Mahabharat - Episode 40

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Kunti agreed with Lord Krishna but...
...Draupadi knew the meaning of 'political friendships'
So, the seed of doubt was sown in her mind
But she kept quiet...
...hoping her doubt was baseless
The question was:
How to hide their going on tour...
...from those in Hastinapur... as to avoid any more conspiracies
However, an incident provided a solution
Some people stole a poor Bhahmin's cows...
...and he came to Arjun for help
But Arjun's bow was in Draupadi's room...
...where she was with Yuddhistir
Thus Arjun was forced to enter the room...
...and violate the code of decency
This meant that Arjun had to do penance
This solved the problem beautifully
When a spy brought the news...
...of Arjun's leaving home to do penance...
...Shakuni became very suspicious
I don't understand Arjun's need to do penance
Why Uncle?
He cannot marry while doing penance...
...but he married a Princes recently
The Pandavas are surrounding us
Uncle! You are getting Paranoid...
...about the Pandavas
Don't be a fool, Duryodhan
What was Arjun's bow doing in Draupad's room
All this seems pre-planned
This is some plot of Krishna's
Uncle is right, Duryodhan
I have always said...
...that we should behave like warriors...
...and settle differences on the battlefield
Can you not think of anything else?
The battlefield is like going to the in-laws
You should go there fully prepared
So, start preparing for the battlefield
Arjun is now on the western coast
Which means he will end his trip... Dwarka
What can Dwarka do to us?
No, Karna
It's important to keep Dwarka on our side
We have Manipur on one side and Dwarka on the other
If Subhadra's marriage can be...
...fixed with Duryodhan...
...then that will be perfect marriage politics
Marriage Politics?
Yes, my son, Marriage Politics
How can the wife's family oppose you?
Haven't you wondered why kings...
...have so many queens in their palace?
It is not merely to satisfy their lust
They are political marriages...
...from which there is no escape
What should I do, Uncle?
You should get married
To whom?
Vasudeu's daughter Subhadra
Never get angry while fighting
You will lose your mental balance
So, how was that?
My dear Duryodhan
You are now the world's greatest mace warrior
I am very happy today. Ask for an award
Are you sure?
Yes, Ask for what you wish
I ask for Subhadra's hand in marriage
Had you asked for my hand, I would give it
Subhadra's hand is with her
I'll also have to talk to father
Father will not say 'no' to me
Okay. Subhadra is yours
Who are you!
A traveler
Where have you been?
All over lndia
Did you ever get to see Arjun?
Who's Arjun?
You don't know Arjun!
Drone's disciple Arjun
O you are talking of Arjun, son of Kunti
I have seen him and met him closely
How's he to look at?
Nothing special
What did you say?
Drona's disciple. Ace archer
If you were not a Brahmin...
...I would have cut off your tongue
Why are you angry with this poor Brahmin?
His words have angered me
Is that so?
He says there's nothing special about Arjun
Which means his eyes are at fault
Why punish him for his eyes' fault?
It could also be that you are so impressed...
...with Arjun that you are in love with him
If you tease me like this...
...I won't ever talk to you
Look Brahmin! My sister won't talk to me
But why did you ask this nomad?
Ask me about Arjun
What can this Brahmin tell you
He tall, fair and handsome
His eyes look at everyone and everyone looks at him
The bow on his shoulder...
...You are talking like a poet
That's how poetry is defined
True poetry always reflects the truth
If you don't believe me, look at Arjun and tell me
He is not here
Come. I'll introduce you to him
Yes. At this very moment
This is my beloved sister Subhadra, Arjun
Should I talk to father about both of you?
Not without Subhadra's permission
Let's go the palace
Yes. Let's go
Please accept my greetings
No. I won't accept them
What have I done to be so punished
Why didn't you say you were Arjun
You didn't ask me
You asked me if I had seen Arjun and I said yes
You also said there was nothing special about him
In my eyes, there is nothing special. You tell me
lnstead you pulled out a dagger
Whom are you running away from?
Now I understand
You running away
When a girl runs away like this, it only means...
...that one should talk to her father
Should I talk to father about you?
Have you forgotten your responsibilities
Are you saying...
...I have forgotten you?
Over the years, we have come so close that... are like my breath
How can I forget you?
No need to get poetic
We have passed that stage in life
I was not talking of myself
Then who are you talking of?
And what responsibility?
Have you thought of Subhadra?
What about her?
She has grown up
That's the problem with mothers
They always feel that their daughters have grown up
The problem with fathers is that...
-But Subhadra is... -Don't argue
Yesterday I saw her...
...smiling at the mirror
When a young girl starts smiling at the mirror... only means she has come of age
Subhadra is no ordinary girl
The problem with fathers is that...
...they find their daughters unusual
Even assuming she is unusual...
...can we no find an unusual boy for her?
Besides, what is special about her?
For one, she is a favorite...
...of Krishna's
-My respects -Blessings !
Please sit
When did you return?
I have just come
I was keen to meet you both after so long
I also wanted to talk to you
Was it so urgent that you did not even rest?
If it was not urgent, I would have come later
-What's it? -First, how's your aunt?
She is in lndraprasth
Yuddhistir has become popular
You have already asked Arjun
Is Arjun here?
Yes. He is with Krishna
Has Krishna put up his proposal?
Then it's okay
What's okay?
It is like this mother
I have been thinking of Subhadra
I was afraid you would fix her Marriage...
...before I returned
Do you have a good boy in mind?
Yes. A special one
All eyes in lndia are on him today
Who's that?
-There's only one like that -Who's it?
Duryodhan, Crown Prince of Hastinapur
He is also my disciple
He has also asked for her hand
Will Kunti like it?
Why won't she like it?
There is no quarrel left after the division
Partition is not the solution
It has reduced both their kingdoms
This will leave everyone dissatisfied
But I have already promised Duryodhan
Now that you have promised...
Greetings Brother!
May you live long!
Looks like Duryodhan has looked after you well
There's some good news
Balram had found a good boy for Subhadra
Congratulations Krishna
I know Brother will bring gifts for everyone...
...since he has come after so many days
What have you got for me?
We were talking of Subhadra's marriage and...
...he has brought himself into it
Don't be greedy, Krishna
I am asking my elder brother
That is not greed. That's love
Don't trick me with your words
We were talking about some thing serious
I gauged that when someone told me... came here straight from the chariot
That's why I came running
I was saying that I have fixed...
...Subhadra's marriage to Duryodhan
My sister is worthy of the Lunar Dynasty
Look father. Even Krishna has agreed
Now, you can say 'yes'
This decision should be taken at sunrise... that Subhadra's life will always be sunny
Look Krishna. Don't try funny tricks
What can I do?
That, too, about Subhadra's future
How can you think like that? You have done your best
Krishna is right
Besides, I am not going to refuse
So, we will decide tomorrow, Go and rest now
May you live long
Yes. Who else will wake you up?
These are bad times
Will you fight Balram?
I'll tell you but first ask me to sit
Do you need an invitation?
This palace is yours, and so is the Universe
We should talk less and take action
In brief...
...Brother wants Subhadra to marry Duryodhan
To Duryodhan?
What do you order?
No orders
Do you duty as a warrior
If both you and the girl are agreeable...
...and there is an obstacle...
...your duty is to elope with the girl
It will not be elopement
Then, should I elope with Subhadra?
I am suggesting nothing
I am merely pointing out your duty
As you order
I have heard...
...that Subhadra will go to the temple at dawn
Who told you that?
I am not going to the temple
I also heard you were going to marry Duryodhan
What are you saying?
What I heard
Who told you?
Balram, and you know...
...he does what he says
Both father and mother have almost agreed
I have got the decision postponed till tomorrow
But I won't marry Duryodhan
In that case go to the temple at dawn
As you order
You should not follow orders but...
...take decisions
Arjun will surely come to take you from the temple
Bedecked in all her jewelry...
...the bride leaves for her sweetheart's place
She would not have said a word...
...but her anklet gave away her secret
Do not stop her now
She is going to her sweetheart
Drenched by the raindrops
Her childhood friends stand in her way
The Monsoon has defeated her
Drenched by the raindrops
Greetings Brother
Be happy!
Are you going to war?
No. Just a little practice
I heard you were back... I came to take your blessings
I am happy with you brother
Go. Be victorious
My respects!
Come friend!
Did you meet Balram?
Yes. I did
His blessing was essential
Go. But remember that...
...Draupadi is born from Fire
She is hot-tempered
It is important how you introduce Subhadra to her
Ensure that Draupadi accepts her
...but it is you who won her
But it is definite that...
...Draupadi won't accept her
She will accept her
Subhadra is my sister but...
...Draupadi is like my sister...
...and very dear to me
If it was not important for Subhadra to go with you...
...I would not have suggested it
Don't think I am helping you...
...merely because I love you both
I do not understand
You need not understand that now
Subhadra is the future of the Lunar Dynasty
Go. Arjun. My chariot is waiting for you
One more thing
Let Subhadra drive your chariot
This journey is hers, not yours
As you wish
Warriors of Dwarka!
Arjun has insulted our hospitality
He has eloped with Subhadra
We will chase him all the way to lndraprasth
Yes! Yes!
Looks like Krishna does not agree with us
I did not say anything
I fear your silence
Did not Rukmi stop you when... eloped with Rukmini?
I did not take her against her wishes
You know she called for my help
They wanted her to marry Shishupal
I had helped her then
-What are you saying? -Exactly what you hear
It is quite possible that...
...she found out about your plan to marry her off... Duryodhan...
...and called for Arjun's help
Who told you she does not want to marry Duryodhan?
Subhadra herself told me...
...that she won't marry Duryodhan
Who told her?
I told her
When I heard the good news...
...I though she should know of it
So, I woke her up and told her
-Woke her up? Yes, Brother
Why did she not ask for your help?
I told her that... had promised and I could not help
When did she ask Arjun for help?
Who took her message to Arjun?
Who told Arjun about her temple visit?
Only Subhadra can answer these questions
But her bodyguards told me that...
...she did not even ask for their help...
...When Arjun took her on his chariot
One of them told me that...
...she herself drove the chariot away
Doesn't this mean that...
...Suhadra has eloped with Arjun...
...rather than the other way?
Arjun has betrayed our trust
We will not bear it
He has invited his death
We will avenge this
I am with you...
...but answer just one question of mine
Why did you support me when I eloped with Rukmini?
Brother keeps praising the Pandavas
Can any one of them insult their aunt?
In truth, Arjun has honored us
Karna, too, could have won Draupadi
Then why have such competitions?
A daughter cannot be gifted away in competitions
She cannot be won or lost like a thing
Arjun saw this fault in our marriage system...
...and protected our honor by eloping with Subhadra
We should be grateful to him
Besides, what's wrong with him?
Son of Pandu, disciple of Sage Drona
Ace archer
Which one of you does not desire his friendship
He is Shantanu's grandson and...
...Kuntibhoj's great grandson
He is the best choice for Subhadra in the Three Worlds
Who other than Lord Shiva can defeat him in battle?
I say, bring him back to Dwarka with honor
If he defeats you and returns to lndraprasth...
...Dwarka will become a laughing stock
If you want this to happen go and fight him
I knew that...
...this would happen, if he was allowed to talk
Now, go and bring back Arjun with honor