Black Jack 21 - Full Episode 15 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Black Jack 21!
Uncovering a frightening conspiracy of a mysterious organization.
Last week, Black Jack received word that his father was in a coma.
Now he'll have to face the head of the conspiracy himself.
And the truth behind what happened twenty-one years ago will finally be revealed!
Shine... The love is Believe... the truth
Even if life is filled with sorrows,
no one will ever be truly lonely.
When I look up at the sky as I pray,
I feel as if I can hold your dear smile.
Although I struggle through a forest of dilemmas,
my feelings will endure for all eternity.
More than a thousand I love yous,
I want you to be here.
No one can replace you.
Your smile will be the light leading me to tomorrow,
and towards the sun in the sky.
Ever since the reunion with my father, Hazama Kagemitsu, a mysterious organization has been after my life.
The truth about the mystery of the Noir Project...
was that it was a project researching the secret of eternal life.
Twenty-one years ago, why did my father leave me and my mother and join the research team?
We found out that the phoenix disease was purposely spread in parts of Africa according to Zen Mantoku's plan.
Just then, we received word that my father was in a coma.
If your father's in a coma, why can't we see him right away?
They told us to wait here.
Someone's plotting something.
Everything must be hidden here.
What's this love letter from this Renka lady all about?
Pinoko, it's a private matter.
You have to wait here.
Got that?
You must be going on another date!
Please don't make your wife sad anymore.
I have something I need you to do.
It's a very important task.
The Truth about BJ's Father
Based on "Blood Relatives" by Osamu Tezuka.
I'm here to pick you up.
I'm glad you came.
We've been waiting for you, Kuroo.
Please don't call me by that name.
OK, Dr. Black Jack.
I didn't expect you to come, since I know you despise us.
How is my father?
Who are you?
She's my daughter, Shoren.
This is your brother, Dr. Black Jack.
She's Kagemitsu's and my daughter.
He's been unconscious for three days.
He had a stroke.
Why didn't you let me know sooner?
Because it was very sudden.
I had so many things I wanted to ask him.
Is it too late?
No, I should be able to handle this.
I'll get him out of it.
Time's running short.
I'll operate on him.
No, that would be useless.
Then why did you ask me to come here?
Don't you want him to recover?
If Kagemitsu dies, we'll be left by ourselves.
So I want you to live with us as part of our family.
Living here is quite comfortable; it'll feel like heaven.
In the house of the man who left his family for money and his reputation?!
I need to make some preparations for the operation.
I'll be back by the afternoon.
Mom, why did you bring that man here?
He did my face.
You've told me about that many times already.
But he's never contacted us up until now.
He showed up as soon as he heard Dad was in a coma.
He must be after the fortune,
because Dad's very wealthy.
He's such a greedy man.
He didn't agree to the deal.
He said he won't live with us.
We played the emotional card on him, but I guess it didn't work.
We have no choice but to play a few of the rougher ones.
Father! I called him here as you asked.
But I don't know what to do now!
All because of this face, Kagemitsu can't forget about his former wife.
I hate Black Jack!
I want to kill him!
Don't be absurd, Renka.
That man is very useful to me and my organization.
Just like Kagemitsu used to be.
Just hang in there.
Pinoko, prepare for an op...
Where did she go?
"We have your daughter"
Damn! When I don't have the time to waste...
Come with us.
Where's my brother when Dad's dying?
I thought he was going to cure him.
Where's Pinoko?
Why don't you guess where she is?
I'll tell you if you give us that thing.
That thing?
Don't play dumb.
The microfiche.
I don't have it here.
It's somewhere else.
Oh, yeah?
Then tell us where it is.
Your dad just died.
Too bad you couldn't be there.
Now, tell us everything.
Don't do it!
Don't worry about me and run away!
Stop that!
The pendant is right here.
That saves us some trouble.
I guess you don't have any more use now.
Pinoko! Run!
Why are you here?
Because I owed you a favor.
Renka hired these men.
Why would she?!
I'll tell you that later.
We must get out of here now.
I'm Zen Mantoku,
Renka's father.
In other words, I'm your step-grandfather.
You're also the coordinator of the Noir Project, as well as the head of this organization.
You intentionally deceived Dr. Honma and the others.
I wouldn't say that.
We were striving for eternal life.
Eternal life?
That's right.
If we could swap out the aged organs with new ones,
we could live forever without aging.
Your father, Kagemitsu, worked for us as well.
I've heard that you, his son, might be even better than he was.
Don't you want to succeed your father and work for us?
Your organization operates in the medical black market, dealing with rich customers around the world, doesn't it?
You're willing to perform illegal surgery for the sake of money,
and you save their lives even if it requires you to sacrifice the lives of many others to do it.
All for the sake of money!
And are you any different, BJ?
You also perform illegal surgery for the sake of money.
Think carefully, BJ.
The world will be saved by us.
The lives of this world depend on this organization.
Why did my father leave me and my mother for you?!
Do you want to know?
Then I'll tell you,
since you are a member of his family.
Your father, Kagemitsu, was an excellent medical technician.
That's why I invited him to the Noir Project.
But he used the artificial heart we developed without our permission.
Then he fled to Japan and got married.
That's where you were born.
At the same time, the Noir Project became my personal organization,
and it gained political influence as well.
The organization still needed Kagemitsu's skills,
so I tried to convince him to return to the project, but it was of no use.
It wasn't an old, undetonated bomb?
It was supposed to be a threat.
In order to avoid any more harm to his family, Kagemitsu left his family and returned to the organization.
Shoren was born after that,
which made Kagemitsu lose any desire to go back to Japan.
My father turned himself in to the organization in order to protect me and my mother?
But what about now?
What about his attitude when I met him again?
I don't love her now.
He knew every well how dangerous this organization is,
and he feared that his family would be targeted by them.
So he wasn't telling the truth?
Even after twenty-one years, he protected me!
And Mom knew about it!
Let's forgive your father.
She knew it!
That's enough reminiscing.
Now the microfiche is back in my hands.
Do you hate me?
Do you want to kill me?
But you can't kill people,
because you're a doctor.
You can't kill me even if you want to.
There's only one path you can choose.
Join my organization and contribute you skills to my project.
You destroyed my family.
That was unavoidable.
It was all for the sake of the organization.
And you even used your children.
You don't even regret using your own grandchild.
Wasn't there another daughter produced between the union of my father and Renka?
Since you didn't like my father at first,
you took away their first child, isolated her,
and raised her as if she were a stranger.
What are you talking about?!
She was raised as an assassin to obey whatever commands you gave her.
How do you know that?!
Because of her DNA!
When Benitokage was injured, I collected some of her blood and analyzed it.
It was very similar to mine and my father's.
Is that true?
Am I Renka's daughter?
Don't believe what he says!
You're only my assassin!
You've been deceiving me this entire time!
And if I have been?
It's not a big deal.
It's not something you should care about.
Then I'll tell you one more thing.
There was another copy of that microfiche.
That has no value to me anymore.
Is that so?
Then why were you looking for it so eagerly?
Perhaps it had other information hidden inside?
When you overlay the two films, you can see a list.
That's a list of the clients of this organization, isn't it?
Of all recipients so far!
The list has been spread all over the world by now.
The media all over the world will pick up this story soon.
How could you have done this?!
Now you're done for.
So what?!
My organization is invincible!
I have B.O.P. with me!
Let's go, Black Jack!
This way!
Hurry up!
Go without me.
I'll catch up.
Doc! Are you OK?!
Did you get shot in your leg?
I'm fine.
Don't worry.
All the muscles and blood vessels on this leg are damaged.
We have to amputate it.
I won't let you amputate this leg.
I'll operate on it myself.
No way!
Besides, where would you get the skin or the muscles?
We'd need someone in your family who just died.
There is someone.
Black Jack!
You're alive?
Yes, unfortunately for you.
There's something I want to have.
If it's our fortune, there's no share for you to take.
Everything here belongs to me.
And to Shoren.
I don't need any of your fortune.
There's only one thing I ask for.
My father's corpse.
That's all I want.
Please give me his corpse.
He wants his corpse...
Where's Black Jack?
There's no such person here.
We brought Dad's body as he asked.
So let me through.
I heard everything from my mom.
We'll give you Dad's body.
So promise us that you'll never see us again.
OK. Now, we'll transplant the skin from that body.
It's my own father's skin, so it should be compatible.
Give me a Reverdin needle.
He's operating on himself even though he's in such pain!
I'm very weak.
I can't perform as well as I would like.
Damn! I won't give up!
Dr. Koyomi.
I came here as soon as I read the email from Pinoko-chan.
I'm so glad she made it in time.
I won't let you amputate this leg.
"Grave of Hazama Kagemitsu"
How is your leg doing?
It's doing well. Thanks.
It worked really well.
My mother's skin was transplanted onto this leg originally.
And now we put my father's skin right next to it.
we're finally together again.
We haven't found Black Jack yet.
He'll definitely show up at the airport.
Don't let him leave the country.
If you need to...
I know.
This is...
You're not staying here any longer?
There's no need to.
We can finally go back to Japan.
Doctor, would you like to come to the hospital where I work?
Wait a sec!
His wife needs to decide on that matter!
Don't discuss it without me!
Watch out!
Hey! Hang in there!
Now we're even.
What happened here?
Is she a family member?
No, she's not.
The shadow covering the door, an obstacle we can't see yet.
I take notes on everything from north to west.
There's a frail, pale flame whose
glaring rays
pierce into my eyes.
I'm stuck in an endless loop.
This costume shines light into the darkness.
The black grove is producing buds.
If you set off on your journey before dawn,
the image of the moon shatters on the sea of miracles.
To the wind headed for the future, make a gust!
The dreadful phoenix disease now threatens the world.
The fate of all life now depends on Black Jack.
Please help him!
Zen Mantoku was the one who created the phoenix disease!
They took away my daughter and my face.
I won't let Renka do as she pleases.
Zen Mantoku is the patient with phoenix disease.
We need your help, Doctor
Black Jack 21 - the Next Karte.
The Challenge Against Extinction
At this rate, we'll all die!
Time to find Sharaku!
He was right here!
Look for me next time!