League of Legends - Volibear Patch Preview

Uploaded by RiotGamesInc on 23.11.2011

Welcome to the League of Legends Patch Preview. In this video we’ll go over some of the major changes coming into the next patch for League of Legends.
This patch we have a number of extremely large changes coming into the game.
We have a significant update on Sivir, complete with updated base stats, a remake on Ricochet, and a brand new passive.
What problems are we looking to solve and what new toys can Sivir players expect here?
The biggest thing that’s held Sivir back in the past is her very short range for an AD carry.
We’ve increased this pretty substantially to fill more of that ranged AD feeling that you expect from these types of characters as well as to give her more safety on the farm side.
The second thing we did is rework Ricochet. Now instead of being a toggle that drains mana on each attack, it’s an on next hit effect like Nasus’s Siphoning Strike.
This will let her do a double attack like we see with other on next hit effects, which improves her ability to skirmish and play in the lane when there’s fewer than five targets.
Finally we’ve changed Sivir’s passive. As opposed to giving dodge while moving, it now gives bonus move speed when you attack an enemy champion.
This allows Sivir to chase down people without having to blow her ultimate every single time she wants to finish off a wounded foe or keep up with a moving team fight.
We have a total overhaul of the jungle in this patch.
You can expect all camps will be easier, their rewards will start lower but scale better into late game, the smaller camps will respawn faster, and all the camps will drop some kind of buff.
What are we hoping to accomplish with the new jungle?
One of the major goals with the new jungle was to make it more accessible to lower level summoners and summoners who don’t have all of the optimized perfect runes for jungling.
There’s still going to be junglers who are faster and those who are safe.
We like that, but you’ll be able to try some wacky builds or try out jungling at earlier summoner levels than you were before.
We think this is important to make it accessible without lowering the skill cap on how well people can jungle and what their mastery of jungle is.
One of the other things is we wanted to increase player choice on when to gank.
We’ve increased respawn rate of jungle monsters, so each time a jungler has to ask, “Is it time to gank or not?” now instead of just waiting until the jungler is clear and ganking while the monsters respawn.
Each time they do they have to consider the tradeoff between the successful gank or going back into the jungle, clearing out more mobs, and farming first.
This is going to create more dynamic choices on when to jungle, which will not only be more skill based for the jungler, but will also make ganks somewhat more unpredictable for those in lane.
They are going to have to pay more attention and be on their game to watch for those jungle ganks.
We also have a few systemic changes aimed at reducing passivity in the laning phase:
We’re nerfing the health gained from health potions, lowering the damage that minions deal to champions, and nerfing the slow that melee champions get when wearing the Lizard buff.
What changes in player behavior are we hoping to see?
These changes are there to encourage smart aggression.
Right now when you attack an enemy champion in lane, if there are any minions around, they rock you.
The incentive here is really bad because you’re dis-incentivized from ever getting in and engaging enemy champions, even if you have the upper hand in a lot of cases.
This minion damage nerf to champions is going to help make it so if you think about the right time to strike, you can engage and feel like you made the right choice.
Because of the jungle changes, health potions are less required for junglers, so we felt we had some room to adjust these numbers now.
We wanted to do so because people were too hard to kill in lane due to the high health-to-cost effect of health potions early on, which was further dis-incentivizing aggression.
We have lowered Lizard buff slow on melee characters.
In light of some of these lane changes that make it so aggression is more rewarded, you’ll start pushing in and engaging on your enemies but the enemy jungler comes out with red buff and is really powerful and scary.
Usually if he hits you once with this buff on, it pretty much spells a wipe for your lane.
We wanted to reduce that a little bit so you can still push into the enemy team and fight them and if that jungler, it doesn’t spell instant doom, it just tips the scales in their favor.
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