Interview with Carmac from ESL @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 10, 2012

- Hello, everybody!
We have the final day of Inter Extreme Maters Championship.
I’m here to interview one of ESL organizers Carmac.
Hello, Michal
- Hi
- You look very tired.
Are you so tired?
How was the tournament on the whole?
- I can tell only good things.
There were no serious problems.
A lot of people watched the stream.
Here are a lot of fans.
All teams are satisfied.
Well, at least before the finals they were.
Only one is satisfied afterwards.
Everybody says it was a good championship.
Everybody’s glad.
CS teams say everything is pretty awesome.
It was better than the previous year.
It was clear from the 1st day.
- Did you expect so many people to visit the tournament?
Is it more than the year before?
- We try to count the amount of people on CeBIT.
ON the whole there are less people,
but Intel Extreme Masters Hall
gathered more people than the previous year.
We were forced to limit the amount of people.
Previous year the entrance was closed since 3 AM,
while this year – since 1 AM.
It means today there are more people.
It’s overcrowded here and
it’s extremely hard to get to the place you need.
- Previous year the next season of CS
was announced during awarding ceremony.
This time it was not announced.
Shall we wait for next season of CS?
What can you say?
- Yes, there will be the next season.
- What can you say about the disciplines?
It is popular belief that CS 1.6. is dying?
Will CS GO shift CS 1.6?
- It’s not dying in Europe.
It’s already dead in Asia and America.
So it makes sense at the European tournaments
but it makes no sense on the global level.
That’s what can I say as for now.
We haven’t decided yet.
We’ll decide after this championship.
- Will DotA 2 appear at Intel Extreme Masters Championship?
- Everything is possible.
First of all we should decide if it makes sense.
And then everything is possible.
We don’t do things which make no sense.
- What do you think of the results in CS discipline?
The Poles got into the tournament by miracle.
Do you consider it to be justified?
- Everything’s just here.
They didn’t go to any tournament…
- They were not in the ranking…
- They didn’t have a team and sponsors.
That’s why they didn’t get to Kiev.
During the qualifiers they were the 10th place I guess.
By happy coincidence teams from Asia and America didn’t come.
We had a lack of teams, so we had to take those next
according to Kiev qualifiers ranking.
There were three contenders – ESC and someone else.
ESC, Anexis and someone else.
Sorry, I can’t remember, as I’m very tired.
ESC played qualifier, than another qualifier.
And then they got into the championship.
Just or unjust?
I guess it’s just, as there was the ranking.
We didn’t have 12 teams and we had to find them.
In our ranking there were less than 12 teams,
as CS is already dead in Asia and America.
There are no sponsors so they don’t come.
- And what about the results?
Are you happy?
Well, of course you are as ESC are your countrymen.
Did you think they won’t need the 3rd map?
- I was extremely nervous.
Well, of course I’m happy that Poles are the champions.
They are my friends.
Na`Vi are my friends as well,
but we are not so bound as with ESC.
I think people understood it during the awarding ceremony.
It was noticeable.
MC is very happy as well.
I’m also a bit acquainted with him.
However his English is not enough for us to be good friends,
we still are friends.
Now we’ll see in LOL.
I have warm relations with Team dignitas.
- Ok, Michal.
Thank you for the interview.
Any thanks in the end?
- No, thanks.
- Thanks, good bye!