[AMV] Dorso - Zombies From Mapocho

Uploaded by ElDemogno on 26.10.2011

When the Mapocho river
was total infected
With unnameable drains
and excrements bulk
Even the most exclusive street
turned brown color
And the mud zombies
that really are pure shit
came to a big party
in the best tea saloon
kissing old ladies
whit them breath to latrine
with corn grain diarrhea
they began the feast
Turning that house
into a big living WC
where the cat was poop
and the rat was dung
they will make you eat runny poop
and you become quickly
in a dung monster from hell
And the army of poop
advanced along The Alameda avenue
installing a fair
of small clay vessel
and people who transited
bought it by dozens
Taking their home
pure shit instead of clay
So be very careful
with the WC in your home
because your own turds
will turn against you
And so ends our story
of the zombies from Mapocho
that left Santiago
worse than the stadium WC