[ENG SUB] Secret Garden BigBang Making - G-raim & JuTOP cuts

Uploaded by mlkdemian on 21.05.2011

TOP: When you do it, it's scary
GD: This is TOP hyung's move originally
He does this on stage
Ah, seriously, I'm going to go insane
Ah, seriously
This is killing me
Aghhg I think I'm going to die
Today's goal is just..
Not throwing up.
TOP: (laughing)
No matter what happens, I'm going to throw up
So I'm going to try not to as much as possible
It's the second day.
It's the final day
Filming all of this in 2 days..
It's tiring
Meeting G-raim for the first time-
That scene.. part...
Is our first filming today
The scenes are all out of order
..and filming them in under 2 days
inevitably, they are being filmed out of order so,
getting into the emotional mindset is..
when you watch it, that emotional flow needs to appear natural,
So evaluating the plot and the stages...
So it's a bit.. complicated.. my feelings
..In any case, we'll make it fun.
3, 2, 1
Are you G-raim?
Are you G-raim?
Yes, what of it?
If you find out who I am, you'll apologize,
and say "Oh, I'm sorry for not knowing who you are!"
Is it a man or a woman?
Ah it's so funny..
No it's just-
Now that it's night...
His facial hair is regenerating
The toenails..
What kind of illness is this
They become like... Tyrannosaurus Rex's
Your toenails are like T-rex's
says the dinosaur...tch.. oh!
Oh! What are you doing
Taking off other people's socks-
You're a helper right?
What are you expecting
To take it off for me
[ G-raim's continuous adlib ]
Why do you want it off
Do it for me
You took this one off-
Then you should take this one off as well
You can't just take this one off
this one needs to come off too
Where do you think you're pointing those T-rex toenails
Ah I slept a total of two hours last night
Because of you VIPs..
Staying up all night..
This is how Oppa's lifespan is decreasing
It's all just to bring you happiness