How To Debate Atheists

Uploaded by deathray32 on 17.12.2011

Hi, I'm Angie the Atheist.
You know, as atheists,
we hear the same arguments from Christians over and over again.
Often they are very weak arguments, and we get annoyed when we hear them for the
697th time. That's why, as a public service, today I'm
going to offer Christians some tips for debating with atheists.
You may not win the argument, but at least you will be less likely to look
foolish and annoy your opponent,
which is never a winning strategy.
First of all,
never imagine that someone is an atheist because they simply never heard of Jesus.
For a start,
the U.S. is saturated with Christian symbols and references.
Christian language is on every bill and coin in our pockets,
there are churches on every corner, and people routinely invoke Jesus to fix
the outcome of every high school sporting event. What's more,
many atheists were raised in religious families and stopped believing after
they studied their religion deeply,
and decided it didn't make sense.
Many atheists
in fact are more familiar with the bible than you.
if you think you have a sure-fire argument for God's existence that will
knock our socks off, before you try it out on us, mentally substitute a god
you don't believe in.
if you no longer find the argument convincing, then the argument in its
original form,
with the Christian god,
will not work on us, because we don't think there is anything special about
the Christian god that sets him apart from other gods. For example
you might say that you were a debased sinner before you accepted Jesus as your
personal lord and savior,
and he changed your life,
therefore he is real.
But a Pastafarian could say that the Flying Spaghetti Monster changed his life
and therefore the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real.
If you think that's ridiculous, then you are missing the joke. Thirdly, try to
avoid using arguments for God's existence that assume that God exists.
This is the fallacy of begging the question, also known as circular logic.
For example,
"God exists because the bible says so.
We must believe the bible because it is the word of God."
don't threaten us with Hell, since we don't believe in it,
since we don't believe in it, and it therefore holds no fear for us.
In short,
try to put yourself in our shoes.
Imagine your reaction if someone from a different religion started trying to
convert you.
Their belief system might seem to them to be the most perfectly logical system
but since you don't share it, it means nothing to you. Finally, please realize
that it's incredibly rude to go up to a stranger you know nothing about,
and say, "I'm sorry,
but you are most deeply-held beliefs are false and Satanic,
and you must abandon them right now and embrace mine."
If someone seems willing to spend time debating you, that's fine,
but if they just aren't interested in hearing what you have to say,
leave them alone.
There are many other tips I could offer, but time does not permit.
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Bye for now.