New York City - Central Park Video Tour Part 2

Uploaded by NewYorkHabitat on 08.08.2009

New York Habitat Presents
Video Tour of Central Park
Part 2
Well my friends,
we're back for our second installment
of our tour of Central Park.
I'm David Hill with New York Habitat
in our last video
we took you to some places like
Bethesda Terrace and the Central Park Zoo.
We've got a lot more in store for you today.
It's a beautiful day in July.
Let's get down to business.
There are 36 bridges in Central Park
and not one of them is alike.
We're standing on Bow Bridge,
one of the most filmed
and photographed bridges here.
It was built in 1862,
and is made completely of cast-iron.
It offers a great view of the lake
and you can wave at the boaters passing by
We're in the forest of Central Park
its called The Ramble.
It's hard to believe this isn't a natural forest,
but rather it was hand planted 150 years ago.
Today its a mature wooded area
just waiting to be explored.
We're at Strawberry Fields.
Just across the street
is the Dakota Apartment Building
where John Lennon was shot in December, 1980.
After Lennon's death,
Yoko Ono, donated money
to have this small corner of the park
dedicated in his honor.
Its one of the most popular spots in the park,
so you'll wanna come pay a visit.
One of the most magical monuments
here in Central Park,
is the Belvedere Castle.
From up high in this tower
you'll get a great panoramic view
in almost every direction.
You'll get scenes of the Delecorte Theater,
the newly restored 55 acre great lawn,
and of course, turtle pond.
The Delecorte Theater is the summer home
of the annual Shakespeare in the Park Production.
Home to a very popular
Shakespeare in the Park Series,
thousand of theater lovers come here every year.
The next best thing to being in Central Park
is living near Central Park.
For your next trip to New York
consider renting one of many apartments
found around the park.
You'll have quick access for an early morning stroll
through the park,
or prepare lunch in your fully equipped kitchen
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I've said it before in other videos,
but its worth repeating.
One of the best events here in New York City
is a string of free concerts
held from June through August.
The event is called Summer Stage
and its held right here in the heart of Central Park.
If you're looking for some wide open space
in Central Park,
make sure you check out the Great Lawn.
Its another one of my favorite parts of the park.
The New York Philharmonic
gives two free performances here every year.
There are also 8 permanent baseball fields.
You'll find kite flyers, sun bathers, book readers
and more.
If you're looking for some real peace and quiet.
You've gotta come to Turtle Pond.
Besides all the turtles,
This area is a designated quiet zone.
Making it a great places to relax,
read or take a quick nap.
And come on,
who doesn't like turtles?
The obelisk,
otherwise known as Cleopatra's Needle,
is the oldest monument in all of North America.
It was installed here in Central Park in 1881
as a gift from the Egyptian Government
But this thing was actually created in 1500 B.C.
in the city of Heliopolis.
And of course we have the Central Park Resevoir.
It's the best the known now
as home to the 1.58 mile running track
that surrounds it.
I'm sure you've seen it in tons of movies.
Probably the parks most beloved sculpture,
its a depiction in bronze
of a group of our favorite characters from Lewis Carol's
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."
Well, that's all the time we have here today,
but there's a lot more fun to be had in Central Park.
If you've got any advice,
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I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
Thanks for joining us.
Make sure you check out our other
free videos on our blog
and in the mean time we hope to see you soon
in New York City.