T-ara Hello Baby Ep 8 2/4 ENG SUB

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What our moms wish Mason to grab?
Did you hear that?
Do you know money?
Eunjung mom wish Mason to grab what?
So that he wont starve with rice
Then lets start from our Mason
Preparing to grab~
What will Mason grab?
After 1,2,3 then Mason grab one among them
Choose 1 that suits you well. Do you get it?
What is Mason's choice?
Everyone feel nervous
What should I grab?
What did he grab?
Attention focused on
Mason didnt even think much and chose money
Please leave the money for your brothers
No, just only 1...
Next one is Mavin
Where is Mason going
Gave the money to the mom
Mason is doing great
The parents wish Mavin to grab what?
Hwayoung mom giving recommedation
What the father wish for?
Hoping Mavin to become singer
What did Mavin grab exactly?
Between the parents wish What is Mavin choice?
Attention focused
Mavin choose one
Mavin is hesistating
Mavin did not choose simply
Mavin fingers are moving
Mavin, do you want to say it out?
Mavin unable to choose because of short shoulder
Putting the microphone and the hammer nearer
Used up a lot of effort to make Mavin to choose
Didnt make any decision
Time passing slowly
Is he going to follow what his parents said?
Following or his own decision?
How are you suppose to eat if you are not doing anything?
Waiting for Mavin to choose
Tell me what Mavin grab...I go to toilet first...
He learnt them from you
He put his hand on the microphone
Really choose microphone?
It seemed like its not microphone
Putting the hand on the hammer
Really choose hammer?
Its not this hammer too...
Let me think for a while
Today main character Maden arrived
Mother, what should he grab?
Can Maden fulfill the parents wish?
Stopped and looked for a while
What should i choose?
Microphone gained a little bit interest
Hammer VS Microphone
Result is
What did Maden chose?
Did i do well?
Maden is a good son listening to his father
Maden is still holding the microphone
Father carried him~
Wah~ He grabbed microphone
Once more time, Mavin going to grab
Will he success this time?
He grabbed the collar
He grabbed the hair? Then become hair stylist
Kicked people? Becoming footballer also can
Mavin give me something
After glancing at the stuffs in front
Mother hoped he will choose the hammer
Give that to his hand
Request from Soyeon mom
Mavin why cant you listen to your mom?
Really troublesome
Will he take the hammer that is positioned to him
Showing him the hammer infront of him
After all, Mavin
Mother's wish
Will he choose the hammer?
Father's wish
Will he choose the microphone?
In the end
What is Mavin's choice?
Mavin's first grabbing ceremony
Everyone became excited
What did Mavin chose?
Finding treasures in the book shop
Mavin's aegyo?!
What is that exactly?
T-ara family outing
T-ara moms also playing happily
What really happened...
Will be revealed later
Mavin one year old birthday
What did Mavin choose in the end?
Performing the hammer infront
After all
What did Mavin grab?
Mother's wish The Law Hammer
Hurray Mavin
Its Mavin right? He grab it without having any thinking
Mavin's get the hammer(knocking sound) Everyone smiled
Mother take memorial photos on the Hammer(hammer knocking sound)
Mavin happily making the (knocking sound)
This is really interesting
There will be a lot of judges in future
The 3 brothers grabbing ceremony ends!
Mason, Mavin, Maden
Hope they can become very outstanding when they grew up
Receiving blessings message to the 3 brothers
3 brothers, who
Who sent in the message?
First one, 3 brothers real grandmother
den ah~ My den must be healthy
Must listen to t-ara moms and grow up happily just like now...
Wish you for your very first happy birthday
Wish Maden Happy birthday
Grow up healthily in future also
Everyday happy and after you grew up and became rich dont forget hyung(brother). Do you get it?
Wish him happy birthday
Hope the 3 brothers can become a world
Wish they can become what they wanted to be
Maden Happy birthday
Maden looked cute when he is sleeping
He is also cute for Mason
Retying up the korean traditional clothes
See who will Mavin kiss
Kissed Hwayoung mom first
Mom also want~ Mom also want~
Only kiss Hwayoung mom...
Continuing kissing
Eunjung mom kept on protesting
Go away
Eunjung mom kept on wanted to get kissed till the end
Kiss on the lips~ Hyomin mom
Mavin choose who?
Press on the cheeks and kiss
Kiss success
Rewarding Eunjung mom...
Mavin use your mouth quick...ah
Mavin kissed without any hesistating
Kyung Hwan as a father today
Since the grabbing ceremony ended, we should take a rest
Mavin also gave us all kisses
After giving the 3 mothers kisses and kissed me in the end. Not only Mavin
Ah so this is the feel~
The birthday highlight
Letters written with full of love for the 3 brothers
And then surprise presents...
Seened like t-ara moms still havent prepared enough...
Always lack of motherly love
For our Maden very first birthday
Prepared a even though a small present but its full of sincerity
First present is a letter full of love
We are t-ara moms
We wish you happy birthday with sincerity
We had known each other for 2 months
Even though its not long
Speaking of short time but not short
Den ah..You, Mason and Mavin 3 brothers