Cultural Dimension: direct versus indirect communication style

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Direct versus indirect communication
Different cultures favorite different communication styles
A direct
communications style
is one in which the burden of communication
is on the speaker
that person
is expected to be clear
Get to the point
be specific
A good direct speaker
is one who
that the listeners understand what is being said
Direct communication
whether verbal or written
is often assertive and direct speakers
tend to be very comfortable
With confrontation and giving blunt orders
"This report is poorly written
Re-do it by tomorrow"
In contrast
communication style
allows a greater possibility of
“saving face”
and avoiding embarrassment or shame
both for the speaker and for the listener
Your boss comments that
"This project needs to be finished up by Monday"
That is a rather indirect way asking you to work this weekend
He could more directly ask you to come in to work on Saturday
and your very direct answer might be a simple no
however you could indirectly answer with
"my mom is having her eightieth birthday party on Saturday"
If your boss is also an indirect communicator
he will know you are clearly indicating
you cannot work this weekend
you didn't have to come right out and refuse to work, embarrassing yourself
or being rude to him
If he is a direct communicator
he may not understand your message
Direct communicators often think that indirect communicators take a long time to get to
the point
Or are being deliberately you are
But indirect communicators may think that direct communicators are rude
and aggressive
Which are you?