Maquillaje Coral Taupe Makeup

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Coral Taupe Makeup
Begin with the pre-base
I will begin applying a pre-base for shadows
I will extend it on all the upper eyelid
I will try to apply a very thin film of pre-base to achieve very intense shadows
This way, no wrinkles may appear
Select a pinkish peach shadow.
I will apply this shadow on all the upper eyelid...
I will use this kind of brush with dense hair
Choose an intense coral shadow, this one has pinkish highlights
Over this pinkish shadow I will apply this coral shadow
I will apply it with gentle tapping so the color deposits nicely
I will use a flat brush over all the upper eyelid avoiding the tear duct
Apply a greyish brown shadow, this one has bronce highlights
I will use this shadow to give a deep look to your gaze
...all the external part, I will apply the shadow with this brush
to give a blurry look
It is a brush with very loose hairs
Combine the three shadows on the lower eyelid
I will use the pinkish shadow on the inner side
all the tear duct area
I will use the coral shadow in the medium area
And I will apply the greyish brown shadow on the outer corner I will apply it upwards as well...
Accentuate with a dark garnet shadow, this one has redish highlights
I will use this dark garnet shadow to outline the line above the eyelashes
I will make the outline fade at the corners
and the lower part of the lower eyelashes
We blur the lines.
With a blurring brush we are going to fade all the lines we can find
Apply a natural shadow, this one is vanilla color.
We are going to apply a natural shadow on the eyebrow's banana to lighten up the area
Eyelash mascara.
Let's apply eyelash mascara. I will use one that gives volume effect.
We can apply various layers and will also apply on the lower eyelashes
For the eyebrows, use a mate shadow of your eyebrow color
I will mix these two mate shades... ... for the eyebrows
so I give the shade the exact color of my eyebrow
I will fill in spaces and will comb the eyebrow in an attempt to give a natural look
Pink or coral blusher.
I apply it using circular motion to blur it nicely
For the lips... an intense coral
To finish, I apply a coral lipstick
The outcome...
See you...
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