Mahabharat - Episode 75

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In this war it is not important ...
... who killed whom because ...
... it is a decisive war between Truth and Untruth ...
... Light and Darkness, Religion and Evil
Hence, the responsibility of Truth, Light and ...
... Religion increase
So, this war cannot begin like an ordinary war
Before the war begins, History will witness ...
... a scene which it has never seen before
The situation is : After Krishna's advice ...
... Arjun's chariot has returned to his camp
Grandsire Bhishma waits for someone
Looks like Yuddhistir's war has finished ...
... even before it ever started
He is coming here to plead for a truce
Did I or Sage Kripa ever teach you ...
... how to plead for a truce?
War does not mean you can make insulting remarks
Yuddhistir is your elder brother. His insult is yours
Duryodhan has gone beyond all that
He is not coming here to plead for truce
Then why is he coming?
Whether you admit it or not, he is coming here for that
Our mighty army has surely scared him
If he is not coming here to plead for truce ...
... then he is coming here to plead for his life
Learn to be patient
My respects, Grandsire!
May I light this war, Grandsire?
Be victorious, dear Yuddhistir!
Had you not come for permission I would have ...
... cursed you with defeat
Without your permission I'll not even light the enemy
And this is a war with yourself
Your Grandsire, bound by his own oath ...
... is compelled to light you
So, apart from this blessing of victory ...
... I can only give you wounds
Those wounds will be a blessing for me
Be happy, my child!
My respects
My respects, O Teacher!
May you live long!
I have come for your blessing
Be victorious!
O Son of Kunti!
When war starts, don't think of me as your Teacher
I, too, will not think of you as a disciple
This is not a war between Teacher and disciple
War is always between opponents
One last lesson for you
A warrior who sells his weapons in a servant ...
... a selfish person and a corpse
He lights for wealth. A slave of riches
Such a warrior is not to be respected
In war, there are no relatives
We are all opponents
Hence, to light me is your duty
I hope that you live brothers ...
... will not insult your Teacher
Tell Arjun ...
... if I find his arrows not accurate enough ...
... I'll disown him as my disciple
My respects!
My respects, O Sage!
May you live long!
Be victorious!
Do you have some time for a final lesson?
It will be my good fortune!
All right! One final lesson
Man should not lust for wealth
Do I have permission to light this war?
This war is your duty
My respects
My respects, Uncle!
May you live long
Though my weapons light for Duryodhan ...
... all my blessings are for you
My respects, Uncle!
May you be victorious!
I am blessed to have people like you!
Blessing the enemy with victory!
Had you touched Yuddhistir's feet ...
... he, too, would have blessed you with victory
But your Ego intervened
My child! Il anyone touches your feet ...
... your hands will automatically bless him
Had Yuddhistir touched your Uncle Shakuni's feet ...
... he, too, would be compelled to bless him
One has to bless the one who pays his respects
O God of Wind!
Please take the voice of Yuddhistir ...
... who stands in the centre of the arena ...
... to all the brave warriors gathered here
Listen all ye soldiers and warriors!
Kurukshetra is a holy ground
A holy war is to take place here
If there is anyone in my army ...
... who thinks Truth is on the other side ...
... he can change his loyalty now
All such people can go to Duryodhan's camp
If there is anyone in Duryodhan's army ...
... who thinks Truth is with us ...
... then I welcome him to my camp
Before Grandsire Bhishma blows the bugle ...
... anyone who wants to change sides ...
... can do so now
Charioteer! Take me to Yuddhistir's camp
Yuyutsu has changed camps ...
... having decided to side with Truth
Brothers light one another
Whom should the mother side with?
You are welcome to my camp
What else do you expect of a step brother?
There are two step brothers in the other camp, too
When they heard I was going to light for you ...
... they wanted to kill me
The King of Madra is right
In this holy war, every warrior ...
... has a right to take his personal decision
If Truth is on that side ...
... why are you here, Grandsire?
This is a moment for personal decisions
For, Truth concerns the individual, not the army
Do you want to say Truth is on Yuddhistir's side?
Don't ask me this question
Ask yourself this question. Ask your Soul
Remove the tape of Ego and Ambition from your eyes ...
... and they'll show you on whose side Truth is
Long live the Queen!
Any news from the battlefield?
Yes, my queen
Is it good news or bad?
Bad news for Hastinapur
What's the news?
Prince Yuyutsu has joined the Pandavas
So what? He hasn't joined the enemy
Why should it be bad news for Hastinapur
He has left one brother ...
... to join another brother
But the King was upset
Whoever wins or loses this war ...
... all elders are going to be unhappy
All I now want is, if this war is inevitable ...
... Let it happen once and for all
Look carefully, Sanjay!
I must know who attacked first
Who fired the first arrow
The war has not started as yet
Tell me the moment the first arrow is fired
I do not fear the result of war ...
... but I do fear History
I don't want History to say ...
... that my army attacked first
To what extent can you control History?
This is a very long story
History can ask you many inconvenient questions
There's no point in being afraid of them
The Wax House, the division of the nation ...
... the Game of Dice, Draupadi's disrobing
I had myself respected you
How many Sins will you deny?
Don't narrate my History to me
I remember well!
For these, I can blame Shakuni or Karna
I can blame no one but myself for this war
So, keep your eyes on the battlefield
As you wish!
May you win, my child!
If Arjun cannot stop Grandsire, who can?
Allow me to try
All right! Go!
Come on!
introduce yourself!
I am Krishna's disciple, and Grandsire's great grandson
Arjun's son Abhimanyu
You are too young to die, my child
There's no age for a heroic death
If there is, I have not reached it as yet ...
... but you have already crossed that age
It will be any warrior's good fortune ...
... to light his first battle with you
So, allow me to light you and bless me!
O Lord! Who will be my opponents in this war?
Beware, my child!
I cannot bear to see this war any longer
Is our army being defeated?
No, my king!
- Are my sons sale? - Yes, my king
If our army is undefeated and my sons are sale ...
... why can't you bear to see this war?
Is Grandsire dead?
No, my king
How can he die? He has the boon of wishful death
Till he sees Hastinapur is sale from all sides ...
... he'll not give up his life
But, my lord ...
... Abhimanyu is lighting Grandsire
The hands which should touch Grandsire's feet ...
... are holding the bow
The hands which should rise in blessing ...
... are firing arrows
Hastinapur's aged, youths and children are wounded
It is the blood of the Bharat clan which flows
The blood of warriors is meant to flow
For the brave, wounds are like medals
Their enthusiasm increases with the wounds
Keep watching and tell me of my sons
Tell me of Dushasan for ...
... Bhim's pledge still echoes in my ears
As you wish!
At present, Prince Dushasan is lighting with Nakul
I grant you life so that Bhim can fulfil his pledge
Go tend to your wounds, Brother!
May you live long, my child!
Like Arjun, this dynasty will always be proud of you
My eyes are pleased to see your expertise
Blessed is the clan which has given you birth
There will be no result to our duel
I won't kill you and you can't kill me
Therefore, go elsewhere
Forgive me, Grandsire
I cannot go elsewhere
I have come here to stop you
You cannot stop me, my child
Charioteer! Move on!
Arjun! Call off your son. He is stopping me
Are you my Commander or theirs?
Take the chariot towards Grandsire
Enough, my child! Stop!
I don't want to be the cause of your death
By God! Il I knew that Hastinapur was sale ...
... I would gladly give up my life to your arrows ...
... as a reward for your bravery
I shall gift this lad's life to you ...
... for the safety of Hastinapur
I was searching for you, Uncle
But you owe a debt to my elders
I will not insult them by killing you
To keep the honour ...
... of powerful Bhim's pledge ...
... Abhimanyu changed the direction ...
... of his bow and arrow