbade!
Now again what is wrong with him?
The peel created all this blunder.
Oh, my God, that means again that dog bit him?
Oh, no! He slipped on a peel and fell.
Hey! Surprising ! people are really so irresponsible.
They eat bananas and throw the peel wherever they want.
Such people should be given a good beating.
She is my mother-in-law. She has thrown that peel.
Beat her up.
Sorry! Sorry! Doers anyone do it deliberately?
This happens unknowingly, isn't it?
It is okay. - Okay.
Hey, you ! - Yes!
You are going to check him, isn't it? - Yes.
Okay. Come here. - Yes.
Come on.
Gadbade! - Call me Dinya Gadbade!
How do you feel when someone calls you only Thapade?
Sorry! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Dinya Gadbade, please lie down.
I cannot lie down.
How is that possible? If you do not lie down. .
. . how will I check you?
I swear, I cannot lie down.
I will help you in lying down One minute.
See, like this. . Oh ! Oh ! - Doctor!
Madam! - Yes!
Madam! - Try and make him understand.
I. . I should explain to him?
My dear child, you should not behave like this.
He is the doctor. You must behave like a good boy.
He does not listen.
He does not listen.
Really, I cannot lie down.
Why are you troubling me?
Yes! Oh, yes! I just realised.
Gondhalekar, he has broken his back.
Oh, my God ! - Yes!
Mother-in-law, what have you done?
You are responsible for this. You are responsible.
I? I? Why are you accusing me since the time he has fallen down?
Why does everyone blame me?
What should I do? What should I do?
No, you should not talk to me like this.
One minute! One minute, madam.
please stop crying otherwise Gondhalekar will keep. .
. . laughing and trouble the whole hospital. Enough !
No, no, madam! I am sorry. please be quiet.
please let me do my work. . a little calmly.
Gondhalekar, you catch his legs from here.
Madam, come on, help me.
Why are you pulling me like this? -Yes.
He is no more. - No! He has become straight now.
Gondhalekar, give me a five.
What are you asking for a five? Look at his mouth.
Oh ! Oh, my God ! That means again hisjaw is stuck up.
Now, what can I do?
Now, I can run away.
Wait. Wait, doctor.
I have a solution.
Nurse, bring yesterday's bitter gourd vegetable.
Sir! Sir! Sir, I beg of you, sir.
I do not want that bitter gourd vegetable.
Nurse, please wait there.
You can tie me upside down. You can punish me in any way.
But please do not give me bitter gourd vegetable.
Again will you open your mouth?
No! I will always keep it closed. - Very good.
There will not be any problem with my back too. See this.
Oh, baby! Oh, Baby! - Very good.
Oh ! What is this?
This is nothing new, this is old. Come home I will tell you.
Great! How can I come home like this?
Till the doctor does not discharge him. .
. .I will sit here like this.
He isjust recovering. - Great.
She is such a nice lady. - It is okay.
Otherwise some people have some wrong notions.
I understood ! I understood your feelings.
You must not talk more now. Keep quiet.
You must take rest. You need rest. Doctor, what do you say?
Yes, really, you need rest. I need it.
Doctor! Doc. .
Let me read the paper.
Lovely! - Hey you ! Don't touch.
What? How do you feel now?
I am feeling good.
How are you feeling here?
Here also I am feeling fine. - Very good !
How are you feeling there?
There also I am feeling fine. . - Don't touch this.
Tell me. - Yes!
Are you an insurance agent?
Yes, I am a poor insurance agent.
Yes? - Yes.
Idea ! - What?
Even I want to take out a policy.
Yours? - No! Not mine but my son-in-law's.
Why your son-in-law's?
Why do you ask why?
When he has such a beautiful wife at home. .
. . in spite of that he keeps having an affair outside.
He has many affairs. - Yes!
Idea ! - What?
We should insure his legs and then break them.
No, what you are saying is right.
But who will break his leg?
What do you mean who? You !
Oh, my God ! - Why are you saying. . oh, my God?
Why do you want to call God down for such a small reason?
No, no, look at my face.
Do I look like someone who can break someone's leg?
You are a coward. - What happened?
I am not asking you to kill someone.
I am just asking you to break a simple leg.
Just use your brain. Use your brain.
Tit of that! Nothing is difficult in this.
Once the job is done. . - Yes.
Then all the insurance money. . - You will spend it?
You will spend it?
No! - Then?
I will give it to you !
No. . - Take it away.
No, you will give it to me but I swear. .
. .I will not be able to do it.
How many bananas are you eating? - Shut up!
I will not be able to do it.
You will not be able to do it? - No!
You will not be able to do it? - No!
Then do one thing. - Yes, tell me. I will do that.
Take a sieve! - Yes!
pour a little water in it. - Yes.
And jump into it.
You do not understand a simple thing.
You are born in Shivaji's country.
And you cannot break a mere leg?
You are degrading the Marathi name.
Then you have no right to live in this Shivaji's country.
You are not fit. Get out.
Get me a trumpet.
I will play it with all my heart.
I will resound the entire sky with its sound !
You. . you. . give me that trumpet.
Do not play the trumpet. - Then?
Break the leg.
I will definitely break his leg. - Yes.
It is better to break someone's leg rather than kill someone.
Very good ! Very good ! Take this advance.
One hundred and one rupees.
Take this Re. 1 and the rest I will pay you after. .
. .the job is done.
Your work will be done.
I have given you the contract to kill my son-in-law.
I have taken the contract to kill your son-in-law.
So this is your problem - Yes.
Don't worry. You have to break his legs, isn't it? - Yes.
But sir, I am a poor insurance agent. - Yes.
I am in a dilemma.
That means to acquire the policy I will have to break. .
. .someone's hands and legs.
If I do not break his legs, I will not get the policy.
That means I am caught up both ways.
please do something.
Why do you worry? I am there.
Who am I? - Visarbhole.
Yes, Visarbhole. I am there.
Guru, please do something.
Who is this now? - You.
But I am Visarbhole, isn't it?
Teacher Visarbhole. - Yes.
My child ! - Now who is that?
Forget it. - No, please tell me.
What was I saying? - My child.
Yes! For this you use my dog.
That one? No. No. No. She will not break anyone's leg. .
. . but she will directly bite.
Hey, you, not my dog. - Then?
A banana skin. - The peel of the banana?
A banana peel.
This is the only way you can break someone's bones. .
. . in the most natural way.
A banana peel ! - But what can I do with this?
Look up! - Yes!
Look at me! - Yes!
Walk in front! - Oh !
The peel created the blunder.
Some crazy man slipped.
The peel created the blunder.
Some crazy man slipped.
They are innocent who slip and fall.
They are innocent who slip and fall.
Only the guest stagger after intoxication.
Tonight, my dear today's night.
Tonight, my dear today's night.
Tonight, my dear today's night.
Tonight, my dear today's night.
When there is a shower of grace here. .
Why will anyone crave?
When there is a shower of grace here. .
Why will anyone crave?
I satiate the thirst of my admirers.
I shower love on them.
All those who come here are my admirers.
All those who come here are my admirers.
They all want to attain me.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight. Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Why do you care for the world?
Come to me I will shower happiness on you.
Why do you care for the world?
Come to me, I will shower happiness on you.
Come here, I will shower all my grace on you.
Oh, my beloved, why are you worried?
Oh, my beloved, why are you worried?
I tell you to live your life to the fullest.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
What nonsense!
Get up. Get up, Gurudev, get up.
Are you hurt? - Who are you?
Now look at him.
And who am I?
That peel made the blunder.
Okay. Now, you will have an affair with your neighbour too?
Your name should be printed in the Guinness Book.
You Casanova !
What are you talking about? What have I done?
Now unless you have done something. .
. . is she looking at you like this?
Just see, how that wretched lady is waving her hand out to you.
She is cleaning the glass from inside.
I have not gone blind.
But remember, you are locking horns with me.
If you ever do this kind of thing again I will not spare you. .
. .I will fry you like a fish.
You will definitely do it. She can do anything.
Why didn't any astrologer tell me that when a Taurean. .
. . loses her temper, she becomes a Virgo.
Oh ! What is this?
I am frying my Casanova husband in hot oil.
Sir! - Shut up. You shameless woman.
No! No! please don't!
Dark glasses on a fair face.
Hello. - Yes, Sattvabai speaking.
Hello. I am dead. - Don't die.
If you die then who will break my son-in-law's legs?
I will not be able to do it. - Shut up.
If you cannot do it, then hire four men.
I will give you the money.
The men should be hired for this old lady. - What?
Nothing. Nothing. I will hire men.
Hello. Raja Gondhalekar here.
Be alert! Be alert! Be alert!
Who are you to tell me this?
Listen to what is important.
Why do you ask unnecessary questions?
I told you. Be alert. Be alert. Be alert.
Okay. Okay. But why should I be alert?
Your mother-in-law has planned to kill you. - What?
Do not travel on the same path everyday.
Change your route.
Otherwise you will be killed.
Hello. . - Be alert. . - Hello. Hello.
So it is like this.
I think there is a hockey match on the road.
Tell me, which leg should I break?
Tell us. It is your choice.
Then later do not complain. I wanted my left leg broken. .
. .why did you break my right leg?
Don't run ! Don't run ! Stand quietly.
Otherwise later you will ask me why did you shoot?
How much money did you get to break my leg.
Ten. . then thousand.
Okay. Here, take ten thousand.
Take, ten thousand.
This is twenty thousand.
Now go and break the leg of that one who sent you here.
Yes boss. - Go!
Come on ! Hurry up. Hurry up.
Oh, my God !
Hey you ! Hey you ! Why are you beating me?
Why are you beating me? Do not beat me.
Why are you beating me?
I had given you ten thousand rupees.
You gave ten but he gave twenty.
I will give you forty. - Give forty thousand.
Am I lying? I just had it in my pocket. .
I do not have money now in my pocket.
What will I do? I will take out your policy.
How many of you are there? One, two, three, four.
per head Rs. 10000. Will that do?
I will take out each and everyone's policy. .
Okay, I will take out a policy of fifteen thousand.
I will take out your policies, you crazy people.
Don't beat me. .
police, run !
They have killed me.
Come! You come here! - What happened?
What happened? - Come here.
Sir, good that you came.
You came as my saviour.
Catch them. Catch them, sir.
How will we catch them? - Why?
We are dummy police.
There on the other side there is a studio.
The shooting is going on there.
We are going there.
Shooting is going on? - Yes.
This stick also belongs to this shooting? - Yes!
Let me see. Let me see.
Here, sir. - Run from here you. .
Hey, he is instead beating us.
The police come and beat me. - We will be late for the shoot. .
Am I something worth beating?
Beat up that inspector!
They beat me up!
Coming. Coming. The phone is ringing.
Where did I keep it?
Hello. Who is that? - Your father.
Father! They beat me up, father!
I am Raja speaking.
My Raja, you got me beaten up.
Where are you? - I am doing yourjob.
You want to kill your mother-in-law, isn't it?
But when are you going to kill her? After I die?
She had sent some goons to beat me.
Thank God, some good man called me up and alerted me.
Otherwise today I would be walking with crutches.
Now, even I will have to take the crutches.
Your friendship and my. .
Look here, please stop crying like this.
pick up that old lady today itself.
pick up? How can I pick her up?
She will only pick me up.
pick up means kidnap her.
And then what should I do about her?
Should I keep her with me?
Do whatever you want but kidnap her.
Dot. Kidnap!
Hello. - There is confusion. Confusion. Confusion.
What confusion? What confusion? What confusion?
A plan is hatched to kidnap you.
Someone stronger than him should come to kidnap me.
Madam, not anyone else, but he has sent some goons.
Do not venture out of the house.
Do not sit in your ambulance.
Why? Why? Why?
Because you will be kidnapped in an ambulance.
Get lost. They are all my men.
What happened? Why are you laughing?
Sit quietly. Do not try and act smart. Otherwise. .
Otherwise what?
You fools. . you are threatening me?
Shut up! You are already kidnapped !
You are my men and you are acting smart with me?
I will show you.
Shut up!
police, come on hurry up.
police! police! police!
Stop! Stop!
police! police! Arrest them.
Hands up! - Very good, Dinya Gadbade! You brought the police.
Catch them! Catch them!
How can we catch them? We are dummy police.
You fool ! You came and brought these dummy. .
. . police with you?
Have the real police ever come on time?
They always come after everything is finished.
They are good. Come, I will give you Rs. 500.
You fool. It is a month you had promised me that. .
. .you would break Gondhalekar's leg.
What if these goons would have kidnapped me?
When are you going to break his leg?
Why do you repeatedly ask me, when I am going to break his leg.
I am a simple poor insurance agent.
Why are you involving me in this?
I will not be able to do it. It is not possible.
You fool. You back out at the last moment?
Wait. I will show you.
You dummy police. Is this stick real? - Yes!
Give it to me. - Take it.
Shall I beat you? - This old lady is beating me.
You come back, I will beat you up.
Don't laugh, I feel like crying.
Don't laugh, I feel like crying.
Sir, shall I tell you one thing.
Whether it is you or me. We can never kill anyone in our life.
Sir, because we are good people.
We are not bad people.
No, sir, you may feel like killing your mother-in-law.
But you must be feeling that this should not happen.
You are right.
That is why that day so that you should not kill her. .
She should not get killed. .
I shouted, Gondya is coming. A little late.
Sir. . and what about that kidnapping?
What kidnap? I just wanted to frighten her and make her. .
. .go away from here.
Sir, shall I tell you one thing?
That day I threw the knife only after your mother-in-law bent down.
Sir, even I felt that she should not be hurt by that.
Dinya ! - Yes, sir.
Sir, a person gets only one opportunity to flourish.
But today, we have that opportunity and we have. .
. . made the best of it.
Sir, that means we have flourished?
Yes. Yes. Why big, we are great, great.
We are great.
We are great? - Yes.
Dinya, the great! - Raja, the great!
Great! Great! - Great, sir, great!
Great! Great!
But what about my mother-in-law?
She is still troubling me.
She is still interfering in my family life.
What are we going to do about her?
Sir, now we are great. So now we will not kill anyone.
But your problem is that your mother-in-law. .
. .should go away from your house, isn't it? - Yes!
Then we will do that.
But who will do it?
I know of one person. - Who is that?
Don't laugh. - Okay. I see. So this is the case. - Yes.
Don't worry at all. I will send your mother-in-law. .
. .far away from your house.
But how is that possible?
Don't laugh.
There is nothing impossible in science.
Take this. - Oh !
No, not this. Come here. Come here. I will show you.
Come here. - What is he showing?
Come here. Come.
Now why are you offering us tea?
This is not tea but this is water for you to have a bath.
Keep quiet. Do not interrupt.
Take this. - What is this?
This is formula 999.
This is not a formula? Then what is it?
This is formula 999.
My dear, this is formula nine hundred and ninety nine. - Yes!
The thing is if you inject this medicine in someone. .
. .that man immediately breaks down.
Then everyday that person gets a break down.
He starts fearing the whole world.
His brain stops working.
His hands and legs become weak.
He starts dreaming of weird things.
Then. . then he stops going out of the house.
That person locks himself up.
But have you ever tried this on anyone before?
On a rat. - On a rat like this?
First, the rat was all right.
Once I did this experiment, the rat started having. .
. .a nervous breakdown. All the rats vanished.
But with this will there be any danger to my mother-in-law's life?
Do not worry at all. Till she is alive she will not die.
What? - What?
Till she dies she will live.
What? - What?
Till she is alive she will not die.
What? - What? - I have spoken right now.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
How much should I pay you for this?
I think your dog is here.
No, she has not come, I felt embarrassed.
I felt embarrassed ! - Why?
You have done so many favours on me.
How can I take money from you?
What favour have I done?
What do you mean what?
This is the first time I am experimenting on a human being.
For that you gave me your mother-in-law.
How can I forget your favour?
In this age no one will ever do this much for anyone.
But you have done this for me.
Who am I?
Come on.
I am Visarbhole, they do not remember it.
Dinya ! - Sir, please say Gadbade.
Yes! Gadbade. - Yes!
Will there be any danger to my mother-in-law's life?
Why? I think that this professor is a little mad.
Sir, he is not as crazy as he seems to be.
And why are you scared? You just inject this medicine. .
. .and finish it off.
Yes. Who will inject it?
You. - Whom have I given the contract to?
To me.
Who did I give Rs. 100 to? - To me.
And am I supposed to give her this injection?
Sir, why are you doing this? It is very easy.
When your mother-in-law goes to sleep you inject this.
Why do you want to involve me in this?
I am a poor simple insurance agent.
Okay. Never mind. I think you do not want the policy.
I want it. - You want it, isn't it? - I will do it.
Oh, my God ! I finished all my work.
I am fed up.
Oh, God !
I am a banana vendor, tell me if you will take out the policy.
Excuse me.
Gadbade's residence.
Hey you, Gadbade! You fool ! Why are you sleeping? Get up!
Oh ! Mr. Raja ! Someone is very happy today.
I want a party today. A party.
So many days we were suffering.
But now we will have a grand party.
I want an item too. - Item? I will give you.
Did you really inject that old woman?
Sir, my name is Dinya Gadbade.
Once I catch a person I accomplish my task.
What? - I do not rest till I take out a policy.
That injection has not made any effect on her.
Instead she is more active than before.
patience! Sir, have patience! Be calm.
Do you start shaving immediately? - What?
First, you take the brush. Then you dip it in soap. Then. .
Then you apply it here. And then you use the razor.
Or do you directly use the razor?
What are you saying?
I mean to say how does the flame increase before extinguishing?
So let her be active. After some time. . break down.
What are you saying break down?
She is doing break dance there.
The injection has not affected her in any way.
Your mother-in-law is very dangerous.
Such a small injection will not affect her at all.
She should be given saline. Saline.
Saline? Here I think I will have to run away.
Tell me. My friend, have you made any mistake?
Definitely not!
And that Visarbhole? - I cannot guarantee him.
What? - I mean we will ask him.
Where should we search for him now?
It is very simple. If he is found he is the professor. .
. .otherwise Visarbhole.
Here is Visarbhole. Mr. Visarbhole.
What is this? It is not sunny at all and why have you. .
. .caught this umbrella like this?
No, it is for the winter.
Visarbhole, what jokes are you cracking?
Who Visarbhole? - You are Visarbhole.
Oh, yes! I am Visarbhole!
I had forgotten about it. Good you reminded me about it.
Thank you.
Oh, my God ! He had forgotten his own name.
How will he remember us? Come on.
I am not mad ! I am a professor.
I know everything.
Tell me, who are you? Shall I tell you?
Yes, tell me.
He is Dinya Gadbade! - Yes!
He is a insurance agent.
My dog bit him.
And he is Gondhalekar.
His mother-in-law interferes in his family life.
Correct? - Correct.
Who am I? - Gondhalekar!
I am Visarbhole! - Yes, Visarbhole.
Oh ! - What happened?
Good you met me.
Tell me, the formula that I had given you. .
I hope you have still not used it on your mother-in-law.
I hope there is no problem.
The problem is not that serious.
. .I gave you formula 2000.
What do you mean?
I mean that is a very powerful formula.
That is for the weak and the impotent people.
You get more strength with that.
Oh, God ! I already injected that to my mother-in-law.
What will we do now?
What will happen now? - Yes!
A beard and moustache will grow on your mother-in-law's face.
Her voice will become manly.
And she must be waiting at the door for you.
Why are you so late today.
In short, your mother-in-law will become the father-in-law.
I am dead. I am ruined. I am finished.
As it is being my mother-in-law she is troubling me.
Now as a father-in-law she will kill me.
Then why are you crying here? Go home soon.
The formula is very powerful.
The affect is seen within twelve hours.
Do one thing. While going home carry the shaving kit with you.
Keep quiet. Give me a solution.
Tell me some remedy for this. please.
Now, am I God to revoke the curse?
But why should we suffer for your mistake?
It is my mistake. - Then?
But I cannot do anything.
You will have to do something.
You have your mother's oath. - Yes.
My oath on the cow.
And then it will go on his mother.
That. . - Catch him! Catch him!
Catch him!
Hey, Chhagnya ! Now are you going to get up. .
. .or shall I beat you !
Don't call me Chhagnya !
people call me Chhaganrao the wrestler.
Chhaganrao the wrestler!
Save me! Save me! Save me!
Mummy, what happened?
Radha ! Radha ! - What happened? What happened?
Radha ! - Why are you shouting like this?
As if you have seen a snake? - What happened?
Save me.
Did you see a ghost?
Ghost? - I am a wrestler! A wrestler! Chhaganrao wrestler.
Come, come. What? What?
My mother-in-law is still a mother-in-law.
I thought you must have turned into a father-in-law. - Yes.
What? Oh !
I think Visarbhole has turned Chhagnya into a wrestler.
Where is he? - There he is, doing exercises and sit-ups.
Radhe! - Yes!
All this is your husband's doing.
What did he do?
He wanted to teach me a lesson.
But instead Chhagnya became a wrestler. - What?
Last night, just because Chhagnya came and slept. .
. . in my bedroom by mistake, your husband's plan failed.
Otherwise, this idiot would have transformed me.
Tell me, is this the truth?
All this is a lie. In fact we wanted him to become a wrestler.
Am I right? - Yes! Yes!
He. . he. . - Forget it.
How do you feel? - How do you feel?
My body is feeling electrifying. - Oh ! Where are you? Yes.
Now I will wrestle with anyone.
With whom should I wrestle?
Why do you want to wrestle?
If you have the guts then break his leg.
This is your brother-in-law.
Mummy! - He has ruined your sister's life.
If you have the guts then catch his neck and break his leg.
Brother-in-law, what will happen to you now?
Sambha, you are my relative. .
Now, I will. .
Why are you laughing? They ran away!
The car! Car! - Yes! It is very hot outside.
Hey! Run ! - Run !
Run ! - Run !
You are running away? I will not leave you. Wait! - He is coming.
Where are you running? Wait.
Here. . Run !
Wait! - Leave my hand.
Radha, wait!
Chhagnya, wait.
Do not beat him. Do not beat him. - Chhagnya, beat him.
Beat him up properly.
Mr. Chhagan, I am coming.
Hey, wait. You will break my leg.
Hey, wait!
Is this blade sharp? - Yes. Break this.
Move away. - But I have not done anything.
Hey, wait.
Chhagan ! - My axe! My axe! Give my axe back.
Radha, wait! Wait!
He has gone with my axe.
Wait. I am going to catch the one with the axe.
But my axe. .
Run here. - How much are you making me run?
Wait! Wait!
Wait. I am asking you to wait. - Oh, my God !
Oh, my God ! Are they both coming to my house. .
. .with the goons?
Wait! - Wait.
Wait! Wait!
Go! Go! - Oh, my. .
Do not leave him. Very good.
No! No! Take him away. Go! Go!
Someone take him away.
Chhaganrao, come here. Come here.
Quickly, quickly. - I am coming.
Come inside.
Go away! - Go away!
We were saved because that dog ran after Chhagnya.
Oh, my God, how much we ran.
Running all the way we reached here.
If we would have ran a little more we would have reached all the way up.
Radha ! Radha ! Radha, wait. Wait, wait.
How much will you run?
Mummy. - Yes, how much will you run?
Mummy, where is he? He is not to be seen.
How will you see him?
By now he must be in hospital with all his bones broken.
Such idiots should be taught a lesson like this.
Yes, I am a Casanova ! Yes, I am a Casanova !
I have had many affairs. Not one or two. .
. . but I have had many affairs.
What? - Now I am going to have one more affair.
And what is that?
Marriage with Dolly. - No!
No! Not with Dolly. Not with Dolly.
Do not marry Dolly.
You fool, move aside. Move aside.
Move aside. Are you not ashamed to marry. .
. .the second time when your first wife is still alive?
I am not bothered about the society and neither you.
I will marry Dolly if I am a real man.
Dinya, what do you say? - No, no, do not marry Dolly.
Look here if you do not come with me then you are not a man.
What happened?
Let him go. I will see how he remarries.
You just see! Dinya, come on.
Why are you ruining that bag?
I am beating my head with it.
Now my mother-in-law will have to repent.
I will marry Dolly and teach her a lesson.
But is it necessary to marry Dolly. .
. .to teach her a lesson?
Yes. . what is your problem?
Me and Dolly. . that. . that. . - What?
I do not agree to this.
If you do not agree then you too can go to hell.
Your phone is ringing. - My battery is low.
My phone is ringing.
New mobile? - Yes, I purchased it yesterday.
There is a call for you.
Hello. - Does your mother-in-law trouble you? - What?
Does your mother-in-law bother you? - Yes, yes.
Do you wish to send your mother-in-law away?
Yes! Yes!
Then why are you giving that contract to that poor Gadbade?
There is only one person who can do your work.
Who? Who? Just tell me the name.
Bharat Kesari. Marutirao Markute.
Wrestler, Maruti Markute?
Why will he help me?
That is hisjob. To take money and kill people.
You do one thing. Go there with money. .
. .and give your mother-in-law's killing contract.
Dinya. . - You will not marry Dolly.
Shut up.
I have found a way to kill my mother-in-law.
Wrestler Maruti Markute.
My child, Maruti.
She was an old woman. She had to die someday.
What happened?
I think the wrestler must have passed away.
It must be his birthday today.
He is Bharat Kesari. That is why there is such a crowd.
Come, we will also go and wish him. Come. - Yes!
The wrestler's mother passed away. - What?
We are very unfortunate. Come, we will go.
No! Sir, this is the right time. You give him your condolence. .
He will be happy. He will help us. - Yes!
Sir, what is this? - He has lost his mother, isn't it?
We will give him our condolence. Come.
My mother passed away.
Wrestler! - Oh !
You will kill him.
It is okay. It is okay.
My mother-in-law. . - My mother. .
How did your mother die?
She had gone to bring water.
She had gone to bring water?
How many pots? - Two pots.
There were two pots?
But couldn't you pick up one pot?
You are Bharat Kesari. Such a strong wrestler.
You wander around the village.
Couldn't you carry one pot?
You asked your old mother to pick it up?
You. . my mother is dead and you are laughing?
Does anyone hit like this after your mother has passed away?
Why are you beating me?
He has escaped, beat him.
I am going. .
Is this a village or what?
Let him be!
I will say that they were nearly going to kill him. .
. . but he just hurt his leg.
He has internal wounds. It is not a fracture.
That wrestler was sad so he did not beat you too much.
You do it slowly. - Will he not recover?
No! - What?
I mean there is nothing to worry about.
I will give him such an injection that. .
. . he will startjumping like a frog.
Is he going to give me an injection? - Yes!
I am scared of the injection.
But then how will you recover?
As soon as I recover I will first go and hammer that wrestler.
Leave it. Leave it.
Actually my mother-in-law is responsible for this.
You are! - I? Give him the injection.
No. No. Sir, your mother-in-law is responsible. - Yes.
Now you must teach your mother-in-law a lesson. - Yes.
For that never mind if you have to marry Dolly.
But teach your mother-in-law a lesson. .
Radha, how can you lose hopes like this?
Remember lesson number ten.
You must never fear your husband's threats.
And lesson number eleven.
Consume poison and commit suicide. Correct?
To hell with all your lessons.
Because of you, my family is ruined.
What are you saying? I have done all this for your good.
What good have you done? What good have you done?
Early morning you used to make him run.
You used to keep him hungry.
Not only thins, but you also made him sleep away from me.
Which husband will not get angry?
But I did this to teach him a lesson.
I am very unfortunate. I am not destined to have a happy family.
Nobody can help that fact.
If I would have had one why would he have gone out?
And why would he have a daughter like pinky?
Radhe! Come! - Where? To commit suicide?
Not to commit suicide but to see what is in your destiny.
Radha, remember one thing.
You have come to Narsobachi Wadi (holy place ).
All those who surrender at the feet of Lord Datta. .
.solves his problems and goes from here.
Radha, you are a good natured girl.
But if you are restless then you can never be happy. .
. . in your family life.
I will narrate to you a very beautiful line from. .
. .the 'Guru Charitra'.
A house graced by a woman need not be worried about wealth.
A woman should help the family prosper.
Did you ever behave with your husband like this?
You behave like this and see.
After that if a woman looks after her family to the. .
. . best of her ability then she reaps good fruits for it.
But do you know what you have to do away with?
Not anything else but your ego.
You do this and then you see, your family life will be so happy.
We accept what you have said.
But my son-in-law is out to remarry.
All your doubts about her husband are baseless.
Your husband is a very nice man.
You try and be a mother and not a mother-in-law to him.
And you too must love him a lot.
A wife has to portray so many roles.
Right from a lover to a mother.
You do this and see.
However your husband may be, love him.
You do this and then you will get a very good experience.
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!
You will gain if you come otherwise you will lose.
Gadbade, since when have you stopped your. .
. . insurance business and started this advertisements. .
. .of the dramas?
This is not an advertisement but this is an announcement.
What announcement?
Today, Mr. Gondhalekar and Dolly are going to get married. .
. . in the temple outside the village.
What? Are you speaking the truth?
We do not want this music. We want the band.
play it loudly.
Gondya is coming.
Gondya is coming.
Come on, hurry up. - Gondya is coming.
Gondya is coming. - Oh, God ! She has come.
She will now make a chaos.
Come on, start the rituals.
How are you catching it? Bring it here.
What are you doing?
What should we. . - Leave it, yes, now. .
Yes, come on. Yes, take it.
Yes, that's it.
What are you doing? Oh, yes! Yes. Like this.
What are you doing?
Hey, priest! - Quickly, give it to me. - Take it.
The garland ! Garland !
Wait! This marriage cannot take place.
Tell me quickly, why will this marriage not take place?
The auspicious time is passing by.
Hey, you, priest! I have come to warn you.
Stop your chants.
Otherwise I will send you behind bars.
What? What have I done?
You are solemnising the marriage of an. .
. .already married man?
And you ask me what have I done?
And that too when his first wife is still alive?
What are you saying? His first wife is still alive?
Where is she?
Are you blind? Can't you see?
She is standing right in front of you.
Surprising ! He told me that his first wife is no more.
Hey you ! Tell me. Do you want to kill my daughter?
Who has that much time?
I am going to marry Dolly means I am going to marry her.
priest, start.
Shut up! I will slap you now.
Just try and chant the mantras.
I will change my name from Sattvabai if I do not slash your tongue.
Do not worry, he is not scared of you.
Finish the marriage in short cut.
I will see how you get them married.
You can keep watching. You can keep watching.
Both you mother and daughter can create as much. .
. .as chaos as you wish. But I will marry her.
Don't you have any shame?
Yes, I do have that is why I am getting married.
I am ashamed of my first wife's suspicious nature. .
. .that is why I am marrying the second time.
What do you say, Dolly darling?
Of course, my dear.
What? Hey, you ! If not the society at least think. .
. .about yourself.
You are ready to marry a married man?
Why should I feel ashamed?
I like sir so I immediately consented.
Isn't it, darling? - Oh, yes, Dolly. I love you Dolly.
I love you too, Raja !
Raja ! My daughter never addressed him like this ever.
And you are calling him Raja?
How will she say it? She did not have the time. .
. .to love her husband.
Always suspicious. What else does she know?
You could only see my suspicious nature.
But you could never see that, that was because. .
. .I loved you.
It is no use repenting now.
The time is flying by.
priest, start the chants.
priest! Behind bars!
You priest, do not think about that.
Because this marriage is legal.
How is this legal?
What do you mean how?
If the first wife is insane then the husband can marry again.
She is mad? Does she look insane?
Gadbade! Why are you laughing? Show it.
This is the certificate. Certificate.
What certificate?
Sister-in-law is totally insane, see this.
Does she look insane? Who gave the certificate?
Doctor Thapade. - Yes.
Doctor, you give a false certificate?
In your next birth you will become a compounder.
What can I do? This Gondhalekar threatened me. .
. .and made me forcibly write this certificate.
Come on, the auspicious time is flying by.
priest, start the chants. Yes.
Wait! Why do you want to get married with a fake certificate?
The only problem you have is that you cannot marry. .
. . because your first wife is alive, isn't it?
I will move out of your way.
I will go away from your life. - But. .
You marry Dolly and be happy. I am going.
Did you see, she went away. Radha ! Radha !
Wait, Radha ! Radha !
Radha ! Are you serious?
Why? What did you think? That a Virgo woman. .
. .cannot sacrifice? She can only be suspicious?
Oh, my God ! Your star sign? - Virgo.
Oh, my God ! Move aside. That means you are a Virgo?
Yes, Virgo. Actually I did not want to hide anything from you.
But forget it. Now that you are marrying Dolly. .
. .you must have definitely seen her horoscope.
She must be a Taurean.
That is why you were ready to marry her.
What is this? He is laughing, dancing? - What?
What? - All this was a drama.
What do you mean? - I mean nothing. Forget it.
Dolly is not mine but his.
Dinya Gadbade, tell them.
put this garland around my neck. Catch this.
Dolly is mine.
The thing is I met her for a policy and fell in love with her.
Then she fell in love with me.
Then we both fell in love with each other.
Tell them - Yes, we fell in love.
Then why this drama?
To teach you a lesson. - Yes.
Don't talk to me. - Again she started.
What don't talk to me?
You crazy woman there is no other woman in my life. .
. .other than you.
What are you saying? - What?
Don't tell lies.
Then from where did pinky come?
papa ! papa ! papa, I have come.
Oh, my God ! God, please save me!
Coming ! Coming ! I am Dev ( God) !
Dev, you have come at the right time.
Tell them the truth and save me from all this.
My surname is Dev. - Yes.
I am the manager of the orphanage.
This pinky grew up in our orphanage as an orphan.
We requested Mr. Gondhalekar. .
. .that he should spend for pinky's education.
He accepted this request happily.
Since then pinky grew fond of him.
And then pinky started calling him papa.
And this confusion took place because of that. - Oh !
But then why did you hide this from me?
Fearing your suspicious nature. What else?
That is absolutely true.
Since the beginning, she is very suspicious by nature.
And because of me she became more suspicious.
Son-in-law, do you know that saying? - Saying?
Forget it, you don't know anything.
A mother should never interfere. .
. . in her daughter's family life.
That is the absolute truth. - Yes.
please allow me to go now.
No, no, please do not go. You please don't go.
Alls well that ends well.
Yes, give us your blessings too.
Next year we will give you the good news.
Dolly, take the blessings. Give us your blessings!
Even I will give you some good news.
Wait! Wait! Wait. Move aside.
Be careful ! - Bless me too.
Sakhu ! - Yes!
You? - Yes!
What is this? Whom did you get married to?
I will not tell you. I am feeling shy. Go away!
Come on ! Come on !
Tell me the name.
I will not tell you. I am feeling shy.
Then say it in a poetic form.
In a poetic form? - Yes.
It is God's miracle that there is water in the coconut. - Yes!
It is God's miracle that there is water in the coconut. - Yes!
Raja is my sir and Chhagnya is my husband.
The wrestler has arrived.
The wrestler has arrived.
He has wooed Sakhu and the wrestler has arrived.
Mummy, bless me. - Yes!
Sakhu ! - Oh !
What Radhe! This is also God's miracle.
Not God, but this is professor Visarbhole's miracle.
Who is this Visarbhole? - Now look at this.
Gondhalekar! - There he is.
Gondhalekar! - Listen ! - What?
How much should I search for you? - Why?
Take this formula 999. And inject this to your mother-in-law.
And send her away!
Oh, my God ! You? Radha's father!
Where were you so many years?
Who is Radha's father?
Why are you saying this?
Didn't you recognize her? This is Radha. Your daughter.
This is Chhagnya. Your son.
These are my children? - Yes.
I did not recognise them.
How will you recognise them?
When you went away from the house they were very small.
Where did I go?
Don't you remember?
You slipped on a banana peel.
You hurt your head. And it affected your mind.
You started behaving insane.
Then we got you admitted in the hospital.
You ran away from there and today we see you.
I remember everything now. - You remember, isn't it?
Yes! I remember each and every thing. - Good.
I slipped on a banana peel.
I was in the mental asylum.
I remembered everything.
This is Radha. And this is Chhagan.
Doctor. Dinu. Mrs. Dinu.
Hi, Dev! Hi ! Hi !
I remembered everything.
Now I know everything. - Great!
But who are you? - What?
The peel created the blunder.
Some crazy man slipped.
The peel created the blunder.
Some crazy man slipped.
They are innocent who slip and fall.
They are innocent who slip and fall.
Only the guest stagger after intoxication.
Tonight, my dear, tonight.
Tonight, my dear, tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Tonight, my dear tonight.
Come, I will shower my beauty and grace on you.
Oh, beloved, why are you worried?
Oh, beloved, why are you worried?
Live your life to the fullest.
Tonight, my dear, tonight.
Tonight, my dear, tonight.
Tonight, my dear, tonight.
Tonight, my dear, tonight.