Should I buy iPad mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 23.10.2012

hellow everyone
once again we have the samsung galaxy note 2 in front of us
a lot of people today i just finished watching the
apple keynote about the ipad mini announcement
and they showed something bizarre that cought my eye and i want to talk
so before we go any further I just want to say that i think apple products
are great their level of manufacturing is untouchable
so you'll never get this issue with this
level of creek here because there's a plastic back cover you'll never
see anything like that
from apple
and it feels like their devices feel like a single piece of
composite material so i love that
with iphone 5 if you don't mind occasional scratch out
of the box because
it gets scratched anyway you will be putting a case on it so you'll never see the
scratch again
still I think their level of manufacturing is definitely not
anything that samsung has put out but what i do have a problem with
is where they say that the ipad mini
fits in one hand
i believe this was
partially just partially in that people looking at the galaxy note 2
seeing how the iPad mini announcement
wast scheduled
just around twelve hours before the galaxy note 2 start selling in the US
and how they are trying to pitch the idea that you could hold iPad mini
in one hand
so they show you a ridiculous picture of being held this way this is
a galaxy S 2 HD and it has
the height of this is very similar to the
iPad mini it is about two millimeters are shorter
than the wide of iPad mini but they show you
it being held in this way and i can tell you i have a medium-size hands
my hands
it's about 7.5 inches from my end of middle finger
to the base of my palm
and i could tell you
if you hold it this way for
just a few seconds you feel strain here
i could feel that my skin cells are being stretched and maybe even
torn so you're not going to be
holding the iPad mini
in this fashion
i could tell you that this is nothing like the one hand
experience of the galaxy not 2
even though the original note didn't work as a one-handed device the galaxy note 2
has slim down considerably
and it is very capable of it being a one-handed device
as you could see i could
navigate to all four corners
of this device comfortably
just by moving my hands on the bottom of this device just a little bit
it is something that I've naturally been able to do
the phone feels very good on your fingers so you could just move this device up
and down
and even if you have small hands
you could enable this thing called
one-handed operation
which gives you a smaller keyboard
get a smaller keyboard and you could
make it
go left or right
if you have smaller hands
anyway i wanted to make this video
because i felt that the concept about the iPad mini being a one hand it
anything was misleading
and to close this video off I wanna to show you something you cannot do
with the iPad mini
try this
on the iPad
so as you can see I could write very fast and very accurately
and very small
something you cannot do on the iPad mini so anyway i hope you enjoyed this video
and i have about forty videos on the galaxy note 2 so make sure you check those
out if you're curious about
learning about the device before you buy one
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thank you for watching