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Mr. Jang.
Me thinking of you...
I thought fondly of you because
I thought you were an honest person.
I'm not sure anymore.
Yes, dad.
Don't worry.
I'll go on that blind date today.
So Yi.
Where have you been?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
Let's go in first.
I'll tell you inside.
Why didn't you answer your phone?
And why are you all wet?
You think I'll be fooled by you acting all down like that?
Ahjussi, what's wrong?
What should I do?
Ahjussi, get up!
Ahjussi, can you hear me?
Wake up!
Have you eaten dinner?
What's the difference between an educated fool and an uneducated fool?
You shouldn't have made a promise you couldn't keep.
Was it just another date to you?
How could you just ruin it?
What about the other person, who is probably busy as well?
And what about Chairman Oh, who went out on a limb to set this up?
Rumors about these kind of things spread quickly.
They're going to wonder how I raised my daughter.
I'm sorry, dad.
I just can't believe this.
If an unmarried woman even sneezes in this world,
it becomes that woman's fault.
What are you thinking?
It won't happen again, dad.
I'll call Chairman Oh and apologize.
What's the use now after everything is already done?
I want to hear it from you.
Is it because you don't want me forcing you to do these things?
Or is it as your mother suspects?
Are you seeing someone?
I don't get it. I put ice on him. Why is he getting hotter?
Are you dumb?
His fever will get worse if you put cold things on him.
Then what should I do?
Wash him with lukewarm water?
Okay. Then what?
Fever medicine?
First, take his temperature.
If it's over 38 degrees, give him the medicine.
Then you have to keep watching him to see if his temperature drops.
Suppositories are good, but how old is he?
You should leave in the morning. There probably aren't any buses.
Why would I want to stay here with a daughter who refuses to marry?
I can take the late-night train.
Go inside.
Take care of yourself, and stop giving your mother things to worry about.
Thanks, Miss Hong.
But it's a relief that it's not more serious.
Don't worry. I'll keep this a secret from your father.
Thank you.
But, Miss...
Never mind.
Just be careful.
Just wait until you're better. I'm going to get my revenge.
But are you really sick?
Are you just pretending to be so I don't give you more work?
Alright, alright. Rest up, and we'll see you tomorrow.
Mr. Jang isn't coming?
How sick is he?
He said it's the flu, but he's so weak.
- I feel for whoever marries the guy. - I knew it.
Seeing how he walks, I think he has a weak lower body.
I wonder if he'll be able to do his duty as a man.
Hey, you're not supposed to be here.
Just go back to your seat.
Hurry get back to your class.
Why don't you go back to your seat? Don't talk too much.
Attention class!
Today, your homeroom teacher is sick. Therefore, he's not here today.
You still have to study hard even though your teacher isn't here. Understand?
That's all.
Mo Se.
Hurry and get back to your class right now!
Yes, chairman is not in right now.
About that, I have no comments.
I've already said that I have no comments.
Don't pick up.
They're just trying to get information from me.
How did the reporters find out?
Isn't that their job?
The reporter from Se Da contacted us.
He wanted to know if you're willing to testify for the police or if you have any proof?
Until the day you go to trial, we have to face things like this everyday.
What should we do?
Don't say anymore.
No matter what, we're going to do what we need to do.
But is it safe for Eun Byul to live over there?
Yes, for now no one knows the whereabout of Miss Yoo.
San Tae isn't here.
He's not coming today?
He hasn't been coming since last week.
Hyung, I heard San Tae is working elsewhere.
Who was sick yesterday?
It's my dog.
Dogs also get fever?
Of course, don't you know?
Dog can even talk while sleeping too.
Is your brother getting any better?
Hee Kang is going to have the operation.
That's great. When?
Until my mom comes back, they will give him the complete check up process.
I hope everything will go well.
But who helped your brother?
I don't know.
You must be very grateful.
You're right.
I'm feeling somewhat uneasy because there're many strange things happening lately.
For the past 18 years, this world was against me.
Suddenly there's a hand reaching out to help,
but I don't know if I should hold that hand or not.
You two became friends that quick already?
I think Eun Byul's social skill is quite impressive.
Recently, Eun Byul's father and my brother stayed at the same hospital.
Is your father sick?
Accident. It's a car accident.
Is he better now?
Yes, a bit.
Alright, do well on your exam tomorrow.
Teacher Jang helped me.
That day, I was so shocked when I heard that my dad was injured.
Luckily, teacher Jang was there to accompany me that day.
Oh, the sign of Scorpion.
You are loved by many people.
And then what?
Can I become a movie star?
You will need to be prepare.
Your hopes and dreams ...
will soon come true.
- Even thought it's still far ahead. - I want to go first.
It's my turn.
It won't do. Only one a day. We're done for today.
Teacher, just one more time.
That won't do. I can't. I can't.
- Just one more, please. - You're here?
I knocked, but there was no response.
I want to return this to you.
You can just leave it at your place.
Too much of tarot reading is not good.
If you guys continue to be like this, I won't do it again next time.
- Hurry and go. - Teacher, just one more time.
- Go! - Just one more time.
Go, go, go!
Just one more time!
You're still not going? Hurry and go.
You've made friend with them already?
From a communication's point, it'll be easier. Our age aren't that much far apart.
It looks different. Is this used by the western people?
This type of card is called Meet Me. Do you want to give it a try?
- No, I'm not much... - You don't believe in it, right?
I'm the same too.
Then why did you show that to them?
Aren't there many things in life that just can't be done, no matter how hard you tried?
Like love, for example.
It doesn't hurt to have more encouragement sometimes.
Chae Moo Shin, you just started going to school now?
A student needs to be punctual.
I had something to do.
By the way, have you seen San Tae?
Don't forget there will be an exam tomorrow.
His way of talking to other people still hasn't changed at all.
It's fine to me.
Hey, are you really dating him?
This is a love card.
The Queen of Cups, a woman with many affections.
Even though there are many loves for her to choose from, she's very careful.
This is a good one.
The other person also love Miss Shin.
However, he's not the aggressive type.
So what's next?
If I were you, I wouldn't see the next card.
If you both are in love, just admit what's in your heart.
How it turns out isn't important.
It's just fun to know.
What is it?
Nothing, seems like it's a good card.
The Moon. What does it mean?
The Moon... is a good card.
The two meet under the moonlight.
Didn't even get to meet.
Oh, that person didn't come to work today?
Teacher Jang Yi San, is he sick?
Seems like it.
He also lives by himself, right?
A sick man by himself can be very lonely.
At time like this, he will be very touched if someone comes to visit him, right?
Visiting a man who lives by himself, that's not too good, is it?
Are you planning to go?
Not at all.
I can't see my future.
How can you see the future at this age?
Ok, just like that.
Who is it?
Oh, Moo Shin.
Why don't you go to school?
Since when did I take school seriously? What kind of question is that?
What is it?
Oh, I just bought it.
Seems like it's very expensive.
I heard you have a lot of money to spend lately.
Moo Shin.
Senior, how are you?
Long time no see.
It's hard to see you lately.
Didn't I tell you that San Tae has been hanging around my place?
Come by my office and we can eat dinner together.
This kid, you still haven't changed a bit. Still so impolite.
Hey kid, see you later.
Have a good day.
What do you want do to?
You don't know what I mean?
What are you doing with that thug?
I only met and ate with him once.
You need to think about your mother.
You are all that she has now.
I know. Really...
Line Y=F(x) and y=-3+2, that is why...
You guys, the exam is tomorrow.
I'm showing you what will be on the exam.
I've already cook the food for you, yet you refused to eat it?
I'm so worried for you guys.
- Teacher. - What?
What's the point of knowing the question? We don't know the answer anyway.
Do you guys have a problem with studying?
How can there be a difference of 40 points between 1st place and 2nd place student?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Teacher, we have our way of doing things. It's also very important to us.
Also, can you not compare us to other people?
You have your ways?
You only memorized the answer, but don't know how to explain your answer.
Students! You must try hard, got it?
Why are you leaving in a hurry? You're not staying to study?
Ah, I have to hurry home to cook porridge for my dog.
It's best to eat porridge when you're sick.
I think porridge will help with the cold.
- Give me one portion, please. - Yes.
One portion of porridge.
Is it for carry-out?
Eun Byul.
How are you?
I'm fine.
But.. why are you here?
My house is nearby here.
Oh, that's right.
I heard your dad is sick, are you buying porridge for your dad?
Is your house near here too?
It's not near. I'm just visiting a friend.
But why are you buying porridge?
Well, that...
I suddenly want to eat porridge.
- Then, see you tomorrow. - Yes.
Oh, goodness.
You should be lying down!
You should knock.
Who knocks when they enter their own house?
How's your fever?
Hey, why are you here so early? What about study hall?
I though you might be hungry, so I got you some porridge.
Nice excuse for not wanting to study.
Should I go back to school with this?
Well, now that you're here, hand it over.
Could that be Miss Hong?
She said she was going to come this weekend.
Why do they keep coming here?
I told them that we don't need a newspaper.
Who is it?
Excuse me, Mr. Jang.
How does she know where you live?
Miss Shin, how did you...
I heard you were sick, and I was worried.
Just a moment.
Why did you open the door?
Wait! Take these! Your shoes!
This is my house.
- So what? - Why do I have to hide?
If we get caught, it'll be big trouble.
- I'm going to the bathroom. - Just hold on for a second!
Hold on! She'll be gone soon. Please help me just this once.
Hello, Miss Shin.
Why aren't you lying down?
I was just on my way out when you...
Come on in.
Miss Shin, have a seat here.
Are you feeling better?
Well, I have the flu.
And medicine?
I took some.
Your apartment is nice and spacious.
It's my friend's place. I just stay and help out.
How did you know where...
The emergency contact file.
But there are surveillance cameras in your house.
There are a lot of thieves in this neighborhood.
Then you should be careful.
I think I heard something.
No, I didn't hear anything.
I heard something strange somewhere.
They're doing some construction next door.
They're remodeling.
It must be annoying.
Not at all. Have a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
It's mine.
It looks small.
This is popular with men these days.
The tiny T-shirt.
If you wear it like this, it really shows off your muscles.
This weather...
I'll get you some tea.
No, no need. You just rest, Mr. Jang.
Have you eaten yet?
I bought some porridge for you.
But I think it's a bit cold now.
Let me heat it up for you, ok?
Oh, well...
The porridge...
was hungry, so I went to buy some.
Then you can eat both.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
The kitchen is kind of in shambles.
Miss Shin! Miss Shin!
What are you doing over there? Come here.
Mr. Jang, I think I heard a sound coming from this room.
Miss Shin!
That's my friend's room, and no one is in there. It's locked.
Then it must be a thief.
We get rats sometimes.
Rats in the room?
Sometimes, it's many rats.
The house is a mess. How about we go somewhere else?
- But still, we should... - They say rats carry all sorts of nasty stuff.
The porridge?
Oh, I can eat it later.
Put your shoes on.
Alright, we can go now.
Aren't you going home? It's almost time.
I don't want to go home, and I don't want to live anymore.
If you know you can't have it, then just give up.
Compare to Moo Shin, what do I lack?
Well... there are too many things.
I'm serious here.
The Moon.
What's the meaning of The Moon?
It means beware of hidden enemy.
With love, it's love rivalry.
Why did I pick this card up?
It sucks.
So I guess we are spending the night here?
I have no problem with that.
Why are you like this?
I'm going home now.
You should wash the blanket. It smells.
I shouldn't have come.
I'm keeping you from resting.
I'm so happy that you came all this way.
Eun Byul seems to respect you a lot.
Eun Byul?
She told me that you were with her the other day.
If I had known, there wouldn't have been any misunderstandings.
But I'm still sorry about everything.
Did it go well?
That blind date?
I didn't go.
But why?
A big discount outlet opened by my house, but I haven't gone there yet.
Why? You don't think you'll like what they're selling?
No, I just think I'm more comfortable going to my neighborhood store.
And I don't see the lady there smiling as much since the outlet opened.
Miss Shin, you are too nice for your own good.
I'm silly, aren't I?
You don't like that I'm silly and hopeless.
Miss Shin.
So Yi.
I can't tell you everything right now,
but there is this student that I have to see graduate.
I know I shouldn't do this,
but can I ask you to trust me,
just until the end of the school year?
Can you do that?
I know.
This is your first time teaching homeroom and you're stressed about it.
No, it's not that.
not going anywhere.
I don't think I can, Mr. Jang.
Miss Shin.
Why are you eating that instead of normal food?
Are you mad about earlier?
Forget about it.
You seem different.
Since you're sick, what are you doing out there?
What are you talking about?
Even your voice sounds different.
It's not at all.
Tell that teacher not to come here anymore.
And I'm not hiding next time. Never!
- Good morning. - Hello.
Mr. Jang, I got a drink for you.
Mr. Jang, milk is very good for your health.
(Old Saying)
Eun Byul, are you alright? I'm so sorry.
Go on to class.
Eun Byul.
You're a bit strange today. Did something happened?
I'm just a bit tired.
Other people might think that you're heart broken.
Tell me the truth.
Chae Moo Shin is not seeing you anymore?
Hey, don't tell me you really believe what they said.
It's not true?
Let me tell you.
Besides me, he doesn't have any other friend.
Even though he always smiles to other people.
Always smile?
That's why I can't stand it.
Does it feel like it's taken away from you?
Yes, what does that mean?
And you also feel pain in your heart once a while?
Does that mean I'm sick?
Of course, an illness with no cure.
I don't care anymore. Do you want to go watch a movie with me?
I need to wash some clothes, and stop by the hospital to give my mom some clean ones.
Do you want to go to my house?
There's no one home.
We can watch a movie at my place.
Is that so?
Eun Byul, what time is it? Why aren't you here yet?
What? Sakang's house?
Where is it?
When are you coming home? Don't stay overnight there, ok?
Eun Byul! Hey, Eun Byul! Hello?
Miss Shin.
Yes, are you home yet?
What are you doing?
Just suddenly...
Yes, boss? To the office?
Yes, I got it. I'll be right there!
Moo Shin.
Yeongshik's office? Why are you going there?
I'm just going to eat.
At 10:00 at night?
Are you kidding me?
Moo Shin, I'm a bit busy now. Let's talk later.
What are you doing? You scared me.
If you go now, you're going to be dragged into that gangster's world.
How can I not go? I already told him I was coming.
If I say not to go, don't go! I'll take care of it.
You can't take care of it.
Did he give you any money?
Cough it up.
I spent it all.
Moo Shin!
Is this all of it?
Tell me the truth.
I spent a little.
Don't move an inch.
Moo Shin! Moo Shin!
How much farther?
We're almost there.
Whatever. You said that 15 minutes ago.
Come on in.
What? Surprised?
There's nothing to see. Sit down.
The phone you are calling cannot be reached, I will connect you to the voice...
Then I'll call again before I go to bed.
Yes, Mr. Kim?
We're together, but I think the battery in Eun Byul's phone is dead.
We're on our way home.
No, we're almost home.
Eun Byul left a book at school and she has to go and get it.
Okay, so what can we make with these ingredients?
Green onions, onions, cabbage, red pepper paste, and sugar?
Spicy rice cakes!
I'll make you some.
I know how to make it too.
Sit down.
Why? I know how to make it too.
- Hey, where's the meat? - Who needs meat?
How can it not have meat in it? It has to.
Hey, you can't add water to it.
Then should I use this?
No. I just didn't think you put water in it.
How come you're adding so much? I'll be too bland.
Do you want to starve?
Hey, come on in.
You alone?
What about San Tae?
I came to tell you that San Tae isn't coming anymore.
I'm returning this to you. I think San Tae spent some.
We'll pay back the rest.
You'll pay it back?
Let San Tae go.
Look at this guy.
Why don't you tell San Tae to come and tell us that himself?
Why are you involved?
Let's go.
You said you'd pay it back?
You eat it.
Man, are there any leftover rice cakes?
I used the last of them.
You look like you've never been fed before.
I thought you were rich.
Your mom doesn't cook?
My mom died.
Is your mom going to stay in Yeosu?
It's complicated.
She's really good at meeting the wrong men.
She's still reeling from debt after one guy ran away with some money.
Why is your family paying that debt?
Then what should we do? He was Hee Kang's father.
Hee Kang and I have different fathers.
I told you it was complicated.
But what does your dad do?
It looked like he had a secretary.
He's in the construction ventilation industry.
Oh, whatever.
Min Sakang.
Min Sakang lives around here.
It's supposed to be around here.
Hey, hurry! Hurry!
Should we go to the sea to catch some fish?
Shall we go catch some?
Watch closely. This is a lesson in how things become bloody.
Don't want to pay me back?
Let's go catch some fish...
Hey, you're good at cooking and doing dishes.
If you just change your personality, your husband would be happy.
Want to die?
Aren't there any guys you like?
Oh, come on. Not even a little?
What about in our homeroom? I'll help you out.
Shut up.
We're here.
And how have you been?
- Is your dad here? - Who's my dad?
He lives with your mom, so he's your dad.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Whatever. I know he was here last week.
I really don't know.
That's not good.
Should us guys help you find out?
Miss, don't be like this.
Let go. Let go of me!
Is someone here?
Hey, there are two ladies tonight.
Who are these people?
Go inside.
What's going on?
You're a little...
Man, why can't I find the place?
Man, this should be right.
Where is it?
- Oh, my shoulder! That hurt! - Who are you guys?
That little girl has no fear!
Eun Byul!
What's going on? What is this?
Who are you?
You're pretty good.
You've got guys coming to your house at night.
I'm their homeroom teacher.
Oh, their homeroom teacher?
I don't know what's going on, but you shouldn't do this to young girls.
Mister, this is none of your business, okay?
You can't come in.
- Move. - How dare you try to go in my house?
We're loan sharks. Don't you know that?
If you dare wear your shoes inside and mess up my house...
This girl sure is a feisty one.
You didn't figure out who it was?
Seeing how they were tailing me, it might not have been a reporter.
I'm sorry. I think I was being followed.
So why do you keep going there?
Just don't go near Eun Byul for the time being.
And don't let her come here.
But I have to take care of the house on the weekends.
Does she not have hands or feet?
Will she starve to death?
Next week is the anniversary of your wife's death.
Tell her not to come.
We don't know how long the trial will last.
Should we look into moving?
Miss Hong.
Yes, chairman?
Look into some place far away to send her.
Pardon me?
You mean like out in the countryside?
No, nothing like that.
Not that.
like the United States or Europe.
Mr. Jang!
Excuse me.
You must not use violence.
These are students in my class.
Teacher, keep your silly lessons at school.
And don't butt in.
If you're going to go in someone's house, ask for permission.
And take your shoes off first. How about that?
We learn things like this in elementary school.
You little...
Stop it.
Chae Moo Shin.
Moo Shin.