Audi R8 V10 Plus 2012 tracktest (English subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 05.11.2012

I am in Italy right now. Cloudy weather, 19 degrees a little rain.. And we are here for the new Audi R8
And with new I mean the facelift. So what is new about it? All little things.
Suspension, engine, more economical, new LED's front and back. We saw it on the Paris Motorshow.
New is also this Stronic gearbox, it replaces the RTronic. That had a single clutch systeem, this is duo clutch.
On some Audi RS-cars that Stronic is too soft. Fast, but not agressive. So we'll see how that'll turn out.
And the big news: this is not a usual R8, but the R8 V10 PLUS. it has 25 PS more and weight 50 PS less.
You can reconise it by the carbon parts on the outside. They made it because of he R8 GT.
That limited edition was sold out quickly, so Audi reconised that a more sporty version was wanted.
But a supercar with 550 PS can be tricky to test on busy roads. Potholes traffic, police and so on.
So we'll try this: The TRACK!
Ok pitlane, easy start.
It is very moist because of morning rain. Tricky, but also easy to discover the balance of the car.
ESP cannot be turned of today. Audi took out a circuit or someting. So sportsetting only.
back in 2nd and GO
My fear of the S-tronic is unfounded: quick aggressive changes. I like it!
Wow check this balance! If you lift, the rear comes very fast!
Then you hit the throttle and push it outward. Then you slide over 4 wheels to the exit of the corner.
I love it! you can push over understeer that way. Lets try again.
Yes look! Just trow in a corner and uses the balance the push te rear outwards.
that sport setting luckily allows some fun. A little drift angle is allowed.
Because of that balance you can really play with this car. You need to handle it without mercy,.
Okay a long straight, it really has some pace! 170 kph, 190, 200....
Brake a little for this one, wow in with 185, out with 200! pfff!
It reacts very snappy to throttle input. Agressive engine braking. A love it. you can use that to control the movement.
this is more fun than the R8 used to be.
So enter pitlane... This car is improved. Only my colleague Michiel drove the R8 GT, so I can only compare with the normal one.
that balance has improved. you can use the quattro even better because of that. Better steering as well.
You can really exit corners very fast that way. Audi is doing things right.
They had some understeer en steering problems, but thing are evolving. For Audi-levels, this is the best.
I shouldn't say better than Porsche, because it isn't. But it is a real alternative.
the conclusion, has one problem: the competition. This car rocks. On all fronts.
maybe a little to much understeer still in slow corners, but that is on the track. Not on the road.
the problem: the competition is very good as well. This car is very expensive. How about a 911 Turbo S?
That car isn't less good than this R8, but it is cheaper. Same for the Nissan GTR.
The R8 reaches new levels for Audi,more fun than even. But it doesn't blow the competion away.
It needs it's appeal with looks and high revs for that.
+great supercar handling + Stronic great on all fronts. - V10 very expensive. Competition at least as good.