Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 22 ~ The World that Never Was 3/4 - Xemnas] (English Subs)

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Sora: Riku, Kairi I've finally found you.
Sora: Huh?
Sora: Who are you?
Terra: Ven
Aqua: Ven
Sora/Ventus: Huh?
Sora: What... is... all this...
Riku: Sora! Don't pursue it! Wake up! Sora!
Sora: Wait!
Sora: This is...
Xigbar: That was close
Xigbar: I was about to let you sleep for a little while longer but it looks like you were just about to wake up
Sora: So it was you guys who made me see those illusions.
Xigbar: As if. What you saw were not illusions, but dreams.
Xigbar: I just made you a little sleepy
Xigbar: I didn't participate any after that
Xigbar: You should listen to that heart thing you believe so much in.
Sora: Yeah. My heart hurt a lot.
Sora: That's why I pursued.
Xigbar: Huh, all thanks to your heart,
Xigbar: everything went according to plan.
Xigbar: What a pain having a heart is.
Sora: Don't you guys also have hearts?
Sora: Axel, Roxas, Namine, and that girl too...
Sora: In the feelings from Roxas...
Sora: Everyone was happy, got angry, and got sad...
Sora: The tears that they shed are proof they have hearts.
Xigbar: You've finally realized.
Xemnas: Yes. We did not "lose" our hearts.
Xemnas: There were physical differences but inside of us was something of a beginning of a heart.
Xemnas: The heart is something that buds and needs nurturing
Xemnas: The experiment that gave birth to the Heartless
Xemnas: Was a test to see if one could control the spirit and abandon the self.
Xemnas: Even if one lost his heart that way...
Xemnas: A person would always leave a heart behind in his/her vessel that is the body.
Xemnas: Our hearts and our bodies, they are split into Heatless and Nobodies. But...
Xemnas: we knew that we would again conceive our hearts.
Sora: If so...
Sora: Why in the world would you lie and say that they didn't have hearts!?
Xigbar: The real motive of the Organization was thus...
Xigbar: Use Kingdom Hearts as an intermediary
Xigbar: And plant the same heart and soul within the shell that abandoned its heart.
Xigbar: To make all of the members of Organization XIII into Xehanort.
Sora: Everyone into Xehanort...?
Sora: Tricking your allies for that...
Sora: Was your wish to stop living as yourself?
Xigbar: I am already part-Xehanort.
Sora: What are you...
Xemnas: However, those who lacked power, those who we did not know the true intent, those who planned to mutiny...
Xemnas: Most of those who were chosen for the Organization...
Xemnas: As thought, were not fit for our plan.
Xemnas: But that too was foreseen.
Xemnas: We knew the ignorance of the heart and achieved yet another goal.
Xemnas: And this time, this is the last errand for Organization XIII
Sora: Shut up!
Sora: The heart isn't a tool for experimentation or plots.
Sora: The feelings that are born through contact with another person come from it
Sora: No matter how far one may be, it is the bond that can tie people together just by keeping them in your thoughts!
Sora: That is my power.
Xigbar: That's it!
Xigbar: You can use that kind of power by tying your heart with someone else, huh?
Xigbar: You aren't yourself a true Keyblader.
Xigbar: But don't fret, we'll make you our fellow vessel.
Sora: I don't care if the power that allows me to wield a Keyblade isn't mine alone.
Sora: It's fine that my power comes from everyone else's hearts.
Sora: That's the power of the Keyblade
Sora: My friends are my power!
Xigbar: No matter how much you wanna bluff you're already...
Xigbar: It's fine. No matter what kind of power you have... you can't...
Xigbar: Xemnas! Finish up for me!
I shall engrave another mark of heresy unto you once more.
Sora: You again..
YMX: You are too naīve...
YMX: You may have thought you won but you lost once you dived all the way here.
YMX: You fell all the way into the abyss of sleep and have gotten fatigued...
YMX: You cannot return to your original world.
Sora: What do you mean?
YMX: I've told you before.
YMX: You were not led here by the seven keyholes of sleep.
YMX: You were being led here from the start by us. You were in the palm of our hands.
YMX: That seal of heresy on your chest is proof of that.
Sora: What did you say?
YMX: Yes. Thanks to that seal of heresy, we were able to know where you were at all times.
YMX: You implored why you were being followed correct?
YMX: We followed you because we needed you Sora.
YMX: To be precise, we need your shell.
YMX: The Thirteenth Vessel of Darkness.
Sora: What're... you...
YMX: Why has it been decided that you would come here at this moment, you ask?
YMX: I followed the paths I walked along...
YMX: And thus have seen and gained knowledge of the things up until now.
YMX: Even though one may travel through time reality cannot be changed.
YMX: Today, all of my forms from the different times will gather here...
YMX: and we shall welcome you as the Thirteenth Member.
YMX: Everything has been fated to happen.
Sora: What's going to happen to me?
YMX: This is all I know.
YMX: I have not seen what lies beyond the gathering of all my forms.
YMX: I will return to my own time soon and my time will continue the way it is supposed to continue.
YMX: Even if the me that lives in this time knew...
YMX: Once I return to my original time all of these memories and experiences will be erased from my memory.
YMX: But the path I am destined to follow will remain in my heart...
YMX: and I will venture to the outside world as my heart wishes.
Sora: Riku...
YMX: Your heart will sleep for eternity in the depths of darkness.
YMX: Your body shall become a new vessel for me.
YMX: Light has fallen into darkness.
YMX: Goodnight Sora.